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Tracy Hen night

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Tracy’s Hen Night! The big night had come and wow how we needed to get on with it! Tracy now 8 months swollen from an unknown Nigga stud, hiding the fact from her new Husband to be, Mark, a small dicked white man. She was caught out by accident, it was during a deep anal sessions with Negro lads! One of them slipped his big poker up her cunt, loading her with his jungle seed! Which one she don’t know? I phoned a few girls I knew to come and party. This included Sue, my teeny baby sitter, also 7 months pregnant, knocked up by a huge Afro Chieftain Masala, now here in the UK as an i*****l immigr… Read more

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My Neighbours Wife 2

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So I was just tiding up my garage when Susan from across the road came strolling over. Susan was a MILF, in her mid thirties, with three k**s and a husband, she rarely got time to her self and it showed as she came towards me in a pair of tight blue jeans, a baggy green T-shirt and her curly black hair flowing down over shoulders, she was a woman desperately In need of some quality self time. "Hey Steve sorry to bother you, but have you got a minute my cake mixers on the blink, do you think you could take a look at it?" she asked desperately. "Sure!" I replied after all I was a mechanic, how d… Read more

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How I spent this summer.

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How I spent this summer. Page 1 In the summer I take way to my parents. They worked under contract at a closed military base. This quite suited me, because it was a pretty deserted island and I enjoyed my freedom from unwanted and curious eyes I found on the peak of a cliff, a wonderful natural pool, filled with the purest and transparent rain water. The water has warmed in the Sun and was just a hot. It was some problem with fresh water along the island. Water was transported at a tanker and they pumped her into a village just for two hours in the morning and in the evening. Now I can swim… Read more

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Marie's Senior Year: Cumsluts

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Marie stepped out of her mini cooper and checked herself out in her make up mirror in the parking lot of her school. She adjusted her white hair and touched up her dark red lipstick as always before locking the car door and walking through the gate onto main campus. She had spent the holiday break doing what she always does: fucking guys for money. Her boyfriend, who she had initially had an agreement with to simply have affairs for money, discovered that she had been having an affair with a cute redhead named Alice, who was also in the business, and with a handsome boy named Kevin, a former c… Read more

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Sitting at the dining table, he found his eye’s drawn to her breasts. They filled the vest top that she had worn as part of a pyjama set, baby pink, with white clouds. His hands trembled as he lifted the cup to his lips. He could make out the unmistakable outline of her nipples, slightly raised. Pushing against the taut fabric, her breasts were large and firm, this only added to his state of arousal. She stood and moved towards the sink behind the table, now he could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. His stomach did a flip as she leaned over the sink slightly, making the pants stretch j… Read more

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Mary again


He watched as his step-sister Mary, moved around the house cleaning up. She was wearing a long very loose t-shirt, the sort that she would wear in bed. Her bare feet padded around the wooden floor as she pushed the vacuum around, he liked her feet, slim and slightly tanned, as were her legs. Mary put the vacuum away and started to fluff the cushions on the chairs and sofa, as she bent over to place them back, her nightshirt rode up to about mid-thigh. From his position at the breakfast bar, he was watching, hoping that the nightshirt would rise just a little higher. He sipped his coffee whils… Read more

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Wife loves black cock 2

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So my wife Lizzy and I went away on holiday again and this time we were out on the town whenwe noticed a bar with music and a group of people mainly women stood around the entrance area. We entered the bar and there we noticed a small stage and a guy performing a striptease on a woman from the crowd the guy was a white guy in his 40s and was straddling some female and she was rubbing his chest. Lizzy and I watched in amusement at the show until the guy blew his load on the woman's tits and then went off stage. Then the female announcer came over the mic said now ladies get ready for tonight's… Read more

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Helping a neighbor...


Just the other day I was home alone and was getting ready to do some new sexy photos ( sets that were just posted today ; ) ). I had picked out my outfit, gotten my camera set up, and had finished putting on my corset/garter, stockings and heels. Then I realized... My camera battery was dying and the other charged one was in the car! I stood there for a moment thinking about having to get undressed just to put everything back on again in just a few minutes. I have to admit, I do hate the process of putting on garter and stockings. Don't get me wrong, I do love the results once they are on. ;… Read more

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My Co-worker


had worked with Christine for about 6 months and I wanted her so badly it hurt. I had no idea why. She was not particularly beautiful but something about her made me want to fuck her. She was 5 foot 2 tall, mid 40's,auburned hair and slim. He tops were never low cut but the tightness accentuated what looked like gorgeous breasts. She tended to wear longish skirts with a slit back, which gave tantalising hints of toned black hosed legs. Whenever she walked by my desk the nylon whispered in a way that made me want her more. We were both managers in different departments but worked closely toget… Read more

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I finally got to swallow another man's hot cum!!!. I have this neighbor across the street and I went over one day and I tossed out some hints that I wear lingerie and have always wanted to suck a real cock. That I had never tasted cum and never had a real cock in me. SORRY, I LIED. But I had this strong feeling that he might be into that sorta thing. I was right. My feelings are right on the money most times. He told me I could come over anytime and walk around in anything I wanted. He also told me straight that he would be into seeing me dressed up and might be into us playing around. Thi… Read more

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Exposing to a complete Stranger

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My name is Amulya and got married 4 months ago. I and my hubby works in an IT comp. In Chennai we stay in a place called Pammal. We live in a newly constructed building of 2 stories and we very recently occupied it,it is our own house too. We live in the first floor and the ground floor is to be given away for rent. The area where we live is kind of isolated and the density of the buildings are not much. You might find a building in every… Read more

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The Story of Liam & Ollie.Pt.5.


