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New Cock for Wife

My wife Jen had just turned 53, and we had been married for almost twenty five years. We are your typical middle class f****y with k**s off to college. Over the last few years we had talked about sharing Jen with another man, or at least I wanted to see her with another man. Jen was a bit hesitant at first, but after talking it out, and careful consideration did she finally agreed to try it on a one time basis. She wasn't getting any younger, and I knew if we didn't do something soon our window of opportunity would pass. We had been each other's only sole partner in life, and that certainly ad... Continue»
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Wife Becomes a Mistress

My full name is Simran Kaur Ahluwalia. I am a house-wife from India, aged 31. I live with my husband Balwinder Singh Ahluwalia, in a four bed-room apartment in one of India's largest cities - Mumbai. I have known my husband, since my school days, as both of us lived in the same locality during our c***d-hood. We fell in love at college and got married after graduation. We have two c***dren. A son, aged seven and recently, we have been blessed with a baby daughter, three months ago. We led a happily married life. An incident that recently occurred in our life, dramatically changed our married l... Continue»
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always wanted to

I had never done anything even remotely sexual with another man, but for years and years my jack off fantasies had all been about sucking a dick - all sorts of situations, but they all ended with me taking a load in my greedy sucking mouth. I always assumed that that was as far as it would go since I was too timid to try to act out my fantasies, but as luck would have it, one day everything changed.

I was shooting baskets one day in the summer in the local gym, deserted I guess because it was so nice outside, but for one other guy shooting baskets named John; we started talking and took tu... Continue»
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Playing in the woods

My father died when I was very young, so I never met him. Mom said he was a good man, and a good provider. Mom had to work long hours to pay for the home and car, as well as all the bills, so I was alone most of the time after school. As I grew older I went father from the house to explore.
One day after school and doing my homework, I hopped on my bike and rode to the other side of the neighborhood where a wooded area was. Walking around it looked like no one had been there for a while. I seen what looked like a huge mud puddle, with what looked to be a large tree limb laying across it. ... Continue»
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Spring Break...

Walter and Arthur was two teenage boys that moved in with their parents next door to my folks while I was away in school. I thought they were cool k**s that enjoyed hanging out with me until I was asked to spend the night at their home while their parents were out of town.

It all started out as a normal Friday night, the three of us got ready for bed and was there by eleven o'clock. I was in twilight sl**p when I felt the bed I was in dip as if some one was getting in with me. As I stirred The two boys grabbed me and held me down.

Startled as to what was happening I tried to break fr... Continue»
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Tropical Vacation

Mayan Riviera was beautiful. There has been a perfect weather with no cloud in the sky, no drop of rain, delicate breeze from the sea over wonderfully silky smooth sand under the feet. The resort they were staying in seemed half empty, but that was probably due to the more mature crowd occupying it than the usual mix of k**s, young drinkers and rowdy forty something crowd, celebrating their freedom from work, households and stress. Maggie and Pete were waking up early every day, walking down to the beach area and selecting the most promising looking palapa for the rest of the day of tanning, s... Continue»
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My Vacation With Mom Part 2

I opened my eyes. The clock on the wall said 8:00, and for a moment, I was confused. Was it night or morning? By the way the sun came through the window, I figured it must be evening. That would mean we'd been asl**p for about four hours.

I turned to mom. She looked so peaceful and content, strands of her blonde hair running across her face. She still had her bikini on, and I remembered how we'd come into the room from next door, too tired to change, and collapsed on the bed.

As I looked at her, she opened her eyes. I was afraid for a moment. We hadn't talked since we'd made love just f... Continue»
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Late Night Study With Ram

“yes Lola, i studied hard today but it’s not like when ram trains me” - Lola said “yes he’s doing a great job on you, I heard from casper you got good grades” - I nodded and rams hot palm was bare soft thigh under the table. “Dee is an excellent student and sure loves hard long studies, I love to help him - like a part of the f****y.” Lola smiled “Good, so you have this big test tomorrow dee? Hmm ok, ram why don’t you both do a late study, I know its late but the attic guest room is quite and you sure like it up there, we wouldn’t mind as long as you bring in a good grade Dee” - I look at Rams... Continue»
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Honeymoon & Vacation To BALI

Donnia and I decided to spend our honeymoon in beautiful Bali. We arrived on a Sunday, the day after our wedding. We were a little hung over from our wedding reception, so we just wandered around Kuta doing the touristy things, sightseeing and a little shopping. That evening we had a quiet dinner at our hotel and called it an early night. The following afternoon we decided to hit the beaches.

