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Meat Market

Recently in one of my favourite gay club in Amsterdam new themed event started called - meat market, when i read about it, i thought that is brilliant idea as in few words, is pure "fuck" event.

You can sign up as a bottom or as a top and during the event you cannot change the role, nor you can chose whom will fuck you ( if you bottom ).

I was not sure how it will work up for me as i'm not the prettiest guy, yet when i came i saw few guys already laying on the floor with the bottoms up.

You had option to choose white or red hood over my heard, white everyone will fuck you only with condom... Continue»
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On The Stair Case.

After my Friday tryst with Fatima, we were not able to see again or meet due to the fact the work resumed in earnest for us and I was not able to make out time to see her again. Every evening whenever I come back home, I kept thinking of how to meet with her again but couldn't think of a way.

On Wednesday, after closing from the site, her husband and I left with the husband driving, as we got near to our block of flats,I told him to stop me for me to buy some toiletries and also to recharge my phone, he told me that he will head straight home and soak himself in shower, I nodded and he lef... Continue»
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Sexy Sophies 2: Blonde Zosh Blush: Ola Knows

Sexy Sophie is still wet from our mutual cum, which is dripping down her silken thighs, when her dear Doddie Ola comes back from shopping for breakfast with fresh bacon, bread, butter, cheese, eggs, milk, tomatoes & some salad and yoghurt from the farmer next to them in the tiny village at a small lake called 'Gawlik', the most Northern one in Poland. Zosia once even used 'Ola Gawlik' as a pseudonym for some precious publication in 'Playboy Polska', when she was under exclusive contract at some posher paper for intellectuals.
Shy sexy sweet Sophie searches for her big blue bathrobe
... Continue»
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My House Guest

I am a 76 year old married man living in South Carolina. My wife had planned a weeks trip to see her parents, and left me home on my own.

I lost no time telephoning a black friend living up north. He is 55, not married, and very endowed with a beautiful nine inch cock, six inches around. My friend and I have met several times over the years, but mainly for one to three night affairs. Naturally we have always engaged in plenty of oral sex, rimming and kissing. He has fucked me probably six or eight times.

I picked him up at the airport, actually on the same day the wife left, and I drove ... Continue»
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Mouthful SnowBalling Pt1

Sex had become boring--very boring.

Not that it wasn't good. It fit the old question,

"How was the worst orgasm you ever had?"

The answer, of course, is: "Fabulous!"

I always had an orgasm and, most of the time that I could tell, so did my girlfriend. She even seemed to get off giving me a blow job and swallowing my cum, especially when we are doing "69". I loved that. She would get on top and I could feel her come. The tensing and qivvering of her thighs and her extra moistness on my lips and tongue was sublime. In fact, she would often come before I did--sometimes twice, from ... Continue»
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Trumped Up Punishments - Chapter 10 Fundraiser III

Trumped Up Punishments – Chapter 10: An unusual fund-raiser, Part III

Rebecca’s mother, Mrs. Ward, was seated in the first row of the school theater at Millennium High. She was a Hillary supporter, a feminist through and through, and she simply could not believe what had just happened to Eloise and Ibby. She was worried about her own daughter, still seated on the stage, and dead set to win the right to determine her punishment when the time came.

She tried to concentrate on the ‘Friends of Millennium High Punishment App’ on her phone – her daughter’s fate would soon be depending on her fami... Continue»
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Once you've had a Big One Pegged

My bicycle shop in Seattle was doing fantastic business, I'd just bought my first house, and life was generally going great. The only thing I was missing was a girlfriend. I knew I wanted to get married and start a f****y some day, but I was so busy with work that my social life had taken a real backseat. 

I'm 33 years old, in good shape, and fairly attractive, but when it comes to the ladies, I'm pretty shy and introverted. I've had a few steady girlfriends, but we always seem to drift apart after a few years and revert from lovers back to friends. I knew the perfect gal was out there, but... Continue»
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my best friend discovers my love to suck dick

I had known Bill for many years, we worked together at the same company and became quick friends...I knew his wife and f****y and we would all hang out together. They all knew my wife and f****y too, but then I got divorced and remained friends with Bill and his wife Jane. I had been a cock lover and cock sucker for a few years before I got divorced, but no one ever knew and I preferred it that way....I like to keep my personal life discreet.

So I had been living alone since my divorce and had a couple of regular guys I would blow, mostly on weekdays. This one guy Tony would come over abou... Continue»
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Holiday with steps****r chapter 2

Carol made her way to the tiny bathroom, and I finally had some time to allow myself to dress without making a fool of myself. I was always on a hair-trigger edge, and it needed little to push me to an orgasm.

So many times I had managed to embarrass myself on a bus. What was it with me and buses? It was probably the vibration of the engine, in sync with my body. I once talked to a psychologist friend of mine over drinks and he laughed about it. "It's so common amongst youths."

I had put my trousers, socks and shoes on, but it was so warm I decided to just leave the shirt hanging on its... Continue»
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Holiday with steps****r

Were it not for the start-of-summer BBQ at my place of work, this beautiful ending to an emotional story would never have come to pass. Hell, I had not even planned to go to the start-of-summer party since invariably, most of the employees insisted on an open bar, reducing them to quivering jelly by the end of the night.

I rarely drink enough to get past sobriety, so the single fact that an open bar was in attendance, wrinkled at my good senses. Be that as it may, I was given a complimentary ticket, and there I was, if reluctantly.

So when the manager finally drew the grand prize, two t... Continue»
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Well hung son

I had been so horny lately. My husband Bill had barely touched me these past few months. It was true, I had packed on some extra pounds. My curvy body was getting bigger still. There was no one to turn to except my son Kyle. I admit it, he turns me on. Kyle is very tall and thin. I sometimes wonder what he looks like completely naked. I didn't have long to find out.

