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Lust or Love?? ... you be the judge.

Romance. A feeling of mystery? The sense of excitement? The promise of love?

Survey a thousand people and ask what romance means to them and you'll hear a thousand different similes. Is romance a medieval tale based on legend? Chivalric love and adventure, ethereal or the supernatural? Perhaps a prose narrative treating imaginary characters involved in events remote in time or place and usually heroic, adventurous, or mysterious? Could romance merely be a love story especially in the form of a novel? Is it a class of literature? Does romance exaggerate or invent detail or incident? Can roma... Continue»
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The MILF Next Door 2

It was the third one that caught my attention. The pic was a full-length nude, with only her head cut off, and proved that she had a truly smokin' body. I used my fingers, to zoom in on her nipples, standing tall in profile. That's when I saw it.

In the background, on the edge of what appeared to be a tall dresser...

A piece of hand-blown, artisan glass...

Rounded at the bottom, with two arms that spiraled upwards...


One... of... a... kind...

Oh my god! Angel was... Mrs. Coleman?!

I sat on my bed, stunned.

What do I do now?


All day Fr
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The MILF Next Door 3

And stopped. For several seconds, I heard the outside world, but nothing else. Then... She closed the door. She still had her back to me.

"Ronnie, are you sure you told no one about this?" she asked.

"Yes, Mrs. Coleman. No one," I replied.

"And I have your word that you will never breath a word of this to anyone, even Amy? Especially Amy," she continued.

"Yes Mrs. Coleman. You have my word," I nodded.

"No one but us knows about any of this?" she added.

"No one, Mrs. Coleman," I smiled, hoping I was right about what she was thinking.

She rested her head against th
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The MILF Next Door

New story... Just hit me when I was watching the tube one night.



You've seen those ads on TV right?

You know the ones I mean, with the ultra-hot, ultra-stacked, lingerie chick holding a phone, and purring in a sultry voice about how "this is where erotic adults meet", and how "you'll instantly be talking to women just like me in your community."

Yeah, that's them. Bullshit, right?

There are no women like you I my community, you might say. Or, women like you don't talk to guys like me.

That's what I always thought, and
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The MILF Next Door 1

Six photos I wondered if the number was coincidental, or if she was intentionally suggesting that I go for a new record of self-abuse. Either way, it would have to wait until later this afternoon, when I got home.

When classes ended, I walked home as quickly as possible. I didn't even wait for Amy, as was the usual plan, I just raced home, hoping to catch my new favourite MILF online. Alas, even though there were other women available to chat, my busty sexpot wasn't among them, and I was focused on her. I perused her pictures, and got an instant erection, but wanted to save it for later
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More Than a Handful is Not Wasteful

With the online easy hookup board now censored, my P4P has been more challenging. I reverted to some old numbers on the off chance that someone had picked up the hook up number. Hit it lucky about the sixth call. Could not recall what she looked like, but she said I was repeat so she said "Come on over" after she asked if I really liked her type. Of course my little head was screaming yes, so I said I did. She texted me an address, and it was in an apartment complex close to downtown.... Continue»
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By: Sue
(White Woman/Black-Puerto Rican Man)

Taiwan walked up the stairs of the six floor story apartment building, he,his wife and c***dren;Ty and Eriana lived in for the past three years. Looking to the elevator Taiwan seen his neighbor Danielle holding the door for him.

"Thank You ma"He said slipping into the metallic doors.

"No problem"Danielle replied with a big smiled.

Taiwan glanced at her and smiled. She was a beautiful young lady around 5'7 in height,mocha colored complexion,big brown doe eyes,long lashes, and a pear-shaped form.... Continue»
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The Intruder

He made his way quietly through the house careful to avoid any creaky spots. There was a definite need to be careful. He was here for one person particularly and he didn’t want to fuck up and get one of the roommates, though that could be equally fun. He had gotten in through an open window on the first floor and he knew his target was somewhere upstairs. Silly little girls didn’t they know that leaving a window open was dangerous?
The first door he got to swung open quietly and he looked inside allowing his eyes to adjust to the darkness a pool of honey colored hair spilled over the pillow a... Continue»
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Weekend fuck for my dirty wife

weekend fuck for my dirty wife
This continues my wife Karen’s mid-life crisis as she tries to fuck any man she sees.
Karen as I’ve told you before is gorgeous. Over fifty now she still gets the admiring looks as she goes about her business. Her ample chest and big arse mean she has no end of admirers. A month after she was well and truly fucked by the waiters at our local restaurant we decided to go to our chalet at a holiday camp just over a hundred miles from home. Since her banging Karen has said nothing of that night. This suited me. I knew what a dirty slut she could be and was willing ... Continue»
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Keep Me For Ever My Love

This is Sweta back with yet another story. I hope you have fun reading this as much as I had being in it. I want to dedicate this to all the guys reading this story holding their dick in hand and girls who have or thinking of having a guys finger in their pussy. First off, let me tell you about myself. My name is Sweta, if you have not yet guessed.

