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Long day at work


After a day-long drive, we reached our hotel in Terre Haute, a little more than halfway to our destination. After checking in, we went to a local hole-in-the-wall restaurant before returning to the hotel. Shortly after arriving in our room, as my husband sprawled out upon the bed, I reached into my purse and produced something he had not seen before: an MP3 player. He watched me curiously, not saying anything as I also withdrew the normal-style headphones. "When did you buy that?" he asked, studying the design of the small MP3 player. "A few weeks ago," I answered, setting the purse a… Read more

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Caught by mom


I'm Joe and I'm 20 years old. I'm disabled with muscular dystrophy. I live alone with my mom and require help with everything physical. My mom is 40 but isn't 100% healthy and she can't help much physically. So, I have an aide who comes out once daily to help bathe me, help with the bathroom, therapy, massage, etc. Mom usually goes to the store or watches TV, etc. while the aid attends to me. I usually get two or three different aides per week and only a few regulars. I have had this one aide about thirty times and we've become good friends. Her name is Nancy and she is 35, about 5'4", 15… Read more

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American Deepthroat


Sharon sighed in discomfort as she made her way down the overcrowded aisle. It was the typical flight you always hear about; crying babies, a boring movie and never enough leg room. She could already tell that the next seven-and-a-half hours were going to be a nightmare. When she finally made it to the back of the plane she realized she had the worst seat in the house. On her right was what looked to be a four-hundred pound ninety-year-old man who'd probably been asleep for the last two hours. And on her right, the most talkative New Yorker ever to fly the friendly skies. He's not even that… Read more

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First Date


"Hey babe, the movie has been over for an hour. I really should be going," Joe said as he stretched, letting out a yawn. "Thank you for dinner, that was wonderful." "Hmm? You don't have to go, you know. You could hold me tonight while we sleep." I yawned a little. I really didn't want to get up, and his leg was making a very nice pillow. Of course, having his arm around me while we watched the movie was nice and I hadn't felt that comfortable with someone in a long time. "I would love to, but I shouldn't stay any longer. This is our first date." A gentleman? It couldn't be. He must ha… Read more

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my friend her mom and me

Group SexMatureTaboo

well this all stared a few years ago when i met a gal and we started a relationship. we would get together at her home and had some great sex. her and her mom shared a house together. her mom at the time was over seventy five y/o.and i would show up and my friend and i would go upstairs and have sex for a couple of hours. her mom would be down stairs alone and she knew what we were doing. well after about a couple of weeks of this i started saying something to my friend about her mom staying alone down stairs. after a bit of coaching i finally got her to go along with my idea. so on t… Read more

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Little sis #1


Little s*s #1 It was summer, my lil s*s and I always go to the beech during the day. And since there was no school we could afford to. But this year there was somthing different. I noticed my sister had grown up a bit, I never use to look at her like this before now, but as she came out side for the first time to go to the beech, wearing her cute little bikini, I couldnt help but gasp. Without acting to weird, I asked her to follow as we took off down the narrow road towards the beech. We would usualy start off by having a quick swim and grabing icecream. Then heading down the sho… Read more

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In the mountains


I was remembering the time that an old girlfriend and I had taken a short trip out of town to this small secluded park up in the mountains. We had been teazin each other for hours, so we were both all horny. We drove to a small camping area, off the main park. There was a picnic table there. I made my girlfriend get totally undressed, and laid her face down across the table. I grabbed some pre-cut ropes and tied her arms to the table on one side and her legs to the bench on the other side. I then showed her the flogger I had brought with me. (She liked it, and smiled.) I then began to slowly a… Read more

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Group Sex

Dave and Chris had seen this house before, every night for a week infact. They had been staking the place out, checking out when the owners would be out so that they can sneak in and burgle the place. And after all those checks tonight was the night. They stood in the back garden, looking up at the open window, their entrance, their chance to get at all the money that they knew was inside. For a second Chris thought he had seen someone moving inside but he dismissed the thought, he knew tonight was the night he went out to football and she had her pilates class. So Dave gave Chris a l… Read more

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My Master calls

BDSMGay MaleGroup Sex

My Master William called me up last night and required my services at a party. He picked me up, told me to strip, gave me a cock ring and a collar, and we drove to a delapedated building out in the country. I got out of the car and crawled to the building where inside around two dozen naked guys and two well used cum covered big titted naked women were, seemingly waiting just for me. I was tied to the ceiling, arms over my head and the two women started to whip me. I had earlier in the week been whipped nearly senseless and was still covered with marks and scratches. They beat me all… Read more

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Another day, another grope


Steve visited again today. This time we took sandwiches instead of going to the restaurant (I called him a cheapskate but didn't mean it) so we could spend most of lunchtime letting our fingers doing the walking. We parked behind the old factory again and he had his hand inside my blouse almost before the engine went off. I'd deliberately worn a front-fastening bra to make things easier so it wasn't long before he had my tits out and squeezing and fondling them. I suggested we move to the back seat so we could get more comfortable. It was a bit like going back to being a teenager and I fe… Read more

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Friday nite at the ranch.....Part 1

