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Recent business trip (True story)


This week I was at an upscale hotel I frequently travel to. I got back to my room at about 11:00PM after a work dinner. There was knock at what I thought was my the door. When I went to look through the peephole. It was actually a woman knocking on the door right next to my room. She was dressed like a business woman. Tall, great shape, attractive. My room had a door that opens to their room I guess if someone wanted a two room suite. I could hear them pretty clearly. They were chatting about work so I went to watch tv again on my bed. I just assumed they were from the same company since they… Read more

Posted by hunknhot 4 years ago 2,362 75%

Thanksgiving with my ex and her girlfriend

AnalGroup SexMasturbation

I was invited over to my ex wife and her girlfriends house for thanksgiving , I asked if I should bring anything and was told nope we have everything here . figuring there would be some hot kinky sex after dinner I wore my Tuxedo g-string and my long black coat and nothing else . when I arrived at her house upon entering my ex's g/f said can i take your coat ? I said sure and I dressed for the occasion ... I took off my coat and she noticed my thong right away and said I love it , she called my ex in who said well sir I guess we are over dressed . she said get yourself a beer and we'll got get… Read more

Posted by peterpuffer 4 years ago 2 1,807 84%

Playing Doctor

First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

This is not my story, I found it online and wanted to share. Enjoy! My s****r and I had always had a great relationship. I was the younger "protective" b*****r and she was the older "troubled" c***d that always had me on my toes. You see my s****r and I were the only ones we could count on after my dad died in a plane accident. My mother was a local gynecologist, and always busy with patients and rarely at home. So that left my s****r and I with a lot of time together to talk and lounge around until mom's arrival. One afternoon, Amy confided to me that she thought about sex all the time… Read more

Posted by gladi8tor1000 4 years ago 6 19,500 98%


First TimeGay Male

I have always been bi-curious but never did anything about it! I was 24 and my first wife had just left me to go back home to momma again! It was a weekend saturday night and my buddy Steve had called do I want to hang out and have a few beers? I said "sure why not!" He came over with a couple of six packs and after a few we were hanging out in the kitchen just bullshitting at the table and he began to complain about his back how it was stiff and killing him! I told him I could give a back massage if he wanted no big deal I did it all the time for her why not him? " What the hell" he said I… Read more

Posted by laceysgirl 4 years ago 10 2,099 97%

Morning has broken pt 2 mother and elder s****r


My continued sex with jenny's(my girlfiend)younger s****r Susan was awsome most weekends and the odd day when I was passing she couldnt get enough of my dick. We had a f****y gathering where her elder s****r Sally who was a cock hungry nympho was going to be there, we arrived and the house was filling nicely as the evening carried on I got talking to sally,she was pissed and said she would love to suck my cock. We went out side and she grabbed my cock through my trousers it was a big buldge she wet her lips and knelt down,and unzipped my as she pullled my cock out she said it was huge and s… Read more

Posted by rodma 4 years ago 1 1,841 44%

Thanksgiving Day

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

After getting the sheets changed on my bed, I took a shower got my makeup on and my hair pulled up in a ponytail. In my dresser I pull out a black corset with no bra covering, just the wires to hold me up and my nipples to be erect all day. The corset laced up the front and had a few snaps in the crotch. I then put on my black leather minis skirt and my black sheer button down shirt. I found my black heels by the steps, but not until I found my thigh hi hose with the seam down the back. Brian likes them on me, he says I look totally sexy in them. When I get to the top of the steps, B… Read more

Posted by loloishorny 4 years ago 1 1,362 81%

THAT SUNDAY (a lesbian tale)

Interracial SexLesbian SexMature

THAT SUNDAY The car stopped at the usual place, alongside the narrow sidewalk, and next to the fire hydrant. It didn’t matter. Louisa wasn’t staying long. “Did they give the signal ?”, asked Louisa nervously “Yes they did”, answered Jenny, “as soon as we arrived”. “They must have been watching from the window”, stated Louisa “Yes…they must have been”, Jenny sighed loudly. “It’s just that I don’t like you going there on your own…you never know”, said the older woman. “It’s been going on for years now and nothing has happened”, said Jenny calmly. “But it’s just that you’re alone”, contin… Read more

