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My s****r's seduction

"Vicky, we shouldn't be doing this," I said as I looked down at her, staring into her eyes.

"I know, that's what makes it feel so good," she told me with an evil smile as she took my cock in both her hands and brought it to her lips.

My little s****r Vicky had always been an incredible tease, even when we were younger. Before I went to college she would tempt me by walking around the house in a skimpy little bathing suit or a pair of sexy underwear, she used to torment me to no end. I always thought that it was because she wanted to make me suffer, that she wanted me to be so sexually fr... Continue»
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The Thrill of the Wait Part 2

My cock teases your wet, juicy pussy as your hands reach up to grab my hips to f***e me in, but before they get there I grab onto them and tie the to the bedposts on the bed. You moan as you tug at the bindings unable to free yourself, completely at my mercy now. My cock returns to your pussy, teasing your aching pussy. I slide the head of my cock in slowly, teasing you so much, making you lift your hips up and try to take more of my cock inside your pussy. My hands f***e your hips to remain on the bed, keeping you as still as I can, trying to tease you as much as you can take it.

Your moanin... Continue»
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Blossom’s Beginnings

Blossom’s Beginnings

Blossom had always been a ‘good girl’ doing everything her parents and professors had demanded of her.

Perhaps that was the problem, she was always being ordered to do things and never asked. She grew used to obeying and by her late teens she knew no other course.

Her college life was supposed to be a time of freedom for her, a release from the constraints of obedience of her youth. This was not to be… Her roommate sensed her submissive traits at once and turned Blossom ... Continue»
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It all worked out just fine

Was wide awake last evening so I went on craigslist to see if anything interested me. MMMM found a post indicating that he was looking for a CD/TV/Sissy so I replied to his post. after exchanging a few photos we set a meeting time and place. After meeting we would go back to his motel room.
I did my makeup, hair, dressed in a short pleated white skirt, white satin blouse, black push-up bra (had my B cup falsies on, jet black satin garter-belt with red bows on the clasp, black ruffled panties, white stockings with red bows, cream colored heels.
Set out for the 45 min drive. I pulled into the m... Continue»
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Mom at the Prom

Edward Morelli heard the phone ringing. It was annoying the 18 year old, both because it was the fourth ring and also because it was interrupting his drinking. He took another swig from his 5 liter bottle of Jack Daniels and leaned across the living room sofa to the irritating telephone and answered it without looking at the caller ID.

“Hell-loooo,” he slurred.


“Yeahhhh. Who the fuck is this?”

“Your mother.”

The blatant reply, mixed with a tinge of parental authority, offset his alcohol-induced stupor. He sat up right and started clearing his throat.

“Mom! Hi, are you?... Continue»
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my first time as a CD

I had been crossdressing since I was a young teen. Back then I was a little bit bigger than my mother and I still managed to fit into here clothes. I really never did anything to dramatic back then, but I loved the few hours I could have the house to myself and slid into some satin panties and nude pantyhose. Sometime I had the time to slip on a bra and one of my mothers dresses, though she was small chested and I desired a larger chest. Crossdressing was always a huge turn on for me, but I could never see myself as gay, so for years all I would do was masturbate while dressed. I dated girls, ... Continue»
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Turned Into a Slut Boy Gay

Dear slut boy,

Missed you last night, stop being such a bad boy and come to visit your dear old daddy tonight. You're already in debt to me you little tease, skipping out is only going to make it worse. As I'm sure you remember by now, I know where you live, you have a very pretty girlfriend, would be a shame for her to find one of my letters, wouldn't want her to ruin our fun, I have big plans for you slut. I'll be waiting for you in the sauna tonight, don't disappoint me again or you'll regret it, as you can see.

I looked to the bottom of the letter, there was a picture of me printed o... Continue»
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Wife Made Me GayMaker

The fantasy had been going on for so long. We’d shared all of my fantasies and she knew how much they turned me on. We’d signed up for a couple of matchmaking internet sites and gotten a few replies, but never had acted on them. Last week, we’d gotten a reply from a man that wanted to make me his slave. We’d read it and she made me reply to him. I wasn’t sure that I could go through with any of it, but she made me tell him about my fantasies and then she sent him some of the stories I’d written. When he wrote back again, he told me that I was to meet him at a motel in a nearby city on Saturday... Continue»
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We'll just fool around...

She sent me the sexy photos every year when she got back from her Florida vacation. Claire went on vacation solo since she and her husband were no longer sl**ping together. She was proud of her body and usually dated the pictures with her now advancing age. We exchanged sexts from time to time but it never went any further than that.

