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Jason woke up on the sofa at his father's house, and the first thing he realized was that he was desperately horny. He had been dreaming about sex again, and his eighteen year old cock was painfully erect. Idly, he listened for sounds in the house as he reached beneath the blanket covering him to stroke his bulge. The house was quiet, though Jason could tell it was already late in the morning. If he had been home, his mother would have dragged him out of bed already, whether it was Sunday or not. But not Dad. He and his new wife, Iris, had been out drinking late last night. He had pretended ... Continue»
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My wank buddy

This is how i became the filthy deviant I am today. It all started with my best friend from school "Matt" His mum and dad owned the first video store in our little town.

Matt and I would stay either after school or Sundays in this bed-sit unit above the shop and watch videos until our perants finished work. The first time I stayed overnight it started, Matts mum closed store at 8pm then came up to fetch us.. We begged her to let us stay the night. In the end she agreed saying she would see us with breakfast in the morning.

The moment she left Matt bolted downstairs returning with an... Continue»
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Cop Slut

Officer Luke. I know he sees me and I don't care. He's chatting with my coworker about a call as I stand off to the side eye fucking him. Hard. My eyes running up and down his body. As if it's not enough that he's tall dark and handsome. The uniform. The bulge. The handcuffs. The gun. I can't help it.

My coworker saying my name snaps me out of my reverie.
"Sorry, what did you say?"
"Luke was talking to you." I can see in his eyes he's fighting back a laugh.
Damn him.
"Yeah, I need you to swing by after shift and make a statement about that call last week."
Fuck. That voice. T... Continue»
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A very good view very good this video thanks for who has loaded it, a very good view, also at me is happened a very good view so, with my s****r, an afternoon at home, she was with a tunic for home, colored yellow-white-cream but not trasparent :-P, a bit wide, and legs nude, we're sitting at the table, one facing each other, and we're involved with a bit of sheets of computer, at a certain point she's very busy at read sheets on the face and, making also noise under the table, with foot throws the slipper, and l... Continue»
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Fucked by my Husbands younger b*****r.

Yes it's true, happened a few year back, I never told my Husband obviously.
Just a few weeks back my Husband and I had gone out for the evening, having had quite a few drinks and a very enjoyable night, my Husband mentioned a Photo of me which he said was his favourite, then mentioned he had shown it to a few of his friends and a number of them had commented that I was a sexy looking lady and wouldn't mind fucking me, we both laughed it off, (OK secretly I was flattered)
Finally arriving home after our night out and a couple more drinks, and still talking about his mates I admitted two... Continue»
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Carla - The Cute BBW School Teacher

I've seen Carla around town a lot over the last several years. I'd often run into her in the supermarket or the d**gstore, but in the last few months our paths have crossed a lot at a local deli. It turns out that we both stop in for our morning coffee around the same time at the same deli. We would often have small talk and would joke around as we stood in line. Sometimes (usually in summer) she would have her son with her, I think he's in 3rd or 4th grade. As I got to know her from our brief conversations I found out that she was divorced, had her son almost all the time, her ex takes him ev... Continue»
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Wife Find's OUT GayMaker

Alex felt the guilt building inside of him. He couldn't believe what he had just done. He rubbed his hands across his face. 

His hands shaking, he paused at the door before silently turning the handle until he heard the click. He pressed the door open with his foot.

"Alex, so nice of you to come home this evening," Linda motioned at him to come into the room. "We have so much to talk about."

She leaned back into the overstuffed chair, her arms d****d over each rest. She crossed her legs and stared up at him with her deep blue eyes.

"Did you think I wouldn't find out?" she asked him... Continue»
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A Call From Ezinne.

On Thursday afternoon while at work, I received a beep from Ezinne, my friend Chike's wife. I then called her and she told me that she has been thinking about me all through the week after our sexcapade on Sunday. She asked whether I'll be chanced over the weekend, I told her to give me a few minutes, I dropped and called my wife asking her if we had any prior engagements during the weekend, she told me no and asked if there's any problem. I told her no that I'll like to take the car down to the mechanic for repairs. She said ok. I dropped and called Ezinne and told her that I'll be free on Sa... Continue»
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Dream Diary 4 "True North Strong and Free&quo

Dream Diary 4 "True North Strong and Free"

About three days ago I received an unusual letter in the mail. It was from my cousin Chris. Chris and I are pretty good net buddies. We share a lot of what goes on in our personal lives. But in real life we don't hang out much at all. We only get to see each other at major f****y events. Holidays, funerals and the like. Maybe once a year at best. While we do spend at least a half an hour online each or every other day, we have never used tangible correspondence at all. So when I opened the letter I was very surprised to find a very shor... Continue»
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Should I Say I Love You First? 10 Reasons You Shou

I have never said "I love you" first. While I believe that women can and should ask men out, request to be exclusive, and even propose wedded bliss, somehow the archaic "wait for him to make a move" mindset has seeped into my subconscious. Or... maybe I'm just chicken. (Probably the latter.) I'm not sure if I've ever even wondered, "Should I say I love you first?" because like the best-when-fried poultry item that I am akin to, there's just no way I would take the plunge first.

