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The Fight


I was doing my morning round, letting the dog do his little natural habits. I was nearly home when, all of a sudden the dog spotted a cat, I was not ready for it, the dog rushed off, and I did not hold the leash properly. The cat, alarmed, sprinted off, and disappeared into the nearest garden. My dog, Gordon, was not planning to wait for permission but rushed through the hedge. That was a mistake, the leash got entangled and there he was, stuck. Luckily for me, since I was not really in the mood for arguments with dog haters! When I came nearby the barking of Gordon suddenly stopped. What the… Read more

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Turning into Husband’s Whore

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I’m nikila, age 24, fitted body, slender legs, especially curved thighs specially thicker than normal, firm and straight boobs as especially noticed by everyone, fair skin, height 5 feet 5 inch. I myself was amazed of the fact that 32 sized boobs could stand so straight without even bra. I was amazed to see that even boobs could stand so straight even without bras. My face has an innocent looks and lips were magnificent. After being married and having a… Read more

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Defiled Victim In Strange Love

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I’m nikila age 24, fitted body, slender legs, especially curved thighs specially thicker than normal, firm and straight boobs as especially noticed by everyone, fair skin, height 5 feet 5 inch. I myself was amazed of the fact that 32 sized boobs could stand so straight without even bra. I was amazed to see that even boobs could stand so straight even without bras. My face has an innocent looks and lips were magnificent. I belong to a small village near Kolkata, 100 KM’s… Read more

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Wife Can't believe it's that's Big

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Michelle had been content with her husband's four and a half inch cock until she had gone to a Doe's party at the Foxes' Den, a male stripper club, for her friend who was about to be married. It was at the Foxes' Den that Michelle saw her first black cock. The male dancer was as black as the Ace of Spades, a giant of a man with the physic of a weight lifter. As he removed his loincloth Michelle beheld her first length of prime blacksnake! His cock must have been at least ten inches long, and he was only semi-erect! Michelle had never suspected such monsters existed outside of folklore… Read more

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Prison Slave Whores!

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People are always talking about slavery. They talk about how blacks were slaves in America, and how they should be getting reparations for what they went through, and all that. And some people talk about slavery that is going on today in places like the Middle East, and in Africa. Then there is always talk about how women are being trafficked as sex slaves just about everywhere. But what most people don't realize is, that a very harsh and cruel form of slavery is taking place year after year, here in America, in our jails and prisons - the sexual servitude of white men by black and Hispanic in… Read more

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Accidental Encounter With A Lesbian Girl

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Kavita is a 39-year-old lady and looks 6-8 years younger than her actual age, thanks to her discipline towards her fitness regime. Her fitness regime has kept her in perfect shape, and even at this age, she gets a lot of attention from men (in this case a young girl) of all ages. She is 5.8″, athletic, fair and voluptuous body with a right mass at right areas, and her dressing sense makes men of all age group ogle at her perfect body. She has a very sexy face as well, a… Read more

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The Film Director

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He called himself a film director but in reality he made short porn films. The films were good, made money and he was well funded. He made contact after seeing some of my pictures on the internet, pictures of my two ladies around the house and pool. He was wondering if he could use our place for one of his films. He sent us some of his films to watch and, as he was offering a decent wedge to use the place, we agreed that he could. A few days later he and one of film crew turned up to get a proper look and to spec scenes and shooting angles. The film was quite simple, lady at home, pool guy… Read more

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My name is Treesa, Before starting my pleasure story let me introduce myself to you. I am a chubby girl having big 38D boobs and have a sexy ass that will sway beautifully while I walk. I love making people go crazy over my assets by wearing tight t-shirts that will show my big round boob’s shape and my big ass through my tight skin hugging jeans. I love men staring at them and getting groped by strangers. I had been groped by many men of different ages ,from young boys to elderly men. And I love the way they touch my ass and boob… Read more

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My first Gang bang

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I am Manisha, a slutty housewife with a curve line of 36DD-34-36. I live with my hubby Saurabh . we had been dating since long time before getting married and thus we are more like buddies rather than a couple I must say . I am 28 years old and Saurabh is 29. Being together for such long time gets us both feel free to each other and with the time I came to know Saurabh is equally or even more kinkier than me. He has a massive 8 inches dick to ram me day and night. I will write this story in both English and hindi in between as it… Read more

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A night with Abi

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I swear Abi to secrecy not to tell the others about our little threesome! she agrees it will be our secret. by now it was late, around 11pm. we go to the bar with the others drinking shots and getting very tipsy. I manage to swap rooms with my friend so i can share with Abi that night. At about 2.30am we get to the room, lights off, clothes off, and start kissing. Our tongues are going back and forth between our mouths. things are getting wet both upstairs and downstairs, if you know what i mean. both naked as can be, we slowly make our way over to the bed whilst kissing each others necks, mo… Read more

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A White Knight and a Dark Witch