AnalFetishFirst Time

Friday nite was always party night for me and my friends back in our hometown. We lived in a small rural community with not much to offer in terms of entertainment. Typically, a few of us would get together at my place, have a few drinks and just relax and enjoy the company. We had recently had twin sisters move to town, so this particular evening I had invited them to join us and meet some of the locals. My place was a good sized open concept log cabin. The great room had a fieldstone fireplace on one end, an on ther other an open stairwell that led up to a loft that was set up as a read… Read more

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woke up in shed tied to roof wearing nothing but n


i went to sisters to cut some logs for her fire i had been there a couple of hours i started to feel tied sister came out with drink it was warm so i drank it straight down i felt dizzy i said what did u put in drinks she just said just enjoy it what ever happens i went into shed then the next thing i woke up i was still in shed but i had been stripped and had nappy put on my legs were spread one tied to left side of shed and one tied to right side hands were tied together and they were up above head i had note left by sister i moved top page and it said hi dwayne i have decided that i want u… Read more

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Nylon does the Double 2

AnalFetishGay Male

We were all spent but the Viagra was keeping our cocks nice and hard. I got up and went to the mini bar for a scotch and I could feel their lustful eyes watching my every move. I sipped my drink and told them I needed to freshen up a bit before anything else happened. I grabbed a quick shower and took my time soaping up my still hard cock. When I stepped from the shower I could here the two of them talking and eased toward the door to take a listen. The friend was asking how good my ass was since I sucked him off so well and the other said that he would no doubt get his turn to fuck me. I like… Read more

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Dear Dirty Diary - part 11


Dear Dirty Diary, I woke up the following Saturday morning with a terribly stiff back. Doug and Louise were already working on the enclosure for the hot tub we all missed so much. Since neither of my lovers was around to soothe my aching muscles, I had to look after myself. I stretched and limbered up without much success, so I took a hot shower then returned to try my special back exercises. I spread my bath towel across the middle of the bed then kneeled on it. I bent over, placed my hands flatly on the mattress. I crept up with my knees to curve my spine back as tightly as I coul… Read more

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adult theater experience

Gay Male

I'd been going to the adult bookstore occasionally, usually at night if things were slow elsewhere. I'd go into the arcade, find the Glory Hole booth, watch some flicks and wait for someone on the other side to satisfy me. Once in a while it would be slow and no one would show up, leaving me on my own. This time I'd been there for about a half hour, and I heard people entering the bookstore, but no one was coming into the arcade, and I was getting really horny. I knew they had a theater, but I hadn't tried it yet, figuring that if I wanted to jack myself I wanted some privacy in a booth, bu… Read more

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My firs time as a crossdrese

First TimeMatureShemales

Hi,i am 19 and i have always liked wearing womens clothes.While wearin them i always imagined there was a nice older guy fucking me and cumming on my face. After a while i decided to try my fantasy for real. I got in contact with an older men and we decided to met. He said that he would come for me in a car and that we will go to his house and have a lot of fun. I was so nervous and could hardly wait to meet him. The next day i was waiting for him at a spot where we arranged to meet. He came in his big black suv and opened the door and said to get in. I got in and sat next to him. He had dark… Read more

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Surprise night visit and free sex


As I looked inside her drawer, my mouth fell open. It was well stocked with sex toys, dongs and Rabbits, butt plugs, gels and restraints. This was a girl, who to look at, butter would not melt in her mouth, but opening her drawer, showed she was a closet vamp. I reached in and withdrew the dong, encircling its rubbery shaft, and it had a good girth, and as I squeezed it, I felt my own pussy twinge. In her collection she had three rabbits, all different sizes and colours, two dongs, the one I just felt, and another, shorter in length, but even thicker, too thick for my comfort, six butt plug… Read more

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a warm ending to hiking alone in the woods.

First Time

with yrs spent more of a loner, I enjoyed the off road trails, with no sign of visitors, in late August, I daredo hike around naked with hiking boots on. I settled down on a sandy grassy under hang , got out a pic nic bite & some Greek alcohol stored in a canvas bag. ,laying on my stomach enjoying a joint , and sipping this potent booze, I drifted off in the afternoon sun, and was startled by two young hikers, like myself in stages of nudity, had taken off their backpacks just 7 or 8 meters outside the leaves on my tree. with an awkward hello , they smiled and noticed the flask of boo… Read more

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Spankies Suprise Treat.


Christ on a cracker! There she goes again, cruising them damn streets when she should be at home practising with that dingus for when uncle Festus returns and demands his nuptials. Well at least this is what I thought as I observed her swish past in a skirt so short I could see all the way to China. At first I averted my gaze, but hot diggady damn...if I wasn't getting me a mighty fine glimpse of poontang from my cleverly constructed peep hole behind the bill board selling dental whitener. I blinked and gasped, my that was one gleaming rubber ducky I was eyeballing, and no mistake. If aunt… Read more

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She's agreed to try a friend's BBC

First TimeInterracial SexVoyeur

Well, this weekend is it. My wife has agreed to try being seduced by a friend of ours who is African American. We will meet him at our favorite nightclub Friday night and we'll see how it goes. He's very attractive, 31-years-old, and although I've never seen his manhood, he seems to carry himself well. Mary has agreed to let me watch the whole thing. This will be our third cuckold experience and our second in two weeks! She has turned into a wild woman in bed with me since the last experience. Mary is still shy about the whole thing, but I know it turns her on so I'm willing to try it! W… Read more

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