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A couple of great days with a BBW


I have always liked BBW, I find them very sexy. This was about 20 years ago and I still think about it from time to time. I was living in New Orleans and was a bartender on Bourbon Street. As a result I seen plenty of women but generally just did my job and never flirted or came on to the customers. One evening while working a BBW came in and sat at the bar. I went to take her order and when she looked at me she had these sexy eyes that seemed to pull me in. I couldn't help but notice her ample breasts stretching at the buttons on her blouse. The place was slowing down so I decided to chat. Sh… Read more

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Used and Abused,


It was the way he used her…How he secretly whispered her body was his to do with however and whenever he wanted. Sometimes, he’d leave her alone for days, and sometimes, he’d fuck her several times a day. He made her service him. For over a week now, all she did was suck him off- before school, as soon as she got home, and in the middle of the night. His only words to her were, “Don’t even think about touching yourself.” Early on, she had broken his commandment and learned the consequences of it. She awoke to him tying her up. Her wrists and ankles were tied to her bedposts with a coarse ro… Read more

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Crossdreaming Thoughts


Last week I crossdressed for a while. Wore tight dark green jeggings, and two different shirts. I was barely able to squeeze these huge fucking J cup tits into a basically skin tight size XS stretchy nylon beige tshirt, and the other was an olive green turtleneck of the same tight fit. Wore both inside and outside. Took a short walk before sunrise. Felt so good. I really need to take photos of these shirts….they’re tighter fitting than any of the shirts I’m wearing in my current photos. I have a lot of things to take photos of and many of my followers have been asking about it. Really busy wit… Read more

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Urban encounters chapter 1


All you can hear is the banging in the fighting going on in the room. Lil Rob is trying to convince his girlfriend jalisa that he's not cheating. As she pushes him away she tells him that this is her last time. Jalisa stands at 5-2 165 lb curvy in all the right places with a little push stomach due to a baby 19 with brown skin and long permed hair. Lil Rob is 5-6 110 pounds soaking wet with medium dreads chocolate tone skin 26. They're arguing over typical things she saying he's cheating he's saying she's crazy. At that moment Lil Rob pulls her closer and kisses on the neck kn… Read more

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The Club St. Louis

AnalGay MaleVoyeur

This picture from a video reminds me of my first visit to “ The Club St. Louis / bathhouse “. After signing in and getting my room key and walking into the place I figured I would find much action since a majority of the guys were younger and much fitter than I. Went to my little private room and stripped down, grabbed my small carry bag and went to the restroom to take care of some personal hygiene. After getting back to my room I went ahead and made sure I was somewhat pre-lubed and packed a few condoms and small tube of lube in my socks, wrapped my towel around my waist. Walked around and f… Read more

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Famil 2

Group SexTaboo

My sis In laws by now, own a in ground pool behind their house. By now I'm divorced from her sister but we are all on good speaking terms and I realize I should have married the younger sister. Anyhow, it's coming up on my communities big party of the year. Former sis in law says that her and some friends, plus HER new sister in laws will be attending, and crashing at HER in laws. (Damn they are hotter than than my original sis in law, you probably are sayin yeah right, it's true, HUGE tits all 3 plus ma, Real tight ass, always flaunting that cleavage. ) Now this pool I mentioned, I'd b… Read more

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The Reunion


Bob was still athletic even though it had been 20 years since he was Quarterback of his High school team. He had become very successful in the last ten years, moving from the small town where he had gone to school, to the city. He owned his own business, was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, had a Supermodel, thin trophy wife. He had been married about 10 years, and his marriage is not what it looked like from the outside, Bob and Mary put up a good Public face, they were always at the right parties, on the “A” list. But Bob had a secret; He had always been attracted to large women, though… Read more

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Nude beach learning & the hot bull boss.

Gay MaleFirst TimeMasturbation

After a lot of curiosity, I built up the gumption to check out the local nude beach. I figured it'd be a lot of older straight couples or a bunch of gym rats- but I was pleasantly surprised. First time I went, I wasn't sure which trails would get me to where I wanted to go (I really just wanted to get some sun on my ass and see if it felt liberating as an adult, or if I'd have the naked anxiety of the highschool locker room). After a lot of walking on the trails (and passing by an older musclebear with the biggest flaccid cock I've ever seen), I got to the water. I saw NO ONE around, and figu… Read more

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Today would be the day

AnalFirst Time

The first day that I would truly feel like a woman. I awoke at 5AM, just like any other weekday. I slipped on my Champion running shorts, short shorts, love women's clothing, a slim fit tank top and my running shoes. Bluetooth earbuds, check, Fitbit watch, check, running tunes selected, check. I like to wait until I am outside, in the front yard, before I do a little stretching. Nothing like bending over in short shorts out in public view. I wonder how many admirers I have in the neighborhood. My legs, ass and slim waist are a sight. Most mornings I run a 3 mile route, not fast, no… Read more

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.....My mom Megan, 31, felt she was not performing in bed very well. She didn’t get dad, who was way older, turned on anymore. She didn’t want dad to stray to another woman so she went to the Doctor. This was a new Doctor, and he was a young guy which she felt may be better suited for her problem. She told him she wanted to turn her husband on and be hotter in bed for him. Mom had a killer hot body. She had beautiful smooth skin, big tits, perfect hips and legs. This Doctor saw opportunity to take advantage of her. He gave her a pelvic exam and massaged her G spot, her clit and then mas… Read more

