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The uncovering. Pt.1

AnalGroup SexHardcore

Chinese. Brown hiligts 5'-4" Skinny and dicate frame Size 0 Perky titties Has only dated white or native Cock worshiper You wouldnt know she was such a slut. Quiet, shy chinese girl. It started when she when she wanted to break up. There were k**s involved. She said she wanted to be single again to break the ice one night. Iater found out she was rekindling a c***dhood relationship online and looking for any excuse. I buckled down and won her back. Among other efforts i proposed to her that she be free to enjoy anything she wanted incliding other men if she kept… Read more

Posted by tomgoose 11 days ago 1,109 100%

First Time Watching - Part One

First TimeVoyeur

This story takes place back in 1999. The internet was just starting to really take off. Cell phones were gaining popularity, but they weren't smartphones yet. A lot of the porn sites weren't free yet. I had joined an adult website that found friends, I am sure that you can name the site if you were on the internet back then. I was "looking for" just a woman for casual sex and potentially more. I was 20 years old and extremely horny around the clock. One night while I was watching porn and enjoying myself I received a message from the site I was a member of. It was from a woman who lived locall… Read more

Posted by jay_luvs_bigtits 11 days ago 1 5,719 90%

The Replacement Maid. Ch.01.

Lesbian SexBDSM

I was cursing the stupid bitch. I’d had no choice but to fire her but now I was left with no maid. In so many ways I was sorry to see her go but one does have to draw the line. When one employs a maid one expects a small amount of petty pilfering, the occasional bar of expensive soap, the odd item of clothing. For the most part one accepts it, ignores it and moves one. But not very expensive items of jewellery. It was a few days ago that I had noticed my gold and diamond pendant had gone missing. I was immediately suspicious of the only person who had access to it. A friend had set up a camera… Read more

Posted by Mistress_Christine 11 days ago 5,576 87%

Erotic Education 7: Naughty Neighbours

BDSMFirst TimeVoyeur

Nice new neighbours are at least as naughty and horny as we, I notice with Chrissy when we check them out. Nice naughty mighty moans and sexy sighs I hear at my far side of the plot, surely some new number going on! Nice new occasion for the erotic education of our girls, so I signal them to come with me & be very silent indeed. Nice naughty nubile neighbour lays at her back, half outside her tiny tent, long legs wide-spread, love lips licked. Naughty neighbours interesting intimacies have only just begon, the moment she explodes, her br0 shows up! Naughty neighbour is visibly as exc… Read more

Posted by Poet-PETER 11 days ago 3 40,466 50%

Driving Miss Winter

CelebritiesSex Humor

A little while ago I received a phone call off my boss saying that my car had been hired for a weekend. This means I'm driving what normally turns out to be some rich k**s about from party to party. Not a bad gig I suppose. I pull up to a very plush hotel and wait outside as instructed. It's the middle of the day and a young couple head my way. The lad confirms this is their car and he hops in. Being a gentleman I jump out and open the driver side rear door. I open the door for what I could only assume is his girlfriend. She's got jet black hair. Sunglasses that almost cover her face and… Read more

Posted by Celeb_Lover_14 11 days ago 3 5,149 100%

Mark's story

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

“Mark, can you come in here, and look at this computer?” Shit! “I’ll be a few minutes mom, erm just finishing my homework”. Her white silky panties were wrapped tightly around my cock, I was close to cumming and just needed another couple of minutes. “Ok, but hurry up please” Fuck, hopefully she hadn’t discovered the porn I had saved on the laptop. I could feel a burst of adrenalin rushing through my body, adding to the building sexual excitement. My hand slipped up and down my hard shaft speeding up, the soft satin material of my mom’s panties acting like a lubricant, as I gripped a littl… Read more

Posted by trindriver121 11 days ago 5 14,795 92%

How I be came a whore

First Time

My name is Lynn and I am a whitewhoreslut for my man I met him 8 years ago we went out and had lots of fun dancing than he took me to a hotel and when we got to the room he told me to drop my dress so I did he like what he saw we got into bed and we fuck all night he pounded my cunt hard several times and filled my cunt full of cum in the morning I wanted more cock so I started sucking his cock he said wait hon I have a surprise for you so I said ok I went to take a shower and when I got out I started getting dress he said dont not yet I want you to lay on the bed so I did I felt my pussy was… Read more