The beaches around Kuta are congested and full of tourists. We asked some locals about the best beaches and they informed us of a little surf beach about eight miles from Kuta near a village called Ulu... Continue»
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Slave's beginnings

It started with answering a CL add in Denver posted under Men looking for Men “Dom looking for Sub Slave”. I replied to the add and after a few back and forth e mails I was told to be at his place at 3 pm the next day. Arriving at his house my anxiety level was high as this was to be my first time at age 56 as a submissive slave for my new Master uncertain of what to expect. After introductions standing in the foyer, Master closed the front door then ordered me to strip. Master was pleased of my completely shaved body then instructed me to put my tongue on his neck telling me not to remove it ... Continue»
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BBC for new years eve

New Year’s Eve with Sean,
It was New Year’s Eve 2013 the party had not yet started but a few guys were hanging out waiting for someone to start the party. Let me start from the beginning, I was a participant of an all men’s club in Denver that had weekly meetings at a private residence for sex. Many men were married and needed something that they were no longer getting at home like me others were single just needing to get off. I had gone to several lunch meetings where I participated in group play. There was always a turnout of 10 to 15 men there for one thing sex! I happen to be a bottom th... Continue»
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My Vacation With Mom Part 1

I had been waiting nearly six hours before they announced the arrival of my mother's plane. It was late, it was hot, and I was tired, and the last place on earth I wanted to be at the present time was the San Fernando airport. My flight from New York had come in earlier, and rather than take the long cab ride to the resort, then have to come back to meet her, I figured I'd just stay at the airport. Of course, her flight was delayed. And delayed. And delayed. At last, I saw her as she entered the terminal.

It had been over a year and a half since I'd seen mom. With me in New York and the re... Continue»
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yay, morning sex!

OMG, amazing morning sex. woke up spoonin the one I love and the house was empty aside from us and I had no appointments and no reason to jump and get ready, just 5 hours to do an hours worth of chores and she didn’t have to leave for another hour 30 because for a change, I got a descent night sl**p and woke before the alarm.
Now I don’t condone fondling the u*********s, but after being together this long I am fully aware that she is in the mood 110 percent of the time and I know she loves wakeup sex and I am encouraged to do so. So all sneaky like I managed to slip out of the bed without ... Continue»
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Day at the beach

A few days at the beach is all they needed! Steve and Jeannie, and Steve’s best friend, Jim. They arrived late Thursday night in Melbourne, FL. Their hotel was right on the beach and with the balcony door open, the waves were loud! Jim slept on a pull out couch and Jeannie and Steve in the king bed in the room. After a long 10 hour drive, the trio was beat and went to bed as soon as they arrived. Jim took a shower and Jeannie and Steve played around a little as Steve pulled Jeannie’s tits out and sucked them a little. Both were getting pretty excited and stopped when Jim’s shower stopped. They... Continue»
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Two Cougars in Vegas

If you are new to my stories; everything you read is a true event in which I participated. Some of the details have been changed to protect the guilty. I write the stories to document my transition from a shy virgin to a DOM. BBC BULL. The stories are written in chronological order. If you haven't read all of the older stories, you are missing some of the background information.

I had recently broke up with my girlfriend. We both decided that we were at different places in our lives. Luckily we were able to remain friends and we are still friends to this day.

I needed to celebrate my n... Continue»
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One MILF and three teens

The three of us are in a beach front hotel on the first floor. Worked out ahead in minor detail, Jim is an 18 year old guy just out of HS. He is staying on the beach with his friends Steve and Max, all teens getting ready for US service. None have had much sex with other people, just jacking off to magazines and internet porn. Steve and Max left to get some snacks and stuff, and Jim thought he’d take advantage of his alone time and jerk his cock. He put on some hotel xxx rated movie and was watching a woman sucking two guys’ cocks and jerking them off. Jim had left the sliding glass door open ... Continue»
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My little b*****r

Names have been changed to keep privacy.
Hi my name is Brenda.I was23 years old when this story took place 5 feet 4 inches tall long brown hair an I am in my 4rth year of college. I have 3 younger b*****rs.
This story starts when i was on my winter break.
I went home to spend time with my f****y my next younger b*****r was moved out maried .
Doug was 18 he was still in High school and Jeff was 6 years younger than Doug.
Anyway like i was saying iI was home an this incident took place one friday night when my parents and Jeff was away on a weekend trip.
Doug stayed home and I just didnt... Continue»
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Niece stays for the summer 2

The next few days were fairly normal. Miranda was adjusting great to being with us, and she seemed happy to be involved with our f****y. We were super busy with ball practice, games, music lessons, parent meetings, etc. The extra help was great, and the obvious fringe benefits that I planned to enjoy seemed to make life just a bit brighter. I had a little extra pep in my step so to speak.

Guilt was also a factor, but I was never one to wallow in guilt, and this was no diffrerent. I decided to go with the flow, and not worry about it.

The situaiton with my wife Jane was a whole different... Continue»
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Susan at work Part 1

“Susan, Lee wants to see you in his office”.
Oh dear thought Susan, there’d been talk of redundancies so she went to the office and very nervously knocked on the door.
“Come in. Ah, Mrs Smith, have a seat. You may have heard that the company hasn’t been doing too well lately and we’re being f***ed to make some redundancies.” Before he could say any more Susan said “Please don’t say it’s me sir I really need this job”.
“Well I’m sorry but you are one of those we’ve picked, you will of course get redundancy pay, although that won’t be very much.”
“Please sir, I can do other work, I can do... Continue»
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Breaking Susan Part 1

Breaking Susan

A true story by Charles Palmer

October 21st 2015. My wife entered the car wearing a black t-shirt several sizes too big for her. I could not see what, if anything, she was wearing underneath. When we arrived home it turned out there was nothing underneath that t-shirt. Her eyes were glazed over and as much as I pressed her she refused to speak the entire ride home. When we arrived home she dove onto the bed, buried her head in the pillow and began to cry. I stroked the back of her head and tried to hold her but still she refused to speak to me or even look a... Continue»
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