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How I Calmed My Frightened Daughter Chapter 2

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The next morning I woke up. Sara was still sleeping, curled up beside me. I turned, curling up with her. My cock brushed against her ass, making me remember that she got into bed naked last night. I placed my hand underneath the covers, lifting them up, seeing her nice curvy, little ass. I was thinking how fun it would be fucking her in the ass like I use to do with her mom. I placed my hand on her waist and hips, feeling her smooth silky skin. My hand moved lower, feeling the crease that separated her ass cheek, from the back of her leg. I caressed her ass, moving my hand upward, the back sid… Read more

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Are You a Faggot for Big Black Dick Gay

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I was on my way to a party with my cute blonde girlfriend, the host was a friend of hers from work. He was a short stocky gentleman of African descent. She had mentioned to me she though he was maybe gay, and she had also often noticed he had a considerable bulge in his pants. She knew this would pique my curiosity as I recently confessed my occasional desire to suck cock, not any cock, specifically big black cock. She also enjoyed watching this as she found it a huge turn on to witness my foray into this fetish. When he had invited us to his party she had mentioned she was glad he would me… Read more

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Get to it Slut Gay

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I had signed myself up for an adult website on a whim. I was just really horny one night and stumbled across it. Before I knew it, I had the confirmation email and I was browsing through pictures of hot girls and couples going at it. The pictures that really got to me were the ones where the girls were sucking on a big cock or had just got a wad of cum all across their face. I found myself being more and more attracted to the cock in the picture than the girl. When I started browsing through people near me, I'd of course check out the hot girls, but I'd also click on the cock pictures from guy… Read more

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Worship my cock you Cocksucker Gay

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The building was a made of cinder block that had been painted several times, though not anytime recently. All of the layers of paint were worn and blistered and it would be possible for some individual with nothing better to do to count the layers. The last painting was two-tone with light blue on the bottom and then at the height of five feet the paint was white. There was an aluminum storefront window facing the residential street that had been installed during some iteration before this one. The parking lot had the same afterthought design as the building. Parts of the lot were asphalt an… Read more

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Fucking Tom

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Lots of people wanting to hear after my last post about first time cheating how I ended up fucking Tom, so here you go. It was about 2 years after I sucked Tom's dick in the park, I had done my best to avoid him and certainly never be alone with him. Even though it had turned me on I was in love with Ben and we had gotten engaged, despite me being only 20 years old. Ben and I had got our first flat together and everything was great and I didn't want someone like Tom ruining everything, who the more Ben told me was just a female trophy collector, having sex with as many women as he could, part… Read more

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Finding parents porn

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I grew up listening to my mum and dad fucking, they were always at it and my mum is very noisy in bed, they were the other side of a very thin wall and sometimes the pictures would rattle as my mum took a pounding against the head board. When I was 18 I was home alone and decided to have a snoop around my parent’s bedroom to see what I could find. In my dad’s bedside draw there was a collection of vibrators and dildos that could keep a sex shop going, some of the dildos were so big I couldn’t imagine any woman being able to take one in any hole. In the bottom of the wardrobe I found a lot mor… Read more

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Bird's eye view of my wife fucking


Andrea had invited her favorite side cock Tim over for sunning swimming and sex. She told me Saturday morning that she had invited him over and for me to stay out of their way. I asked if I had to leave for the day. She said no but don't interfere with them. I said OK. I was just putting away the pool cleaning equipment when I heard the patio door slide open. From the garden shed I watched Andrea and Tim walk to the pool. She was wearing a tiny yellow thong bikini bottom and that's all. Her perky little thirty four b cups we're uncovered and the nipples rock hard. Tim had on a Speedo and it… Read more

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Selling Jean 3


312 Selling Jean (3) Time was running out, she was very aware of that there were days not weeks on the ticking bomb of the sharks threats. They were still just under $8000 dollars short, having pawned the last of Robs grandmothers legacy of jewellery. She talked it over with Janice and Rob and very rapidly came to the conclusion that she had to be auctioned, and in this week`s auction too! Janice saying it was a weekly affair, and on Jean`s request making a call to someone she called “tits!” Reluctantly her name was entered, for the auction by telephone on the following Monday night, before… Read more

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selling jean 2


311 selling Jean 2 The ate together, Rob though tired had had a traumatic night worrying about his wife, they sat at the now empty table, Rob pestering for details, to which Janice explained what a brave wife he had, it was she who described the whole scenario, Jean breaking in at various points to explain how she had felt, or add the odd detail, always referring to the little tormenter as “The little shit” Saying that Janice had warned her that he was a one hit wonder, and that it had proved to be so, It was then that Janice, said that she had introduced two other women to the discipline, th… Read more

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Ghostrider : Part II

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"So did you enjoy that?" I asked, after pulling Ghost out from between the young girl's legs. "Ummm - - yeah, it felt kinda funny - - and like nice, having something press up against me right there." she said, giggling with her red rosy cheeks from all the uncontrollable blushing. "Ok good - - so - - I want you to lie down so that I can demonstrate something for you." As she laid back, I soon realized that she was a totally submissive person. I removed my sweatshirt, with only my tanktop and shorts on, as I moved next to her by her side. "I'll show you what I mean about it feeling better if s… Read more

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Chrissy goes Camp(ing) chapter 5

