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Good Friends and Lovers

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My wife, Jean, is a smart, successful business woman at work and a sexual slut in private life. At home she always wears sexy, revealing clothes and enjoys showing herself off to me. I have always been turned-on by this behaviour and encouraged it. When purchasing birthday, anniversary or Christmas gifts for her I always include something sexy; stockings, stilettos, erotic lingerie or revealing clothing and her collection is extensive After thirty-three years of marriage I can look back on a very interesting sex life that is still going strong. Until we met Don and Carol we had never had se… Read more

Posted by trumptight85 7 years ago 2 1,574 21%

my mate done my wife

First Time

me and my mate were watching the world cup in my house my wife always liked him she is 3 month preg and horny as hell when she text me sayin i wanna fuck dave i said ok bye me she went over to where he was sittin i went to the toilet when i came back she was suckin his large cock lappin his pre cum up he was loving it then he f***ed her down

Posted by thehotone 7 years ago 1 1,512 76%

teen angst

First Time

I was happy with the sex I was getting a mixture of on off relationships and some long term friends who basically just wanted no strings attached fun at their and my convenience. I was however wondering what it would be like to have some fun with a young female. I was now 45 years old and although I was in good shape felt that teen sex was something of a memory. I decided to entertain these feelings and they grew and grew in my subconcious. I was the type who ususally picked up their hoes at the night clubs in town but this time I decided I would frequent the younger trendier nighspots with th… Read more

Posted by snappez 7 years ago 1 1,126 54%

b*****r and Younger s****rs 3


Continuing on with my story as I am growing up with 2 younger s****rs. I have been spying on my younger s****rs and have graduated to going into their room at night to feel them up. I have felt only through their pj's. Their young breasts and their pussies, being careful not to wake them. Sometimes I would kneel on the floor with my hand on a young tit as I stroke my cock, other times I would just slide my hand under the covers for a feel. Feeling a little more brave one night I slip my hand under the covers of the youngest one who wears a long nightgound to bed. She is layin… Read more

Posted by bone2156 7 years ago 11 4,783 67%

My first glory hole fuck

AnalGay Male

I was my local book store in one of the glory hole booths. I have sucked a lot of cock here but never been fucked. As soon as I got in the booth I got naked. When I looked through the glory hole there was a naked guy stroking his 6" cock. I put my fingers to the hole but got no reaction. I then stepped back and started stroking my cock. When I bent down I could see he was checking me out so I stroked some more. He still wasn't coming over to the hole so I got got my dildo out and put it up my ass. I would fuck my ass for awhile then suck on the dildo then fuck it some mo… Read more

Posted by cumluvr56 7 years ago 28 4,575 94%

slut VS stud didnt know what group to put this on


Why is it that when a man has many sex partners, that hes a stud, hero hes the man, ladies man and etc, if a woman has lots of sex partners, Oh she a slut, town pump, whore, pig etc. Yea I know this is a sex site, so why is being able to express yourself make you a bad woman? I dont know why there are mean people on this site but there is, Men pretending to be woman. woman pretnding to be men, married people pretending to be someone their not. all i want is a friend ,a lover, etc, Yes I like to cyber, talk dirty, make friends and have a good time, If you say I am a slut then i am one to you. I… Read more

Posted by prettygirl 7 years ago 7 868 100%

Slave and master part 3

AnalBDSMGroup Sex

hope this one is better and again my slave wrote it enjoy and feel free to comment what you think I leave a club in short black mini dress and 5 inch heels. Suddenly i find myself sat in a taxi. Before i can scream, I realise it is you who grabbed me. You gesture at me to be quiet and I sit silently while we travel to wherever you've chosen. We arrive at a desolate looking building and you take me to a flat. I'd been dancing all night, my feet hurt and I'd work up quite a sweat. 'You don't smell fresh slave' you announced when we got in. With that, yo… Read more

