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Annie Gets a Surprise Part 2

Part one can be found here;

Again credit the original writer for the inspiration.
Annie Gets a Surprise: Part 2

To Annie's delight the answer was immediately, with the right encouragement. That was easily provided, as this encounter had awoken a desire in her she had never before experienced.

After James pulled out she turned to face him, and with three words guaranteed his further participation. “I want more,” came out of her in a hushed, but insistent tone. Her next action sealed the deal. Pushing him back slightly, she knelt... Continue»
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First Timer

She was nervous, the kind of anticipatory tension that
precedes a monumental step and as the day wore on and 7:00
pm got closer, she was becoming more and more distracted.
Four more hours... four more hours until she would be truly
tested for the first time... The instructions were clear
and as the hour grew closer she started to prepare herself, conscious of a desire to
please and seek approval. Already her heartbeat was accelerating,
her body betraying any attempt at remaining calm. The promises
of seduction and introduction to submission danced through
her head sending a shiver thr... Continue»
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Our First Trip to the Gloryhole

"We are going to the video store tonight." It was a command, stated as fact, unlike the times before when he asked if I wanted to. He wanted to, and I wasn't going to be able to back out this time. In the same moment my stomach sank and my pussy quivered. My mind raced. "You'll wear a tank top with no bra and a skirt with no panties." So that's exactly what I put on.

It took an hour to get there. I was a wet, trembling, nervous mess the whole time. "Pull down your top. I want to see your tits." I rode down with my girls out, the shoulder strap of my seat belt positioned between them. He kno... Continue»
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Porn and edge addict(I am)

I am looking for a circle , all shoulkd be extremly horny, porn and edge addict like I am

I dont fuck my gf since 12 months anymore, i live only for my cock, porn vids, endless masturbation sessions, every day, 10 hours and more, last weekend i have masturbated 48 hours, gf was not at home, poppers mask, weed,double dosis blue pills.

I am into all sorts of sex, all things to make me hornier, my cock needs it the whole day.

Sometimes i am a sissy slut, i need to be fucked in my boycunt so bad, with a strapon-dildo or a real big fat cock, mmhh.

I am porn and edge addict... Continue»
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Cliff & Monica---Part One

(Cliff and Monica, a white, middle age married couple from Charleston, South Carolina, married for 23 years, talks with me about the thrill of transgressing two long-standing taboos in the South: 1.) Interracial sex; and 2.) Interracial pregnancy.)

So, tell me about what it's been like to (deliberately!) transgress probably the single biggest taboo in the South?

(Monica) It's been SO much fun! Cliff and I grew up surrounded by so much racism here in Charleston---and in the whole South really---that we just one day decided we were going to deliberately go against all that; and the... Continue»
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My Friends mother part 4

It had been a few years since we had last managed to get together, so it was a great surprise to get opportunity to get an opportunity to combine work with a visit to the north east wear Darryl now lives.

I went to my hotel to freshen up after the long drive, before taking a taxi to her home a small but perfectly formed terrace house in Whitley bay, I knocked on the door at 6pm, do be greeted with the big smile that I fell for all those years ago, as expected a bottle was opened and a second swiftly followed, and the chat turned to sex, as it usual did, and she leant forward to me and said... Continue»
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Why I Love Gloryholes

The first time I went to a GH I knew I was hooked. So this is why I love them.

You can go with no commitment. No identity.

I would wait for a finger then stick my cock in the hole and feel lips on my cock, what a thrill, men seem to be able to suck in more hard cock than woman. Men will also finish better than woman. I could blow my load in their mouth and they would drain my balls.... and love it. If the hole was big enough I would get my balls in there too, nothing like a ball message and suck.
I couldn't get enough.

Then I realized I wanted a hard cock in my mouth. So one time wh... Continue»
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I am driving from Portland to Seattle when a glance at the fuel gauge indicated that it was time to fill up as soon as possible. I guess time had just slipped away from me on the drive. It was now a dark and lonely night!

About ten minutes later, I see the sign up ahead of a gas station. I pull in, get out and start the gas going in the tank.

A car pulls in and stops on the pump next to mine. The driver got out. My heart skipped a beat.

He was absolutely gorgeous. Tall and lean. Thick delicate lips, far to luscious for a man.

He bent down to extract the nozzle, leaning forwar... Continue»
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A Night with Daddy

I was little nervous but everything was ready. I had a blunt rolled and an assortment of alcohol ready for Daddy when he arrived, I love to please and everything should be perfect when my man comes to visit. I spent the afternoon pampering myself in preparation as well, every inch of my body smelled like roses, every nook and cranny ready in case a tongue came to visit or hands ventured to explore. I decided to wear something simple but sexy, my sparkly red top and tights to show off my booty, Daddy is pretty casual so no need to overdress ...we weren't going anywhere but the bedroom tonight. ... Continue»
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A Cold Day's Night

A Cold Days Night ;)

As I have moved through my life, like most of us, I had many events shape my life. Some were good, some were bad and whether these events actually taught me something or not, or whether they were just entertaining is irrelevant. They happened and are forever a part of the man I am today and the man I may become. What I am about to share is one such story. It took place when I was but 18 years of age and had a very brigh... Continue»
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Lebanese Haifa Wehbe Fucked In An Elevator

Lebanese Haifa Wehbe Fucked In An Elevator

The name's Frankie. I'm a cab driver in Boston.

