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Sometimes Life Imitates Art

Sometimes Life Imitates Art

** Please Note: There is some minor male to male contact in this story**

It is amazing what a little bit of porn can do for you. Yes, there are the short term benefits everyone knows about but there are also the long term changes it can make. Pornography has changed my life. Let me explain.

My wife Pam and I have been married for s*******n years but have been together for twenty-one and have two beautiful teenagers. Nate is f******n years old and Megan is sixteen. Like all married couples, our sex life got pretty rusty and vanilla. ... Continue»
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Slut: Queen of cheating part 5

Slut: Queen of Cheating (part 5)

Suzi strutted around her expansive lounge, confidently parading her oiled naked body.
Her perfect 36DD-23-35 glistening majestically as the click of her spiked stiletto thigh length boots resonated off the wooden floor. She smiled seductively, swaying her hips as she circled the room, her full firm breasts, synchronised with her slow swaying hips.
“He’ll be here soon with his magnificent hard cock!” she teased, tenderly stroking her erect pierced nipples. Her stance was quite dominant as she parted her legs and moved down into a squatting position, gyrat... Continue»
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Advent of the Adventist Cousins

Summer was nearing a close. It was nice late Sunday morning. The thirty-seven-year-old, Kevin Pittman, was in the driveway handwashing the blue 1981 Datsun 280ZX his father had gifted to him when he retired and moved, with his wife, to Nevis. Kevin’s c***dren – Destiny, aged ten, and Amir, aged seven – were playing freeze tag in the front yard of the suburban 2,169-sqare-foot, three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath, house that included a 232-square-foot bonus room Kevin had converted into a guest room. His wife was doing the weekly grocery shopping.

After Kevin rinsed off the sports coupe, he ... Continue»
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Holidays in Calabria, magnificent old man number 1

If for my second favorite old man I get nervous, here I want to break everything.
I've been on vacation for a week, the eighth day I decided to look at the various photos I had taken, but I could not find one that made me excited in particular,after having had breakfast I went to the beach and as usual I was going to position myself almost at the end of the coast because I find it a nice piece of beach;but I still did not find myself halfway through my journey, which came to me in front of this old man.
The first thing I noticed in him was the one that had a beautiful face,walking I could se... Continue»
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An Act Of Homage'

(I talk here with Charles regarding his practice of wearing a cock ring, and especially why he does.)

Why is it that you've begun wearing a cock ring? I find it very interesting that you do.

I didn't start wearing one until shortly after Lucinda had her first c***d with Darren. It's been no one's idea but mine. Darren had nothing to do with. I just started thinking about some way that I could express a special sense of both 'connectedness' to Darren and Lucinda, while it was also a declaration of my apartness, too. I think of wearing my cock ring (which is by no accident black in... Continue»
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Threesome with Beth and her Daddy together.

It was my own fault I was trying too hard to be an adult at a party full of men eyeing me up as I pranced around thinking I was the star attraction especially as wives were not present, just girls like me enjoying their friends sixteenth birthday party.

Beth was a daughter of a single parent, a daddy's girl and daddy threw the party and invited all his mates without their wives to come to the party especially since she had invited all her friends, including myself, and the men supplied the booze and the d**gs.

None of us suspected the deviousness of her fathers ploy, we were initially ov... Continue»
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Talking With Darren

(I was finally able to speak with Darren, the man around which orbit eight different white Southern married couples; and who has, single-handedly, conceived 17 c***dren with the wives of these various couples. No mean feat! In fact, quite impressive! I met with Darren while he was visiting Charles and Lucinda at their home last month.)

I've been hoping to be able to find a way to speak with you; and so thanks for allowing me to intrude a little on your time here with Lucinda and Charles. I appreciate it.

Yeah. I'd been aware that someone was talking with my couples!

I noti... Continue»
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Dreams Of Paradise

“It’s not over yet…it won’t be. Someone like you will never give up; you possess strength that others do not have themselves. I want you to look at me and tell me that you’ll become something greater; you have what it takes to be the most respected and feared person. What is it that you want? What would you like do? Can you make it a reality?” (Yes…I can… I know I can do so. I will use every bit of strength and energy to make sure it becomes my reality.) “Good…then wake up you are late for school…” (What…?) “[deep voice] Wake up!!”
[His eyes flash open gasping for some air as if he were bei... Continue»
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First time, One Sniff and turned into a Poppers wh

The following story was written by antz11389 and is his own personal true story about the first time he used Poppers.

Just one session is all it took! Beginner turned advocate!

Like the title says it took a single session with SUPER RUSH and a Colt XL BigBoy and I was hooked!
Been lurking in the thread for a few weeks now, and in reading about people's first times, I decided I wanted to try poppers. I have to admit I was able to take the Colt Xl BigBoy with a little struggle (but loved the stretch it provided)before trying poppers. Then in a "heat of the moment" shopping trip to the ... Continue»
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A Fun Night Together.

"Come on, just touch it one time."

I looked away from the movie I had been watching to realise I was face to face with my boyfriend's cock for the first time. He had unleashed his b**st while I wasn't paying attention. Perplexed by nerves, I simply stared at him.

"Excuse me?" I said finally.

"Touch it. I need you to." He said.

"No, what you need is a cold shower. Besides, I don't know if I'm ready to with you yet. " I replied scooting away from him a couple of inches.

