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I met Julie when she was a young lass of 17, Julie was and still is in my eyes a stunner, five-foot six tall long blonde hairs, and the most beautiful blue eyes that a man could drown in. She was about a size 12 with a magnificent pair of 38 EE/F tits and was apparently very popular at school.
I was not the first young man to have succumbed to her charm`s but she has always been faithful to me since we were an item, though she was always eager to play with others when we were in a group or 3\4 some situations, which of course made her a fantastic partner and lover.
We both belive partnerships and marriage is based on trust and someone a man could trust 100% which I do I appreciate more than I can say.
Shortly after we were engaged Julie told of her previous liaisons saying that from me she had nothing to hide nor would she ever hide anything from me.
Amongst it all she told me about when she and her best friend Helen (who still is her best friend accidentally) were 13or14 they got interested in boys, neither knew how to kiss other than a quick family peck, but they had watched films etc and knew there was more to the art, so they practised kissing each other! To this day Julie says no man can kiss like a woman and my beloved Julie and Helen still have a snog today, all these years later!
Now, I had been courting Julie for 3 or perhaps 4 months when she gave me a blowjob, nowadays that’s not unusual, getting a bj, but believe me it was something quite rare in the late 60's!
She gave me a bj and then swallowed my load without any complaints and that was even rarer in those days. I said Julie, “that was wonderful that's the first bj I`ve had when the girl has swallowed my load, thank you it’s a great compliment!” Her reply was “Why don't all girls swallow?” She explained that the 1st time she ever gave a bj was when she was 16, to Farm owners married 40year old brother, he had got her tipsy one night and got her to suck him off, when he came in her mouth and she started to spit it out he told her don't do that all girls swallow, its good manners, and it`s good for you, all girls swallow! So, she has swallowed ever since I am pleased to say!
After we married money was tight as we Keepers didn't have a big wage and I was a very junior keeper at that, it was 7 days a week job, it still is, days off were more precious than gold belive me. (to be a true and honest Keeper, in reality it isn't a job, it`s a vocation, a way of life 24/7/365)
Anyway, my father had a small repair garage and sold the odd second-hand car, one of the older guys had a nice Triton motorcycle (a Triumph Bonneville engine and a Norton feather-bed frame) it had a Westlake tuned engine and was a right monster in its day. The owner had knocked up his girlfriend and needed a car, so dad and he did a deal on an old Escort and Dad god bless him, presented me with the Triton. So, on the few days out we had, we made the most of it and usually with a bunch of friends with my pretty wife on the pillion off we would go somewhere to the seaside, or wherever.
Julie and I managed a day off it was a hot day in August if I remember, we set off for Skegness with our friends, four like-minded couples on our bikes. It was at the time when mini-skirts started to become fashion, (and tights, UGH were sadly beginning to appear), but they were so expensive. Julie donned here Sky-blue jeans and carried a skirt to change into when we got there,
We arrived in our destination and the girls all went into the toilets to change from jeans to skirts and when they came out Julie was looking a little forlorn. The other 3 girls had the latest mini's on and Julie was wearing a knee length flared skirt, she was a bit upset, but I gave her a kiss and a cuddle, told her she looked gorgeous whatever she wore and off we all went around the Town. We had a couple of beers and then decided to go to the funfair. We went on the usual rides Big Dipper, waltzer, dodgems etc. then we saw the attraction, I don't remember what it was called, it was a rickety house with all sorts of different obstacles etc. inside. As we were coming outside we crossed over a grate, and as you passed over it, a blast of air shot up and blew the girls dresses up for the folks standing around. As Julie crossed it she squealed and deliberately stood still over it, she loved it standing there showing everyone her stockings and suspenders. I said that “ I told you were gorgeous, you couldn't have put a show on like that wearing a mini!” she said she ”felt so sexy flashing to anyone who wanted to look and was going to go on again later but next time she would take her knickers off!” alas we got and she didn’t have chance too and he didn't go on again.
It was on one of this trip that because I didn't get many days off and we wanted to make the best of it, we decided on the return trip, to stop off. Alan, one of our friends suggested we should stop off at Clumber Park which is a huge woodland park near to Worksop in Nottinghamshire, which seemed good to us all. it took us only just over an hour and we were soon parked up in one of grassy knolls that Clumber was known for. Julie was still on a buzz from the amusement escapade and changed back into her skirt. All the guys were whistling at her as she dropped her jeans and pulled it on. Alan, who was one of Julie's ex-lovers was snogging away with Helen his latest who was Julies best friend. Julie and I were kissing and cuddling when she suddenly put her hand in my fly and pulled out my already hard cock.
As I looked over to Alan I could see Helen sucking him off, looking round the other pair were all in some form of sexual activity, So I nodded to Julie and off she went straight into top gear. The next thing I know is Julie moaning as she blew me off, I looked down to see Helens hand up Julies skirt, she was fingering Julie while sucking Alan off.
This became too much for me and I started to shoot my load this must have started Alan off as he screamed that he was coming too, just seconds after me. Julie and Helen both burst out laughing and moved together and started kissing each other, proper snogging swapping spunk between themselves. Julie had already told me that her and Helen had practised kissing when they were younger, but this was the first time I had seen her kiss another girl. Watching these two kept me rock hard and I just had to mount her and give her the fucking she had earnt. As we moved positions we looked to see Alan and Helen had joined the other two couples and they looked to be having a right old orgy, if it moved lick it, suck it or fuck it. Julie and I just carried on not fucking, just making love Julie had her orgasm, nothing noisy but very emotional and I exploded deep into her belly. We sat together kissing and cuddling each other as the other couples finished off their marathon.
We set off home happy and loved every minute of the day and Julie left her skirt on to let some other lucky soul see what was mine, it had been a fantastic trip.

Published by alibodge
11 months ago
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great story
8 months ago
Clumber park is still a great venuee for dogging! Great post
9 months ago
Well written Eddy, hope their is more to come.
11 months ago
ah reminds me of my youth racing my Triton around with a hot horny girl on pillion,

great read keep them coming !!!!!!!
11 months ago
Very fucking lucky man.
11 months ago