Louie, a buddy of mine got a job in Dubai. He was working in the Media Center building where they make a lot of their local TV programs. Every time he wrote to me he went on and on about this hot Lebanese singer called Haifa Wehbe. She does sound hot, but there's no frigging way any woman could be anywhere near as gorgeous as he kept saying. He wrote pages and pages about her big, brown, baby-deer eyes, her full lips, her long silky hair, her long fingernails, her beautiful exoti... Continue»
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After school special


Kevin Wannamaker looked at the wall of computers in the server room, below the main hallway of Sally Smyth Elementary School. He had come in on the weekend, unpaid, because this mess of computers and wires would taunt him every time he walked into the room. It was like an itch in his brain that he could never scratch. It simply had to be redone. He had plans to replace the backup server, since it died last week, taking all of the backups with it. But before he could do anything in this place, it had to be cleaned up. How the previous technician kept any of this straight was beyond... Continue»
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Roxanne - from ,my 'Engendered Species'

Roxanne (transexual/bisexual story)
It was a normal Saturday night apart from the fact that the world cup was on and England where playing their opening match against Italy. I had visions of most of the pubs being very busy for the 10 o'clock kick-off. Now I have nothing against football but I am not a fan, my parents where never into it and my friends often only passive supporters. I enjoyed playing football, but I wasn't good at it, I was very small and my exposure to sports at primary school was further disillusioned when one year someone kicked the football to me at full throttle, I froze ... Continue»
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Cara TG - 'Engendered Species'

Cara (TG/shemale) - part of my ‘Engendered Species’ series

I got ready as usual, a nice close shave, both face and genitals, well you never know and I always like to look my best. I see a lot of single guys my age, mid 50's, who do not seem to make much of an effort to attract the ladies so I try to get the advantage over them. A dab of aftershave, a nice shirt and smart pants and shoes, and off we go. Confidently strutting into the local boozer, I glance around as I go past the smokers at the entrance and see a few more people than normal for this time of year, many ladies of assorted ages, ... Continue»
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Slovene Tranny and Her American Men

Milena Dorin awakened from her slumber. She grabbed her iPhone and pressed the button to see the time. It was 6:14 a.m. She decided to get up and bathe. She walked into the master bathroom of her palatial two-bedroom, two-bath downtown condo. She pulled her douching apparatus from beneath the sink. She cleaned out her 40-inch ass. After completing that task, she hopped in the shower. The steamy, hot water felt good against her milky-white skin. She scrubbed her curvaceous figure with a purple loofa sponge and salted-caramel-apricot-scented body wash. She spent considerable time on her 36DD tit... Continue»
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My First Mermaid

Fiction, Blowjob, Body modification, Consensual Sex, Erotica, First Time, Monster, Romance, School, Teen Male/Teen Female

Unable to sl**p, a young man goes for a walk. Along the way, he stumbles onto the impossible. It's like a dream come true...
I woke up in the middle of the night sweating. Considering it was winter and I’d left the window open, I couldn’t really figure out why I was sweating. After a half hour of tossing and turning, I couldn’t get back to sl**p. I threw on some clothes and hopped out my open window, climbing down the side of the house and heading for the... Continue»
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Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Body modification, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female/Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Job/Place-of-work, Males / Female, Oral Sex, Wife

For nearly twenty years James Sinclair had worked in any number of companies, “learning the business world” as his father had put it. Overall he had enjoyed it and he had to agree that his father was right, he had certainly gained a mass of experience of business that he would never have had if he had simply come straight into the f****y Company when he had left University.

James walked ac... Continue»
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Man fucking horny needs woman so badly need a woma

My name is Chris and I'm sitting on the edge of a 6-foot-wide bed in a comfortable four-star hotel in London. I am naked except for a tight black thong. My hard cock is making a firm and very noticeable bulge in this sexy underwear. I am nervous but excited and my balls are aching with anticipation. I arrived in this room about an hour ago with a small overnight bag which contained only minimal clothing, I won't be wearing much in the hours to come, but it did contain the essential toys that this night is going to be all about. Those toys are now laid out on the desk in one corner of the room.... Continue»
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Clarie and son's cock

A last minute cancellation of a client-meeting meant that Claire was able to head home early. She had already made plans with herself to lounge around by the pool and relax.

'This must be my lucky day,' she thought.

A car was parked in her driveway and she suddenly remembered that her son had invited a study partner from college. Once she parked, she got to the front door and heard her son blaring his new Depeche Mode album on the stereo as she entered.

'Well they obviously aren't studying anymore,' she said to herself.

The living room was down the hall and her son had no idea tha... Continue»
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Monday morning

I was just settled on the balcony and the phone rang - I picked it up and her voice was there.


"Oh hi, Sheri. I'm all settled. When are you coming to see me" I asked breathlessly.

"So glad you made it OK!" She said laughing a little.

"Sure! Wouldn't miss this for the world." I giggled.

"Be there in the morning"

"I'll send a taxi for her with a babysitter for the day."

"You are"

"Yeah, the concierge here at the hotel has arranged that for me. The babysitter can come every day if you want them to."

"Oh you are so sweet - yes that would make it so easy for me."

... Continue»
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