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The very first time i cheated

AnalGroup SexInterracial Sex

Although we wasnt married at that point Id been with my husband for about 3 months. We was still in the dating stage but it was the longest relationship id had so it felt pretty serious. Wed spend most of our time at my bedsit but on this occasion id managed to pursuade him to visit one of my old haunts. It was a nightclub in town and was actually where we first met. He wasnt big on these types of places and he didnt really want to go. But i really liked it there if im honest id really done the rounds with the regulars. Id… Read more

Posted by THErealLIFEwife 1 day ago 7 2,871 67%

A Son's Love for His Mother


Mark was a typical teenager. In the last year, he had found that he was growing like a beanstalk and was rapidly. Though still thin, he was starting to fill out but not just his body. His cock had somehow turned from a small worm into a fat slug overnight. And that was when it was soft. Fully erect, it stuck out like a steel pole. He was quite proud that when he had a really big hard-on, his hand could just encompass its circumference. He also managed to measure its length once and found it just came over 7 inches. Lately he found that his sexual urges were getting more and more powerful.… Read more

Posted by harveydog 1 day ago 3,357 92%

Im Hotel 3

First Time

"Natürlich zeige ich dir mehr" sagt Rolf und dann treffen sich wieder beide Münder zu einem Kuß. Rolf winkelt sein rechtes Knie an und legt es über ihn. Dabei bemerkt er den harten Schwanz unter dem Stoff des Höschen versteckt. Als sie sich weiter küssen, fährt er mit einer Hand runter zu der empfindlichen Stelle, wo ein Schwanz befreit werden will. Rolf streichelt ihn über den Stoff, seine Erregung wächst wieder, was sich bei seinem Schwanz bemerkbar macht. Dieser wird langsam aber sicher hart, ihr Atem wird wieder schneller, und die Küsse intensivieren sich. Langsam arbeitet sich Rolf nach u… Read more

Posted by zigzag62 1 day ago 190 100%

Twins: Our Story

TabooFirst Time

I don't know what life is like without her. I don't expect anyone to understand our relationship - which is why we primarilly keep our social life to a few close friends. It works for us. No one even considers that we have been together since we were teens. Having a twin is more than having a sibling - it's a bond that has, for us, been stronger than any attempt at relationships with others. She dated a few guys, I dated several girls, but the bond we had was beyond anything we could even try to find elsewhere. We were together even while we were dating other people. We were trying to "do th… Read more

Posted by TruConfessions 1 day ago 3 2,236 100%

the first time i meet up with a man dressed as a w

FetishGroup SexShemales

one early morning i was out crusing in a park and i saw this woman walking around she was wearing a long dark coat and had long black hair . she went across this foot path bridge and stopped on the other side . i think she by this time knew that i was following her with a spark of interest . i was about 200 yards from her close enough to see things . she stopped and leaned up against the post at the end of the bridge and let her long coat fall open revealing all her underwear to me . she had on a black ten strap suspender belt with black stockings and a black skimpy bra and little black pantie… Read more

Posted by plasticluv 1 day ago 1 986 100%

Lola at the Bar

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

Last night, Dec. 8, 2017, around 7pm, I was stepping out daddy Jordan’s car after he finished ejaculating his hot semen inside my whore mouth. He had driven me to a secluded area, behind a building, in Huntington, NY. He works near by. After I got out, my daddy drove off to go back to his wife. He had told her he was working late. I swallowed my daddy’s hot cum. I love the taste of married men who cheat with me. Anywho, this is not the story for this post, this is just the setup to what happened last night. I had told my Daddy Rob, that I would by Huntington around 7PM, so he could CUM p… Read more

Posted by loladehoe 1 day ago 983 67%

Der verhängnisvolle Chat

BDSMGay MaleShemales

Es war vor etlichen Jahren, da kam ich durch Zufall in einen Gay Chat. Ich wusste damals noch nicht dass ich schwul sein könnte. Aber irgendwie reizte mich das, denn ich musste an unseren damaligen Nachbar denken den wir als Jugendliche ich war damals 15 immer geärgert hatten weil er eben Schwul war. Plötzlich ging ein Fenster auf, und es wollte sich jemand mit mir unterhalten. Ich Chattete mit ihm sicher so 2 Stunden, dabei hatte ich erfahren das er schon 66 Jahre alt war und leicht dominant. Das kam mir entgegen ich war leicht devot und war auch schon mal bei einer Domina. Was sollte mir sc… Read more

Posted by Andy_Ritt 1 day ago 145

Улётная встреча!

