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The Good Deed

Group Sex

If you want to read just the sexual part, skip to the middle at the double spaced paragraph break. I was on my way home from work on a back road when my car started losing power. I had broken up with my boyfriend about a week earlier because I caught him in a lie about being with another girl. That had distracted me enough that I forgot about getting gas. After coasting to a stop along the side of the road, I could see the neon lights of a little country store and bar ahead in the distance. I had passed it many times on my way to and from work but had never stopped there.… Read more

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My two cousins


Today is Saturday, my cousins ??arrived around 5 o'clock in the afternnon noon, Fanny was very sexy in white trousers and pink shirt, I could see her thong because he was black. My cousin, Julie, was also very sexy, she wore a skirt short enough accompanied by a longshoreman. Julie is now 18 years old, blonde with a mole on the chin, rather slender, a nice pair of boobs, she is with her boyfriend for several months. It's been a year since I had not seen since boarding is in the south of France, I was pleasantly surprised. At the sight of my two sexy cousins, My Band a lot, but the bump was hid… Read more

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My aunt and me!


Whenever I saw her I wanted to take her in my arms and jump like the bitch she should be, at least I wanted to. Slightly slurred, she had incredible tits: round, very big, and twitched all the time when she moved. I really wanted to kiss her, but she was my aunt. I was fifteen, she was forty six. But it was exciting! I wanted him to do the worst scum of the kiss the ass, to make it a real bitch, a real-spineless empty for anyone wishing to cum in her pussy, her ass, her mouth or his body. And then things go by and the years too. The regrets are what did not. But sometimes luck happens an… Read more

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Meeting when I was a schoolboy

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This story happened when I was 16 with two university students during the school year. The first name was Chris, she was 23 years old, brown hair falling on the thin neck with beautiful green eyes and a size dummy (about 1m75) The second named Delphine, 22, also with brown hair longer falling to her shoulders, hazel eyes and chewable. It was a bit smaller than Chris. I rode with them in their studio. They took me into their room, they were well equipped. There were two beds in each corner of the room and a sitting area with a small coffee table and two armchairs in the middle of the room.… Read more

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Me and my sister


A year ago my little sister was sixteen, a small blonde bombshell, her body is like an hourglass, her hips are excavated and revealed his post as an apple to munch. I have three years her senior. My little sister has graduated college in another city and this was three years since I had seen more, except a few quick shots son as brother and sister! When one month after his graduation in July, here at the foot of my apartment By opening my door, it made me jump for joy, I hugged him, lifting the ground. In my arms, she had a bob, my hands on her hips held her naked because she had a short… Read more

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My loving mother


My Mother still young, pretty woman since the age of 50 in the chest resplendent also had the effect of shoving that awakened my senses for some time now and have the mind often marked wave of sexual excitement on a daily basis, sometimes with a undercurrent shame, already found that my body and my desires were moving gradually toward the body of my mother. It was a Friday evening and my delight, I did not even have to use stratagem, since my mother offered me her even sleep with her because of the storm. This rarely happened yet, but I was always sure that the nights of storm there was a… Read more

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watchin wife being slut

Group Sex

back again tellin u about my ex wife we went shopin in brum it was a nice sunny day i can still remeber whot she was wearin as it turned out 2 be great day she had no bra on black thong denim microw skirt and black low cut top and black stilletoes the skirt was realy short she only had 2 lean over a fraction and u could see her thong any way we got in2 brum and had look round shop guys were lookin her up and down we then went 2 pub 4 a drink not many people in so we started playin pool soon a couple guys put some money on table they were in 20s they were watchin my wife play her shot tina was… Read more

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Grandma Lula

First TimeMatureTaboo

Our mom passed away when I was in high school. I was the second of four brothers in the family, and we were fortunate to have three of her sisters take turns helping out with the house work and cooking over the next three months. But they had their own families to tend to, so my grandma Lula came to stay with us for the long haul. She provided a motherly presence around the house, which helped to get all us boys back on track. Lula was 62-years old when she moved in. Since she had lived on a ranch in western Oklahoma, her face and arms had developed a smooth, tanned-leather sort of complex… Read more

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I am Horny, ride me now please

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'So whats with all the dirty stories, you fucking slut?'. I laughed at his comment, as he thrust his hips forward with force, opening and spreading my inner workings, causing me to exhibit a loud 'Gasp!' 'Thats why', I managed to get those two words out, before the tops of my thighs started quivering, my anal and vaginal muscles were dancing around his meat, tightening and relaxing in rapid succession, encasing his manhood as it remained embedded inside me, not moving, just savoring the warmth, feeling the quickening of my heartbeat, from inside my body, he was not moving, but I could feel… Read more

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Sucking my own shemale cock!


