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The Nymphs and the GILF – by SBarak 1

The Nymphs and the GILF – a Story by SBarak 1

This is story #7 in the Nymph series. It follows ‘You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden’, ‘The Return of the Nymphs ‘The Nymphs and the Morning After’, ‘The Nymph’s Proposition’, ‘The Nymphs and the Dentist’ and ‘The Nymphs and the Corsetry Buyer’. Although this story stands alone reading the previous stories provides the background. I have broken this story into chapters based on feedback received from readers of my other stories. Please enjoy.

---------------------------- ----------------Chapter 1 --------------------------------------... Continue»
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Learn to Swing as a sub

This weekend my Husdom took me to a Swinger event with over 400 people and instructed me to engage sexually as his 3 hole slut with whoever he decided - man or woman, young or old. I was nervous and excited but ready and not wanting to let my Husdom down.

A couple my Husdom knows picked us up in their car. To my surprise I was told to sit in the front passenger seat next to the guy. My Husdom disappeared in the backseat with the guys girlfriend. Note to self: remember we are in the Swining world this weekend - not the Dom / Sub world. The guy - who I’ve served before - slid his hand betw... Continue»
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DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.

Dan's breath started getting ragged as he entered the adult book store. It always did, no matter how many he went into. His skin prickled, his cock started getting hard in his panties, he went into slut mode, grinning inanely at the others in the shop as he mindlessly perused the mag racks, focusing on the crossdressers, licking his lips in anticipation. He couldn't rush it, he had to be 'nonchalant', fingering the glossy mag c... Continue»
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My Wife's Second Job

I am a truck driver and a few months back I discover that My wife of five years had been working two jobs. Soo little did I know. You see, I am a trucker driver and my treasure works full time at the local truck stop here in town. I can't always take my wife with me on the road as much as I would like. Which in terms I end up leaving her here in town till I get back. Its' hard on a guy like me to leave a pretty young woman at home and I have to go on the road to pay the bills.

Soo a few months had passed since when my wife had came up to me and said that she was bored of being home by herse... Continue»
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Prim and Proper Student Converted

Mr Vaugh looked at his daughter 18 year old Annebelle and said: 'You will keep to the northwest path to get to school from our estate, we had this nudist artist move in down the road and I do not want you taking the southwest path through the woods that comes in contact with his property!'

Annebelle, a young redhead with pale skin, a stubby nose, red hair done in a bun and dressed prim and proper in her school uniform said: Yes I will take the northwest path.

Her mother looked sternly on as she made her promise and said: 'Our f****y is full of decency and not full of improper lewd behav... Continue»
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Head cheerleader Mikki part 1

[[At 18 I was your average k** in high school. Decent grades played sports. I was on the volleyball and swim teams. I was about 5'7" 130 lbs and in good shape. My girlfriend was 19 and used to be the head cheerleader at our school. She was gorgeous. Her names Donna and she was a freak when it came to sex. She loved just about anything. She told me some stories of her and another cheerleader when she was still in high school. She also liked it when I would wear her panties when we had sex. I acted like I didn't like it but secretly I loved it. You see I loved trying on my mothers panties when I... Continue»
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A Brief Encounter (An experience in a new style of

My first ever a changing room.

It was just before the start of the new school term, summer holidays were just about over for us and what a summer it had been! Hardly any days of rain during our seven weeks off and most of us who'd spent our time on the south coast beaches were sporting nice tanned bodies, with distinct tan lines where our Speedo briefs had been. 1969/70 was a time when fairly skimpy swimming trunks were the norm and people in shorts were seen as a bit of an oddity!

My mother had asked me to go along to the local gentlemen's outfitters... Continue»
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Mum's Help with her panties.

A small gasp escaped from my mother as she stood in the doorway with her hand over her mouth. She had just opened my bedroom door and was surprised to find me sprawled on my bed with my extremely hard cock in my hand. More to her surprise, I had my hardness wrapped in the pair of white nylon panties she had worn yesterday. I had just pilfered them from her hamper and was having a grand time trying to pump the dirty musky crotch full of my 1... year old nuts.

I lay there like deer caught in headlights, staring at her beautiful 44 year old face, my turgidness deflating rapidly in her nylon pa... Continue»
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mums lovely body

I always wondered why my mates would be around my house so I had to ask them , their answer were all the same, it was because of my mum, they would say to me she was a very fit woman and if she wanted they would shag her till the cows come home, I could not see the attraction till just before my 18th birthday, mum had said she was going to take me out to a restaurant and show her sexy son to the world, I didn’t want any of it but to keep her happy I went along with her, it was that day I realised what my mates had been saying to me, I was in my bedroom in my underpants when mum came in with ju... Continue»
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in the woods

out walking in the woods, wearing my plug and sheath under my spandex when i happen across a couple having sex in the woods i walk on past them, but listen to the sounds of their passion turns me on, so i turn and creep back through the brush to watch them.
now that I'm really turned on, sitting there watching them, i slowly peel off my shirt and tight shorts, and begin to stroke myself through the rubber sheath
they finish up and pull their clothes together and leave, as i sit there, unnoticed, pleasuring myself with my hands and my toy unaware that someone else is watching me
i am lost in... Continue»
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My First Black Cock BJ and a Bit More! Gay

I had been on line all day long looking for someone to hook up with. Just when I though it would be another wasted Saturday I received four messages in a row from four different guys who had read my on line ad: "Husky Bear Seeks To Drain You Dry. Recently divorced 52 year old man looking to come to you, drop to my knees and do anything I'm told to orally to please you."