Posted by sexiewoman 11 days ago 5,056 83%

My Wife got blacked # 3, My Toy Boy sex

Interracial Sex

Well after all this time I cand finally give the update on my young Toy boy, he was actually 18, and called Ibrahim, not Josh, simply because he did not like his real name! So I will call him Ibrahim ok! I finally received another note through my post box asking me to meet him at a certain local bar, which I knew about and had visited in the past, a lot of coloureds hang about the Rest!! about 10 minute taxi ride from my home. The meeting was to be three days after I found the note, this time I let my hubby know I had received an invitation, I also showed him the original note, So he as… Read more

Posted by 2BBC4wife 11 days ago 1 2,263 80%

The Viagra Incedent

AnalGay MaleSex Humor

The Viagra incident – just a quick little story. After Jack and I were together for about five years, he started having some little problems with staying hard. To be honest, I wasn’t worried because it gave me a little break from time to time. My dear Jack could have a tendency to leave me with a pretty raw cunt some nights. I was getting more than enough sex as it was. He went to see a doctor friend who fixed him up with a bag of Viagra samples then, he told me about it. The doctor had given him a supply of different dosages, allowing him to experiment. At first, I was all for it. We w… Read more

Posted by swat412 11 days ago 7 4,309 86%

My Step-Sister - Part 3

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

Mss pt3 My step-sister Chrissy and I started fooling around with each other senior year (see parts 1 and 2). I had masturbated for her then we both masturbated in front of each other. Friday evening we have dinner with my mom and Chrissy’s dad to discuss weekend plans. Then the ‘rents went out to see some band we had never heard of. Chrissy and I had the house to ourselves. We decided to watch a movie on our parents new VCR. We watched An Officer And a Gentleman and got kinda fired up. As we were watching the movie, we were fooling around. We were both wearing athletic shorts and t-shir… Read more

Posted by MassMan669 11 days ago 2 6,862 100%

Leah Jane: Back On Top


"He's been in there for ages" typed Leah Jane to someone online, then on hearing the kettle boil, added "Ah, here he comes now". Moments later Mani appeared, and placed a coffee in front of her... "Ya alright babe..?" "Yeah I'm good, just talking with a friend"... "You took your time, I was starting to think you must've dozed off in the bath.?" "Hahaha, no luv, it just takes a while to get it right, that's all". "Oh yeah, and what's that then..?" "You know, just a bit of personal grooming"... Mani knew his comment would get her attention and true to form, Leah Jane's eyes… Read more

Posted by johntarquinagain 11 days ago 633

Die Antwort an: Phil! - Teil 1

HardcoreGay Male

Nachdem ich die Frage "Was würdest du gerne mit mir machen?" bei einem User hier gelesen habe, fing ich an die nun folgenden Zeilen zu schreiben, denn als ich seine Bilder kommentierte und er mir selbst meine Bilder kommentiert hat, wurde ich mit der Zeit immer offener und das macht Spaß. Immer noch dankbar dafür, dass er mich soweit gebracht hat, und mit der Einverständnis seinerseits, diese Worte zu veröffentlichen stelle ich diese Story nun rein ;) Ich muss allerdings anmerken, dass diese Story nur mit dem Thema Sex zu tun hat, wer was anderes lesen möchte, sollte sich bitte anderweitig u… Read more

Posted by chris8608 11 days ago 1 483 100%

Lust or Love?? ... you be the judge.


Romance. A feeling of mystery? The sense of excitement? The promise of love? Survey a thousand people and ask what romance means to them and you'll hear a thousand different similes. Is romance a medieval tale based on legend? Chivalric love and adventure, ethereal or the supernatural? Perhaps a prose narrative treating imaginary characters involved in events remote in time or place and usually heroic, adventurous, or mysterious? Could romance merely be a love story especially in the form of a novel? Is it a class of literature?… Read more