I was slightly offended that he'd just pull himself out at an inappropriate time. Still yet, I couldn't tak... Continue»
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Hi, everybody, I am Harshith from north Karnataka I am 22 years old just now I have completed Degree I am a good looking and I have an athlete body… This story is about how I fucked my dream aunty Indira. Indira is a typical mallu girl/lady with huge breast and ass of 33 yrs old mother of 2 k**s, with a figure of 36 32 38 you guys can imagine how big her ass is.…

Friends Please leave a comment your valuable feedback to
So let’s get into the story this is the real incident which happened with me. This is my first story in Indian sex stories please forgi... Continue»
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The visitor.

Later that morning Beth and Stellar came back to the house, Stellar looked like she had almost lost the will to live having endured the parish council impromptu meeting and the vicar’s inevitable oration for which he took every opportunity, the three women were deep in conversation which stopped as soon as I entered the kitchen, Beth smiled at me sweetly, they were up to something and I had yet to find out what, it didn’t take long, Gemma came into the lounge where I was again catching up on paperwork, I found the atmosphere of being surrounded by the countryside very relaxing instead of the c... Continue»
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Distance makes the touch wetter :: Going South

It has been a long time since I last saw her.We have been staying in two separate countries for such a long time that we would've died just to touch each other.Finally, the day had cum for us to meet as I boarded the flight for Pearson International.I texted her about my flight status and decided to catch some sl**p since I knew things were gonna get really nasty even before the car starts, and I'll need every joule of energy.My phone beeped for the last time as an image of her teasing me in my favorite black netted lingerie loaded. Damn I wanted my face to be muffled by those legs.

My ... Continue»
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First time sucking cock

This is a true story

18 years ago I got divorced, as probably with most divorcee’s I shagged everything that came my way, young, old and some you needed a few beers.
After around 3 years I started to look for someone to have a relationship with, most lasted around three months, until I met Mary, she lasted 6 months and I thought, initially, this could be the one, she liked a drink and was great in bed, on one of our pub crawls we met a couple, Jullian and Anne and became friends, we started seeing them regularly, they were a very friendly couple and were always touching each other and me and ... Continue»
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Enslaved Chapter 28

Havers, who would have been delighted to have been present during the degradation of Julia and Melissa, had been otherwise engaged. He had been erecting the healing lamps and benches in the annexe of the Punishment Room. These had arrived in the second large crate from the ‘Paradise’, along with a considerable quantity of other useful equipment and a variety of punishment devices and instruments of correction. Apart from having her little joke, Miss Judith had been very thorough in her compilation of the contents of the crate.
By the time Havers returned to the central room of the slavequarte... Continue»
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She wasn´t even very beautiful, no. Her face had an interesting asymmetry, especially the eyes. A strange girl from Latvia, a young woman really, in her late twenties. She was tall but not skinny. Attractive, though she had no frontpage looks at all. Her clothes always seemed on or two sizes too small for her, she more than filled them. And yet, these curves and protruding parts were of a kind that turned men on. She knew it. We never made passes at each other, I was her uni teacher after all. Possibly she sensed my theoretical interest in her. She had a way of not looking directly at you, but... Continue»
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My hot wife let me watch her with bigger, ha II

What do I do with the sexually searing knowledge that my hot cheating gf is having orgasms with another man right this very minute? There is drama. There is longing, lust, trust …and provocative visions of her wearing long black satin gloves to jack another man off.

[Caption below was under a heart pounding pic of Lola sitting on our bed in black seamed stocking, satin gloves as slippery as panties. She had pulled him between her thighs so she could stroke and fondle his 8" boner. His bulge is magnificent, His fat mushroom glistening and red from her lipstick.

This was her very good frie... Continue»
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Physics teacher

My Physics ma’am was the perfect example of beauty with brains. Standing at 5 feet and 9 inches, she was quite tall for an Indian woman and had a toned figure which was complimented by her huge breasts and a humongous butt. Her brilliant lectures were attended by all the students and all of us used to wait eagerly to catch a glimpse of her face and her great body.

I was delighted when she requested me to come to her house for private classes on 9th July. Apparently, she wanted to improve my grades; but I knew that deep down, she wanted to get intimate with me as she had been giving me signa... Continue»
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Seduced my tenant lady

it happened almost 3 years back when I was working in a reputed MNC in Hyderabad, my home town. I am good looking guy fair in colour and good height and weight. This incident happened with one of neighbour aunty her name is (name changed) Anitha.

She is about 36 years gorgeous looking women with mouth watering figure and she used to stay opposite portion in our house. Though she was 36 she looked extremely hot. She was a housewife and didn’t have k**s. her Husband was very friendly but was very workaholic and never had time for his wife.
I was attracted to her the first time I saw her. A... Continue»
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Annie Gets a Surprise Part 2

Part one can be found here;

Again credit the original writer for the inspiration.
Annie Gets a Surprise: Part 2

To Annie's delight the answer was immediately, with the right encouragement. That was easily provided, as this encounter had awoken a desire in her she had never before experienced.

After James pulled out she turned to face him, and with three words guaranteed his further participation. “I want more,” came out of her in a hushed, but insistent tone. Her next action sealed the deal. Pushing him back slightly, she knelt... Continue»
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