I opened the first response. It contained three photos of a very large, in-shape black man, 39 years old and only about 10 miles away from me. I shot a message back to him immediately. "Thanks for your note. I've never had... Continue»
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Talk of the Devil

It started by pure chance – as so many of these things do, I suppose. But now? Well let's just say there's more than a tiny element of the deliberate involved. Let me explain...

When I say 'it started by pure chance' I mean that the discovery was accidental but the behaviour of my teenage son was anything but entirely normal. I'm Lucy, by the way, a fairly typical single mother – late thirties, single again after a reasonable attempt at the 'two are better than one' thing, still fairly presentable (enough to turn heads when I bother with ever-more-necessary make-up), a homeworker, vaguely i... Continue»
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Scoring With Camille. ( Part 1 )

This happened last Saturday with me and Camille.

Friday evening Camille had told me to come round to her place as her husband was going to see football with his friends, he supports a certain London team that were playing on an early kickoff.

I had left my house at approximately 9:30am on Saturday and had drove down to her I parked on a nearby side street and waited for her to text me that her husband had left.

After about 5 or so minutes waiting, Camille texted me to say that her husband had just left the house. Her husband had left just after 10am because it would have taken just o... Continue»
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انا و ام سيد

انا و ام سيد
بعد انتهاء السنة الدراسية و اخدنا الاجازة سافرنا انا و ماما و اخواتى اسكندرية عند خالتى علشان نقضى الاجازة مع بعض لان انا و اخواتى وعيال خالتى بيت خالتى فى منطقة شبه عشوائية
قاعدنا حوالى اسبوع واحنا و مروحين اولاد خالتى و خالتى مسكو فيا مرضيوش يخلونى اروح وفضلو يتحايلو على ماما علشان اقعد معاهم فترة كمان
ماما وافقت ورجعت القاهرة هى و اخواتى بس و انا فضلت عند خالتى بعد 3 ايام اخدت دور برد راحت خالتى جابتلى حقنة

راحت ندت لابنها واد يا تامر روح نادى خالتك ام سيد نزل تامر جرى وجيه قال لامو بتقولك 5 دقايق وجاية الباب خبط تامر فتح لاقيت ست تخينة اوى
وسمرا وسنها فى حدود اوائل ... Continue»
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Head cheerleader Mikki part 4

Head cheerleader Mikki 4 This is part 4 of Mikki's story. Please read the previous chapters.

After Monday night at Tommy's house I came to the conclusion that I want to be with Donna when I'm Mick and guy when I'm Mikki . It's Friday night and Donna is coming over . My dad is coming home on Sunday so my mother wants to spent a fun night with her new lesbian lovers. She told me to get dressed in the outfit she has left on my bed. I go up to my room and see a couple of boxes on the. I opened the one and in it was an all black leather corset dress. With a halter. I loved it. In another box wa... Continue»
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Head cheerleader Mikki part 2

[Head cheerleader Mikki part 2.

Mikki goes home. Last night was one crazy night. I spent the night dressed femme and being used like a slut by my girlfriend. It was a wake up call for me. I guess wearing my mothers panties from time to time should of given me a clue about how much I liked being a femme boy. So here I am sitting in my room looking online for dresses and lingerie that would make me as pretty as possible.

So many dresses it's hard to decide on just one. There is a knock at my bedroom door. Michael what are you doing in there. Shit it's my mom. I shut off the computer just ... Continue»
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Head cheerleader Mikki part 3

Head Cheerleader Mikki part 3 To understand this story you must read the previous chapters
It's Sunday morning and I'm just waking up. I'm in bed alone. As I get up I see myself in the mirror. Still dressed in powder blue lingerie and a blonde wig. I wonder where the girls are. I leave the guest room and go into mine. I strip down grab a towel and head for the shower. While the water in running over me I start daydream about last night. Being in bed with my girlfriend and my mom was something I would never forget. I can't believe how amazing they both were. I love being a girl if those two a... Continue»
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Meeting Mr Black Python Gay

I was on the prowl once again. The holidays were over, my newest girl friend was out of town visiting her relatives, and I had the place all to myself. I logged on to the M4M local chat room, not expecting much to happen. After all, I was used to logging on and be on line for hours in the room with only one or two hits that turned out to be nothing.

Tonight, I told myself that if someone read my profile and told me to come on over, I would do it. No cold feet, no excuses. I had been skimming the porn sites and I was horny.

I've been with three guys so far, all married, all needing me to ... Continue»
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Cathy - Insemination Challenge

Cathy Insemination Challenge

My name is Steve and I have been married to Cathy for some 5 years. We are both 30 and had a great marriage. She is a leggy blond with great hips, a full bosom with rosy red nipples that stick out like bubble gum and a shapely arse. Her golden hair frames her pretty face and she has sparkly blue eyes and a beautiful smile.

We got on really well and I think that after a series of tumultuous relationships she saw me as someone safe, dependable who would provide for her. We did have great fun but after a while we wanted to start a f@mily and have k@ds and this w... Continue»
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Trans NOT s****rs VS zombie apocalypse FINAL CHAPT

All characters are over 18

Béa was sexy a femboy when she found a wild runaway boy. She raised him and together they grew up into beautiful transvestites. Discovering each others body and transforming together they soon became lovers, living perfect girl life together until zombies attack the city. The girls discovered that people could be cured by having sex. They just rescued the news star announcer Jim J.J Johns so he can tell the whole world how to cure zombies. One last thing remains to be done now: defeat the alien that sent the zombie virus in the first place.

[image]http://x.ima... Continue»
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