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Kitty Kat Bar

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"He's an asshole!," I thought as I drove down Sheridan Highway on the way home. I didn't deserve the ass- chewing the boss gave me, but there was nothing I could do. Trump is sending the country into panic mode, and my boss is hysterical about him, and I need the job. I'm fucking 56 years old, I don't need this shit! I saw the Kitty Kat bar out of the corner of my eye. I'd passed it a hundred times back and forth to work but had never stopped. It looked a little seedy from the outside--we used to call it The Jock’s Trap in my drinking days, but I wanted a beer and maybe a game of pool to help… Read more

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Dreamy wonderland


I am kasandra French woman of 30. [Based on a true story] .[. locking the door behind us] i was pleasantly surprised aunt Kim seeing standing there. my curvy body sparkles in the wet waves from the swim at the lake.my wet pale, soft white breasts glisning. shining wett... beakoning to aunt kim..I smiled. ”Kim...” I moaned. Melting deep on her breasts kissing her softly.on her nipple. My white pale fire nipple wet... calling to her..my hips swivling as I danced in the water. I felt her watching me. Gazing ..spellbound. tearing my robe off, her hands caressed my breasts squeezing.pulling.tu… Read more

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Sister chooses to help him break addiction.

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

It was a late Friday night and I had just returned to my room after watching TV with my sister, Sara. I was pretty tired, but I had been looking forward to getting online to view some new porn and get myself off after a tough week at school. I was twenty and going to a two year school to get certified as an auto mechanic. With all the dirty jokes we guys threw around during class, I always came home with a bit of a buzz. I sat down and started browsing to some of my favorite sites. I was already in my boxers and I was just about to pull my dick out when I heard a quick knock on my door and it… Read more

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Dan's wife

MatureGroup SexFirst Time

It was summertime and after dinner Dan and Karen went to a dance club for a drink and a little flirtatious fun, something they both enjoyed doing. This night Karen was slightly uncomfortable in the short silky dress, she thought it was too short to wear in public, but Dan had convinced her to wear it and told her that a bra would look funny under the spaghetti straps. As they had their drink and dance, Bob watched them from the bar. Eventually he came over and asked her to dance. Dan smiled at her as if he was daring her and she accepted the dare and walked to the dance floor. She danced sti… Read more

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Craving my first man’s cock again!

Gay Male

It had only been a few days since I was with my first man, but I have to admit, it was all I could think about.(my story, Overwhelming lust for cock) Seb, short for Sebastian, was a co worker of my wife’s. When I found out he was Gay shortly after I met him, the pieces fell into place and I finally got to suck my first cock. I had fantasized about it for years. When I saw a txt on my phone from him, my knees weaken. He asked if I wanted to come back over and see him again. I did, I did badly. My first experience with him only made me want more, crave more. I couldn’t help but think however, t… Read more

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I shared my wife Shree for the first time

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

I don’t know how this desire arises in my brain. I told Shree about this fantasy. What ? you want to watch your wife that’s me to be fucked by other man, Shree said, before your eyes. No No !! it is not possible. I am committed wife of yours, how can I. And, you don’t love me that’s why you want me to give to others. I kissed her softly love and said to her that this proves that I love much more than anyone else’s husband as it is your soul which is never going to be beyond me. She was filled up with strange fear. No I can’t it is very dangerous. I can’t spoil my life. I asked her that before… Read more

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An Old Japanese Man Seduces Me

Gay Male

I wish this really happened to me. After a few days of visiting Japan, I found a surprising not-so-secret interest in homoeroticism among some of the older men there. Among such Japanese men so inclined there certainly was an openess to solicitation of, if not, in some cases, prefernce for, western men, like me. The Japanese were polite and subtle, but it did not take many hints before I realized that some older men were flirting with me and showing interest in being sexual. I had had no previous gay experiences, so only When there was little doubt as to the intentions and availability of the… Read more

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Sylvia has a party part three

Group SexHardcore

That thing sat right against my bush, right on the cleft. He pushed it against me, into me a little, as we danced." " Well, you can probably guess the rest, I had never done that dance before, I'm so hot. Judy took her mouth off Pedro to tell me that I'm getting her horny for me now, then she was back on him. I'm dancing, grinding my puss against Miguel, kissing him...I glanced over, now Pedro is looking at us.......Judy didn't bob her head up and down like most girls do with bj's....she was more a licker and kisser and taster....and a whisperer..... All of a sudden , she kind of turns her fac… Read more

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Witch ed


( true story) As we entered the cabin I knew. Aunt Traci and I were always close.as i rose from a swim she glazed her eyes on me.my hair wet glisning..my breast shone in the hot sun.( pink and firm) white creamy perfection. (Traci thought) as I hugged her close. Tight... I felt her eyes on me.. watching me from the ajar door.. i purred.. and began massaging myself.licking my curls... rubbing my breast. i heard a soft sinister growl as she appeared in the dark doorway. Smiling, my robe fell and I arched my back. ‘ lay still..’ she said....(the door closed and locked behind us). She stoo… Read more

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Andrew 4

Group SexTaboo

I was watching some inane TV but my mind soon drifted back to what had happened and quite naturally my cock began growing again. I tried shifting it about to ease the pressure but nothing worked, it was throbbing. With both girls in bed I felt safe enough to let it out hoping the cooler air would cool it off. I had no idea what time Karen would return so made myself comfortable and closed my eyes dreaming of the girls. Unfortunately I drifted off and carried on dreaming as both girls were stroking my cock again. It felt so real and I soon realised why when was woken up by Karen kneeling in fro… Read more

