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Conversation started November 26, 2011 1:11pm Lily Hasselbeck hi November 26, 2011 6:53pm Bryan McLeese hey wats up November 27, 2011 12:16am Lily Hasselbeck nm cutie just layin in my bed November 28, 2011 10:25pm Bryan McLeese :) do i know you? November 29, 2011 9:05pm Lily Hasselbeck nope u wanna have some fun cutie ;) November 30, 2011 11:12am Bryan McLeese :) maybe wats up December 2, 2011 4:17pm Lily Hasselbeck hi cutie wat u doin 4:22pm Bryan McLeese nothin wats up? December 2, 2011 8:05pm Lily Hasselbeck just layin in b… Read more

Posted by TWILIGHTLOVER 5 years ago 1 612

Mom Sandwiched By Two Uncle

Group SexHardcoreMature

I'll try my best to make cock of all guys erect with this story and pussy of all girls wet and send me mails about your likes and dislikes and now let’s not waste you time much and start with my story and actually my dad works out of country. I live with my mom in town and here my mom is house wife and let me describe her physical look and she is 45 years old bit fat not much with two sexy and juicy pair of boobs Approx 36 and nice well curved figure with good ass and fair complexion. I would like if all boys can imagine her n do whatever they want with her and you can also mail about he… Read more

Posted by randmumbaiki 5 years ago 1 2,272 90%

Learning about jacking off Part Fifteen Ellen

First TimeTabooVoyeur

I casually walked into the living room, naked and hard. I told Dan and Mrs. Wilson that my mother said it was all right to spend the night. Dan looked at me funny and I said, "I told her I was spending the night at a friend's house." Ellen walked into the living room then. She was wearing a robe. "Did you say you can spend the night Peter?" she asked breathlessly. I moved to her, kissed her on the lips and said,"Yes Ellen...ALL night." I looked at her parents, then back at her and said, "We can fuck all night long." Ellen looked over at them and after several minutes said, "I wanted pr… Read more

Posted by handsomepeter47 5 years ago 2 967 40%

Mums 55th birthday turns naughty

First TimeMatureTaboo

It was my mums 55th birthday and we had arranged for her to have alittle party indoors, dad and mum invited the neighboughs, f****y and friends. It was on the Saturday so all day Saturday we was moving the house about getting set up. I was helping out to as they had a fair few people coming over. I was setting up all the drinks putting them by the back door so the guest can help there selfs. It got to about 6pm and people where due over at 7, mum was rushing round to get ready whilst dad was downstairs already ready. I was in my room nearly down when mum had walked from her room to the bat… Read more

Posted by 24_m_uk2011 5 years ago 2 5,124 100%

The Rest Stop

First TimeGay MaleHardcore

It was a long trip and Tyler was feeling tired, run down and a bit anxious. Road trips were never quite his thing, but he always seemed to get dragged out on them by his wife, Sherri. Sherri’s f****y lived what would be considered far away, but they still made the regular trek over ten hours by car every few months to go visit, and every time Tyler felt as if he would explode due to the sheer boredom of crossing the desolate prairie of the Midwest while suffering through the local radio stations. He was a dutiful husband, though, and he went on every trip no matter how insignificant it was.… Read more

Posted by rehumanize 5 years ago 5 3,508 100%

First Time.....Going Black

HardcoreInterracial Sex

CREDIT TO IRISH RED - THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE STORIES My first time... I'll start at the very beginning. I'd been with my boyfriend Nigel for several years, though we lived apart. Things between us were great at the start, but over time due to the distance and both of our jobs the relationship strained. We stopped making the effort to get up and down to see one another and phone calls ended up in arguments over the silliest of things. Of course we did still see one another, but it was becoming less frequent and more of an occasion rather than the norm. Whilst things were deteriorat… Read more