Posted by SunitLive 11 days ago 1,648 50%

At Breanna's Insistence


It has been a while...sorry about that. Sometimes life interferes. Anyway, I had a lot of fun writing this story and I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think. As always, this is a work of fiction and the characters are imaginary, existing only within the confines of the story and my imagination. Enjoy! * It felt fairly strange to be back in college after nearly thirty years. Sitting amidst all those young graduate students made me feel a bit old, even though I was only fifty-one years old. Still, I was enjoy… Read more

Posted by SunitLive 11 days ago 2 3,185 93%

Anything You Want


Dateline: November 2012; Bobcaygeon, ON. Disclaimer: You must be over fifty to read this material. This story contains descriptions of graphic sex between consenting older adults. If you're looking for the twenty-something stuff, this is probably not for you. Otherwise, enjoy! ;-) E. This story is dedicated to my stunningly beautiful wife, who turns me on like no other woman ever has. We schedule 'date nights' at least once a month - more often when we can - and usually have some sort of theme for the afternoon/evenin… Read more

Posted by SunitLive 11 days ago 2,518 100%

Q & A. From A Very Special Love


This is an attempt to answer questions that have been asked of me about my relationship with my mum. Question: How did your relationship begin? Answer: Details on this can be found in this site, under the title, "A Very Special Love". Q: How long did the relationship last? A: A little over 6 years. Q: How would you describe the relationship, from your point of view? A: Well, it was a completely loving relationship. The love I had for my mother, and the love she had for me, was so great, that ultimately, we had to express that love physically. We we were having sexual relation… Read more

Posted by harveydog 11 days ago 4 1,338 78%


AnalHardcoreLesbian Sex

It was a quiet day then a simple phone call……. I had been a bull for some time, in fact I was bull for a couple just this past week. But I wanted something more regular so I joined a dating service. I am 5 foot 9 inches and in very good shape. The call, there was a woman interested in meeting me. I drove over and watched her video and reviewed her profile. She was probably a small C-cup, 22, 5foot 4 inches, blonde, since I was 33, I questioned the age difference. The lady at the dating service said that she did too and pointed it out, but she wants an older man. Her name was Emily. We set up a… Read more

Posted by auroran 11 days ago 1 1,899 80%

My first time (with others) as a girl. Part 2

FetishFirst TimeGroup Sex

Ann gave me a kiss and a cuddle and wiped my tummy with some tissues. Luckily I hadn’t soiled my pretty lingerie. She slid my panties off then took me to the bathroom to clean up properly. John dressed and went to make a cup of tea. In the bathroom, I stood as Ann cleaned me with some wet wipes. I had one last little drop of semen on the tip of my cock. Ann wiped this off with her finger and brought it to her lips. Her tongue flicked out. “Just to see how you taste” she said. “Was everything ok back there?” I asked nervously, “It seemed to be over very quickly”. “Everything was fine Bryoni” sh… Read more

Posted by cyclosiss 11 days ago 1 1,501 100%

A Very Special Love


A little background. It was just mum and me when I was growing up. My mum and dad were divorced before soon after i was born, and my mum raised me by herself. So naturally, we were quite close, as it was just the two of us. We had other family, of course, but it was just Mum and me living in our house, while I was growing up. Due to her finances, Mum could only afford a one bedroom flat when I was a small c***d, and therefore, I slept in the same bed as her. Nothing sexual went on, but as time went on and Mum then could afford a cottage with two bedrooms, I still would sleep in Mum's… Read more

Posted by harveydog 11 days ago 5 6,277 97%

Zuchtstuten Teil 6

First TimeTabooGroup Sex

Teil 6: Rückblick Die Familie saß gelangweilt auf dem Sofa. Im Fernseher kamen wieder mal nur geistlose Soaps oder endlose Wiederholungen. Alle waren entspannt nach einer Runde Jungstuten-Besamung. Da meinte Marc: „Ich muss schon sagen, Nessi…“ Er nannte Vanessa in letzter Zeit immer Nessi, was sie hasste, er aber gerade deshalb besonders witzig fand. „… für eine Sechzehnjährige hast du ganz schön viel Erfahrung im Bett.“ Die Angesprochene starrte ihn nur finster an. „Da hat er Recht“, bestätigte Thomas. „Es ist wirklich ungewöhnlich, dass ein Mädchen in deinem Alter schon bläst und fi… Read more

Posted by purplelover 11 days ago 1 1,956 100%