Posted by sean1992 7 years ago 1,098 67%

the sexy neithbor


He was the sexiest man the young girl had ever seen. She watched him every day in his back yard. His wife was gone so a week so she decided to go over and flirt with him. She wore her skimpy bikini to his back yard. He was sitting in a lounge chair and looked her over when she walked up to him. He was wearing swim trunks and nothing else. She leaned over the back of his chair and rubbed his chest and played with his nipples. He looked surprised but did not stop her. Her hands then roamed down to his stomach and rubbed his stomach going lower and lower. She saw the bulge in his trunks and smile… Read more

Posted by smileforme 7 years ago 4 2,740 75%

Sharing My Wife

First TimeHardcoreVoyeur

After my first divorce, I married a very sexy and slutty woman named Isabel. She was (and still is) an extremely horny woman. When we married she had fucked over thirteen other men since she was f******n, she was divorced, had one son and had been unfaithful to her husband with more than one man. She used to tell me about her escapades and that would make very jealous but very horny at the same time. After some time, I got so hooked that I would ask her to tell me about her adventures while I licked her pussy and afterwards we would fuck like rabbits. After she took a trip to her best frien… Read more

Posted by trumptight85 7 years ago 11 5,964 76%

Letting the Boss Fuck My Wife Hard and Deep!

First TimeHardcoreVoyeur

ecently my wife went back to work after fifteen years of being a stay-at-home mom, to supplement our disposable income. She is working in a small office with a few other women, and a couple of retired military officers. She found that she enjoyed being back in the workplace, and liked the rewarding work in which she was engaged. Being in her early forties, my wife, was at one time quite promiscuous, but had long ago trended toward a more conservative lifestyle. The office is one that deals with a lot of dignitaries, and spearheads a lot of social events, so they were looking for a conservat… Read more

Posted by trumptight85 7 years ago 13 6,361 28%

4th of July BBQ Sex with Me, some Co-Workers and W

Group SexHardcoreVoyeur

It was the forth of July and I was with my husband. We had been invited to a BBQ by one of hubby's co workers. I had never met Rick or his wife. My husband Ben drove and at this point I had no idea of how the day would end. We arrived at a nice house and walked around the side. We were the last to arrive and the party had already started. Ben introduced me to Rick, and he reminded me alot of hubby. Ricks wife Angie walked up and introduced herself. The weather was hot so I was dressed in a cute but revealing little outfit of shorts and a light top. We ate and everyone was drinking. Aft… Read more

Posted by trumptight85 7 years ago 3 3,472 97%

Little sis and I Part 8


Billy’s and Phoebe’s father found out about their i****tuous trysts and that their mother, Sarah, did not see anything wrong with it. With that, he stormed out of the house muttering something about a divorce. Their marriage was not strong to begin with and this was just an excuse to finally end it, Sarah thought. So now, Billy was the unofficial ‘man of the house’. Now that all three of them knew each other more intimately, they seemed to wear less and less clothes around the house. It was not uncommon for Phoebe to be topless and wearing only a bikini bottom. Even… Read more

Posted by Graeme12 7 years ago 11 4,112 96%

The b*****r in law from hell

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

James was a really smart guy who, instead of finishing college and then picking up a great job, he graduated and joined the Peace Corps. He went to Central America to do water and sanitation projects, helping the poor live better. He did it for 5 years and in the mean time fell in love with a beautiful Salvadorian girl. Juanita, his girlfriend, had a rough life. She had to help her mother raise the f****y after gang members killed her father when she was only 12. They killed him for the $20.00 he had in his wallet while on his way to work. The cops swept it under the carpet and nobody go… Read more

