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True slut (fantasy)

I had taken some time off work to handle some personal things, including getting some exercise. I was almost home from the gym when the car stops working just a block or so from my driveway. I call for roadside assistance and walk home to wait for help to arrive. 30 minutes later my doorbell rings and the emergency guy is there, he is a 6-3 black man built like a football player. He looks at me and asks in a deep voice, “are you the lady that called for the car being that broke down?” I stare at him and then nod my head and say “yes.” He asks if that is my car down the street. I say yes again ... Continue»
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Dark Desires (Hayley's High Part 2)

This story is part 2 to Hayley's High. It's a Hayley Williams story. M/F, MM/F, MMM/F, hardcore, etc

Ten months.

That's how long it had been. Oh sure, touring could be exhausting. The late nights, long bus rides or flights could really take it out of her but at least Hayley had the stage. At least she had the fans.

The fans.

Hayley closed her eyes, thinking of that night. The night she had invited four fans backstage to her dressing room after the show. She was so horny even after being used that night that she cou... Continue»
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First time with Jaina

Marie & Jim - My late wife's s****r and her husband
Jaina - Marie & Jim's oldest daughter
Ashley - Marie & Jim's younger daughter
Sean - Me
Christy - My late wife

First time with my niece

When my phone rang and I saw the number I knew this would be interesting. The person calling was my late wife's s****r Marie. I pictured Marie in my head tall, slender with fiery red hair. Unlike her s****r, my wife Christy was average height, a little curvy which I loved and a brunette.

Whenever Marie called someone in the f****y it was either going to be very expensive or a... Continue»
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B'ham Asian Men Play with Beautiful wife

An Asian guy on here obviously read my blog and contacted me to suggest a private play with him and a "few friends at some house in "Sparkhill" Birmingham instead of that "seedy cinema" so we went on last Saturday (11th Feb) and my lovely wife was once again the center of attention but this and the first time brown "Brown Cocks"

She enjoyed seeing this other young beautiful lady being gangbanged by Asian men in my favorites list in within my profile

and she said if they treated her like this then sh... Continue»
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The horny neighbor, A surprise Orgy - Part B

..Continued from Part A.

Sunday morning has arrived - Ram and his f****y woke early and I told them and Casper i’ll stay and study “For what test” Casper asked - “I have special assignment for Jerroti, i’m volunteering for the education center” - Capster nodded - “yea you sure love to stay up late with him”
Yea if only he knew, actually he probably knew I was fucking him regularly and now maybe Ram suspected also, but my guess he probably knew I was whoring around.
As long as he got his dick sucked and cleaned and my ass ravaged who cared right? Before they left he quickly went up to ta... Continue»
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Fuck of a Lifetime for MOM! Blacked

Debra hadn't mentioned to her mother...that Marcus was black.

Donna Marie is best described as "tight". At 39 years of age, the petite woman's body was the envy of most high school girls, all woman college age and older, and the desire of any straight male who ever saw her. Her "dress down" clothes she wore while cleaning the house, or grocery shopping were what most women wore when they dressed up to go on a date, or out on special occasions.

She didn't dress like this to show off her body, she had no need for that, or to try to show up other women, it was just the normal way she dre... Continue»
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A Girl for a day

All dressed up for an afternoon out as a girl.

One weekend last autumn, my lady Keeley had an exciting and sexy idea. Just for a laugh she suggested that I dress completely as a girl and take a ride out in the car somewhere. Well I must admit I was somewhat excited at this and she appeared to be as well, I had female clothing that I wore sometimes for our sex games at home so that was no problem.
Sunday morning came and I had a nice close shave. We both laid my outfit out on the bed, 70 denier nude tights, white panties and bra, barely black stockings with black ... Continue»
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My meeting with Cowboy Daddy Lewis

I'm a straight acting guy that has a lust for older chubby daddies that are masculine acting and wears rugged cowboy clothes . A well worn cowboy hat with sweat stains around the brim ,leather vest ,Levi jeans , and scuffed up leather boots are what turns me on the most !
My Cowboy Daddy/Grandpa must have a chubby solid belly , strong hands , and a kind face with " friendly " eyes . If he looks like John Wayne ,Ed Asner, or Wilford Brimly I'll be putty in his hands !!!

That's my fantasy description and what I've searched for since I was 25 .

I'... Continue»
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The Tease

You text me at work to say you want us to go out to dinner tonight. You decided to wear a little black dress and you smiled as I walked in. You knew you had surprised me. I went dressed so we could go. As we headed out the door you whispered in my ear “Oh, by the way, I decided to not wear panties tonight”. I almost stopped dead in my tracks but grabbed my hand and lead me out the door. All I can think was “you little tease”. As we rode to the restaurant I’d glance over and I can see your hand on your thigh at the edge of your dress playing with it. You would look at me with a sultry smile an... Continue»
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Fuck of a Lifetime! Blacked

Deb looked down at Marcus lap, and saw an almost unreal bulge in the front. A tube like bulge that ran down his pant leg, almost to the point where it would stick out of the opening. She knew what it was, what she had been holding when she woke up, she just couldn't believe its size. 

Their combined movements as they tried to seat themselves upright brought another point to Debra's attention. 