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Chrissy found himself back under the shower with two hot girls rubbing him down, but strangely he wasn’t as turned on as he thought he would be. Instead he was thinking about the two brothers who had just used his mouth and arse to deposit their creamy loads in. Chrissy stepped out from under the water and dried off before sub consciously putting on the panties offered to him. The bra offered to him next threw him but the girls helped in on with it. The pink summer frock came to mid thigh and swirled around as he turned and made his-way to the door. Hang on sweetie you have forgotten your shoe… Read more

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Happy wife happy life

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All stories Naughty mamma an daughter Well my girl wanted a three sum so I let her pick the girl an the one she picked was a little dirty cause she had gave me head an had a threesome with this hot girl well I had my way with heran all she did was sit on the girls pretty face.after I told my girlfriend she wanted her to join us .so we had her over with a few friends well her boyfriend was downn ass she was sucking my cock while my was eating her pussy as here man called for her.so they left butt to our surprise she cum back to get it on they started rubbing tits to get her an kisssingan grabbi… Read more

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Was really annoyed back when I was working security in central London in the 1980s! I told you as a reward my colleague Jack and I were allowed to use the Office Managers vcr. A month after Jack left the company my Operations Manager Mick asked me to report to his office at the company main offices at 3pm. “Don,t worry about getting to work on time as that,s what we need to,talk about!” His final comment before he hung up. With all sorts of things running through my head I reported a bit early so he said make myself a cup of coffee and one for him no sugar so I carried both cups into,his offic… Read more

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SHORT PIECES (GAY TALES) SPECIAL DELIVERY (the story takes place in the 1930s ) The road had fortunately dried up since Randy didn’t like driving on wet pavement. He just didn’t have the right tires. Besides the sun had been out since early this morning and most things had dried. Otherwise he would have waited until the return trip to make his usual stop. Randy was a special delivery man who carried important letters and parcels between Boston, New York and Washington. People who didn’t trust the mail system or wanted something delivered more quickly used his service. Although he was married… Read more

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Hotwife Encounter

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It was another long day at work. I needed to unwind so I go to a little bar I hadn't noticed before. I don't really want to be bothered. so I order a pitcher of beer and take it to a secluded area of the bar where it is hard to see the evening crowd. I am very buzzed after finishing the pitcher when i notice a gathering of men near pin ball machines. Being the competitor I walk over to put my hat in the ring. To my surprise I find these men aren't watching a game. They are all crowding around a Latina bombshell that is bent over pinball machine. she has this milky skin that just looks as soft… Read more

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my house the fucking nest

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hi has been some time now since morris forced him self on me , fucking my white sa pussy with his monster black cock , his cock that he hurt my lily white pussy . well he has been quite busy pumping white pussy at my house , lots of my book club friends r now giving him their white pussies to fill with black cock and black sperm.he is so into white pussy now and there is no shortage for him , i love to watch as he goes into my friends , looks so good seen his huge dick sliding in and out of white pussy, and them moaning as he fucks them hard and fast, wow and to see what my friend faces do whe… Read more

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Ein junger Lusthengst geht in eine Bar ...

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hi ich muss dir unbedingt erzählen was ich heute nacht erlebt habe. das ganze war ganz spontan, was es noch aufregender machte! angefangen hat alles, als ich und zwei kollegen in einer bar ein paar bierchen tranken. dabei fiel mir immer wieder auf, dass eine frau zu uns rüber schaute und mich anlächelte. zunächst ignorierte ich das, da ich dachte sie schaut jemanden neben uns an denn sie war einiges älter als ich, bestimmt gegen die 50. ausserdem sass sie mit zwei männern und einer weiteren frau am tisch... kurz nachdem meine freunde die bar für eine zigi verliessen kam sie zu mir rüber und sa… Read more

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Hot threesome then sum

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All stories Naughty mamma an daughter Well my girl wanted a three sum so I let her pick the girl an the one she picked was a little dirty cause she had gave me head an had a threesome with this hot girl well I had my way with heran all she did was sit on the girls pretty face.after I told my girlfriend she wanted her to join us .so we had her over with a few friends well her boyfriend was downn ass she was sucking my cock while my was eating her pussy as here man called for her.so they left butt to our surprise she cum back to get it on they started rubbing tits to get her an kisssingan grabbi… Read more

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gabriella passato e presente di una sissy 4


Dormii come un sasso per tutta la notte e quando mi svegliai verso le 7 del mattino dopo la colazione mi sono fatto una doccia mi sono vestito e me ne sono andato al lavoro . Stavo scrivendo degli ordini al pc quando mi arrivò una telefonata al cellulare..erano loro...come potevo rispondere davanti ai miei colleghi sapendo benissimo gli argomenti che mi sarebbero stati esposti. Ma non potevo nemmeno lasciarlo suonare così decisi: risposi. "Ciao troia sei al lavoro? Se lo sei rispondi semplicemente di si Franco come fossimo vecchi amici" Risposi come ordinato. "Bene ora trovi una scusa quals… Read more

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Single Mom - Saving Mimi

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Rochelle headed into the staff break room and pulled out her phone. She swiped to read the message from one of her best friends from college, Carmen Joseph. The text indicated that was a high priority so Ro placed the call. “Hey, girl,” Carmen answered exasperated. “What’s wrong, sweetie,” checked the physician. “It’s Mimi!” “What happened?” “She’s strung out.” “How did you find her?” “She still remembered my grandmother’s house number. She called and now here we are.” “What’s going on?” “She’s somewhere in Houston in a trap house. She got away or so she thought, but she needs some… Read more

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