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My wife begs to suck my dick

BDSMFetishFirst Time

Last week, my wife told me that she would be my cock sucking slave for 5 days straight if I take her on a trip to the beach. She rarely gives me blowjobs so I was ecstatic to hear this. She said I can make up any rules I want and she will follow. The only request she made is that if I am satisfied with her performance, she gets to have a ride on my dick afterwards. Of course, I can also boss her around during that. These are the rules I came up with and she has already agreed to follow: - She has to beg for my dick first if she wants to suck it. - If she doesn't beg good enough or doesn't… Read more

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I love teasing my own cock when I watch a beautiful ass or am giving a tribute. I need more girls wanting tributes, they will show my load bust over your face. I had to work with what I have at the moment. When I am first looking at a sweet ass, nice tits, beautiful face, lips, or a girl sucking a cock, sucking a good cock it is like I need to pleasure myself. I will start feeling my cock through my shorts for little, to no amount of time before I need it in my hand. Watching that ass bounce back and forth in motion keeps my strokes slow and I can feel that warm, tingling sensation all over m… Read more

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Part 2: FWB Crossdressing Cheri Fulfills Her Role

FetishGay MaleHardcore

<img src=""> Jan and I, dressed as her sister, arrived a the Halloween party. It was in the basement of a large home rented by a number of grad students. I had to get used to to walking in heels and was quite nervous at first. There were about about 50 or so people there but soon i realized that my costume was so good that no one noticed I was a guy. Jan and I went over to the corner of the basement where people were dancing and danced like sisters. During the 3rd song two guys came up and started dancing with us, which was a bit of f… Read more

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I now find myself in jail life is pretty tough but I seem to be coping, I have been very lucky to get a cell to myself which makes things a bit easier. A few of the prison officers are female most of them very uninteresting but there are two I like and one of them is really horny, it can get a bit frustrating as I can not do anything but very much want to fuck her. As the weeks go by I get to know her more she is friendly but it goes no further than that, there is no way I can get to touch her and no chance of doing what I have in mind. Having her around makes life a lot better though and som… Read more

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MY First Time Sex Experience

First TimeHardcore

Hello Guys, This is my Story of with my College girlfriend, I was 19 at that time and my Girlfriend Nadia was 18, She is the most Sexy, Beautiful, Pretty girl in our class, her fair color, smooth and sexy cheeks, Pink lips, Smooth feet, lovely hands and slim sleek body, i always wanted her in my bed. with the exchange of notes and assignments we shared our numbers and started friendship. After few weeks our friendship was very good so the first time i start touching her, hands, arms, sometimes i keep my hand on her legs I still remember the feeling, my Penis was blowing and cracking my… Read more

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It Just Happened!


It Just Happened! Jim and Lucy have three grown daughters; all of them beautiful, and all of them married to older men. Each daughter had initially married someone their own age, only to replace them after a couple years with someone closer to their Dad's age. There may be a hidden message in that fact, but who knows. It can be truthfully said that never during the time the girls lived at home with their Dad, did he ever entertain the thoughts of fucking any one of them. He was their father and was raised that i****t is a sin. He has strict rules in his house and they follow them. He… Read more

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Mrs Jones p2

MatureSex HumorHardcore

After fucking my hot thirty something blonde neighbour Mrs Jones, I could hardly think about any thing else, and for the next few days I hung at every window in my parents house waiting for her to call me over again. But to my frustration Mr Jones was suddenly spending time at home, and even though I caught her eye several times over the next few days, she never once indicated to me to meet her. Finally I couldn't take it any more, and slipping out of the house one afternoon, I climbed over the back fence into Mrs Jones back garden, and then crept towards the house, and then I saw Mrs Jones in… Read more

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My S1ster’s Gangbang - Chapter Seven


My S1ster’s Gangbang - Chapter Seven After the great sex Sabrina experienced, I was sure that she was going to come back the next day. And I was right. "Hi Mark!" she said with an angelical voice as I opened the front door. She was blushing but this time she was not ashamed to make eye contact with me. "Is Kelly home?" she asked. "Hi cutie. I don't know. Come in please" I said. I knew Kelly was not home but this wasn't going to be a problem. As she passed beside me, I spanked her ass cheeks. She shrieked and looked back with a playful smile. I took as a good sign that she was w… Read more

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269 A boy`s dream comes true

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

269 A boy`s dream comes true Its 1962, I was 15, hormones raging, tall willowy, (that’s beanpole skinny but put nicely). I`m at a boys school so girl contact limited, and I can`t get a girl cos I am shy, but sexually eager to learn, doing the usual boyish things, looking at girly magazines, (when of course I can get hold of them) wanking at the drop of a hat, tending to watch, (read that as spy on) female family members, crush on female cousins, though they are all older than me, fantasise about Aunts, Neighbours, and as all boys do my Mother, the one woman in the world a boy feels safe wit… Read more

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GF teaches me to Love Cum and Cock

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

18 years ago my ex girlfriend Sherrie taught me to love cum. I was a naive 19 year old and she was an experienced 25 years old. I knew when we started dating that she was seeing another guy (Rob) and it bothered me but added to the excitement. One night we had arranged to meet at her apartment at 9pm for sex. I let myself in and met her in the bedroom where she was already naked. She loved to be eaten out and asked me to lie back so she grinds her pussy on my face. She said "I have a surprise for you" and just as I was about to ask what she ground against my open mouth. I felt warm, sticky… Read more

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