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The Couple Next Door

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Story 12 The Couple Next Door I am a white girl in my teens, and have nice long shapely legs, blonde hair down to my waist, a tiny bottom, and a cute little face. ( or so I'm told ) I recently moved into a rented house in town so that it would be easier for me to attend the local college, and being nosy, I was keen to meet my next door neighbours. It all started when I was hanging out some undies that had just come out of the washing machine on a hot sunny day in the middle of July, when I heard a deep voice saying “Good morning, my name is Bruno; what's yours” ? I turned around, and in th… Read more

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MILF forced to watch daughter get fucked


This is hardcore fantasy. This story belongs in fantasy mind only. It is fantasy never to be real. It's only a fantasy story completely for the mind only. Meaning don't ever really hurt people!! Prologue: 3 large, muscular, fit, intimidating men cruised slowly behind her, “there she is man, right on schedule” said the bulky bearded 30 something one (Beard Man) sitting in the back passenger side seat of the black Caddy, pointing to the not 10 year old blond school girl walking home from school about a cars length ahead. Unaware of being stalked, she’s naively, youthfully striding along the s… Read more

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She May Be a 4 but She Fucks Like a 10

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1. I've always had a weakness for a certain kind of girl. I know; as a guy, if the situation is right, I could conceivably find myself attracted to any type of girl. At least, within reason. But in 'guy culture', women are grouped into certain categories. This is no mystery, but the groupings play out more or less in the following way: Perfect 10s: Universally recognized as 'ideal females'. International sex symbols, models, and some actresses can fall into this category. 8-9s: Almost as universally regarded as 'ideal females', and many who fall into this category may be considered 'perfect… Read more

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The camping Trip - Part 1

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With the weather getting warmer, M and I decided to go for a long weekend of camping on the coast. We decide on a secluded camping ground in the National Park on the bay and pack for two nights. With tent, sleeping bags, lilos, camp stove and utensils, clothes and swimmers packed we head off early Saturday morning, arriving there at just past 11.00 am and find another largish family sized tent set up. We set up our camping spot on the other side of the camping area away from the other tent. It didn’t take long to put up the tent. We put on the kettle to have a pot of tea and a sandwich before… Read more

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An Anonymous Relationship - 1


This is a story that I started to publish earlier but never finished. If you are easily offend by Taboo stories please move on. If you would like a story that has sex in it please read on. Chapter 1 "It was so cool last night! I met this guy and wow we had the hottest role play yet!" Said Stacy. "I don't know about that! You have no idea who you were chatting with on the net. I hear that some of the real perverts can track you down." I said as I looked at my friend "It is totally anonymous! There is no way for… Read more

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Sin City

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I moved from small town Idaho to Southern Nevada last October. My job had been based out of Las Vegas for the past 6 years, and because of my unique situation with housing, didn't want to leave Idaho. Long sorry short, 2 years ago, my unique situation was bought out for 6 figures. That money doubled my significant savings account, and I paid cash for a duplex. I lived in one side with a room mate who paid me $600 a month, and I rented out the other side for $1075. Last year, I was approached by a real estate broker who had a client who wanted my duplex. I sold my property for 55k more than I b… Read more

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The Stomping


The Stomping by Denuded Man-berries I was still trying to find a way out of the building. It didn’t even seem like I was above ground because I hadn’t found and rooms with windows yet and most of the doors were locked. I was very nervous because I had already found a room where someone was stripped and shackled to a bench with their balls stretched up for whipping. It seemed like a class where one woman was teaching the other how to whip the man’s nuts. I was frozen as in a trance watching what they were doing to him, in such shock I couldn’t move, and only now was able to move along… Read more

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Viking LUST Part 1


Viking Lust!!! A Period piece fantasy written for my Xhamster friend Eternity PART 1 Chapter 1 The heavy hatch landed with a hard thud that shook the floor where she lay. Erin, startled awake, now knew, this was no dream. After the raid on her village last night there was little doubt what lay in store. Staring up at the stream of light, hued with the rainbow of sea mist, she saw him. Ragnar!!! The vicious Viking that had led the attack on her village, and had carried her off in the night. It was hard to make out his rugged face, her eyes still moist with tears, but there was no mistakin… Read more

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My second sexual experience with mature lady.

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I can’t remember how I slept that night before I was going to meet Birgit at Poul’s parent’s house, but I have probably not slept very much. Those who read my first story will know that I was 15 at the time and Birgit was my friend Poul’s aunt and around 35 years old. The day before she let me cum in her mouth which was my sexual debut. I got up and took a bath and my cock was erect the minute I touched it and thought of Birgit’s nice big breasts and her hairy and juicy pussy. I remembered very well how it was to touch it with my finger and how the smell of it made me very horny. I longed to f… Read more

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18-year-old daughter

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I picked up my newly turned 18-year-old daughter Ashleigh late one day from cheerleading practice. It was the first week, and apparently, they had been working the girls hard. As we drove home, she complained multiple times about her feet and legs hurting from all the jumping and other things they did all day. Now, I know she wasn't hinting at a foot massage...she didn't even know yet about my famous foot massages. I told her "before you dad moved out, he used to always use this foot bath thing on me, sort of like a massage and whirlpool at the same time. When we get home, we'll fire it up… Read more

