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Erin and Jenny threesome

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Erin and Jenny Part 1 When I heard Jenny coming up to your bedroom after we had been fucking I was horrified, I though oh shit the game is up and my head was spinning but when she opened the door and walked in I was astonished. Jenny is slightly taller than you at about 5’8’’ and she certainly looked older than sixteen she has gorgeous short blonde hair and striking blue eyes with a full bust that pushed out filling her shirt. Her legs were long and the denims she had on were so tight they looked like that were sprayed on, hard up into her cunt crease and holding her fabulous arse firm. J… Read more

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Assfucked by Ex Son in Law

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This "mother in law Fantasy" ex mother in law actually is more an ex son in law story and differs from most you'll read in two ways. One it's coming from the Mother in Law, two, it's actually true. First, quick background. I was a fairly young mom and my ex son in law was a few years older than my daughter so the age diff is only 15, I am now 58 he is 43. She left him for another and nothing other than some flirting ever happened when they were together. I always thought he was attractive and in great shape. From day one something was there but again, not going to happen. I had remarried an… Read more

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Erin learns vibrator sex

First Time

What to do next Hi Erin, the next thing you need to learn is how to masturbate your fanny with a vibrator and this is after you have had a few more tries at pushing your fingers up into your pussy whilst playing with your clit. If you can’t get a vibrator Daddy can always give you a carrot or Banana to use but its best to use a vibrator or a dildo which is a nice soft cock shaped toy that you can use to get your fanny used to having a great big real cock up inside you for when Daddy let’s you have a try of his cock to start you off. With the vibrator or Dildo its best that you come into… Read more

Posted by paulywill 7 years ago 2 929 100%

bloody bourgoisie

Sex Humor

When I joined this Wonderful World of Porn I was sruck by the quantity of rules and regulations, supposed etiquette and general reserve insisted upon by the organisers.....obviously they have their reasons, and I won't argue with them on that. This is their site and I must obey. It's all terribly bourgoisie however. BUT, - as a free man born in a free country I do insist upon having my say about it, to wit : It's a lot of old crap. Firstly, - because all rules inhibit. Inhibition and porn simply do NOT, cannot go together. Indeed, having plowed through thousands… Read more

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Erin gets fucked first time

First Time

Erin gets fucked PART 1 After a few weeks of mutual masturbation that ranged from quickies to full blown all afternoon shows between us it was fantastic when we went that little bit further and you made it clear that you wanted my big fat cock end to be the first one you held in your little young hand, entered into your lovely innocent mouth and let me push into your ever so young and innocent fresh cunt. You did play the innocent for a while but couldn’t help wandering into what turned out to be your extremely hot and Horney little sexy slut self. I loved the day when you did a show for… Read more

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Bad Week For Mommy - Chapter 1


I want to THANKS to ALICE522 @ XHAMSTER to correct and edit my text: Bad Week For Mommy Chapter 1 It was Monday, 10th of January 2011 . Mother was allowed to meet with her lady friends who meet almost every weekday, to chat, drink coffe, and have a good time together. I told her I expected her at home at 05,30 pm, and turned my eyes to the place in our bedroom where our toys including the whip, were kept, ready for instantaneous use. She was a good girl, and good mommy to me, her only son. I take care of her and was rewarding her for goo behavior. Many sons would just… Read more

Posted by SM-Mfucker 7 years ago 4 5,525 71%

Fantasy, Dreams, Sex, danger and adventure


sooo.....I've been having these re-occuring dreams. I'm with a group of friends and we are being chased by some good looking, gorgeous tall broad bad guy who wants to kill us and if he catches up he will definatly kill us. No shit. He usually has a weapon on him such as a knife or a gun to make it more interesting. Normally in these dreams one of gets cornered, usually me. (Theres a surprise) I have to first Find my way out of the situation. Push my chest forward, to show him I mean buisness and fix my eyes on the growing bulge in his pants. I begin touching myself so that he can see I'm ge… Read more

Posted by MissFIR 7 years ago 2 1,766 93%

Detention Sux

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I was not usually a naughty girl at school, but there was something about Miss Wilton that made me act badly around her. Although she was comparatively young, she was one of the strictest and most authoritarian of our teachers, and she always seemed to have a particular down on me – criticising my work, and pulling me up sharply for little things like running in the corridor between classes, the sort of things that everyone did and were nothing out of the ordinary. I was not sure of her age: she had been teaching at our school for several years, and was either in her late 20s or perhaps a litt… Read more

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Hot Red Panties

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A beautiful lady sat across the room from me. Her hair was dark, with light blonde streaks. Her aqua-green eyes glistened in the glow from the fireplace. Something about her was mysterious, and attracted my attention. Who was this woman? What was her name? I had to know. I took a seat beside her on the couch, where she was engrossed in a serious texting conversation. The click-click of her fingers on the phone seemed to have a unique rhythm. Like she was playing music with the words. She had a beautiful black onyx ring on her right ring finger. And a silver ring on her left ring fin… Read more

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Adult Book Store Experience

AnalGay Male

There is an adult book store on my route home. It's in a nice up-scale area of town and the clientele are very up-scale, also. They have quite a few viewing booths; some are singles with glory holes. Last night, the traffic was light and I was early in getting home, so I stopped by the store to see what action was taking place. There were the usual customers, either going in and out of the g/h booths or waiting for one to become available. I slipped into the end one, which is my favorite (largest of the glory holes) and waited. Within moments the next booth was occupied, but the guy just… Read more