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Red riding hood


* based on true story.* Aunt Kim and I were always close. So asking her up to my new Victorian style home seemed innocent..I thought.. Little did I know... ’ wow tonight*’ she was thinking.. devilishly. ‘ hi ‘ I bounced to her hugging her tight. Kissing her on the check.’ Movie?’ She asked. Leading me to the couch. Grazing me under my skirt. With her fingers.. rubbing.... ’mmmsoft..’ she moaned fingering Me slow. Her finger twirling high deep between my legs. And she growled,grazing her lips gently kissing my vagina. With a soft peck. Her finger twisted deeper..higher. Tugging at my vag… Read more

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The Threesome


Samantha’s First Threesome Gallery of Independent Artist’ Coalition. I love my job. I lucked up and landed at this small, unique art gallery after college. I tried to make it as a sculptor and received a rude awakening. My private school education in art gets you exactly jack shit in the way of marketable skills in the real world. “Samantha, my Mother demurred, “it is time to grow up and get a real job.” I was selling a piece at an upscale auction when I met Jonathan and his wife Maddie. They bid high. They bid very high by the looks on the chairman’s face as he collected the bids and s… Read more

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Married life by Lucy. part four..

First Time

part four. After the birth of our son James we decided to have another baby so my story continues with me five & a half months pregnant. Money has become tight because there's an overtime ban where John works & with me not working we needed some income to see us through the next few months. John came home after having a drink with friends. saying that he had a solution to our problem. A friend that he hadn't seen for a long time was splitting up with his wife & needed somewhere to stay till he moved away. How long will he be here, I said. Two or three months he said. give it a tr… Read more

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Monogamy is not for Me


PART I: I am a 5'5" 115lbs real estate agent, 39 years old, my husband Bob is 45 and we have a daughter Bella who just turned 20. She started her college a few months ago, which left me pretty lonely. My husband knew how I felt and one evening suggested me to see a plastic surgeon and have a makeover. I was a bit surprised but then the idea grew up on me and few days later told him, I'd like to take his offer. He set me up with Dr. Julie. I went to see her, as I waited at the reception, I was very impressed with her clinic. In the examination room she told me to undress and took a few x-rays… Read more

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SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales). Volume 6

First TimeLesbian SexMature

SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales). Volume 6 THE DANCE SCHOOL -“1, 2, 3 Aaaannnndddd 4”, wailed Ms Rutherford, the dance instructor Ruth had been told this was the place to meet women. At 45, tall and quite attractive, Ruth was the type of woman everybody notices but nobody takes out. Anyway she had bought a monthly pass at Skylight Dance Studio. There were 3 evening classes a week for a month. Some people found a partner only after a few lessons, for others it took the whole month. You paid for a month in advance and there were no refunds. The Skylight Dance Studio was a regular male-female d… Read more

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I had an awesome weekend, I did 6 shows 2 shows a night Friday through Sunday at a night club in a near by city, got to say the subjects were a great bunch of very enthusiastic people and each show was a little different just to keep things from becoming stale in case some people caught another show I was doing it wouldn't be exactly what they remembered. I started out with the usual banter looking for volunteers to be up on stage as willing subjects, it didn't take me long to have 25 people lined up and then I do my suggestions test to find the ones most suggestible and can be inducted into… Read more

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Confessions of a cock sucker - part 4

FetishGay MaleHardcore

Ok, so, where were we? Oh yes - 'sucker guy'. Now, for this part, I want to tell you something straight away and I want you to keep it in mind - in all the sexual adventures that 'sucker guy' and I shared, we never once spoke about anything other than to engage in a sex act and we never asked for each other’s names! That’s right – I sucked a ton of dicks with this guy and I never even asked for his name; neither for that matter did he ask for mine. At the time, this didn’t seem in the least bit strange. This was the base that this ‘relationship’ was built upon. It worked, why question it? Aft… Read more

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Carla and Mike


Carla and Mike Carl and Mike had been high school friends. Both were average students, Carl better in the classroom, Mike a natural jock. Carl chose college, Mike the military. After being separated a decade they were meeting again. Carl had been an introvert, often the subject of rumor of being gay. Yet never in school had it ever been proved. Mike didn't question and had been a “girl slayer”, but they had a mutual interest in the “Old West” since Carl's great grandfather had been an actual lawman. Carl now lived out west, 40 miles away from t… Read more

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Wife Val Makes Me A Gay Black Bitch

Interracial SexGroup SexGay Male

I was having my regular weekly white gay with three black friends using me, when my wife Val walked in on us.She was thoroughly enraged seeing me being used by the three well endowed black friends of mine. I tried to free myself from the grips the guys had on me, but they were overpowering me. I honestly liked being caught by my wife, and have her watching me be gay black bitch being sodomized, bareback, with no protection in sight. The guys kept going as they usually use me in front of Val, as she started to calm down a bit, and was starting to enjoy seeing me in my gay predicament that she w… Read more

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My Girlfriend & I - Almost Bi

Gay MaleHardcore

My long-time girlfriend was over at my place one evening. She wanted to check out the news and before thinking I said "just jump on my computer if you want." Those were the words that changed our relationship forever. She went on google to see what was happening in the world innocently enough, and found her way to my history. It opened her eyes to a whole new side of me. There, right in front of her was my XHamster log-in with all my favorite videos in plain sight. There were bi ones, mmf ones, MTF ones. There were some kinks that she was well aware of, but all I heard from here were the word… Read more

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