Posted by mib14 4 years ago 3 1,163 89%

sweet revenge due to social networks

AnalCelebritiesSex Humor

It was right before the hoildays of 2011 and my wife and I separtated. Feeling lonely and down due to the fact my wife was like i'll never get anyone that looks as good as her and put it on me the way she can which I thought due to the fact my wife on a off day is like a 8 and when she on a 10 and the sex is straight crazy. So feeling bad im on the phone with my b*****r and he's like go on a social site and look for old friends and get out im like please that shit dont work hes like you always find out how much someone wanted to fuck your brains out years later. So i'm like i'll try this so I… Read more

Posted by sparks1110 4 years ago 1 2,143 95%

Carole's Hairy Cunt and the League Table Chal

AnalInterracial SexVoyeur

See the photos that go with this story at “Carole’s hairy cunt and the League Table challenge” My friend Marie got a job in the Netherlands and invited me to join her and share her bedsit. That’s when the slutty behaviour really got into top gear. One game we regularly played was our League Table Challenge. We’d keep a log of all the guys we fucked in a chosen week and the highest tally would win the game. To ensure no fibbing we had to take a Polaroid photo of the guy as proof of the encounter. I always won. However, that might be because I cheated! Finding two guys (or more) to f… Read more

Posted by CaroleX 4 years ago 10 1,988 87%

Simpsons Father and Son Camp Bonding

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

As Bart loaded his bag, in the car, he couldn’t help but complain again. He didn’t want to be up so early, didn’t want to go camping and certainly didn’t want to go there alone with his father for a whole day and night. He couldn’t blame Homer however. It wasn’t his idea after all, it was his mom’s. “Please Bart, do it for me,” she had said with her pleading eyes, the ones which no son could resist but agree to. Homer had complained as well and Marge had dealt with him as well. It was ironic that the camping idea was meant for father and son to bond, when the o… Read more

Posted by Metalotical 4 years ago 7 4,334 94%

my first sex part 3

First TimeMature

after we had lots sex with each other,,, and every time we had sex it was great,,, once again ,, the house was empty ,, i ordered her to get naked,, and have sex ,,, she was great as usual ,, good smelling ,, nice belly,, big round dark nipples.. i laid down on bed ,, she took my boxers off by her teeth,,, she was hungry for sex,, she sucked my dick so deeply ,, my balls,, she put both of them in her mouth and sucked them .. sucked my ass too.,.. we made the 69 position... i sucked her wet warm pussy till my tongue was sore i fingered her ass,,, with my two middle fingers ,, she… Read more

Posted by the_chef 4 years ago 1 936 100%

The Neighbors 18 yr old Nasty Daughters Fantasy Cu

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

How many of you have had the hots for the next door neighbors teen daughter? Be honest!!! I know I have, yet I thought it went un-noticed. I would do little things to get close to her, like work on her car... yet made sure no one suspected my desires. One of the little naughty things I would do is block off my deck from the neighbors vision, from the ground, so that I could sunbathe in the nude... all the time knowing that from her bedroom window on the second floor, she could see me anytime she wanted to. She never made a pass, or let me know if she ever watched me, for a couple years, until… Read more

Posted by curious2view 4 years ago 12 5,681 90%

Harry Potter and Hermonie

First TimeHardcoreMasturbation

The night was once again late. Ron had gone to bed like always and avoided Hermonie like the plague. Harry looked up from his Herb Homework and spotted Hermonie’s skirt, up farther then it should be. No panties were where they should have been. Harry, who had only dreamed of these moments from Wizard porn, was most interfered. He looked at Hemonies face and saw she was caught up in Runes for Experts. This was for her class tomorrow. It was about midnight and Hermonie was wide awake. He began to become boring with his book, anti-dark magic for young minds. He needed to study for tomorrows test… Read more