Gay Male

Всё, что нас не убивает, делает сильнее, а воспоминания - более яркими. Это произошло случайно. Послу универа я попал в крупную финансовую организацию, разумеется, пополнив нижние ряды офисного планктона. Так как я трудолюбивый и исполнительный, то был на хорошем счету, правда, продвижение вверх было уж больно медленным. Пока мой карьерный статус потихоньку рос, я влюбился. Она работала в нашем же подразделении и была всего-навсего на год старше меня. Мы стали жить вместе, благо у меня имелась милая однушка в спальном районе. Мы… Read more

Posted by Dennisexi 1 day ago 165 100%

Porn writing Mom Chapter 2

First TimeMatureTaboo

“And, do you like them, baby?” Stephanie asked her still blushing, mostly speechless 15-year-old son. “Do you like your mother’s tits?” Stephanie had opened the front clasp of her bra to expose her medium-sized, firm breasts to the ogling eyes of her son; feeling deliciously naughty as she behaved more and more like an i****tuous slut for her son. She hoped she would get to live out her fantasies and that the boy would be willing to help her. So far, things seemed to be going in the right direction. The 34-year-old mother felt the eyes of her teenage boy aimed directly at her naked tits, an… Read more

Posted by deniadaniya10 1 day ago 2 1,791 93%

Mums story part 2

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

As I was getting dresses after our fun, Paul came back in and said, “mum I need to pee.” I said “go ahead son,” so he walked over to the toilet and unzipped his trousers to get his penis out and then began to pee. Paul saw that I was watching him and said” mum do you like watching me pee.” To which I answered, “yes, I love it, it really turns me on so much!” He laughed and said he was sorry he had run out then!” I chuckled and said “next time you need to pee let me know. I want you to pee on me!” he looked confused and said. “Why?” Well I`ve read about it, and it`s become a fantasy for m… Read more

Posted by paul73 1 day ago 1 1,647 89%

Im Hotel 2

First Time

Rolf hatte noch nicht erkannt, daß sie beide sich im Spiegel abzeichneten, er war viel zu sehr mit dem Körper seines Gefährten beschäftigt, den er Millimeter für MiIlimeter mit seinen Händen erkundete und dabei langsam mit seiner Zunge am Hals auf und abfuhr. Plötzlich hällt Rolf inne und flüstert." Komm, zieh mich aus" und er dreht sich auf seinen Knien um, beginnt den obersten Knopf des Hemdes aufzumachen, daß Rolf anhat. Sie konnten beide ihren Atem hören, als er sich dem zweiten und dem dritten Knopf nähert. Vier und Fünf war schnell geöffnet und er schiebt an den Schultern das Hemd darübe… Read more

Posted by zigzag62 1 day ago 204 100%

7-8 Rugby Men Have My Pretty, Petite Wife (Edited)

Group SexVoyeurHardcore

We decided to visit the Bath Christmas market on 25th November and make a weekend of it staying in a nice Hotel in Bristol. Little did we know that also playing at home was Bath V Harlequins. We enjoyed the day shopping in etc in Bath then the train back to Bristol only takes around 15 minutes so we were soon back in our hotel bar enjoying a drink. We decided to make the most of it as E was enjoying the attention from a couple of burly Rugby fans from the London area staring at her in her skintight white leggings that show off her perfect arse and pussy lips! After a couple of drinks, we wen… Read more

Posted by mentohaveher 1 day ago 1,173 100%

ruth part 1

BDSMAnalGroup Sex

Some years ago, i met a submissive bi couple, they wanted to be used harshly in their own words,this was of course music to my ears & cock , being bi also meant i could enjoy using both of them, so we duly arranged a meet at their home, suffice to say the flat was rather shabby but it did not matter, anyway on my arrival, i ordered them both to strip naked, and a reminder that should we meet in future they would be both naked in my presence at all time's this they agreed to along with some limits they mentioned it was agreed that it would be a no holes barred bareback session for both of t… Read more