Posted by jmc85 5 years ago 4 6,221 65%

my ela teacher feeling lonely on halloween

First Time

im a young boy tbh im 17 and i have a crush on my ela teacher. Shes a bbw and on halloween night i went to her house for candy for fun. I knocked on the door , she opens the door and she handed me candy but she didnt recognize me right away so i said hi and told her who i was and she looked outside to see if anyone was coming. Noone was coming , she told me to come inside. I went inside and she told me to take off my winter jacket , boots and mask. I went to her dining room and sat down for awhile and she said she'll be back , she went in the bathroom. I was still sitting down and out of the b… Read more

Posted by bjmcdonald 5 years ago 1,336 40%

Example of Sexy first time story

First TimeGay Male

Read this one on Topix From Paul the Lover A business associate that I had met a few times over the years was having a quiet drink with a friend. He saw me and sort of acknowledged my presence, and we went about our individual business. The guy had always seemed, to me, to be kind of more different than others I had encountered over the years. He was charming, always well turned out, always in control, never aggressive in any way, I often wondered how he ever got to be successful in his job role. He also had a certain 'glint' in his sparkly eyes. Anyway, I was at this bar ordered up some… Read more

Posted by nylonsblack 5 years ago 3 1,088 60%

The tale of the damsel in bondage

AnalBDSMGroup Sex

From The Chronicles of The Risque Adventures of Madame Erica Chapter. 2 "The tale of the damsel in bondage" I had always had a fetish for bondage. I guess it comes natural for me since I'm such a submissive person. I decided that I wanted to explore into it more than before and I knew it had to be with people I trusted. So one night very recently I discussed it with one of my bestest friends and her hubby and we decided that if it happened it would be ok. 4hrs. and some drinks later.... we were hanging out in their be… Read more

Posted by wannabyours 5 years ago 1 1,787 93%

Petite stepdaughter


My name is Kyle, and I have two main fetishes: very large women and young skinny women. Personally, I am average-sized…5’9” and 175 lbs. Six years ago, I met a woman named Laurel who is 5’7” and weighs 342 lbs. She has a round, beautiful face, huge tits, and a great sense of humor. We fell in love instantly and then on our third date, we returned to Laurel’s apartment, and she invited me in. As soon as we were inside, we began making out. I moved my left hand up into her blouse and fondled her huge tits. Her own left hand moved down to my pants and began undoing my belt. Then she dropped d… Read more

Posted by luvxxxbbw 5 years ago 3 3,641 80%

Easy Cheap Homemade Dildo


See a photo of this under my Dummy lover gallery. Easy Cheap Dildo, These are $1.97 at Walmart. Drink or dump the protein shake. Remove the outer wrapper. Surface is smooth. it inserts easily with a little lube. Want that HOT Prick sensation just fill it with really hot water before you begin! Then screw your ass till you cum! If you hit your prostate just right you can get some really large doses of precum. Suck that unto your mouth and leave it to wash back and forth on your tongue as you fuck yourself. The se… Read more

Posted by nylonsblack 5 years ago 4 1,549 92%

my best friend wife


I have know them for a long long time and we do alot of parting and puping togeather.My friends wife is a great looker and i have all along got on quite well with her but we never thought of sex as we were just great friends. Recently she visited me at home do drop something for my wife and as i was at home alone(my wife had gone to work and it was my day off while the k**s were at school) i called her in for some tea and that is quite normal thing for us to do. The TV was on and while i went to get the tea she was watching the Tv and also looking at the new DVD system. I got the tea and sh… Read more

Posted by tomm09 5 years ago 2,265 80%


FetishSex HumorTaboo

Kate - The English Teacher "Give me your book, there's a good boy" Her voice was almost a purr. Kate took the writing book from his trembling finger. Looking down she could hardly be bothered to read the words he had written, her mind was already on the course of events to follow. She flipped the page back and fourth, checking what she already knew, that he had only managed to write one and a half pages. Her distractions and been completely successful, keeping him from any semblance of concentrated effort. Kate looked up at him, her eyes wide with surprise. "It seems that you have wasted the… Read more

Posted by ADHDCPNIGGER 5 years ago 1,321 100%

foreign tales...

