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The Castle

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Giada looked through the arched east window of Wyntwerth Castle’s keep. It’s moments like this when she felt the weight of the world on her shoulders. According to her scouts, the Doragons were only days away from reaching the kingdom. Her attempts at a last resolution through diplomacy had failed miserably. She even began to think her own people had betrayed her and sabotaged the mission. Many people could profit from her demise both outside and within the court. There were times when she deeply wished her brother hadn’t been killed at Rigald and still wore the crown himself. This was thrust… Read more

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high school drop out

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I was 23 years old, and working as a math teacher at a grade school in an inner-city school. most of these k**s didnt have much, their parents were basically dirt-poor. Everyday I would see these cute petite little girls walking around with their perfectly petite flawless bodies and innocent faces. I was teaching 8th grade math at the time, at the end of class one day, one of my students rebecca came up to me sobbing. I had always noticed her, she looked much older then 14. this girl was so perfect, 5'1 maybe 90lbs, blonde hair and so petite. she had the cutest innocent voice. she came up to a… Read more

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Young chinese lady part 3

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We went for supper after the movie. It was midnight by then. The show was great as was the caressing and groping too in the midst of it. It was a great idea that we brought a small blanket along. We went to the washroom. I took a leak and texted L. "We're heading to her place soon" i told her. "Already??!! I'm still here enjoying my thing. Not going home anytime soon." she replied after awhile. "What time then?" i continued but then i saw J walking out of the washroom. "I'll leave around 3am or maybe earlier....i'll let u know when about done." she replied as soon after. Put away my pho… Read more

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A Patroa

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Comecei a trabalhar num armazém de ferro com 17 anos, antes de vir para a tropa, estamos de falar dos anos de 1990/91/92, ou seja era pouco mais do que um mero adolescente, franzino ainda, mas a minha mente(malandra) já A Patroa estava feita. Na altura ainda antes de ter começado a trabalhar, não tinha feito sexo com nenhuma rapariga apesar de ter 17 anos, eram só curtes, e amassos, estamos a falar de 22/23 anos atrás, eram tempos diferentes, não havia internet, nem facebook, nem sites porno e afins..Apenas de vez enquanto se alugava uns vídeos porno no clube de video,(quando conseguia junta 1… Read more

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PERSONAL TRAINER© By: Dana15.22 My name is Dana and I am a 36 year old lesbian, personal trainer and sports psychologists in Baltimore, MD. I have known I was a lesbian since I was 15. I am a very self-confident person and always have been so, I am not looking for a life partner or to same sex marry. I quickly tire of any kind of routine, especially having sex with the same partner over a long period of time. Some may say I am a predator of mature women, but I consider myself more of an opportunist. I like my lovers to be mature, over 40, and divorced or widowed. I have always found these w… Read more

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A stranger in the couch


That Friday afternoon I left my office early and went directly to the gym. After a nice two hour session of hard work out, I took a warm shower, dressed up in my office clothes and came back home by walking. It was a very fine warm day and I was walking as I checked my phone. I did not realize I was being followed. I got up to the front door and opened it; when suddenly someone from behind pushed me inside. I fell forward on the floor and when I turned around a man had entered and closed the door behind him. The evil smile in her face told what he wanted… I tried to back away on the floor… Read more

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Diary of a very slutty and submissive boy

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Hello everyone, I am a boy with 24 years old from Porto in Portugal, 100% bottom very bitch and submissive, and I have already lost the count of the number of males who have already used my mouth and my ass :))) So I have lots of adventures to tell, and I'll try to tell you everything with clarity and detail... Very early, gave me the prove what was going to be my greatest source of pleasure ... the cock of a male :) we were 4 friends from school and sometimes we went to one of them, see his parents' porn movies and masturbate all together, but honestly I had never looked well to the cocks o… Read more

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"Stud" of the shelter

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As I mentioned in this story: http://xhamster.com/stories/the-first-girl-i-deflowered-869144 I fucked my first virgin I met in a battered women's shelter. I also fucked her mom. This is a bonus story to that. Somehow word got around in the battered women's shelter my mom, me and my sister lived in temporarily, I do not know by whom, that I had fucked Faith and her mom and I was really good at it. I was 15 years old at the time and could get and stay hard and after fucking and cumming could recover very quickly and be ready to go again. Before I continue let me tell you about in part about t… Read more

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Sat Night continued

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I left John's in a daze, I had just went from a straight guy, to what bi curious, and was carrying a bag of ladies lingerie and clothes, my heart was pounding, my man boobs were slightly sore , and my cock was hard, and going through my mind was this was his ex wife's private clothes I had in this bag, and I had gotten the horn for her a few times, did John know or suspect, it was mental chaos in my mind, Will I stop it here or will I look in the bag, I thought one peak in the bag won't hurt. I went straight upstairs to our bedroom, and closed the curtains, as I closed the curtain I saw John… Read more

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True Story, next day at "John's" co

First TimeGay MaleAnal

Well , I did not sleep much last night, I kept waking up to visions of John's cock right in my face , and me covered in his cum, when I got in from helping John with his toileting problem last night, the first thing I did was look at my face in the toilet, glasses , nose and mouth covered in cum and that was starting to run down my face, part of me said taste it and part of me was reviled, but the taste test won and I licked my lips and tasted a mans cum for the first time, it wasn't too bad, salty and slightly metallic and I felt my cock get real erect and my heart started to run faster. Wel… Read more

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Florida Trip, Cousin Fantasy

