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Sissy Chrissie 2

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......Chrissie held out his little girly purse with trembling hands and as he did so, he heard a cheer from the others in the shop and looking around, felt his face burning with shame and his cock harden as he saw his own lovely wife Julie openly french kissing Andrew and rubbing his cock through his trousers. “Do you want a bag?” Said the shop assistant, momentarily distracting him “He’ll wear it now” he heard Andrew say and again his cock throbbed as he turned to see his wife now stood in front of everyone in the shop, her blouse open, her tits pushed over the top of her bra, a stranger evi… Read more

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Sophie's Awakening

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My name is Todd and my girlfriend's name is Margie. She is completely devoted to me even with all my voyeuristic perversions. She loves me and she lives to make me happy by satisfying my every outrageous request. It all started innocently enough about five years ago. I met Margie when she was only 18 years old and a senior in high school. I was 23 and the manager of a small convenience store. Margie lived in the neighborhood directly behind my store. She and her friend Michelle would come in the store to buy gum, soda or cigarettes. Margie is a knockout. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall, and… Read more

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My Mature Fuck Slut

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I just realized that all my other stories might make it look like I've got pussy lined up left and right, and could have a different one for every day of the month. And I wish it were like that, but my days are just as ordinary and boring as everyone else's - probably more so because I don't really have much for a family and not a large circle of friends that I could see regularly. So the stories I tell are really the exceptions from the norm - that's why they're stories and worth telling. So even though I have a significant other for a little while now, for the longest time I've been, and so… Read more

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The Old Lady


There's this older lady in my neighborhood and she is impressive, 79 years old and walks 3 miles at a quick pace twice a day. Now add to that the fact that she's always wearing an ankle length skirt. To talk with her, you learn the thought processes have slowed a bit with age, but she's a "wrinkler" that is fit physically. I noticed that every time she walks the neighborhood, it aligns with when my wife is either napping or not at home. I took advantage of this timing to stand in front of my large picture window naked, stroke it till it was engorged, just in time for her to walk by. She alway… Read more

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New Black Janitor

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"I know, Robby, but there is no other alternative. I have to close the office every night until Myer is cleared to return to work. You don't bounce back that quickly from open heart surgery. His doctor said four-to-six weeks before he could return." Amy tried to get her husband to understand. "I get it. I really do, Amy. I just wish there was some way to avoid you having to close the office every night. Robert was frustrated. "Me too! But right now this is what needs to be done. Besides, even if I were home right now, what would I be doing? Making your dinner, doing your laundry, and then I… Read more

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Grandpa's Treat Part 2


After Mrs Duff and Mary left I sat back down and pondered about the situation, I couldn’t make Mrs Duff out, she looked good but business like and had quite a good body on her and the fact she took some cum from my shorts and licked her finger really had got me thinking, and what was all this about yogurt!! I must have dozed off again because the doorbell woke me up, in a daze I walked to the door and standing there was Mrs Duff, “Hello again Frank, I just dropped a lad off up the road and thought I would pop back for a chat” she said as I invited her in. Lots of thoughts were going through my… Read more

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The Hit Men Meet the Demon Queen


The Hit Men Meet the Demon Queen By Denuded Man-berries It is early evening and a man in his thirties is walking down a trail in the woods. He is wearing jeans and a denim jacket with a white t-shirt and combat boots. He is puffing a pipe full of cannibus and seems to be heading somewhere specific. He stops at a fork in the trail and sees a broken branch on a sapling, takes a breath, and looks around. Down the trail two men are coming from the other direction; one heavy set, the other thinner. They look angry and tough. “Do you think he came this way?” The other responds, “Had to..”… Read more

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Catching my wife, Part 9

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"Okay then" Connie replied "But first things first." Connie touched my wife on the shoulder and simply added: "Swing your leg over him" said Connie to my wife "Lick him clean of my ass juice... as he tastes the new you." My wife repositioned herself and soon was lowering her roughly used pussy to my waiting mouth. As she settle down on me, she wrapped her lips around my wet, cum covered cock that had just been pulled out of Connie's asshole. My wife licked and slurped me into her mouth, cleaning me like a pro...as I licked her wet folds, trying to taste her hidden pressured that were burie… Read more

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The Envelope II


Five months after mom had sent me the envelope I helped her move.  We found the perfect apartment in a large apartment complex just ten minutes from where Beth and I lived.  Beth and I rented a truck to move mom's things with the help of my friend Bob.  It took the better part of a Saturday to get accomplished.   Mom was thrilled to be close to us again and be able to see her grand k**s more often.  She also wanted to have easier access for the two of us.  In the move I noticed that mom had bought some camera equipment.  She had this very expen… Read more

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Caught by friends

Gay MaleFirst Time

I've been chatting and sharing about my first time sorry for any typos but I'm going to share the whole story hope you enjoy. When I was a teenager I was supposed to be at the local pool about a block from my house. Well knowing both my parents would be at work I rode my bike back home I loved jerking off while wearing my mother's panties on this day I got a little more daring knowing I had 4 hours alone I stripped down went to her panty drawer and looked thru it I found a white lace teddy I got hard just looking at it thinking about how it would feel on my cock it had a high cut thong back I… Read more

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2 Couples and a rainy evening