I am a 20 year old telugu girl from a fairly big town in coastal part of my state. I love going to the seashore, w
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Brutal b*****rs part 7

After getting fucked by many teachers for marks, this story is about my most hardcore experience since I became a slut. Mom was not at home and as usual I was sl**ping naked in the living room and suddenly all the four monsters (Raj, Sameer, Dinesh, Rohan) burst into the room from the main door they looked high they had few bottle in their hands, their faces lightened up as they saw me naked in the couch, Rohan and Dinesh went upstairs as they were too high and wer... Continue»
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Brutal b*****rs – Part 6

This is the next part of the brutal b*****rs series after I was fucked by Manish and his 4 friends and the driver and same happened with Anjali. We reached our hotel at night. I got dressed and went in the hotel Anjali and my b*****rs were already there,

Anjali was looking divested her hair were all curled and she her face was very red I realized that my b*****rs had taken her very hard. Manish was
... Continue»
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You're My Bitch Now Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Except, that's not how life works. Rick walked into the kitchen where
Chris was eating breakfast.

Chris said, ‘Hi, Rick, sl**p well? No bad dreams I hope?’

Rick nearly choked as he remembered the dream he had about Kittie last
night, and as he looked at Chris, all he could see was Kittie stroking
her cock.

‘You alright?’ Chris said as he munched a piece of toast. ‘You look a
bit pale, are you coming down with something?’

‘No, no, I'm fine,’ mumbled Rick.

It was Saturday, and both of them had the day off. Chris looked up and
said, ‘Fancy doing something togeth... Continue»
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A young and old encounter

My name is Maggie, I am 19 years old, I have long legs, blonde hair down to my waist, and large breasts. I would like to tell you of an experience that happened to me not to long ago. You see, I used to help out an elderly o.a.p gent by getting his shopping for him. Well; one day I came back from the supermarket with his supplies for the week, and thought that he was out in the garden as I could hear someone talking outside. I just wanted to freshen up from my exertions in town, so I slipped into the bathroom, and to my embarrassment, there he was just drying his hair completely naked, the to... Continue»
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The Teachers' Lounge Peeper


I'm kind of hoping that no one finds this because it's so shocking and you could say embarrassing. I couldn't help but write it down, though, just to get it out of my head a little bit and maybe not want it again so damn bad.

I never thought for a minute something like this could happen, that I could let my curiosity get the better of me so much that I would participate in such a thing.

...but here goes...

My name is Ashley. I just turned 18 less than 2 months ago. I'm a senior this year and hoped to have at least one more sexual experien... Continue»
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A f****y Affair

It was a clear and shiny, almost perfect day when Lara opened her eyes. Birds chirped the sweet song of summer at her window. Lara felt amazing after a deep sl**p that followed a long hard fucking by her loving boyfriend. Lara stretched and smiled, thinking of the ferocity with which Dan had eaten her pussy and how hard he had ravaged her tight pussy afterward. No other man had ever fucked her the way he did.

All that day, Lara reminisced about the previous night's sexual escapade. She hoped that she would get a repeat performance the coming night.

As the day faded away, Lara felt a nerv... Continue»
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Further instructions by Dr. Stanton himself


The considerable detail in which we have discussed the management of the cane so far will prove, I hope, sufficient to ensure that when it comes to the actual event you will manage it smoothly and effectively. There remain, however, some additional points to be made.

As you proceed with a caning, however, additional problems may arise and we will discuss some of them here. The matter of penalties must first be decided. It hardly needs... Continue»
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Heading to the airport

I had a flight to catch, but it was at 3:30 and that left me a lot of late morning and early afternoon to think about dick. One of my favorite ABSs was on the way to the airport, so I finished packing, popped a couple of condoms in my pocket just in case and headed out the door.

I got to the Pleasures on Washington St. at about eleven, headed in and paid my entry to the booth area. There were a reasonable number of middle aged guys milling around, but I couldn’t detect much of anything happening at first. Soon, though, I saw two of them heading into one of the larger booths. If I had be... Continue»
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My Daughters Diary, Pt 3, First Anal

As an earlier story about Janine, my daughter, explained, she was very sexually active from a young age. My wife had also been active while very young, and I started having sex while still a young teen, and we did not find our daughters sexuality to be of great concern, as long as she used discretion and practiced safe sex. She did a fairly good job of staying out of trouble, though she was caught with a teacher at school, and what she learned from that was it was fine to seduce and fuck an older man....just don't do it at school!

We lived in the country where there were no neighbors livi... Continue»
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Brandi's Bedroom a*****ion

As Brandi walked out of the grocery store, nearing her car, a man jumped out of an old blue van next to it and grabbed Brandi, placing his hand over her mouth and his other arm around her stomach, dragging her into the van. Brandi tried time and again to bite the man, but his hands were covered with thick black gloves that could not be penetrated by her teeth. What shocked Brandi the most was that it was broad daylight, bright as it could possibly be, yet no one saw her a*****ion.
As the van sped away, Brandi still tried to fight back, squirming and biting all the while. Finally, the man hold... Continue»
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