Posted by Domtom4u 1 day ago 670 100%

First and Only Mutual Wank Partner

First TimeMasturbation

I was working in Yosemite and had a hiking partner.  I'll call him "Andy."  We had done some pretty crazy hikes on our days off -- to the top of cliffs and back on un-maintained trails.  Very risky.  We decided to hike out to Happy Isles one evening and hang out.  I after stumbling around in the dark and exploring for a while, I suggested we build a small campfire (very i*****l) and party a fifth of brandy I'd bought (I was 21, he wasn't). I had a blanket, but the summer evening was mild and didn't need it.  We sat against a rock and talked; and I built a small c… Read more

Posted by windinpines 1 day ago 912 100%

My adventures in gay sex - part 2

Gay Male

Everything I write here is true. See part 1 for Guys 1 & 2. ****************** Guy 3. It was a couple more years before I met anyone and I was on a different hook-up site that rhymes with ‘blurt’. This next guy was a couple of years older than me, slim and sexy but like me couldn’t accommodate so we agreed to a car meet. I picked him up and he directed me to an industrial estate, in the dark, it was very discrete and he’d obviously used it before. He didn’t want to kiss, which was fine, he undid my flies, stroked me through my underwear and pulled out my cock. I was still limp and h… Read more

Posted by josh5800 1 day ago 535 100%

234 Holiday surprise trilogy section 4 a dairy con


234 Holiday surprise trilogy section 4 Now this story is linked to the story a holiday surprise as you will find later in the thing if you can bear to follow it to its final destination, it has been broken into sections to make it less of a tome, (war and peace eat your heart out lol) 234 A Dairy conversion (pt4) My wife Ann and I had begun reading from hamster, literotica, etc both together and singularly in the hope of stimulating our flagging sex life after 25 years of a very vanilla marriage it was, we believed, our marriages last chance saloon. We came, or at least Ann… Read more

Posted by alibodge 1 day ago 252 100%

Random Jerk Off Session

FetishGay MaleMasturbation

I feel like I should share with you guys what I got up to yesterday afternoon….. It was around lunch time, I was just working away and I received an email from a long time member of one of my sites, who was staying at the fanciest hotel in Terrigal as he is in town on business (he lives in Melbourne). He had finished his work requirements, had ducked down to the beach for a swim (in his AussieBum speedos) and when he was walking back up to the hotel he remembered that I live nearby and thought he’d email me. He attached a selfie of himself on the balcony of his hotel room wearing his AussieB… Read more

Posted by daveevans 1 day ago 710

PNP or Edging


Here another educational blog from me on what edging is, what it means and how it started ! (And how it started for me) Well for all of us that don't know right away what it means: It really is in the word already, it means being on the edge of an orgasm and pulling yourself back, or being pulled back and repeating this process over and over again with the goal of having a gigantic orgasm that nearly makes you pass out!! (I have been there a couple of times where I almost lost consciousness due to extreme edging, the hight of that orgasm is just indescribable). Now to answer a burning qu… Read more

Posted by phallused72 1 day ago 1 337

Thanks for giving

CelebritiesInterracial Sex

by Williacj . It's the day before thanksgiving I go to Home shopping network looking for a deal the day. You never know what you'll find on sale on home shopping network, from clothes to shoes to hand held drones. I found sexy tall blonde Lori Leland sitting on a couch in a red silk bathrobe. ”happy thanksgiving eve” I say to her”looks like you've got a lot of giving to do” ”oh I do hon, I have a lot to be thankful for this year”she said walking over to me, “of course you have a… Read more

Posted by williacj 1 day ago 681 50%

Wife turns hubby bi

First TimeGay MaleGroup Sex

The initiation: Hi, my name is Jenny. What I am going to describe to you is one of the best experiences of my life that changed my life and my husband forever. I am a 34-year-old brunette who has been married for the last 10 years to Steve. We live in St. Louis and have always been faithful to each other. I am a stunner to look at. I am about 5'8" tall, with short black hair and an almost perfect body. I have a 38C-26-36 figure. I am an aerobics trainer. Steve is about 6'2" tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He runs the administrative section of the health club that we run and ke… Read more

Posted by Handy--man 1 day ago 3 2,511 93%