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It was nearly a month before Lisa returned, it had been a sad month for her, attending the passing of her beloved Titch, the inevitable funeral, the breaking up of her once happy home, clearing all the debts, paperwork, memories and so on that come with the end of a marriage and a life.
Amongst the things she kept were Titch’s van, not an old machine, it had been his pride and joy, and she packed into it her most precious possessions. Finally, the day came when she handed the keys to the crusty old estate manager, put the Alsatian on a short lead on the passenger seat and set off for Jay`s cottage
She finally arrived after a long, very wet drive just as Jay arrived home, they hugged, put the a****l in its new run, and locked the van for the night just taking in the barest essentials. Pam had fires going in either house, so they were soon in dry clothes and next door for the inevitable brew and meal, it was as if she had never been away, the dog, Jays sheep-dog curled up by the warm stove the huge table, and the meal smelling delicious and tasting better, her spirits rose, here was her new life, new home, new partner, and they came complete with wonderful sex-mad neighbours.
They fetched in the Alsatian, at Pam`s request Lisa introducing him as ‘Russel,’ Joe and Pam making a fuss of their new pet, introducing him to Jays own dog so it could acclimatise with Pam, Joe and the older dog, which after the usual who`s the leader in the pecking order growls, settled together in front of the Agga, happy to both be in in the warm.
They adults spent the evening talking, swilling tea, and generally catching up, till it was time for bed.
The old dog was reluctant to leave the fireside warmth having thought of it as its own, but once next- door he collapsed in front of what he would come to regard as his home territory.
The inevitable gentle sex session ensued between Lisa and Jay, nothing more though than ‘welcome’ and ‘I`ve missed you’ sex, simple urgent and intense… they were soon asleep overcome with the day`s events
Lisa had a late start, Jay having left her to sleep, she spent practically the whole time unloading the van and settling in...
Over the evening meal, it was decided that realistically, sex as a group, weekdays, was a non-starter and was to be confined to weekends, Pam suggested that she always cooked the main meals, which was quickly adopted, her being the best cook in the area Lisa sharing the other domestic duties. And looking after the a****ls, hens etc. so it wasn’t till the following Saturday that other than what was termed “vanilla sex” was attempted, and then it didn’t start till the work was finished.
They made up with it on that first Saturday, Though the a****ls still needing feeding, and checking each day regardless, though on Saturdays that was done after breakfast. The two men had finished their duties by mid-morning, and they were on their way homeward when a shambling figure appeared from the woodland path, shotgun under arm, wandering along with a couple of brace of plump rabbits hung from his paw. It was Mellors the old gamekeeper, dog at heel, he and Julie lived up in the woodland near the ½ acre copse that edged the estate forest. He and his wife Julie had been regarded by some to be sex mad in their school days, and were rather reclusive, but then why not most, gamekeepers are reclusive it goes with the job.
The old lad greeted them warmly and they stood chatting about this and that as folk do, Oliver, the keeper, remarking that Jay, he had seen that he had a new woman, Gamekeepers miss nothing, and Mr Oliver Mellors, was a gamekeeper through and through!
Jay grinned and told him the lady “was staying for a while, that she had just lost her husband and her name was Lisa, Joe`s, Pam`s niece!” the old chap laughed scratching his head, his cap in hand and said grinning; “that he was sorry to hear of the loss to one so attractive, and, if Jay couldn’t keep up with this one he would be happy to help out as she was a cumley lass!” (which here about`s was thought to be a great compliment…)
Jay grinned from ear to ear saying “only if your Julie was willing to swap otherwise he could manage with a bit of help from old Joe, which was greeted with a very broad grin by Joe and a chuckle from Oliver, whose wife, the all knew, was thought locally to be a mature stunner, and on very man in the local area`s wish list!
Oliver grinning said that “he would think that over!”
The old boy gave them a brace of rabbits apiece saying the place was overrun this year and they said their goodbyes, the gamekeeper wandering back into the woodland he was so at one with, shaking his head and chuckling as he mused about Jays thoughts being of his beloved Julie, and swapping!
The men appeared at the kitchen door hanging the bunnies in the porch and once the boots and coats were off dumping themselves in the nearest seats in the warm kitchen, as Lisa poured them tea.
After the usual pleasantries, Jay mentioned the rabbits and their source, and at the mention of the little gamekeepers name a fleeting smile flitted across Pam`s face, a joyful if embarrassing memory of her past perhaps. It was not lost on either man, especially Joe who began to grin as she, to cover her blushes said, “Oh, Old Oliver, erm did he say how Julie was I`ve not seen her for a while, not since the lambing ale!”
This of course was true, both Oliver and Julie had been in the pub that night, but Joe knew in his heart of hearts that there was something more, something his wife was not revealing!
The moment passed, and Jay rumbled on about his beloved sheep for a moment or two, his favourite subject it seemed. Lisa sat on his knee and kissed him deep and long to shut him up, then as he drew breath said, “sod sheep its Saturday. Pam and I have been waiting to be screwed you both and the best you can do is chatter about your precious ram, wake up and smell the coffee, and that goes for both of you!”
It was enough, laughing Jay slid his hand up her skirt, and then complained of the damp! Which brought forth a chuckle from Joe and a blush from Lisa.