Posted by morelead 7 years ago 2 1,422 62%

Forgetting you

Gay Male

”There are many reasons to why I think you’re a foul git Potter, and this constant pesting is one of them.” The gray eyes that were peering into his swam with rage and hate. Harry gave out a faint sigh, and slowly twirled the haw-thorn wand between his fingers. The surface was smooth and warm to the touch, as he was sure the skin of it's master sitting in front of him would be. After all, it had been before “Why won't you just leave me alone?”. Draco stared at him, anger and hate beaming out of the somewhat ferret-like face he had loathed most of his… Read more

Posted by MsNittedhat 7 years ago 7 1,365 92%

Little sis and I part 5


Kyle stared dumbfounded at Phoebe’s lovely snatch and what she was proposing. “I’m going to take a quick shower to get the rest of Billy’s spew out of my pussy and be nice and clean. I’ll want an answer when I come back. If you keep Billy’s and my secret, this will be yours,” and with that she patted her slit and went to the bathroom. Phoebe lathered up in the shower and used the hose extension to send a nice warm jet up her tight pussy. She also used her fingers to clean out her cunt as much as possible. Then she moved on to her asshole. “Yo… Read more

Posted by Graeme12 7 years ago 4 3,198 87%

Little sis and I Part 7


It’s been six months since Billy popped Angela’s little s****r’s cherry. Today, Angela came running into Billy’s house and said “Billy, I have something big to tell you! But first, I’m all hot and sweaty from soccer practice, I gotta take a shower.” Angela ran upstairs to the bathroom. Billy followed, not about to lose this chance! Angela stripped and went in the shower. Billy sneaked in the bathroom and opened the shower door. Angela seemed to expect this and said, “Why do you still have clothes on?” Billy quickly stripped and step… Read more

Posted by Graeme12 7 years ago 5 2,616 92%

little sis and I part 2


So there they lay naked, Billy and his little s****r Phoebe. Her cunt was dripping of Billy’s cum from her first fuck ever. “How about if you got me pregnant you fucker?” she said. “Don’t worry, I don’t think you can get pregnant from your first fuck,” he lied. Phoebe of course did not believe him and went to the shower. She tried her best to wash the inside of her twat, but she knew it might not be enough. Two weeks later, Phoebe came bursting into Billy’s room as if she just won the lottery! “I got my period! I got my period!&rd… Read more

Posted by Graeme12 7 years ago 5 3,881 94%

Little sis and I part 3


Phoebe was taking a shower when in walks in her b*****r Billy. “Mind if I wash your back?” he asked. “Why not,” she replied knowing he wanted to do more than a washing. He was well hung for f******n years old and Phoebe knew he knew it. He was at least two inches bigger than other boys she dated. But she only gave them blowjobs; Billy was free to do anything to her. He seemed to have a twenty-four hour hard on and this time was no exception. Billy started lathering up her back and moved down to her round firm ass. He liked playing around in her crack and trying to… Read more

Posted by Graeme12 7 years ago 5 1,992 87%

Little sis and I part 4


Billy and his s****r continued making out when all of a sudden they heard a car pull up in the driveway. “Shit!” Billy said, “It’s been two hours already? Phoebe, go take a shower and I’ll clean up here.” Phoebe ran across the hall to the bathroom and started the shower. The warm water felt good on her slim frame. She used the shower hose to massage her burning asshole. It helped a little. When she was done she got out and noticed “no towels!” Someone had put them all in the laundry and not replaced them. Now what? “I guess I’ll h… Read more

Posted by Graeme12 7 years ago 5 2,783 89%

The Neighbor Part Six

Interracial Sex

I woke up early on a saturday morning, frying some bacon and eggs for myself and maybe Cynthia who was sound asl**p in my bed. In time the aroma will get her attention and she'd be wanting some or wanting me for breakfast instead. Cynthia continued to be a wild little number. I don't recall ever feeling this good with a woman before. Certainly not my ex who was no fun to begin with. The only times we did have sex was when she was angry from work or frustrated when things didn't go her way. She was the dominate one in that relationship and I couldn't keep up with her. My fol… Read more

Posted by Wordman 7 years ago 5 1,341 89%