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My first Bisexual

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Our Hawaiian Escapade (Bisexual) Extended It was our first trip to the beautiful islands.My girlfriend and I landed in Maui late night and checked into our resort.The rooms were spread out on several adjusant islands.There were just 2 villas on our island. . We had a lovely villa with a private pool and jacuzzi.The bedroom was spacious and had the biggest four poster bed i have ever seen.There were plenty of couches and cushions around the room.A fantastic view of the sea from the adjusant verandah completed this perfect room. Sharing the island as us were a young couple. Magret and… Read more

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Crowded Train

First TimeGay Male

i am from mumbai (India) this is real story happened with me in mumbai local, whee in crowded train many people enjoy and complete there fantasy... On day i was traveling by Train, i was late for my work i got in a compartment with hurry, after long struggle to get in side the compartment, i took one corner and stood, after a while i realized one hand rubbing my pant over my cock, i did not give attention but after some time i saw a person intentionally dong it. as crowd, i was not able to move or hesitate. after some time i also felt nice with that hand on my erected cock. i let him rub… Read more

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Baby Sitting with a Wow


Before I was married I still lived at home with my parents, The family next door to us were nice and kind people always sharing dishes of food and home grown veggies they grow, They had a cute, sexy, daughter maybe about 30 yrs old a single mother to one c***d, well one day her parents asked me would I baby sit there daughter c***d.. Because of the family being nice I said sure, They gave me the time address and date her daughter was going out. On that day in the evening I arrived at the home where I was baby-sitting and knocked on the door, The door was opened by this gorgeous 30 yr old… Read more

Posted by captainbluex 7 years ago 2 4,874 83%

My Best Friend Comes Over to Visit for the Weekend


A great friend of mine was coming up to visit for the weekend. My wife and I had known him for a long time and he was one of those seldom-found male friends where you had no (or very few!) secrets and who you could really trust. I also knew for a fact that my wife Stacey had a soft spot for him. We had sometimes even fantasized together about having a threesome with him and although it had never gone further than Stacey and I having good sex while sharing and discussing a few fantasies, I often wondered what it would be like to actually go ahead and take things a bit further. That evening a… Read more

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Lesbian SexMasturbation

MY NAME IS MARIA I get home from work and unlock the door and step inside closing the door behind me. It is dark inside, except the light from the hallway. I hear noise in the bedroom. I call out. "somebody there"? This woman my age comes walking out from the bedroom. She is completely nude. Not a stitch of clothing. So I ask "What are you doing in my house" and she tells me that she lives here, not me. So I ask her name to which she replies "I am Maria" with a strong Spanish accent like mine and I tell her that I… Read more

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The Phone Call


**Part 4 of my adventurous Summer with my Mother, enjoy.** Part 1: http://xhamster.com/user/barelylegalfan/posts/25847.html Part 2: http://xhamster.com/user/barelylegalfan/posts/25563.html Part 3: http://xhamster.com/user/barelylegalfan/posts/26314.html I sat with my Mom watching something boring on TV while my Dad was loading up the car to drive down and visit my Grandfather again. Even though it'd only been a few weeks since his last visit, he wanted to go fishing with the old man. It was quite a bit cooler now and we had a recent heavy rain so with the attic fan on it was plea… Read more

Posted by barelylegalfan 7 years ago 6 3,032 99%

Should never have said it 4

Group SexHardcoreMature

Jenny was still leading me by the hand when we entered the kitchen Tim, Jerry and Amanda were standing by the sink facing into the room Tim and Jerry’s cocks though now flaccid hung thick and long between their legs Tim’s knob end looked the size or a egg and a felt a pang of shame as my own cock had deflated substantially from its erect state and hung limply between my legs “finished already” said Amanda and the guys laughed “I don’t know why you bothered” she continued, I said nothing but poured a drink it was then that I noticed the blonde was sitting in the dining room with Susan and one o… Read more

Posted by KingPE 7 years ago 4 2,098 93%

Should never have said it 5

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The week following the party my head was spinning, here I was 42 years old working for a dead end company in a dead end job with a wife that had suddenly gone completely mad, she had been having an affair and had seen her lover off to his new job with a orgy, would not let me fuck her but gave me head, and go out of her way to humiliate me, she only seemed to get her kicks whilst I was watching her fuck other men, all of whom seemed blessed with large cocks, I had finally managed to get some penetrative sex with Susan her friend she had felt betrayed not by me but by Susan!!....then to top it… Read more

Posted by KingPE 7 years ago 2 1,357 67%

Should never have said it 6

Group SexHardcoreMature

Well here it is the final part of the story, I would like to apologise to the people who have found this too long winded and complicated by too many characters but when I started I never imagined it would get so drawn out, however I was trying to convey how fucked up my marriage had become in such a short period of time and to this end things got drawn out in the earlier parts, I will try to put the story to bed as quickly as I can. In the week after all was arranged for my new job in Savannah, I had seen a solicitor and had him draw up a separation agreement as a prelude to divorce, in the… Read more

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Should never have said it 2


Amanda continued to see Jerry most weekends he would come over at some point to screw my wife it always seemed to begin with a downstairs quickie as if showing off to me after which they would spend several hours in bed drinking, laughing and screwing, of course I could watch the show if I wanted and occasionally I could join in during the rest periods to lick my wife’s pussy or arse if she felt it necessary however after a few more weeks his visits became less and Amanda told me that things were cooling between them and he was now showing more interest in a new girl at work, she said she was… Read more

Posted by KingPE 7 years ago 4 1,407 100%