Then, when she turned 65, she sent me a particularly sexy bikini shot with her captivating smile like always the highlight. I couldn't help but respond: "I'd love to see that shot in person some day." She didn't immediately respond and I wondered if I'd ... Continue»
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Dianna’s Awakening Ch. 1

Paul and I have been married for thirty years, and the routine of our life was set in stone long ago. On Sunday afternoon he would spend time in the f****y room reading the newspaper, or watch whatever pro sports were on at the time, occasionally I would join him but lately, I found that boring so I started researching the internet for something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.
We had raised four c***dren; the youngest having left the nest six months ago. When our second moved out I converted her bedroom into a sewing room and office where I set up my computer.
Today was the day tha... Continue»
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such a nasty slut , but i still love her

I was such a nasty little slut today. with. I just can't control myself. I mean fuck bby. You are the one that pointed it out in the first place. I just thought it was saggy old man ball hanging out of the bottom of his shorts. I need to see it all. Then i had to touch it. Just to be sure. Then that smell hit me in the face. Had to take a closer look. i tasted his thick long juicy black cock bby. Is that OK?. Once i tasted that musty precum my pussy got so wet. I slobbered all over his cock trying to suck and fit it in my mouth but he just laughs and tells me I'm a good little slut trying to... Continue»
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Her Business Trip

Following my partners indiscretion we carried on our relationship now knowing that she would happily sl**p with other men. We agreed that she couldn't do anything unless I was present. Previously having used multiple toys on her whilst we were fucking I was never inclined to think she might relish another actual man at the same time. Having mentioned it to her once she was determined to enjoy multiple men at once.

Every time we went out somewhere she was testing the boundary to see if I would mind if she was hit on. Wearing a very low cut top to a restaurant one time she was hit on the by ... Continue»
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Girlfriends Night Out

My partner was going out for an awards night with her hockey team, it was a big event 200 of them in black tie in the middle of town. She had dressed rather lightly with a short black dress that had a large mesh cut out v down the middle, showing off her large round DD's. She teased me putting it on, wearing a tiny black g string that did very little to cover her wet pussy and then slowly put the dress on on top. Squeezing together her breasts as much as possible so they looked as prominent as they could in the mesh top.

A couple of her friends that lived locally were meeting at hers befor... Continue»
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Anna owned a fairly large house in the area where there were many rice fields. Her house had been the home of a rich land owner in the late 19th century. His large estate had been separated into smaller rice fields and Anna didn’t own any of them. Her f****y had never been to Saigon. When she was a teenager in France, she was involved in a sex scandal with an older woman. The woman’s f****y gave Anna a large sum of money to disappear and she came to Saigon where she worked in a local hospital as a nurse, although she didn’t have a degree. Her house was on a hill whic... Continue»
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Nina´s story

As usual, Nina was alone in the large open space office. All her colleagues had left long ago, but stayed late, as usual. She was as always, eager to do good, to perform, and there was always plenty to do!
Outside the rain was falling and it was getting dark. In the distance, she heard somebody from another department chatting while waiting for the elevator. She realized that the now had the whole floor to herself. Almost 8 o´clock, but still much to do. She got up, and was about to turn on the harsh ceiling lights, when another idea came to her.
A naughty one…
She turned her desk-... Continue»
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Bus to Waterford

I pay the driver and walk down the aisle to find a seat. I like to sit down the back so I can browse my phone without the fear of anyone looking over my shoulder. But as I got there I was greeted by 2 scumbags drinking cans of beer. Ahh fuck it! Just my luck, i'm not sitting next to them, so I slink in to a seat just in front of them, I really wish I noticed them before I walked so far down the bus. I can feel them eyeballing me and they giggle to themselves. My ear phones go in but i dont press play because I want to hear what they are talking about. It's the usual stuff, I battered someone, ... Continue»
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Anna's Shower With Mommy

The bathroom was filled with steam. Anna and her mother had been in the shower for about 30 minutes now. It was Anna's birthday, and her mother Sharon had promised her a wonderful night. It was late in the evening. After spending the day with her friends, Anna had met her mother at home.
Sharon walked in the door from work, tossed her purse on the couch, kicked her heels off, and wiggled a finger at her daughter, motioning her to follow her into the bedroom. Anna obeyed.
As Anna walked into the bedroom, her mother was already stripping out of her clothes. Anna walked in just as she w... Continue»
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My 1st time anal mmf

My 1st time anal was done on me was with a bi-couple I met on Adultfriendfinder. They lived in the country in a nudist colony. That was quite an experience showing up there. C met me naked at the entrance gate. That was kind of shock but it is what it is. We had agreed to lots of oral fun & me fucking her. I got to their place, I walked in and met B, she too was naked. She was an older brunette with medium tits that sagged a bit with a shaved pussy with a little landing strip. The pics I saw before and what I saw now proved it was nice and tight.

They were friendly enough and suggested I... Continue»
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Gangbanged wife

Jane had always been a slut and had fucked lots of guys. I knew this before we got married but there was something I enjoyed about watching her flirt and flash her legs ass and cleavage whenever other guys were around, I eventually realised I was a voyeur.
You couldn't blame the guys, she was pretty with a curvy figure and long blonde hair.

Over the first 4 or 5 years of our marriage she'd had an on/off affair with a neighbour, had several one night stands with guys from her work and had numerous sexual encounters after nights out, usually when I was away at work.
It came as a shock initi... Continue»
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Good Grades Happily Cost Me My Virginity.

Good Grades Happily Cost Me My Virginity.

A true story only the names have been changed to prevent embarrassment to either f****y.

I’m Annabel; I took my GCSE’s exams and turned 16 waiting for my results. I’m a brunette with a tight teen body. My boobs are 36B, a bum is to die for but by far my best features are my good looks and washboard abs. I’ve only had the same boyfriend since puberty. Unlike a lot of lads his age he’s funny, intelligent with a great sense of humour - yes I know what you’re thinking, ‘he’s ugly or at best plain -WRONG. Being sports mad has allowed him to sculpt a ... Continue»
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