Friday night, nothing on the TV so just aimlessly playing with my phone. No sign of this night getting any more exciting at all. A message pops up on the screen, coming from one of my girlfriends. You see, even though I'm happely married, I just happen to be in a very open relationship with my wife and seeing different girls on occasion. The girl sending a message is called Nicole, and she is one of my wife best friends and also a little horny Gothic. I wonder what's she's up to tonight. Sadly, she isn't looking for a night wit me, it's just a picture of her having a drink at a bar with anothe… Read more

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Wager Between Us Girls

FetishFirst Time

"It's a simple wager, the first one of us who screws him wins!" Kathy said. Kathy is my next-door neighbor and very best friend. She was talking about the new guy working at the Sunoco gas station down at the corner. He was in his early twenties and a hunk. "Roy would kill me if he found out." I argued. "He's not going to find out!" Kathy smiled. Kathy was always coming up with some crazy scheme to get me to cheat on my husband. Because she couldn't keep her pants on she wanted me to join in on her escapades. There had been the afternoon when we did a threesome with her boss at… Read more

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Early morning rest stop play

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It's been a lot of fun these last two days hanging out with some friends of mine in Tyler, but I finally had to get out of there. Too many people for too long just drives me crazy plus I wanted to see about maybe getting into something different, you know we've been partying and we all know where that leads, but for some reason lately whenever I party and play it's just not as fun as it used to be and the things that used to turn me on have recently lost their luster. I went to a couple of adult book stores within the area but the crowds there were just sleazy and nothing seemed to turn me on.… Read more

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with two old men

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Hi, I am Roopa, 23 years old. My figures are 34 28 36 and my height is 5 feet 6 inches. I am studying in college doing engineering. I do not know why I like to show off my body to older men. However, may be it started when I was growing up and I observed men looking at my growing breasts and bulging ass. That excited me and I did not know what it was. I understood it as I grew up. The long stares of hungry men… Read more

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Standing there, exposed and vulnerable with so many strange men critically evaluating her, she felt nothing but eager to please ... with a slightly expectant dull ache in her loins. It no longer mattered to her why she was here ... a dare gone wrong ... a fantasy taken too far ... perhaps simple karma. She found herself here, naked, cuffed at the wrists and ankles, gagged tightly and collared. The long line of men walked by her, occasionally slapping her ass or tits or slipping a finger in her pussy or anus. She'd found a place where she belonged, where she could be happy. She'd known many m… Read more

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job Interview

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I finished school, and grew lovelier, my breasts filling out, my curves getting more accentuated. In college, I took a polytechnic course in hotel management and did reasonably well. There were other lovers now, for I had greater freedom and was out of the house a lot longer. There was my trainer, a handsome Goan who took me to his house and fucked me all afternoon. There were a couple of my fellow-students wi… Read more

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Husbands wishes

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My name is Sandhya P B. I am 26 years old. Though I am educated, as I came from a very poor rural family, I had to get married to a well to do middle aged businessman of 57 years. My husband’s name is Prem Kumar. I am an average looking woman – very fair, long hair, about 5′ 6″ in height, a figure of 34 – 27 – 38 and good skin texture etc. Being a rural woman I am rather very strong, but, conservative in natur… Read more

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My Son wants his mother -2-

First TimeMatureTaboo

I jumped in bed with Debbie and began playing around with her. She came around and began enjoying what was happening. She was still a bit fuck up so I just kept screwing around with her. She love to be eaten and that is just what I did. She filled my mouth up twice before I stopped. I slid up her body and slipped my cock inside her. I began talking to her as she came out of her stupper. I was telling her how good she looked and how Jimmy thought she looked good too. What are you saying, she asked? I told her what I did and how I hoped that our son would try and take advantage of the situation.… Read more

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Going deep

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Carol and I lay spooned together in a sort of post-fuck catnap when I felt our blanket pulled up and Russ climbed in beside me. He pulled himself close up behind and ran his hand down my side and rested it on my hip. He drew himself close in so that I his semi-hard cock push up against my ass. My cock started to get hard and Carol stirred looking over at us and said “Ooooh what’s this? Are you going to have us both?” She turned on her side so that I was in the middle and they were on either of my side. She gently pushed my straight on my back and ran her hand across my chest and grabbed my coc… Read more

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Anal fisting tryout 1

AnalHardcoreSex Humor

This time, the Tinder date turned out to be pretty cool, I am seeing him for almost 3 months, he is always sweet and kind to me, has a great body and face, his cock always ready for giving me the sweetest pleasures, he never skipped morning quickies. The sex is awesome and never getting boring. Almost so unreal, how could I be this lucky to find such a bèast! And so last night's story comes. After work we decided to go out, starting with raki at Karaköy (a turkish alcoholic beverage at a part of Istanbul with nice seasight). And there was one more situation he didn't know yet. I had a new Agen… Read more

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