Gee!was James & me excited when Friday came around,thinking of the Bois,(Liam & Ollie) staying with us,although they had stopped with us before,maybe it was because when they had stopped before the Rents where at home this time it was just us,rents away. We did odd jobs around the yard,leaving the grooms to do their work,asked James if he was excited about them stopping for the weekend,he replied,"Sort of,Hey Roy,not Sexually". "I know that James,Fuck,we,d get Fucking Gaoled,just k**s,think we,ll see the True Liam & Ollie",I said to him. Four Forty in the evening,Ollie comes stroll… Read more

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Fucked by a Beggar and Worker in train

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Hi Friends I amAmulya I am here to narrate my real life experience which happened me in a train journey . It is evident that we all have some kind of sexual experience which does not fit the normal criteria. I have born in Delhi and belong to upper middle class family. When I was 8 yrs. old I was sexually abuse by my cousin. I was unaware of such things and he took advantage of my innocence in… Read more

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Summer Slut

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He slid his hands from my shoulders to my sweaty hips. It was a telltale sign that our session was nearing it‘s end. His sticky balls slapped my ass as he gasped and grunted with each thrust in me. “Come on! Work that fucking ass.” It was really unfair of him to say that to me. Him and his friend just spent the day fucking me silly and I was pretty exhausted. WHAP!! He slapped my ass “Come on bitch!” I looked up at the other guy for help but, he just looked at me while he stroked his limp cum leaking cock. “You better fuck!” He didn’t care. He came three times that day and his buddy behind me… Read more

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My Ass Fucker

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Hi! Its Amulya here 1 year ago this story happened in Bnglre. I was there with Rajesh, my cousin brother and it was a business trip. Rajesh is very smart and gentle person he got all the things in his little age. He has very attractive personality. I was a great fan of Rajesh because of his qualities. Rajesh is a businessman his business is related to import-export. So for this he usually makes visit to abroad and his client/suppliers are mostly from Arabian countries. And in these dealings he usually met them in hotels a… Read more

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My House Owner

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Hi my name is AMULYA, Now I am living in BANGALORE this is my true experience that happened when I was in Chennai 4 years ago. My family is small, my husband is doing small business We live in a small rented house in Chennai the house owner is my husband friend. I am 25 years of age. I am very fair the house owner is a very good man he living with his wife his c***dren is working in US. He is a retired government staff. My husband is doing the garment business. Our business was a failure in that time. The house owner he… Read more

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Amulya Learns a Lesson--3

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HI MY FUCKING DICKS U R AMULYA HERE READ BEFORE PARTS OF THIS STORIES AND LIKE AND COMMENT THEM ... He cupped them, lifting them, one in each hand, stroking them, doing the soft, gentle things to them that romance novel lovers do. He softly squeezed them together then rolled my nipples between his thumbs and fingers and then placed his palms flat on their smooth upper slopes and then leant forward, suddenly pushing them hard in to my chest as though trying to make me look flat. No chance, they’re much too… Read more

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Amulya Learns a Lesson--2

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HI MY FUCKING COCKS THIS IS U R AMULYA...READ BEFORE PART TO UNDERSTAND THE STORY..... I turned to watch as his arm rose and the belt dropped down over his back before whistling through the air and cracking into the lips of my sex. Thankfully he had wrapped the buckle end in his palm now. "One Sir." I called immediately and the arm was back up as I gasped. The second stroke made its stinging strike before I started breathing again and I breathed in sharply before I could call out, "Two Sir." The following three strok… Read more

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Amulya Learns a Lesson--1

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My name is AMULYA (NAME CHANGED TO KAVITHA) and I am a young Asian Indian housewife living in California. I have been told that I have a very sexy body. My husband Sanjay loves to display my legs and my shapely boobs to his friends and in public. I am deeply in love with my husband. Like a good Indian wife, I very rarely have the courage to disobey him. Sanjay knows my weakness very well and freely takes advantage of the situation. We have only been married for a couple of years, and I have always been a de… Read more

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Begging For It

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I am AMULYA 25 year old student of an air hostess academy at Bangalore . Saturday nights were dull, they had always been dull. I wished for something to happen, to change the monotony of life. I really should have been careful what I wished for.I was 19 when it happened, working at the restaurant in sector 17 in chandigarh to earn some extra cash while I enrolled at a air hostess training academy. Every single saturday night was the… Read more

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