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Uncle Peter's Peter

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"For the love God, Mom! How could you do this to me? You volunteered my help and my home to Uncle Peter and I don't even remember him." Susan was livid but this was just like her mother, never even bothering to ask her if she had the time to show her uncle around town. She didn't care if it was just for one night her mother had no right just to offer her services without asking. This man might be her mother's brother but she didn't appreciate a strange man, even if he was a relative, staying at her place. Well it was too late now but her mother was going to pay for this one, big time. Uncle… Read more

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Work Christmas Party


My girl friend is a junior partner at a multi national accountancy firm. We were attending the partners Christmas party at the Managing Partners house in a very exclusive area. My wife had left me with some of her male colleagues discussing the latest All Blacks team and there results. The subject slowly changed to their work, bored I headed off to get another drink. I sort of got lost in the maze that is this massive house. I heard voices. A woman crying. I turned down the hallway and found a mature elegantly dressed woman ornately decorated in expensive jewellery her pulled up in a very so… Read more

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Business trip takes unexpected twist

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I got to the hotel 2 hours later than expected it had been a long day and I just wanted to chill out on my bed and watch TV. After an hour or two of lazing on the bed hunger and boredom got the better of me so I decided a beer and a meal at the hotel bar was in order. After a quick shower I left the room jumped in the elevator and headed for the hotel bar. It was 9pm on a Wednesday so the bar was quiet, a few tourists at the bar chatting to a young bartender but other than that it was just me and my steak dinner. I was glad of the piece and quiet to be honest I had a long day and was in no m… Read more

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A Dedicated Father

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As Mark Henry was driving around the forested area for looking for hunting violations, his cell phone. It was his daughter, Raine. He answered, “Hey there! How are you?” “I’m fine, dad! How are you?” “Pretty good. What’s up? I’m on patrol.” “I was just calling to say, ‘hi’. I was hoping I could introduce you all to someone special.” “Ahem,” he cleared his throat. “Yeah...Uh...Sure. You know I don’t remember you talking about anyone. How’d you meet him,” inquired the forty-one year-old. “I met him online and he’s back in town.” “Have you met in person before?” “Oh yeah! A few times,” the colleg… Read more

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Dan watches his mum go brown

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Daniel an 18 year old London teenager was just about to leave his home address, when his mother Karen entered through the door. Dan was surprised to see his mum had a young asian guy with her. Karen was 49 years old and had an eldest daughter around 21 years old aswell as Dan. Karen was around 5 foot 4 curvy build and shirt blonde hair and had been married for over 20 years. Karen had introduced this unknown guy to Dan as Chris. Karen had stated that Chris was here to help her with computer as she had been having some issues and said that he was recommended by a friend of hers. Karen ful… Read more

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Her Boyfriend really is Bisexual

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This is something that happened back in February when I was staying at Kip’s place in Breckenridge. I didn’t write about it at the time because I didn’t have the consent of the people involved and I didn’t think it was appropriate to ask at the time either. After posting some bisexual threesome photos last week, I thought maybe I should seek permission to write about it and permission has been granted and I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did..... Last night Kip and I hosted a wonderful dinner party here in Breckenridge (Colorado). The guests were; a gay couple from Denver, Kip, Kip’s… Read more

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Letting my daughter suck his cock

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So Betty had to run to the store to pick up a couple of staples for the house, milk, bread, and stuff. “I’m running to the store baby, won’t be gone long” “OK Mom” said 20 year old Sophie. Sophie still lived at home with her Mom Betty and he Step Dad Mike. They were a pretty open family, all of them walked around the house in their underwear. Sex was never thought of as bad and Sophie had caught her parents fucking more than a few time. Betty is pushing 40 and sexy as hell, great tits with perky nipples and a mouth that loves to suck cock, especially her hubby Mike’s cock. She is a profes… Read more

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Perfect Girl - Part 3 (The morning after)

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I awoke, dazzled by a shaft of sunlight, streaming through a gap in the curtains. My tired, bleary eyes adjusted, and focused on the sight of the golden light dancing joyfully across Angela’s exposed breasts. She was fast asleep, her delicate features highlighted by the warm glow of morning. I glanced at my phone, only 6 am. It was early, but I was quickly awake, my mind instantly racing with a confusing range of thoughts and emotions. I eased myself from under the covers, careful not to disturb Angela. She stirred momentarily then sighed contentedly, a picture of serene gorgeousness. I slippe… Read more

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I can tell you like Cock PT2

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I had just finished sucking my first load out of Frank and after also licking up my own cum, I was kneeling contently in front of him. "Well, let's grab a shower before round 2," Frank said getting up from his chair. I followed him into the en-suite bathroom which had a large shower stall with glass panels running from ceiling to the curb at the floor. Gorgeous marble lined the stall. It was one of those ones made for two people with a nozzle at each end. Frank reached in and got the water running and grabbed a couple of big fluffy towels which he hung on hooks on an adjacent wall. "I think t… Read more

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I can tell you like Cock Gay

