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First Trip to Amsterdam Theatre (and first ever Gl

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When I was in my 20s I had a chance to go Europe for a 6 week stint with my company. While there, I decided to explore a bit and took a long weekend in Amsterdam. After enjoying the coffee shops and getting a light 420 buzz, I walked around a bit and came up on to an adult cinema place. I must have looked lost as the guy there asked if I needed directions. I asked what is this place, he said in a heavy accent. Floor one, man-woman sex movie, floor two are gay sex movies, and floor three are private movie booths. I started go in and he said there was a 15 Euro entrance fee. I paid the fee a… Read more

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First crossdressing experiences - old man in hotel

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As a young teenager, I remember getting a bit of a cheap thrill whenever I found some knickers or ladies underwear where we played as k**s, usually under bridges and tips etc. But it wasn't until I was in my early 20's, when I realised that there was anything other than peeing to be done in a public toilet. I discovered a large public toilet with very small holes in the adjoining wooden walls - this certainly opened my eyes. I was (and am) straight, but seeing guys playing with their cocks for all to see was such a thrill. First day I just watched one guy playing… Read more

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Vacation Fun – Chapter 2 – The Next Morning

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Vacation Fun – Chapter 2 – The Next Morning With the curtains closed only a little light shined through the windows, but is was more than enough for Sam’s eyes to take in every curve of Carly’s body. Carly always looks so peaceful when she’s asleeep, and now Sam could freely lay in bed and stare for as long as she wanted or till Carly woke up. Before Carly climbed into bed just a little after midnight she striped down to only her underwear, slowly Sam started tracing patterns on Carly’s bare arm basking in the moment, feeling Carly’s skin under her fingertips after so long it is like… Read more

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My New Job - Part 7 - Mr. Jacobs Office

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It was Friday, and I had to be at Mr. Jacobs house to train him on a few of the different systems that we provided him for purposes of monitoring his own clients activity and positions. Before leaving the office, Elaine said, "be nice to him." I thought that was a rather odd line; I was thinking more like "good luck' or "call me if you need me." 'Be nice to him' told me she was expecting more to happen than just training, but I didn't touch it, I simply said, "of course I will" and then "see you later." At his office, he set up a couple of chairs in front of his pc. I was going to have him op… Read more

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Hermione's New School

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Hermione's New School [Contains fantasy ball-, tit- and cunt-busting, castration (many, some graphic) and big tit themes] Hermione Hermione sat on the broken down school bus with her arms folded tightly across her budding breasts. “I bet I finger the new girl first.” “No way - I’ll have her stink on my fingers before home time.” A chill ran down her spine and she re-crossed her arms tighter over her tender young tits. It had been a month since she had been expelled from Hogwarts and a week since her appeal had been denied. Her hearing had been one to remember; the… Read more

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Sub wife travels overseas


We were reading a few local papers and an ad intrigued us. Looking for a sub female to travel overseas as my slave slut. She will be paid for all travel and be with us for 2 months all expenses are paid. My sub wif and I were talking about this and she seemed that she would like to do. Since we had two other house subs she wanted to go. I sent them an email for details. They responded wife is 48 5' 10" 155 36 c 30 34 dominate and very bi he is 50 6' 225 dominate. We waited for a response and did not hear anything for about a week. The door bell rang and the fed ex delivery gave us a package. W… Read more

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Fantasy Lady

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She came down the stairs. Oh good lord that dress...slit up to here and those beautiful tits hanging out everywhere. He wanted to bite her nipples. Real they were, not a bit of plastic in her. She was a natural beauty and they didn't come any sexier. She walked in a room, no matter how she was dressed, and every man in the room wanted to fuck her. He was going to fuck her right now. She came down the stairs, one at a time. She knew what he was going to do and she was ready. Her pussy was wet and she could see the erection in his pants. Anticipation. She reached the bottom of the stairs. He wra… Read more

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It Just Happened... Again


It Just Happened... Again FOREWORD You learned in part one of IT JUST HAPPENED, that Jim and Lucy have three grown daughters; all of them beautiful, and all of them married to older men. Each daughter had initially married someone their own age, only to replace them after a couple years with someone closer to their Dad's age. Jim always enforced strict dress code rules in his house while they were growing up. No provocative clothing was allowed as they were young teenagers and no provocative sleeepwear without first covering themselves with a robe before wandering out of their… Read more

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The Neighbors Naughty Daughter

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I leaned against the bar watching the action out on the dance floor and couldn't help licking my lips. God bless summer! Everywhere my eyes wandered, I spotted exactly what Doug and I had come here to find: plenty of hot young things. Even better, the first heat wave of the season had caused inspired the club had to open up its beachfront a week early. We'd caught wind of the opening last night ago, and after our usual Saturday-night dinner date, we'd taken a ride to the under 21 club and spent over an hour sitting out on a deck that overlooked the beach. The girls were out there wearing nex… Read more

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Who's a good girl?