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Fantasy story, inspired by my cousin and left up to my imagination. So when I was a k**, my cousin Jackie and I would play around like wild crazy k**s. As we got older, we pushed the level of playing around. Then one day I moved away from the area. Years later, she moved to Florida. We stayed in contact but both accepted being an adult. Fast forward couple more years later. My wife inching for a Florida trip, and I reached out to my cousin Jackie for some help. My wife knew about how we all played around but still got mad when Jackie called me sweetheart. It was a nickname I got when we wer… Read more

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true story helping "John"

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It was a Friday night and I was emptying the rubbish outside in the bin, and I heard John across the road breathing hard, he did not keep too well, had problems with breathing and needed oxygen every now and again, I could see he was struggling with something at the boot of the car, I went over to see if I could help. I had known John for three years since the wife and I had moved to the street and had gotten on very well, I had helped him with a number of things and knew his ex wife came round a lot to help out as well, she was an amazonian of an older lady. When I got over I could see he wa… Read more

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The Gay Hater

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Horny as hell today, decided to go to my favorite wooded area to get naked and jerk off. As I approach the parking area, I see only one other car. But I park away from it as it appears to be empty. I grab my usual bottle of lube, some paper towels, roll of duct tape, container of mace, 10 inch dildo and a large cloth beach towel that I roll everything into. Walking by the other car I noticed a guy with the seat totally back, playing with himself. Wasn't sure what to do, so I keep walking into the woods wondering what this guy might be doing. In this wooded water shed where I go weekly, there a… Read more

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Where wife Sarah, son Rick, daughter Christina and Sarah,s late parents lived in London our neighbours normally couldn,t see in our large garden and none overlooked us so nude sunbathing was the order of sunny rare summer days. Next door neighbours Rob and Katrina had teenagers two sons Brian and Steve. Brian actually dated Chris when she was s*******n, but they just didn,t get on that well. One summer Rob decided to get tree surgeons in to trim back some large pines that were growing more on our side of the fence than his. One day as he called me over to the fence to chat I noticed that for t… Read more

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Las andanzas no se terminan

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Insisto, mi cuñada una gordibuena q me saca d eje, después d tener nuestros primeros encuentros, la relación fue distinta, ya mas confianza, nuestros juegos a doble sentido son mas seguidos, cada vez q la saludo, si estamos solos le como la boca, y le mando mano a su hermoso culo, si hay alguien la apretó bien a mi para sentir esas tetas grandes q me vuelven loco, disimulando un abrazo de familia En una ocasión me toco ir a hacer un tramite muy temprano, q al volver a casa la cruzo, iba caminando a su trabajo, asi q doy la vuelta y le toco bocina le hago seña para llevarla, asi q se acerca sub… Read more

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Dicke Nachbarin Teil 2


Fortsetzung Nachbarin Ich stand noch mit meinem schlaffen Schwanz am Maschendrahtzaun als Anja mit ihrem dicken, breiten Hintern ins Haus wackelte. Mich juckte noch der Schwanz und ich war gespannt was folgen würde. Noch immer nicht ganz klar bei Verstand ging ich ins Haus. Was nun? Wie ging es weiter? Ich sah auf die Uhr und überlegte was mich gleich erwarten würde. Meinem Schwanz was es völlig klar. Bei dem Gedanken daran versteifte er sich wieder merklich und drückte gegen die Hose. Schnell duschen? Rasieren? Deo? Oder einfach rüber und sehen was geht. Ich war einfach spitz auf dieses g… Read more

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Alexandre da picha grossa

AnalFirst Time

Chamo-me Alexandre e tenho 18 anos. Sou de pele clara, olhos e cabelos castanhos, 1,80 m. Namoro há 4 meses com Alice, 19 anos, morena, cabelos castanhos claros, olhos verdes, baixa, com um corpo normal e agradável, tetas durinhos ao toque e uma peidinha muito gostosa: o seu rego é macio e sensível ao toque. Como disse, namoramos há mais ou menos 4 meses. Eu vou a casa dela buscá-la para sairmos ou ficar à conversa, porém nunca tive muita liberdade com a mãe dela, que por sinal é uma bela mulher. Chama-se Fernanda, 43 anos, casada, mas com um corpo muito bem conservado. Fazia algum exercício n… Read more

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Family Life Ch.16 - Plans for the future?


David came downstairs on Friday morning to find just Dan in the kitchen. “Where’s Mum?” He said helping himself from the pile of toast Dan had made. “ l told her to stay in bed,” Dan replied, “l need us to crack on and get this job done today, you haven’t go time to mess about fucking her this morning, anyway you’ve probably had Laura already this morning.” The smirk on David’s face confirmed Dan’s suspicion. “Come on son,” Dan said once David had drunk his coffee, “l promised we would get this job done this week, we’ve been fucking about with your mother and sister, it’s left us short of… Read more

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BDSMFetishInterracial Sex

[Throughout these TRUE stories the term’ black’ is used to denote folk of afro /Caribbean origin, it is in no way a derogatory term, the lady loving the sexual enjoyment that these well-hung folk, have brought her and rather than name names she has chosen to use this term] Foxy Lady is a sex cinema at Bilston showing non-stop porn and with the odd live female going watching the porn! It is not usually long before guys do porn of their own and the female is the one that receives... I was taken one afternoon by two guys from the group to Foxy lady not knowing what it was about till I got there..… Read more

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You Need This More Than You Know


Nice to meet you josh. he said, come in have a seat. Let me start off by telling you that you need this more than you know i said you were cute and asked if you needed a daddy and you did not believe me when i said you were cute. i believed that you legitimately did not believe me that you weren’t just being coy. you honestly can not see how anyone can not be repulsed by you in this scenario, let alone someone finds you cute. now i know you wanted a mommy more but you needed this more than you knew. now mister your ass is mine. after i was met at the door and he welcomed me i responded and… Read more

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