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On my own with kipper

Catherine and I continued our relationship
We drew closer and closer I had no interest in boys

I can honestly say I loved her
She had a dominating personality I guess you could say I was her bitch

She always wanted me to lick her bottom she would sit on my face her buttocks parted so my tongue could penetrate her anus deeper
She would be pinching my nipples stretching them which was painful but I really enjoyed it my fanny is getting damp just remembering those times
The other thing Catherine wanted me to do was drink her urine, she also loved me peeing on her
We even peed in each o... Continue»
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Lizzie my Lizzie, where have you gone I miss us so, so bad.
Lizzies dad left before she was born and all her life she was looking for a father like her friends. When she was old enough to fuck, she fucked any older man who was game. She started wagging school at f******n. She would sneak over the back fence into the cemetery change out of her uniform into civie clothes and meet her friend the grave digger, Charlie.
Charlie was in his late thirties, married young separated from his wife & c***dren. Charlie’s c***dren 4 in all 7, 9, 11 & 15yrs. Due to court ruling he was only allowed to see hi... Continue»
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She’s lying face down on the hotel bed, her skirt raised up showing her ample ass with her purple thong string disappearing between her cheeks. Jen’s sexy long legs made all the more so by the pink high heels. Her long blonde extensions flow down her back, my cock is aching pushing against my shorts. I drop my shorts and my dick springs upward, I pull my shirt over my head and stand there savouring the view. Jen is unaware of my presence as her husband clicks the camera shutter capturing the event. Jen was almost in a slumber, not surprising after the drink she had consumed... Continue»
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Wife caught having fun, Jane’s mistake 3
Well August had been a good month; thirty years of marriage and Jane had finally come to terms with outdoor sex and showing off in public. It had been a long held ambition of mine to expose her during our outdoor photo and sex sessions, I am sure deep down she knew what I was up to but she liked to pretend that nothing was going on. This year however she could not keep the pretence after we were caught and approached by a bold younger guy back in May. Ever since Jane had ignored what happened denied she got any excitement from it, that changed in Augus... Continue»
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This is a continuation in our outdoor sex life (I am not a writer so sorry for the grammar)
Our holiday adventure in Cambridge was weirdly not mentioned I wanted to but thought it better not to bring up the subject and although I hoped Jane would bring it up she never did, so I guess we were just pretending it never happened. What really bothered me was it kind of poured fuel on the spark I had and I really what more of that excitement. I didn’t really want to share her but I did want to show her off and her to know she was being watched. I was racking my b... Continue»
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The Steam Room

My name is Adita from Asian heritage I'm 22, a student, slim, with firm but rather smallish B-cupped breasts. I have Ombre style long hair.

My parents house is near a well-known and well-equipped spa hotel which is open for paying guests, I visit it every now and then in evening, when its ladies only night normally between six and eight p.m. for a pamper.
That evening the place was deserted I saw nobody in the shower area. I undressed and started with a long, warm and relaxing shower. Naked with my towel I entered the spa and opened the door to the steam room. It was damp and foggy with ... Continue»
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Alice The Dirty Whore Part 5

Alice the Dirty Whore

By Mad Jack69

Synopsis: This is a fictional story of a sex addicted whore and her depraved sexual cravings. It covers most perversions. In this the fifth chapter Alice and Daisy take Jack to new depths of depravity and humiliation. And the couple get drawn into the clutches of an exclusive sex club for societies élite and most wealthy. (MF, M+F, MM, anal, prost, whore, cream-pie, ws, strap-on Fdom)

Chapter 5 The Engagement Party

Josh was very pleased with himself as he walked out of the Hellfire Club. He had given Lady Denham a full report following ... Continue»
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Slut:The Cheater Part 2

Slut: The Cheater Part 2

We crossed the road to the multi storey car park, taking turns in kissing Suzi and squeezing her colossal tits. Suzi, as a fervent exhibitionist, was thriving on the avid attention, slipping her tongue in our mouths at every given opportunity, squeezing our cocks and playing the part of the unfaithful slut to perfection. I noticed a small metal object driven through her nipples ensuring they stayed erect. I’d never noticed that her nipples were pierced and I must admit, this was quite arousing.
As we walked up to their car, Jim opened the doors and said.
“You guys... Continue»
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Some good times chapter 2

As I entered the house I just felt a thin layer of despair hit me as the room was dim and Miranda was waiting for me on the couch in one of the most sexiest outfits I ever seen her in, Hello there doctor wana play ? I thought thirty minutes ago I would've been a flaming torpedo she shimmied over to me with a sexy cavalier grin touching my chest and of course wearing my favorite perfume look I know I haven't given you any attention lately and you're so overworked the wedding can happen whenever we both agree I just miss you honey it's like she knew what had happened and was now just rubbing the... Continue»
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"Leenk-un," He said it slowly, showing his gleaming white teeth as he enunciated, scrunching his large nose as though deciding if it really should be my name or not. It made his trimmed, black beard form a square around his full, reddish-brown lips. "Lincoln, why the second L? You don't pronounce it do you? English is so wasteful with letters... Lincoln Karsten, a very blonde boy name. Why were you named after a president?" He lifted his eyes from my wrinkled, hand-written resume to meet my gaze momentarily to indicate I should respond.