Joe then said perhaps weekends only was a frustrating way to go on why didn’t the women swap beds occasionally during the weekdays, just for a little variety, which was met with nods from this workmate and a playful clout from Pam who muttered playfully “am I not enough for you then?” to which he was quick to reply with a broad grin that “he was thinking of her as he thought Jay tired easily!” which earned him a swift and playful poke on the shoulder and the comment “that will be the day he`s younger than you…” Lisa, being Lisa grinning said “perhaps that’s not such a bad idea Pam, if we slept together…you and I might get some sleep” Jay began to say that was not the idea when he realised she was pulling his leg, so instead he just stood up, allowing Lisa to slip from his knees onto the floor in a most undignified heap, and grabbing Pam in a lust filled kiss, which was returned equally boldly.
Joe meanwhile chuckling at Lisa and going to her aid, in a most gentlemanly way attempting to aid her to her feet by a ’hand`s everywhere’ lift that said he wanted more than he had had so far, this morning. It was the start of a playful bout of caresses that had Joe being pulled down by Lisa to collapse onto the floor in front of the agga, on the old hearthrug, to the disgust and disapproval of the two displaced dogs!
Pam and Jay sat on the end of the big old table her arms round his neck as he stood twix her knees their lips welded together and their hands inside each-others clothing like a pair of experimental teen-agers. That Joe was in his 50`s and Lisa 20 years his junior seemed not to feature in the equation one jot, they were young again for now, at least in the mind. For Joe this girl giving him her body so freely made him feel he was Errol Flynn, Casenover, and Omar Sharif rolled into one! That his wife was rolling against the table with another man was one of those fantasies most married men have dreamed of, at least at some point. And that things were so open, and above board, meant their sacred vows of marriage and trust, for them were still undamaged, which added to the feeling of things being perfect!
Clothing began to be shed, hands roaming to more intimate places, tongues slavering at nipples, necks being chewed, ears nibbled, groans, moans and grunts each sound echoing loudly round the room. Fingers delving into wet crevices, urgent hands gripping hold of stiff tools, more groans. Then that ecstatic bucking ride began, hips jerking arms flailing, gasping and groaning, ooh`s and arr`s, in rhythm, then first Pam then Lisa hitting the bell together, eyes rolling breath in gasps, hips lifting as if to force more of their respective partners further into their bodies, fingernails digging into fleshy shoulders, as the men filled their bellies…
Then it was over, silence bar the heavy breathing, hips sagging to the hard floor or table, arms falling to their sides, limply now. The men collapsing onto each partner, breath being sucked into chests to restore normality.
Pam was first to speak as Jay rolled from her, “WoW” was all she managed, then she kissed her younger lover and once more repeated…wow!
They lay basking in front of the agga, the other pair falling, collapsed in the rocker, no one having energy to do more than lay quietly absorbing the vibes of the last few minutes. Pam resting up on her elbows surveying the scene with a euphoric grin.
It was Russel the Alsatian, who slid his cold nose and hot tongue towards the now dribbling sex of Pam, she looked at Lisa wistfully and the younger woman laughed, then snapped her fingers and called “Jeronimo” The dog leapt forward at the single command Titch had taught him, triggering the ultimate reaction of a sex-mad a****l. He began to lap at Pam fast and furiously, attempting to clean every tiny trace of Jays seed from the fast becoming re -aroused woman. Her head fell back her eyes closing as she allowed the great b**st access to her body by opening her legs wider for him.
Not to be outdone the older sheep dog approached Lisa, sat as she was on Joes lap,
She stood, motioning Jay to a chair then taking his place on all fours on the hearthrug she waited patiently for the old dog to mount her. for the men it was a spectator sport,
Pam rolled over and side by side the two a****ls began to hump at the women, each at a different pace and stance, the older dog sweating heavily as his hips pistoning rapidly at his bitch, his rear feet barely touching the floor, while the much bigger Alsatian had his hind feet firmly planted, his back arched and his forelegs wrapped tight round the naked woman, taking her more slowly, deeply, more self-assuredly.
Both women were gasping pam even grunting as each thrust forced the wind from her, the smaller dog knotting himself to Lisa and slowing his pace while now balancing on her back slumped as he pumped his hot seed deep into her body. Pam too felt the giant knot begin to swell blocking the escape of any of his exceedingly hot jet that had begun to fill her womb. The knot was swelling, expanding in her painfully, his foot scrabbled on her back as he swung himself over her to stand, but to but, the sensation of him turning in her body strange and exciting, his long tail lashing her back like a soft brush occasionally, while he continued to flood her gut with hot seed, her belly distended now as he pumped more and more deep into her ballooning, and stretching her in a way she would have thought impossible before.
The smaller a****l dismounted, cum spewing from the now unplugged cavity and Lisa relieved of his weight, falling on her side to watch her aunt in an agony of sexual pain such as she had never endured before, the unconcerned ‘Russel’ standing patiently waiting his knot to shrink and his release from this attractive prison.,
He tried to step away, hauling the woman after him but nothing loosened, again he tried a step, with the same result but accompanied by an involuntary grunt of pain from the impaled and very full woman, the on the third attempt the livid purple red tool tore free. Pam fell forward and doggy cum splashed to the rug and the tiled floor in a positive spray.
Both a****ls now wandered away to clean themselves, ‘Russel’ under the table and the older dog behind the armchair, both women collapsed into one-another’s arms on the floor, smiling as they drained themselves, while kissing each-other, in a trancelike moment of total bliss… stunned the two men sat tools in hand both having climaxed during some stage of the performance, though neither could have told you when precisely.
It took some time to get back to reality, each participant dazed in his or her own way pam feeling fairly shocked and bruised, internally and finding her sides were scratched due to the rough pawing of her midriff by the savage grip of the big a****l. It took a while to clean up, doggy -cum is like oil, a little goes a long way!
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Very hot story, it got me turned on.
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Great story Eddy, i hope their are many more episodes or even volumes.
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