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The photo shoot (4)


-- Yannicka -- After my first full body orgasm in Nina's arms we decided that it was time to relax and have dinner. Nina bragged about David's cooking skills so I had high expectations of my host. Nina and David kissed me and went downstairs to prepare dinner and I chose to take a quick shower. I undressed and because there was a large mirror on the wall, I lifted my leg to see Davids shaving skills. I concluded that he did a perfect job and I still have a really hot ass... When I rearranged my clothing I noticed my… Read more

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Alana felt distressed. The weather had deteriorated and she felt the stirrings of the approaching electrical storm. Winds strengthening and blowing her long auburn tresses around her pretty face. Little she could do with manacled wrists attached to chains which only allowed her s few feet I’d movement. The creature could smell the human and instinctively knew it was a female, a distressed one at that. It made a pleased grimace which was never human, baring it’s long canine like fangs. The creature was totally naked, skin a dark brown similar to leather and thickly furred like a****l hair over… Read more

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Catching my wife, Part 5

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I leaned down, at Connie’s verbal and physical encouragement, and took a cautiously slow lap at my wife’s red and sensitive looking pussy. It’s then that I noticed that my wife’s vulva was smoother around the sides than I had ever noticed before. She still had a short tuff of hair above the cleft of her folds, yet the sides were as if she never had any hair whatsoever! It because of her new smoothness that I was able to see how puffy and red the outside of her vulva was… I couldn’t quite understand why, but at that moment, I only wanted to tenderly lap at her. The first lick was almost intoxic… Read more

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Masturbation fantasies 2 - Amanda, queen of the pe


A guy visits a peep show with unexpected results. As he gets to watch a girl with something special, he discovers his hidden desires. This story contains: peep show – voyeur – gloryhole - fake tits – group masturbation – male masturbation – shemale – frottage - titfucking When William finally managed to get past the area that sold sex toys and movies and get near the back of the store where the peep show cabins were located, he felt as if the worst was behind him. His heart, racing till some moments ago, was starting to regain a normal pace as he became more acclimated to being in th… Read more

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VERONICA’S EROTIC MASSAGE Almost every table in the breakfast room was occupied and the din of conversation could have been called a dull roar. Roni leaned close to be heard. “Every muscle in my body aches,” she said. “I doubt I could get onto skis again tomorrow.” “That wouldn’t disappoint me,” I said. “We tried. We fell down. We’re sore. There must be a few antique shops in town to visit.” “Okay, but what am I going to do. I’m in pain.” “Have you tried aspirin?” “They did nothing.” “The soreness should go away in a couple days.” “Thanks a lot.” I shrugged. “When athletes strain musc… Read more

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The Pasters Thai Wife

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Wow where to begin. I occasionally go to a Baptist church in my neighborhood. Well the congregation is primarily asian and other races. Only caucasians are ones like me married to an asian. Well the pastor has a thai wife who is 48 and very very well kept. Always dressed to impress. Well the women were doing a bake sale so one evening I was home alone. Watching some porn on my phone and had the TV on for background noise. The door rang and it was Noime. The pastors wife. Looking her usual stepped outta a fashion mag. She was supposed to be meeting my wife for something. Well I invited her in a… Read more

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Frankenswine doing the Hippo shake!

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Frankenswine was a legend in his own time. No one really knew where he came from. One day he showed up and he never left again. He looked like a crossover between a pig and a Halloween doll. He wasn’t what one would call handsome, but despite that he had a sexiness over him that was utterly appealing. It was as if he just breathed sex and throughout the years Frankenswine had developed his versatile skills to perfection. And then there was Hippo. A huge b**st with an equal sex drive. Hippo had the ability to… Read more

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Mother's New Sex Toy.


The tension in my house was so thick, you would need a chainsaw to cut through it. It all began around 6 months ago. Dad accepted a promotion as a warehouse supervisor. The only problem was, that now he'd have to work the graveyard shift. But he was getting an extra $3 an hour more, and to him, he felt the extra money would really help us out living in a state of 'tax raising loving' politicians. Not to mention too, that I was a growing young 17 year old that was eating more, and growing out of my clothes. Not out, but up. I was tall like my dad. We were both about the same height. He was 6'2"… Read more

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a virgins tale.

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i used to live in a dump name of birkenhead. there where two huge adjoining parks where i used to take my dog for a walk. i was an innocent abroad where late at night/early morn i would be wandering around and lots of guys kept passing me and asking if i had the time? i had no watch and mobiles were a bit too expensive,anyway i would just tell them."sorry.dont know" one night i was aware that someone was following me so i ducked under some low trees and stood there while my dog sniffed around. the figure in the shadows moved behind another tree and i pretended not to have noticed and moved on… Read more

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Because I Care

First Time

Because I Care. Hi readers, my name is Stephanie, Steph, I am 19 and have a sister who is 3 years older called Rebecca. My sister and I are totally different, she is quite pretty, slim and very outgoing, can be outrageous and sometimes acts like a slut and has already had a lot of boyfriends; she tells me a lot of what she gets up too with them just so she can shock me I think. I on the other hand would not say I was as pretty, I have just a little more weight on me and a slight chubby face, we don’t look like sister’s, I am a little taller than my sister but do look of similar age even t… Read more

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