Plunge? That sounds awful. (FWIW, I am in therapy to deal with my fears around intimacy.) Saying "I love you" is n... Continue»
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Hi everyone, I’m monkeymonkey42, and my very good friends gave me permission to post their stories on here, a while back, except for the Goldilocks one, that’s mine! They told them to me and I wrote them out for you to read. I really hope you enjoyed those stories?

And this is my real story of the most memorable girl I’ve ever met. I’ll call her Sassy, not her real name of course, she’d have my balls if I shared that with you.

Ever met a woman who likes sex in risky situations? I mean where you are most likely to get seen, caught or end up with an audience? Sassy is one of th... Continue»
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Suntan nylon footjob

I pretty much play with my wife’s feet about 4 nights out of the week. She has a job that requires her to be on her feet all day so when she comes home she’s in need of a foot massage. Any guy with a foot fetish would not just rub her feet and go to bed or continue to do whatever you were prior to that. We get super horny and wanna take it a step further. We have a deal that every time I rub and massage her feet I get to play as long as she’s sl**p before I start. So I always take full advantage. We... Continue»
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Transition to Vikki, part 2

Continuing the story of Steven Jennings and how he left his old life behind forever.

Returning to the M6 motorway, we headed south towards the M5 and then Taunton, this had taken around 10 minutes, which was spent in silence. Gina cast a few looks in my direction to see if she could work out my current mood. I simply kept driving the Bentley, in and out of other traffic, and occasionally I smiled to myself. She did notice however that whenever I did this I always licked my lips first. She wondered was I thinking of backing out?, was this all too much for me?, did I really want to go further ... Continue»
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Bridesmaid in a wedding II

Bridesmaid in a wedding II
Obviously part one is a must read. You'll find it in my blog.

I can't believe this, is this a joke?
I got an invitation from my friend Sarah whom I was a bridesmaid for last year. She's having an anniversary party at 99th & rural rout 69. I remember that address, it's the XXX nudist ranch.
The invitation reads
“Join us for our one year anniversary, all 18+ are welcome. Bring your f****y. Bring a GILF”
Unfortunately there's a $100 cover charge just to pay for the facility and food please understand.
You can arrive as early as 10 AM. Departure the next day i... Continue»
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Petite Problems

All of my blog entries and stories are based on real events. Names, dates and locations have been changed for privacy.

I hadn't done any e****t work for a while and I was having a bit of dry spell. I had just joined Facebook. I was slow on the uptake as far as social media is concerned. Why would I want people to know what I had for breakfast?

It wasn't long after setting up my profile I started getting requests from old friends and f****y. On request stood out because the message attached said "I used to fancy the pants off you at school". I was a bit of an oddball at school, athleti... Continue»
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Early Cuckold Sign

It was a hot but pleasant night when I met one of the hottest girls I can remember. I was visiting a buddy whose younger b*****r was throwing a pool party for his high school friends. Since we were out of school, our unplanned appearance sparked interest among the girls. I was approached by a beauty in a tiny white bikini who asked me to join in on the swim. I told her I didn't have a suit and she convinced me to run home and get one while she would accompany me. Her near-naked beautiful body sitting in my car imprinted itself in my head forever. I saw the tiniest suit, barely covering he... Continue»
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A husband's mistress in my bed

A husband's mistress in my bed

My fingers spread her full anger, and then I was overwhelmed with kisses all over it, and with that I pushed my finger slightly into her asshole. She liked her very much, so she was tempted to exhale. I started to fuck her with her cheeky tongue, which I was pushing as much as I could, and then into her anus. I was scared of it, not believing that such passion is happening to me. Instead, I sucked her a swollen clit and licked all the suckling pussy until she came to my mouth

When I found out that my husband had deceived me, after fifteen years of
... Continue»
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Ex s****r in law

Before we start this women loves to read the story's I write about us on here, she's 68 & loves cock
I send a text to my ex s****r in law asking if she was ok, she sent one back saying yes I'm fine when are you coming down I've miss our bit of fun, So I said what about in the morning, Yes she said can you come for about 7:30 I have to good out later, yes ok I will see you then,

Well I'm out of bed gets ready breakfast etc & sets off, I get there a little after 7:30 I knocks on the door & she opens it in her dressing gown tells me to come in. I could feel my cock already getting hard I fol... Continue»
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Sex Students at Professor Peter 4

Professor Peter finally looks like getting close to the standard start of his hot Intimate Interviews & Inspections
although he never did two at the same time. Sitting at his lap is most unusual. To some it happens later, if at all.

"Our visit to the bench with a view to the GYM IV looked like an informal way to get ourselves acquainted.
In fact, it was a first improvised start of both your Intimate Interviews, to be continued in about half an hour or so.
With my speed - or more precise: the lack of it - we will need ten minutes to get to our International Institute of
... Continue»
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Hot Sex With My Wife.

My wife and I started out wrestling around one day and I decided I was going to tie her to the bed with a rope. It turned her on brighter than a 100 watt light bulb. I told her that am going to have to try some rough stuff with her during our love making. She just smiled. I started out romantic, so nice and slow. I removed her clothes a little at a time as she removed mine. It was great, then it took a different turn when I said "sit down bitch." Her eye's got so big and she couldn't believe her ear's. She thought I was serious at first until she saw my smile. I tied her hand's behind her back... Continue»
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