Group Sex

I was a little wary, as I often am when going to meeting someone for the first time. Especially when they live out in the middle of Bumfuck, Egypt, and I am trying to find a fucking farmhouse in the dark. But my internet friend's directions were actually pretty good, and soon I was standing at the door ringing the bell. In a moment Ben greeted me. He was tall and powerfully built, as a man who worked doing physical labor all day ought to be. He was a bit older that I had pictured, with short grey hair, but a nice looking fellow. He ushered me in out of the cold and waited while I too… Read more

Posted by case1968 5 years ago 1 989 90%

Sex with Mausi

First Time

Her name is Sujatha. She is very beautiful with hot body anyone would be lucky to have her. My dad was in army and after having shifted to many places he decided to give us a rest and decided to leave us at our grandfather house. I was 10 year ols then. Sujatha who is my mother's s****r had some marital issues (over property ) so his husband too decided to leave her and his son(my cousin b*****r )at grafathers house.He used visit now and then stay for few days and give her money.Me and my mom slept at spare room whereas my Mausi liked to slleep in Hall though there were other rooms.… Read more

Posted by avnshkumar 5 years ago 516 60%

my best friend wife

First TimeMature

I have know them for a long long time and we do alot of parting and puping togeather.My friends wife is a great looker and i have all along got on quite well with her but we never thought of sex as we were just great friends. Recently she visited me at home do drop something for my wife and as i was at home alone(my wife had gone to work and it was my day off while the k**s were at school) i called her in for some tea and that is quite normal thing for us to do. The TV was on and while i went to get the tea she was watching the Tv and also looking at the new DVD system. I got the tea and sh… Read more

Posted by tomm09 5 years ago 954 80%

Did She Deserve This


She knew she was in over her head. As much as she trusted him she was now bound, gagged and blindfolded and lying stomach down on the bed. She cringed as she thought about the view she was presenting. He had tied her legs to either end of the posts at the end of the bed, her hands tied together above her head. So, she knew she was presenting a full and unadulterated view of her huge arse, legs spread apart so her glistening pussy lips were probably on view too. Yes, glistening lips. Despite her fear and embarrassment it was plainly evident she was heavily turned on – she was soaking wet and th… Read more

Posted by ukboy07 5 years ago 5 1,740 82%

Watched by the neighbors


So we live up on the 14th floor. We are on the corner of the building, so that our neighbors balcony extends several feet out, allowing us to see it easily from our bed. Then these cute pothead girls moved in next door. You could always hear them through the walls fucking all kinds of guys (who'd usually leave promptly after), one time even in front of her friend. I listened through the wall and kept hearing her friend sounding awkward as some guy convinced her to fuck right then. So one night I wait for it to get dark outside, and make sure all the lights are on in our room, includin… Read more

Posted by Holy315 5 years ago 1 3,365 73%

Hard & Sweety black passenger of me

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

To read quietly in time You have highlighted the dark side of my sexuality, released my tensions physical but also psychological. As if abandoning you in my arms (even if it is not totally), you pumped me all my frustrations, repressions and unsaid ... A kind of "reset" or "reboot" mental. I want to welcome you with softness ... We begin by taking a shower together, it's time to share some initial hugs, kisses linger on our hot, little by little, without abruptness ... Soaping each other, our tongues discover our mouths and our hands linger near some areas and sometimes graze ... Greedy,… Read more

Posted by black-puma 5 years ago 785 70%

Gloryhole first timer

Group Sex

It all started this past Thursday on my lunch hour. I was feeling especially girly that day and I decided to make a detour to my favorite little adult bookstore/lingerie store. I walked in and slowly browsed around, looking at the lingerie and dresses, just enjoying the feel of all the different fabrics and the unique, incredibly sexy smell that is a combination of stripper perfume and sex toys, with just a hint of dirty old man thrown in. There is nothing hotter than that smell. Well, almost nothing – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I picked out a cute little… Read more

Posted by cocksucker1966 5 years ago 15 4,863 90%