It is nice to be flexible, as i am lucky to be, being now a personal trainer and formerly a gymnast, so i can bend at the waist with no problem. Recently, i saw a vid where a guy bent and sucked his own cock and came in his mouth, so hot! Well, why not try it, so i did. Went to bed , jacked my 7 inch shemale cock really good, got it hard, then bent over and did it! I first got my mushroom head in my mouth, so i sucked it for the longest time, felt so fucking good, then wa able to get about 4 inches of my cock in my mouth, sucked for a few minutes. then i felt the urge to cum and i let it go, s… Read more

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Boycock on boycock for summer vacation

First TimeGay MaleTaboo

When I was young I was an athletic and adventurous boy. I had dark hair blue eyes and a nice tan because it was about halfway threw summer vacation. Climbing trees, riding my bike, and exploring were at the top of my list for fun activities, not much is different today. This is the story of a small piece of my sexual awakening, the first time I shared myself with another person, what it was like and how it felt. A month before school got out for summer vacation a boy named Chris moved to Massachusetts from Texas. Chris was slightly taller than me with a skinny build and fair skin. We were o… Read more

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My wife and the boss


My wife has been working late at her job at the restaurant. One day I went there to surprise her, but she wasn't there. The cashier told me it was her off day, but she got dressed and went to work as I thought. So I asked to speak to her boss about this, and she replied that he was off too. Lucky for me I knew where is lived at. So I went to his house to talk about my wife working over and not being at work today. When I got there I saw her car in the drive way, I was puzzled about that. I went up to the door and saw it was open a little bit. I went in and start looking for him. I went up… Read more

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Morning sex improves mood, health

Sex Humor

According to the research, adults who make love first thing in the morning apparently not only feel more upbeat for the rest of the day, but also benefit from a stronger immune system. The study suggests that adults who begin their day this way are healthier and happier than those who simply opt for a cup of tea and some toast before heading out of the door. Not only does it make them less likely to catch a cold or flu, it can also improve the quality of their hair, skin, and nails. "Having sex in the morning releases the feel-good chemical oxytocin, which makes couples feel loving… Read more

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The Encounter


I texted you at work, to let you know if you had time that I would be at this hotel. If you wanted to come over for a visit. You texted me back saying that you are leaving work early and that you'll be over soon. I got the suite ready with silk ties that would be put to use on you later You arrive and we embrace one another and kiss passionately. We have not been together in a few months so we decide to get down to business. You want to take off my dress but I say that I will strip for you later. I proceed to unbutton your shirt and I rub my hands on your chest and I lean in to fe… Read more

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A Afternoon Quickie

Interracial Sex

I came home early from work, not in the best of moods. So I decide to take a hot shower and relax my nervous a bit. It was a hot July afternoon. I got out the shower and dried off and laid across the bed to take a nap. I was in a deep dose when I felt a warm hand on my thigh. A sweet smoothing voice called my name. I thought I was dreaming. Until he pushed my hair out of my eyes and there sat my baby,Jesse. He said nothing just gave me that mysterious glare that he does so well.As I raised up to look at him I noticed he was naked too... He pushed me onto the bed and rolled me on to my stoma… Read more

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Caught (part 1)

BDSMHardcoreLesbian Sex

I saw you walk through the doors. The night mist clung to my clothes as I followed you inside. I got a seat in the back where I could watch you move through the smoky haze of the bar. All night I followed your body as it played pool, ordered a drink, and all the various areas of the bar you walked through. I watched as your hips sauntered past me to some guy with too much alcohol. He pulled you onto his lap and that’s where you stayed the rest of the night. I drank my beer as I watched you get drunker by the hour. “This’ll be too easy,” I thought to myself. Last call comes around and everyo… Read more

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JOY - Chapter 2

First Time

When I opened my eyes carefully on the first morning of my holidays the sun was already up and on his way. Thick beams of golden light entered my bedroom through the gaps between the heavy curtains, dust was dancing in the air. Full of anticipation of a week without work I jumped naked out of my cuddly bed. I stood in front of the wardrobe mirror, loo-king at myself: I was a pretty girl, that was sure! My jet-black hair, the hazel eyes and the stubby nose I got from my father, a Thai diplomat, all-ways jetting busy around the world. But the high-set breasts and the long slender legs I i… Read more

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JOY - Chapter 3

First Time

I slept in as long as I could, but a loud kno-cking noise from my door ended my beautysleep abruptly. I threw my dressing gown around my shoulders and opened the door. It was my ex-boyfriend with a big grin on his Sunday-face who pushed in and settled himself without hesitation on my denim sofa. I didn't know why he had come at all, and I didn't real-ly want to have him here now! He squabbled, that he had heard that I was going on holidays, and that it was a must for him to see me before I left. I was just standing indecisively in front of him when he grabbed the dangling cord of m… Read more

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our sex shows


over a year ago we were struggling financially and were close to losing our home- the recession was taking a grip of our lifes- my partner steve asked me if i would like to be fucked in front of guys ho would be willing to pay for it- she was reluctant at first but because of the hard times she agreed. we advertised on gumtree and started to get many replies- our first reply was to a millionaire on the outskirts of macclesfield in cheshire. we were invited into his mansion where the champagne started flowing- we then retired to a bedroom where i dressed up in some sexy lingerie and fishnet… Read more

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With You

Lesbian Sex

We’ve been laying here for a while, just staring at each other. Our heads share the pillow but we don’t touch or speak, not knowing what to do or how to do it. I can feel your breath on my face. One of us has to move or we’ll be here all night. I reach out to touch your face. My fingers hesitate over your cheek and I see you hold your breath. I lower them lightly on your face and stroke along your jaw line. You close your eyes and exhale, relaxing in the sensation. Your hand is suddenly on my hip and moves up and over my side to my shoulder and finally rest on my neck. My finger traces underne… Read more

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