She was massively, soaking wet between her legs. Looking down at her own lap, she could see the crotch was starting to soak through. Now embarrassed, she jumped up and ran for the bathroom.

Yank... Continue»
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Coming back home in the subway

That autumn day I had left my car at home because its engine had failed.
Then I had had a very long day at the office and in the early evening I was going back home using the subway.

I was counting the minutes to arrive my station, when I felt his cock pressed tight against my ass cheeks and he felt real huge…

I could not budge and inch as the subway car was filled beyond capacity. As the car bumped and swayed along I felt my short skirt riding up on my ass. I could feel that hard dick nestled between my cheeks rubbing up and down; up and down…

I began to fantasize about it what it w... Continue»
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It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and I decided to go and have a run out, maybe get a spot of lunch in an old Country pub. As I drove along a notorious bendy road cyclists and motor bike riders were over taking me at speed and being a general nuisance of themselves, as I drove along I was cursing them as they passed me.

Coming across a sharp bend to the left I slowed right down and saw a cyclist riding in a careful manner, for once. He seemed a little unsure and appeared to be wobbling slightly, as I drove past slowly close to a lay by he shook and fell off, as I saw him in my mirror... Continue»
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My Massage Gal

I love to get erotic massages. In general, I prefer Asian masseuses. Their technique, along with their mystique, has me raring to go before I even hit the table. However, I have had very good service from other sources as well. These include American women and gay or bi men. Most have been good, some fair, a couple bad and one nightmare. I’ll write about a few of them starting with a good experience: the woman who calls herself “My Massage Gal”.

I scan Craigslist (and formerly Backpage) just about every day looking for things out of the ordinary. Last year, while reading the The****utic cat... Continue»
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Enjoying some lingerie puchase

That afternoon I was home alone and then I decided I could go on shopping. I just needed sexy lingerie to receive the next night my loving Victor back home after his boring and stressing business trip.

Then I went to the local mall and when I entered the lingerie store, a seductive and impressive business woman approached me.
That lady greeted me with a warm welcome to her shop and enquired how she could help me. I was very impressed with the way that woman looked.

She introduced herself as Odette and then I was sure she was the owner. She was a sexy and beautiful mid-forties woman; lo... Continue»
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Summer With Gran

I was f******n the first time I felt sexual feelings toward my gran one hot summer, back in the sixties. I just happened to come in to the kitchen one morning and saw her rearranging her tan stocking around her chubby leg.

Gran had her foot on a chair with her floaty dress hitched up to the top of her leg, way past her stocking top. I stopped dead, looking at her stocking covered chubby leg when she asked “Be a love and get a threepence out from my purse, its in the parlour”

I saw her purse and took a threepence out and hurried back in to the kitchen. Gran was still standing with her leg... Continue»
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My first a train compartment.

My first a train compartment.

It was almost exactly a year since my 'Changing Room' incident that was revealed in my previous story. I was a year older, but was I any wiser?

I'd been working away from home for the whole of my summer holidays and it was time to return there, and then within days back to school.

I was 16 and had been 'sort of apprenticed' to a foreman in charge of refurbishing shops for the last 6 weeks. The job wasn't really the type most schoolboys got in their holidays, some never bothered to work and became beachbums instead, others w... Continue»
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Gay Slave Training PT3

It's been ten days since this teen boy first knocked at my door. I remember when I first looked through the peephole to see proof that he was legal and had shaven his thin eighteen year old body for me. He was such an innocent boy in that first moment, so horny and so inexperienced. How was he to know that what I had been doing to him was anything other than a normal phase that all teen boys go through.

By now he was more of a pet than a human. I had spent the first several days keeping the boy on Viagra and amphetamines while totally bound, tormenting and fucking all the holes in his body ... Continue»
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Gay Slave Training PT2

There he was, this petite teenage boy kneeling and tightly handcuffed in my shower with a winter hat covering his eyes, drool and piss spilling from the ring gag onto his chin and down his hairless belly to his small rock hard cock.

I slapped him hard a few times on his face, then knelt down next to him and slowly smeared his saliva all over his chin and chest with one hand, while slowly tugging on his now slimy little shaved cock with the other.

Every so often, I'd shove my fingers roughly into his throat causing him to gag hard and thrash around on his knees, coughing loudly as more d... Continue»
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Gay Slave Training PT1

I had turned off all the lights in my apartment except for a few dim night lights and had turned the heat up to 95 degrees. It was uncomfortably hot inside, and I was coated in sweat and was very aroused, thinking about what might happen tonight. Standing nude in my living room I heard two soft knocks on my door. I walked to the entrance of my apartment and quietly knocked back once, then peered through the peephole and saw the surprisingly small eighteen year old boy standing wearily outside. If he was really interested in doing what we had talked about online, he would now have the opportuni... Continue»
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That Bastard! GayMaker for Hire or No Fee

That Bastard!
"I found a file on his computer of photos of cocks." Ann stated, "I figure he's the typical bi-curious married man of maybe he wants to be gay. That explains why we don't sex anymore and why my vibrator is now my man, He's turned on by looking at men's dicks too. He wants to try something new alright. He's going to feel what it like to service an real man."

I search the internet and found a site that turns men gay call the GayMakers Club. I put Gary's profile and in and was contacted in a few days with how it works by a man named Heinz the fee was $500.00 for a one time ... Continue»
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