I cleared my throat. "I don't know, sir. I could as... Continue»
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Primera vez x el Ojete

Hola, le voy a Relatar lo que me sucedio , cuando aun era Joven , solia ir a un Parke en Houston para que me mamaran mi verga, pues en aquel entonces, Nunca Habia Probado o Mamado , Ninguna verga, solia ir a que me mamaran, pues era FACIL conseguir a Alguien para ,masturbarnos o de que t Dieran una buen Manmada, solia ir antes o despues del Trabajo, a ese parque antes de llegar a casa, pues mi señora se encontraba Dormida o a veseces, me esperaba para cojer a gusto,d tanto ir a ese parque a que me Dieran unas Mamadas, no Faltaban Alguien, Igual que yo de Caliente, me Dacian si me la mamamas y... Continue»
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A Chastity Story

I arrived at the street and pulled up just after the entrance to the cul-de-sac he lived on. Getting out of the car, I pulled the zip on my jacket up to the top to hide the collar I was wearing. It was 2:30am but even so a car drove past as I walked down the street, pretending to cough so that I could cover my neck with my arm, not wanting the headlights to light up the silver letters at my throat. The letters read 'SLAVE'. A mark of my submissive position and why I was in a strange neighbourhood alone in the middle of the night.

Even with the lateness of the hour, (with my zip done up) the... Continue»
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Cocksucker, A Journey..


My sex life had seen diminishing returns ever since she'd said 'I do'... before we were married we were shagging each other like rabbits, but afterwards it seemed like the thrill of the chase was gone, and then once we had k**s her days (and middles of the nights) were focused on their care and her sex drive diminished. Then when she returned to work, she had to concentrate her daily hours of motherly care into what seemed like minutes it diminished more, and when menopause hit early it really crashed. ("Darling, could you scoot over? I'm having anoth... Continue»
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First Time Sucking Cock

A week passed and I had not stopped thinking about what had happened. I kept seeing that great looking face licking the cum off my tip. I kept thinking about what it would have been like to touch his cock through his pants and feel it grow as I rubbed it. Mostly I thought about what it would finally be like to put it in my mouth, a thought that made me cum more than once during the week.
So this was the day he’d show up and I made sure I was by the pool like last time. It was a little cooler out so I had on my gym shorts and a t-shirt. I knew he would be arriving at any time and my fucking hea... Continue»
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Enslaved Chapter 29

Several hours later that night, Havers returned his two charges to their bedroom in the slave quarters. He found it difficult to believe the evidence of his own eyes, for the skin of each was flawless again.
For a moment or two, Havers considered fucking Julia (his boss had given permission!) but being a little tired after a day of excitements and also rather d***k as well - he decided to postpone it until the morrow. Giving the girl’s bottom a slap, he advised her of ‘the treat’ to come then he staggered out of the room and back up to the house above, carefully locking the security door on t... Continue»
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Doing an assignment with Caitlyn

It was Wednesday morning and I arrived early in the morning by Caitlyn to work on a varsity assignment together. Letting me in she was dressed casually in tight yoga pants and a top. We greet with a firm hug hello and then went inside to the kitchen. Her mom and dad where there finishing there coffee as I greeted and shortly afterwards they left for work, leaving Caitlyn and myself alone in the house once again. Caitlyn first made us coffee and breakfast. After eating and while tidying the kitchen I noticed while Caitlyn was walking around that her yoga pants had created a sexy cameltoe.
As ... Continue»
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BBW Emmy Gets Cocksucking Lessons

This story was told to me by my girlfriend Emmy, it happened a few months after our fun summer together when we were teens, and obviously before we started dating 25 years later.This is how she became the best cocksucker around.

Emmy was 15 at the time, a sophomore in high school. She's short, 5'2" tall, and chubby, at 170-180 lbs. She had a pear shaped body, with small, A cup tits, and a big, perfectly round ass.Her best features are her nipples, which are as big as my fingernail, and that big, smooth, round ass. She was kind of cute, with black, wavy, shoulder length hair, and a cute smil... Continue»
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Lilly and I have dated for awhile (Impregnation st

Lilly and I have dated for a couple of months. I think we are serious, but she says she takes it day by day. She is like that. She is a bit younger than me, she is just out of high school.
We work together at a restaurant in our town. She is a server and I am one of the managers. That might be why she doesn't want to be so serious, our company "Forbids" dating between managers and team members.
Lilly is very attractive to me. Her eyes sparkle like jewels. She has some curves, and her breasts get noticed by co-workers as well as customers. The best way to describe her is perky. Sh... Continue»
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Maddy - Our First Kiss

"You want me to tell you where the toe sucking came from?" Madelaine asked.
"Yeah, OK." I said laughing.
"I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to get the wrong idea. There's really no connection between this and you. None at all. Apart from the toe sucking itself."
"Ralph used to go down on me sometimes and I really hated it. I hated the way he slobbered all over my pussy and it was so bad that I actually preferred sucking his wrinkled old cock. One night he's about to go down on me and I just couldn't do it. I panicked and for some crazy reason I shoved my foot in h... Continue»
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Madelaine was sexing me up on Thursday night. She knows I am attracted to her, attracted and terrified, and she is using it to strengthen her control over me.

She was dressed to kill. She had really gone all out and she looked stunning. Not overtly sexy, just incredibly classy and stunning in a way only the very rich can manage. She was wearing a low cut little black dress with her tits pushed up and bulging ever so slightly out of the top. A lightweight black jacket, fairly short but not too short, black stockings and high heels.

Black really suits her. Her hair looked blacker and gloss... Continue»
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