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Monica part2

I got in late, somewhere in the hazy place between late night and early morning, but the heat had not let up. The inside of the house was just as dark and humid as the outside, and I waded through it as I made my quiet way from the door to the kitchen, fumbling a little until I saw the light peeking from around the corner.

As I said, it was hot, so it figures that my s****r would be looking for something cool to drink. She was silhouetted in the light of the refrigerator, wreathed in the vapor pouring off the racks. As she bent to peer at something inside, the light slid down her supple ba... Continue»
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Football Players Use White Pantyboi

Banjo hopped into the shower. It was a Saturday night. He was expecting company.

The guys coming over were all on the JFK High School football team. Banjo knew Akeem Johnson because he worked as a registered nurse at Akeem’s parents’ f****y practice. Akeem had been fucking the five-foot-nine, one-hundred-eighty-pound, big booty white sissy for two years.

Akeem had hosted a sl**pover for his friends last year. They ended up watching porn. His teammate Tavares Williams clicked on one thumbnail. They were all enthralled. Then, they realized it was a faggot getting banged out. They kept wa... Continue»
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An unexpective visit from a Cousin.

It was the fall of the same year that I had gotten assaulted by those three dreadful high school bullies, the year before I became their designated sex toy. I was at the table with my Pops and Mom when the door bell sounded. Since we were not expecting any company we looked at each other as my pops went to the door.

Sounds of surprise echoed thru out the house as my Pops called out (' ... you want believe who it is ... ') my smiled as my cousin entered the dinning room. Melvin, my moms oldest b*****rs c***d greeted her with a huge smile and hug, then came over to me ruffling my hair.

... Continue»
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LAURIE fucks , sissy drools-Part 2.

LAURIE fucks , sissy drools-Part 2.LAURIE fucks , sissy drools-Part 2.LAURIE fucks , sissy drools-Part 2.Yes, Laurie was quite the whore. Seems everyone but sissy had a hand on those tits. I once saw on a blackboard, "Laurie____ has nice...... features". Guys would sing their version of the Fats Domino song "I found my thrills on Laurie______'s Hills!" One time we had to write poems for a class and get them published in a school magazine. Both mine and Laurie's were published. Sissy that I am, I thought Laurie's p... Continue»
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My b*****r in Law

When I was in the 9th grade I dated a boy who was in the 12th grade. When he graduated he joined the service and I didn't see anymore until I was 39. He had been married and divorced and I had moved away got married and divorced as well. We have a big f****y and is always doing f****y things. I went home to visit and everybody was at my mothers house and my half s****r who I'm not very close to came in with her new husband and it was my ex boyfriend. Nothing happen between us for years I just know how wet I got when he was around. 10 years later they were having problems because my s****r trea... Continue»
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First time with mom.

This took place many years ago but was just so hot and want to share it.

My mom & I where living in a single bedroom studio apt. Bedroom Living area and little tiny kitchen of living room area, Mom had the Bedroom of course and I slept in the living room the bathroom was off the living room.
I'm out picking up groceries at the local super market just a little across town and wasn't long to be gone to come back to the apartment to find my mom watching one of my nasty taboo porns and touching herself Mmmmm was it so hot to see mom like that spread open her hairy pussy, She was very embarras... Continue»
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Mommy's Needs

I had always been proud of john. He was always helping out in any way he could, and after his father died, he really stepped up to the plate by getting a job to help pay what bills he could and doing a lot of work around the house that’d usually be reserved for a man. He was more like a man than he realized though, at least in terms of maturity. He had maintained his grades, which were superb to begin with, and had earned a scholarship to the local state university.

My job as a personal trainer kept me around enough to take care of a lot of things around the house, as I could have clients ... Continue»
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My s****r

My s*s, Angie and I had always been close so we usually hung out with the same group of friends. She is a little more than a year older than me and the summer before she would be a junior and I would be a sophmore was when it all happened.

I have to tell you I'd read my share of porn mags and been with girls and done some heavy petting and all that but I'd never got past kissing and feeling them up. I'd always end up going home and jerking off after that.

It was a couple weeks after the 4th of July and a bunch of us were gathered at a small lake near town and decided we should try and ge... Continue»
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My Aunt

My parents always said that when my 18th birthday came, I’d have to move out of the house. Growing up, I’d gotten into a lot of trouble and they put up with it because they were my mother and father. Eighteen meant I was a legal adult. My job didn’t pay enough for me to live out on my own so I talked my Aunt Cassie into letting me move in. Uncle Jack wasn’t exactly happy about this, but it was that or the streets, and he understood.

I’m sure my Aunt Sandra would have let me come and stay there. Since her husband Barry died, she’s been pretty lonely but I’ve always had a strange attraction t... Continue»
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Der Gangbang im Swingerclub

Mein Tag fing sehr gut an. Ich hatte frei, konnte ausschlafen und hab mir ein stärkendes Frühstück gegönnt. 10:34 zeigte die Uhr, die Sonne schien und der Tag konnte kommen. Viel vor hatte ich nicht. Ich wollte nur kurz in die Stadt fahren, bisschen shoppen und den Abend dann vorm Fernseher verbringen. Ich stieg also ins Auto und fuhr in die Stadt und sprang von einem Klamottengeschäft ins nächste. Aber so recht habe ich nichts gefunden. Im letzten Laden – ein Unterwäsche-Shop – sprang mich dann ein sehr sexy Nachthemd an. Dünne Trägerchen, schwarz, spitze, teils durchsichtig, sehr heiß. Angez... Continue»
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Our new Basement Theater