Posted by Metalotical 4 years ago 2 2,478 90%



Driving the other day when I saw a woman splashed by a big truck in front. It had been raining hard and as usual the drains hadn't coped leaving the gutters and roads with lots of standing water. She was drenched from head to foot so I over to see if I could help. I got out of my van just as another truck went past giving me a soaking as well as giving the woman another good splash as well and to top it all it started pissing down with rain again. "Can I help, offer you a lift somewhere?" I asked. "I live the other side of the city and there isn't another bus for an hour" she said, tears or… Read more

Posted by stupot61 4 years ago 7 2,774 34%

A gentle old lady part 1


My very first sexual encounter was with a mature woman, she was my moms and my beautician. I went to her place for a treatment on a bi-monthly basis and that way I got to know her very well. When she got fired from her job, she started to treat me and my mom in her livingroom. Due to the lack of professional beauticians furniture, I always had to lay down on her couch. And this is the part where it all really began. Back then I was just xx years of age and I never ever had sex before. I stept into her linvingroom and lay down on the couch, it was a horribly hot summer and I was wearing thi… Read more

Posted by letmetellyouastory 4 years ago 4 4,112 42%

My s****r inlaw First Time

First TimeTaboo

The names have been changed to protect the innocent. June is a blonde, 5' 6" 38D still in good shape inspite of her age which will remain a secret. I have always wanted to fuck her but never thought she would be interested. How wrong could I be. It all started when I was giving her the usual greeting peck on the cheek. However, this day I pressed close to her right tit so I felt it press against my chest. Since that day she seemed to treat me differently, I liked that. One day I had to give June a lift to her bowls and as she got out of the car she said "I nearly kissed you when yo… Read more

Posted by bigyin4u777 4 years ago 8 5,589 78%

Wife Caught With Boss Turns Into Threesome, Final

Group SexMasturbationVoyeur

I still could not believe I was looking at my wife playing with another man's cock. I licked two of my fingers and slowly slid them as far as they would go into her inviting cunt, then I curled them slightly and started to massage her g spot very slowly, I knew she loved this and that it would drive her wild. Dave's cock was now fully erect again, my wife was slowly twisting and rubbing the shaft, he had a look of sheer pleasure on his face. I stopped rubbing my wife's g spot and started to finger fuck her, slowly at first, building up the rhythm to a smooth pace, she took one hand away… Read more

Posted by dekb 4 years ago 2,652 92%

Nina Black's Husband John

Interracial Sex

Does anyone remember the sexy Texas blonde, from the 98-2001 period named Nina Black? There are several great videos of her posted here on Xhamster in the interracial and cuckold section. The following is a narrative of a series of incidents, as were related in a communication from her husband John, back around 2001, 2002 time period.Please note that this is condensed from the original and from my recollection of the communication. John stated that he had encouraged Nina to have sex with black men and as shown Nina Fucks BBC in Hotel #2, things were quite successful. Things took a change wh… Read more

Posted by blkdksuckr 4 years ago 4 2,007 75%

My really hairy ex...


Today I am meeting and, all being well, will be going out with my extremely hairy ex-g/f I knew Carolyn from the time she was at primary and I met her again when she was almost 16 when I literally bumped into her one day as she was coming out of our local tattoo & body piercing parlour, so I asked her what she had been doing in there, and she said she had just had both nipples and her pussy flaps pierced, one 1/4 inch ring in each outer flap and one 1/4 inch ring in each inner flap, making four in total, and a 1/4 inch ring through each nipple of her really nice size 36B tits, then she took g… Read more

Posted by hairyladieslover 4 years ago 3 1,057 94%

My personal touch...


All of my BDSM 'toys' have arrived and I have been trying them out already. I have used the paddles on ALL the ladies arses (50 smacks) and their tits (also 50 smacks) and their skin comes up really red, especially their arse cheeks but watching the girls tits jump around as a smack them hard with the paddles or belts, is truly amazing. The ladies can choose how I am going to smack their tits; Standing up and leaning well forward from the waist, clasping their hands behind their heads, to make their tits hang away from their chests so that I can get a really hard smack at them, either on th… Read more

Posted by hairyladieslover 4 years ago 2 538 87%