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So it was a typical Friday to end the week at the office. After grabbing a quick bite at home, I decided to check out my local watering hole. Around the corner was a typical roadhouse restaurant frequented by a variety of users. As a bi-male, I had occasionally had some luck at the place and decided a beverage or two was in order to wind down from the week. After letting my eyes get accustomed to the dim lighting, I noticed a guy that looked familiar sitting at a table near the back on his own, sipping a beer. He looked in my direction and waved me over. I realized then that it was the boyfri… Read more

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Taken for a TWINK Gay

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I always try to get out to exercise while I am traveling for work. This is typically done by getting in light runs. It also the added benefit of helping me get familiar with the place I am visiting. Work brought me to upstate New York this one particular week... First though, a little about me. I am a pretty fit, married, 35 year old, just over 6 foot, 180 pounds, toned and mostly smooth. I have a decent sized dick , at 7 inches. It's cut and thick. My wife loves it. After finishing up for the day at a client's office, I went back to the hotel and showered quickly figuring I could get in a r… Read more

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Photo thief


I was 18 I wont say how long ago that was, but it was long enough ago that even though Dad had a digital camera, polaroids were still around, and that is where my story begins. I was in the last summer before leaving home to head off to University, and had finished my summer job and was in the last few days of my holidays. I was home alone one afternoon, it was a miserable day and so i was killing time, I had a long bath and shaved my legs and was just sitting in my room listening to music, I was feeling a little fruity and knew dad had a few porn magazines under his bed, usually just naked wo… Read more

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Little Tommy the Cocksucker PT2 Gay

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Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. My mind was racing, my stomach was tight and my hands were shaking uncontrollably. What did I do? What am I going to do? I kept running it through my head. I was exposed, I was out there, this was way outside of my control. I had met a man at a hotel to suck his cock, something I had done before, but this time he recognized me. He knew who I was, where I grew up and lived. I knew him too. I knew him to be a real asshole. He was not a nice person. He tormented me for years growing up. Shit, he tormented everyone. A person like that doesn't change. I could eas… Read more

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Little Tommy the Cocksucker Gay

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I don't think I am that unusual. That is, not that unusual before my accidental encounter with a high school acquaintance turned my life upside down. I am married, fit guy, in my mid-thirties. At just a tad under five foot eight and 155 pounds, I have a slight build. I am a naturally hairless and smooth guy. I always considered myself straight but have also always been attracted to men. I have a normal sex life with my wife. I don't see other women outside of my marriage. In fact, I only rarely even look at other women. I started viewing gay porn in my mid-twenties. I would watch a video of… Read more

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First Time

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Looking around the school lunch room, I couldn’t decide where to guide my attentions, the various groups sitting at their own tables, the sports freaks, fit muscular football players and their entourage of cheerleaders, the rich k**s all gorgeous looking but none would fraternise with anyone outside their financial peers. There were the geeks, but I wasn’t going to stoop that low. The rock dudes, but they were all greasy and hairy. My name is Rebecca but most people call me Bex. I think I’m fairly good looking, five two, 92 pounds, 32B bra, dark hair and blue eyes. I was searching for someone… Read more

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The Secret

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“Ben can you come in here please” “A few minutes mom I’m just getting in the shower” I was late home from school I had baseball practice and as the only sophomore on the senior squad in my high school. I still had to prove my self. I’m not going to say I’m some sort of local super stud, in fact I’ve only had sex twice. The first time was during a game of truth and dare at lunch time in school. The girl in question unzipped me and lifted her skirt. She pulled her panties aside and lowered her self down on my cock. I was so hard and inexperienced that with in seconds of feeling her damp pussy s… Read more

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Continuing the ‘sissy faggot is found out’ storyli

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Wandering back home in a daze but feeling so alive he advised his mom that he had got a job for the weekends which would help fund university. She approved and did not ask what the job was or where but just got on with sorting tea out. After eating he went to his room and thought back over the meeting in the street and what happened - the clothes the man and the lady now seemingly taking control of his life. What plans she may have he would find out maybe more when they met early the following day being the start of the weekend. Sleep came upon him easily but next morning he felt strange, hi… Read more

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Tumblr-Alternativen (NSFW)

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Update 13.12. –copy/paste von meinem Tumblr (Link in meinem Profil). Dort gibt es im Text auch die hier fehlenden Links, die hier dummerweise nicht erlaubt sind. Mein Profilname auf allen Plattformen ist derselbe wie hier. Das man hier eine Kategorie für die „Story“ wählen muss fände ich ok, wenn man die Kategorie frei wählen könnte. Mir werden nur 16 unpassende Vorschläge angeboten. Macht keinen Sinn. ... Tumblr löscht ab dem 17.12. alle Pornoinhalte, aber auch harmlose Nacktbilder. Es heißt, sie wollten Tumblr verkaufen bzw. besser monetarisieren und glauben, das ginge ohne Sex-Tumblr bess… Read more

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3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta

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3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta
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Don't look behind you


The room was crowded. She had come to the party alone and only knew a few people. Everyone was friendly though and she got herself a drink and had nice conversations with several people. She was feeling kind of sexy that evening and had worn her new dress. It was a rather short, maybe a bit too short and it was very clingy, so it showed off her body shape very well, especially her rather shapely butt. She admired herself in the mirror at home before she left. That dress did make her ass look good, she thought to herself. She did not go unnoticed at the party. Many men were checking her out a… Read more

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