My name is Anna. But that name doesn't get much use anymore. The names that my master uses; the ones that roll off of his tongue like warm honey amd make me weak at the knees are the ones that I prefer to hear. Little pet. Darling. Kitten. Cockslut. Cumdumpster. Whatever he chooses to call me, thats my real name. There's no time I feel more loved than when I hear him- "Come here little kitten. Master has a present for you." Those words send a tingle down my spine. Immediately I perk up and a smile spreads across my face. Master's presents are always so fun. I can't wait to see what he ha… Read more

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phone number on the wall Part 2

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You really need to read part 1 to get a good understanding about how this part 2 plays out... I woke up Saturday morning about 8 am with a morning wood that really felt good. No better way to wake up in my mind. I still had my dried cum on my chest from the night before with little gobs of cum mixed in with my chest hair and planned to take a shower, but first I needed my coffee. I slipped on my robe and went to the kitchen, fixed my coffee and turned on the computer to check my email, all the while toying with my morning friend Woody. I sat there reminiscing about the night before and the… Read more

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Son and his Lovely Mom - Part 2

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The next morning, Mack awoke as he usually did—with a hard-on. He stroked his cock and thought about his mom and the events of the night before. He was unsure of what his mom's reaction would be. For all he knew she would be angry; he may have turned her off completely, so that their relationship would never be the same. He wondered for a moment if she would maybe even report him and what he had attempted to do. But the more he thought about it, the more he realized that his mom's reaction and mindset would probably be something like this: My son and I drank some wine and got a little intoxic… Read more

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TODD'S STORY AT THE DEALERSHIP WITH MATT Matt was exactly ten years younger than me. That still made him seven years older than Annie. She has always gone for older men. Matt's office was right next to the showroom window so he had great view of the lot. Annie would come to visit after 6 when only Matt and I were there. My office was back from the showroom and had no line of sight to the main showroom. Behind the main showroom was a lower level, some three steps down. This showroom was behind a door and, thus, not visible from the front showroom nor my office. It was summer time when Annie… Read more

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ANNIE'S STORY AT THE DEALERSHIP After that, I became Matt's cum slut. I could not get enough of his cock. I loved him and told him so. Matt reciprocated. Matt and I talked on the phone everyday. I would tell him how horny I was and he would call me his dirty little slut. I would play with my cunt and tell him what I was doing. This always got him hard. I started dropping by the dealership after 6 when just Todd and Matt were working. Matt's office was right next to the main showroom window overlooking the lot. There was another showroom behind that one which could only be accessed through a… Read more

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CUCKOLD Valentine's Day (part 1)


CUCKOLD Valentine's Day (part 1) This is the story of our 2018 Valentine’s night with Brett, my wife’s Bullfriend. The pictures of “His bed” on our galleries are where the first part of the evening begins. This story is based on the events that occurred on this night of SURPRISE! Today is Valentine's Day. I asked Agness at breakfast what we were doing tonight. I knew Brett was taking my wife to dinner. I was not sure where. I knew I was driving her to his place, and that is all I knew. I did not know if I would… Read more

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Collateral - Ch. 5

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Chapter Five Jake was getting restless. There was no TV or other means of entertainment he could use while waiting for that annoying bastard. He had a mind to just get out of the house, but he didn’t want Klaus to chase him down from the first day. There was enough time to observe his surroundings later. For now, he had to admit he was very curious about this insanely rich guy, at least by his standards, and his unusual interest in someone like him. The door finally opened, Klaus coming in with a small box in his hand and a mysterious smile painted on his face. “Don’t you know how to knock?… Read more

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Breed Beach 4: Assorted Artisan (os)

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BREED BEACH NEEDS EXPERTS AND SPECIALISTS OF ALL SORTS, NOT ONLY BREEDABLE BABES OF TWENTY BREED BEACH needs lots of artisans and specialists to help to build a society from nothing. I select as well on that aspect. BREED BEACH needs nurses and doctors, constructors, economists, PR-people to attract tourists, who'll pay for all of that. Breed Beach Boss Prof. PoPE uses all possible sources: girlfriends from the net from all over the world: Facebook and LinkedIn. Breed Beach Boss Prof. PoPE invites friends from real life, mainly from Europe: England, France, Germany, Holland… Read more

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Sex ed...sort of

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Sometime in the 80s I had gone with a friend(Jeff) of mine to drop off his k**s at his parents house about 50 miles away. We were gonna go hiking nearby for a couple days. He dropped me off with a friend of his while he went to drop his k**s off and hang out for a few hours. He didn't know that on occasion I enjoyed sucking a nice cock , which made it kinda funny when he was dropping me off. He told me he thought this guy was a" little strange" , but that he was cool. Anyway, he left me with Tim, and took off. Tim was very friendly, offered me something to drink and eat, and we started ta… Read more

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Urban encounters chapter 2


Read chapter 1 first to get caught up The door flies open as lil Rob is caught off guard. He looks like a deer caught in the headlights as the sun from outside blocks the view of who's standing at the door. As a crackling voice says a cuddy we gotta talk like right now. It's Stacy play brother phat boy - (a 4'11 14 year brown skin chubby delinquent that runs packs for Lil Rob). Lil Rob yells close the door fool as Stacy basically caught up a lung from vicious throat fucks she just received. You need to learn how to knock before come in utters lil Rob as Stacy stum… Read more

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Slut GF- Chapter 3

FetishGroup SexVoyeur

This is my first time ever writing a sex story. Publicly at least. So I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think. I will be adding to this story in chunks on a regular basis. So stay tuned. This is a fake/fantasy I have had for a couple years now. It might seem a tad unrealistic but thats not always a bad thing. Chapter 3 I could not believe what I was witnessing. There was my girl. The love of my life. The one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and raise a family. Down on her knees, wearing the sluttiest thing she owns, about to fuck 4 homeless dirty and fat men. I couldn't help… Read more

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