Our new Basement Theater

This is a condensed story of how my wife and I added a party theater to our basement. This was after she had begun attending hot evenings at the porn theaters, and the adult bookstores. We continued to visit the porn theaters, but this party room at the house became our main venue. We added other outlets for our sexual times was months then years passed.

chapter 1

I had spent three weeks finishing our basement theater room, one that had started as just a simple finish of an open basement area. Well that was not what it ended up. I insulated it so we would not freez... Continue»
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Daddy's Little Girl (roleplay)

This story is inspired by a PM chat I recently had on this site…

You rush down the sidewalk to the restaurant where I instructed you to meet me at 5 o'clock sharp. You are already a few minutes late and you know that I will not be pleased to have been kept waiting. Your 5 inch heels and short skirt are flattering, but not made for running.

You finally reach the front doors of the restaurant and I glance at my watch to see that you are ten minutes late. You approach the hostess stand and tell her that I am meeting you and she immediately e****ts you to my table.

I am looking at the... Continue»
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Helping My Neighbor Sandy, Milf Adventures 1-1

My neighbor Sandy is a single, 43 year old, dirty blonde hair dresser, with a wide jiggly ass, 34C's, and the sexiest tanlines I've ever seen.

I live in Baltimore and I play a hell of a lot Bocce, that's where I first noticed Miss Sandy DePalma. I watched her perfect fat jiggling ass move down Stiles Street; now if God made all men and Sam Colt made them equal, then its Kevin Plank who made all women asses perfect. I don't know why cougars always sport under armor stretch pants, but I'm damn glad they do. As chance would have it, we were neighbors.

One beautiful July day she's cutting h... Continue»
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A Close Shave

One of the benefits of my job is I have the choice to work from home. Last Thursday, I did just that. I didn't feel like driving through all of the road construction. So I called my boss, told her I was working from home, and all was well. I was two hours into my day, when there was a knock at the door. I opened it, and there was Becki, still sporting her Katy Perry style short hair cut. She was dressed in pajama pants and a plain black t-shirt. She had a shopping bag with her.

"I saw you were home, and decided to visit." she said, rather slyly. I opened the door, and let her in. Her free h... Continue»
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A Weekend With Sandy, Milf Adventures 1-2

Volume 1 story 2

Sandy and I decided on a romantic weekend in the country, We stayed at her late grandmothers house for the weekend, which was quite literally over the river and through the woods. It looked like a haunted house to me. We walked through the threshold and a chill went down my spine, I almost left right then. But I decided that I was just being silly. "This house has been in my f****y since 1859, but my grandmother was the last person to live here and she died 6 years ago" Sandy said. "I love these old houses, Ive been wanting to bring you here for a while"She told me, "Its a... Continue»
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Human Contact (1)

Brynn was a loner but not by choice. When opportunity for relationship comes, will he overcome himself and give what it takes to make it work?


"Alone again?"

Brynn nearly jumped. He hadn't heard the man approach.

"Mind if I sit with ya? Have a little company?" Not waiting for a reply, the man sat. The next moment was silent except for a passing car.

"Used to be the old Collinwood library, this building here,” he commented. "Sittin' on the original cement. Now it's---what?---BattleLines?" The man's head turned toward a... Continue»
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Our Weekly Friday Rendezvous.

While on the construction site on Friday, I received an sms from Fatima. I was delighted by it's content, it says meet me at the Motel immediately he goes for Friday prayers.....don't be late, Room 201.

Immediately we closed and my supervisor Fatima's husband left for prayers, I boarded a commercial motorcycle straight to the Motel. I opened the door and entered cautiously.
stepping quietly into the room and closing the door behind you. Further into the room, I saw a small table set up in the center of the room, calling her name, I waited for her to answer... When I received no response, I... Continue»
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Introducing anal to my mom

Continued from Part 1 (, Part 2 ( and Part 3 (

I had crazy school work the next day so I tried to ignore my mom so I could get my school work done. It wasn't easy. She looked at me often, with a sly smile, during dinner and again, her wearing a tight top with no bra made me horny. My girlfriend also called to chat on the phone but I put her off too, telling her I'd call her tomorrow. I was determined to get my h... Continue»
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A Visit from Linda

This story was just one of the many times Linda came by while I was on duty.

The NCO Club was just across the street from our Kaserne, which was also where we lived. To get home from work, she had to walk past the front door of our barracks, so, if I had C.Q, duty, she often stopped by for a few minutes.

She had, just a short time before, taken to "going commando" when she went to work, meaning she didn't wear any undergarments. She had, also, started wearing sheer tops, and mini or micro skirts. She had never worn stockings. She had totally hairless legs,(as do most Oriental women) ... Continue»
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Wife tells more

My wife pulled away and turned her back on me, shifting to the far side of the bed. "What's up?" I asked. We had started to indulge in a spot of foreplay and I had suggested she tell me more about her visits from the builders. "Nothing else happened," she claimed. "It was just a bit of fun."

"Sure it was," I said, sarcastically. "Come on, do me a favour! Your showing all you've got and three red-bl**ded men don't take it further. You bent over for them and made it obvious you were giving them a show. That's why they started talking to you in the first place. And you tell me they didn't make... Continue»
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