One day it was just Kyle and me in the house. As I was walking down the hallway, his bedroom door was partially open. I looked in and I saw my son standing there naked. I almost gasped. His cock was dangling down between his leg... Continue»
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Naughty stepdaughter punished

My mother and father had separated a few years ago, and I'm still getting used to the fact that my mother has recently gotten married. I hate him, and the fact that my mother is now seen as a cougar.

Damian is 36 and my mother is 49 turning 50. I hate Damian, he tries to act as if he is my father but he isn't, and it's getting old. I'm eighteen and they still feel the need to treat me as a c***d.

I was called to the office today for wearing our school skirt up too high, how do these people expect us girls to get any attention when we look like nuns. I have to admit I did make my outfit... Continue»
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Ausflug in die Stadt

Wieder einmal ein Treffen mit meinem Liebsten. Wir haben uns ein paar Tage nicht gesehen. Meistens fällt dann die Begrüssung besonders leidenschaftlich aus. Ausser wenn er etwas Besonderes geplant hat. So ist die Begrüssung auch dieses Mal eher nüchtern und kühl. Mich wurmt das immer ein wenig und auf der andern Seite, beginnt mein Körper vor Vorfreude zu kribbeln. Es ist immer so zwiespältig. Die Sehnsucht nach seiner Nähe, aber halt auch die Gewissheit, dass ein Spiel beginnt. Er kramt in seiner Tasche und nach kurzem suchen nimmt er ein Halsband heraus und legt es mir um den Hals. Nun gibt ... Continue»
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Lorena era estudiante de derecho y esa semana pasa

Lorena era estudiante de derecho y esa semana pasa

Lorena era estudiante de derecho y esa semana pasaba más tiempo entre los libros de la biblioteca que en su propia casa. Estaba tan centrada en sus estudios que llevaba 3 semanas sin ver q su novio.

Eran las 21:30 de la noche y la biblioteca estaba a punto de cerrar, Lorena llevaba encerrada entre libros todo el día sin percatarse de la hora y decidió ir al aseo antes de marcharse a casa. Sin darse cuenta y por culpa del cansancio se quedó dormida mientras estaba sentada en wc. Despertó sobresaltada tras apagarse... Continue»
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Sharon Hutler 34yrs M.l.L.F. neighbour Affair

Sharon Hutler lived two doors down from my parents house in culdesac of 12 homes six each side of the squared culdesac. Sharon was a mother of three under ten c***dren recently divorced for having numerous affairs, at eighteen yrs l attended collage training as a Heating Engineer, This particular day was end of term so we finished @ 11 a.m. in the morning.
I was not amused to realise i’D left my keys indoors both my MUM AND DAD at work was potentially locked out, l know I’ll knock on Sharon Butlers get a cup of Coffee she awnsered the door in a dressing gown hair wet tied back, “HELLO SAL W
... Continue»
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A hot session with an e****t called WSB

I opened a tab while sat at the bar, expecting a long, enjoyable night ahead as I waited on WSB to make her appearance in the hotel bar ..... I was not to be disappointed, as bang on time she instantly appeared on my shoulder and greeted me with a quick squeeze of my waist, and then leaning in brushed her soft lips against the side of my neck, her distinctive perfume filling my nostrils, before jumping up effortlessly onto the barstool directly opposite me.

WSB looked the very definition of odylic f***e, crossing her long, denim clad legs as she settled down on the stool, the skin tight mat... Continue»
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Live opposite my parents on the south-coast of England a sl**py town called Eastbourne In the shire of East Sussex, I,d always fancied older woman and as a 13- 15 virgin would watch Dot doing the gardening bending over tending the plants etc our levered bathroom windows open I’d kneel on my knees squirt hand cream into my left hand and slowly strop my virgin cock gripping as tight as I dare vigorously knocking a load out and eventually my face contorted the whole of my being shuddered with youthful lust grab a wash cloth with right hand put in my mouth and biting down hard to muffle the ... Continue»
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Bad Landing

“Excuse me. I have the middle seat,” the polite effeminate man said.
“Oh. Aight,” the caramel-skinned, tall, athletically built man replied as he stood.
“Thanks! How are you?”
“I’m good.”

The chocolate sissy greeted the passenger in the window seat, “Hi!”

The lady smiled back, but didn’t really speak English.

As they taxied to the runway, the captain got on the intercom. He said that the flight would be smooth until they got close to Atlanta due to the hurricane that made landfall on the gulf coast of Alabama. He explained that it would be bumpy due to the wind and rain.

The gay... Continue»
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Nice Tip

I was pumping her hard when her husband walked in. He opened his robe and started stroking his 8 inch cock as I plowed her while holding her legs open. She had already cum on my cock multiple times but this one, made her leave her body. Her husband was in full jerk when he saw her cum. The paid vixen came in and knelt down before him and he skull fucked her hard as she gagged on his throbbing cock as it slammed her tonsils.

My balls were making the slapping noise as I looked over and knew her husband was letting his balls go in her throat. He grabbed her hair and held her head against his ... Continue»
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Wife's vacation without me

"Have a safe flight, and have a great time sweetheart," I said to my wife as we broke our embrace by the security line at the airport.

Stephanie smiled and said, "I'm sure I will baby. I love you."

She gave me one last quick kiss and I watched her walk through security and out of sight. I caught myself admiring her beauty as she walked away, her perfect ass in a pair of tight jeans and her blonde ponytail swinging back and forth. I don't know how I got so lucky; I somehow got a smart beautiful blonde to marry me.

As I was driving home, I realized how much I was really going to miss he... Continue»
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