The festival was coming to an end and the four of us were stumbling to our tent to call it a night. We weren’t drunk but we had been drinking quite a few beers so the road to the camping area seemed a bit longer than it supposed to be. My boyfriend and I agreed to go to a music festival together with a befriended couple who were actually a couple of years older than us. I was 28, my boyfriend was 32 and they were 46 and 45 years old. We quite liked them, not only as friends but also in a sexual way. The boyfriend and I admitted being attracted to them one evening when we were talking about our… Read more

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Life's a Beach


"Why don't we go away this weekend?" I asked Trish as I muted the advertisement on the television. "You could take Friday off, maybe Monday, we could drive up the coast or something!" My wife looked up from her laptop and grimaced. "It's a bit short notice. It's going to be hot this weekend isn't it? You know I don't like the heat." "Well yeah, that's the idea of going to the beach." I encouraged. "Come on, we haven't gone anywhere in ages. You could do with a break." Again she looked not overly enthused. "We're really busy at work right now!" "I know, that's why you need a break. They're… Read more

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I suggest you read chapter one first to begin to find out what is happening. We talked a little more about things over supper and she opened up even more about her favourite fantasy. She just had this dream of having some young girl at her mercy and doing whatever she liked to her. Apparently, she’d dabbled with playing with other women in her youth and quite enjoyed it although she was at pains to point out that I totally satisfied her and since we had watched the video together her fantasy now included me. What a relief! We speculated about setting it up, but I had no idea where to… Read more

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Picture Perfect

Interracial SexMature

Picture Perfect Just don’t where to start and how the heck we ended up at this point. But i guess it is best to start with a little background on the wife and I I married my wife over 35 years ago. We married a couple years out of high school. We had very few sex partners before we married. For both of us before we met the sexual experience was with very immature partners who knew just as little as what we knew. Together we mature into a very comfortable sex life , boring, but it did take care of our physical needs. Of course as the years past we did drift apart sexually and it got to the… Read more

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Washing machine broken pt2


I thought it was horny to see that man smelling my panties, it gave me a warm feeling inside. as I watched it all through the opening of the door, I began to caress myself. I grabbed my breasts and started rubbing between my legs. I felt my nipples getting harder through my blouse. he was so enjoying my worn panties, he made a sort of growling sound. His hand disappeared into his pants. I lifted my skirt a little and felt how the panties that I now wore became wetter. I pulled it aside and started rubbing my clit with my middle finger. This gave me so much pleasure that I gave a little moan. I… Read more

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It all started a this adult video store in my town first time ever going there though I go see what it was about. So I walk in there and go into the arcade area theres 4 booths with tvs in them to watch porn of your choice for five dollars for and hour ten dollars for two and twenty for three. I put in ten dollars and found one I liked after about five minutes I noticed a guy came in to the booth next to me. So I keep doing what I'm doing just have my pants down and my cock out I didn't notice at the time there where gloryholes in all the booths. So I turn and I see him looking at my cock so I… Read more

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Love with a Twist


Hi, this is me again, 28 years old, presently residing in Bangalore. Girls, ladies and unsatisfied married women can ping me at chennaipouring@gmail.com to share their secret fantasies. I had been to Mangalore for a business meeting and had booked a return flight in the evening. But the meeting dragged on for 2 more hours and I missed my flight. Since I had to attend an important meeting in the morning, I came to the bus stand hoping I could catch a night bus back to Bangalore. To my luck, a Volvo bus was about to depart and I saw the conductor near the bus waiting for the passengers. I went u… Read more

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Hooker For Hire: Lesbian Domination

BDSMLesbian SexHardcore

*All characters are 18 or older. *I am the original author of this story. Another case solved on Law and Order, and Kate was ready to take her leave. She sighed, standing up from the lavish bed and stretching, causing alarm in Bianca. “Welp, this has been fun and all. But either your lesser half has been asked to stay later, or has lost interest in our endeavors. So I’m going to just be on my –“ “W-wait,” Bianca pleaded, getting up from the edge of the bed and rushing towards Kate to keep her from reaching the bedroom door. “He’s just running late.” “You know this how? I’ve yet to see you cal… Read more

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Pizza Guy Exhibitionist

MatureGroup SexVoyeur

P I am 46 years old I've always felt that I have a nice body and since I have a nice body, I like to show it off. This summer we when away for a week at a nice wee cottage for the week in Yorkshire and I had always like to try flashing a pizza delivery guy so as we was away my husband told me it would be the best time to try it and he would like to see me flashing a pizza delivery guy I had seen on the internet it Seems the going thing woman to order pizza and answer the door dressed only in a towel and then 'accidently' drop the towel. You were supposed to act embarrassed and try to grab th… Read more

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Drunk Wife Past Out At Party

MatureGroup SexVoyeur

D Mrs s is 5”4, nice tits with nice nipples that get so hard when she is horny. She like to wear very short skirts and low cut top's . She like's her dresses to be very short and she don't wear underwear . it is so nice to see her nipples through her top or dresses. I love seeing her fucked by other men So, one day a couple we know was having a party on the Saturday night. My wife had some white wine through the day about four of them she was getting a bit drunk and when she gets drunk she gets very horny. so I asked her to wear her nice short blue dress the dress just come to the bottom of h… Read more

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