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Listening to Mom and Dad

Do you know how much it sucks to move just before your senior year? Daddy works for a big manufacturing firm and they tapped him to help absorb a new factory they had purchased clear across the country. Without even talking to me, Daddy and Mom decided to sell the house and move from Arizona to some small country town in Kentucky. Apparently, they were able to sell our nice house and buy an old country house and pocket a sizeable profit.

"We're talking enough to pay for your college, Pam," Mom told me matter-of-factly. "I know its hard moving and leaving your friends and old school behind,... Continue»
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Bachelor Party Surprise

My Name is Derek and my wife is Kristy. We have been married for eight years and are both in our early thirties. We had just opened a Party Store where we sell party supplies and put on parties for various groups of people. We have catered parties for local dignitaries, weddings, fundraisers and even the occasional bachelor or bachelorette parties.

The business had been very successful so far. We were trying to build a solid reputation as a place you can count on for a great party. We are usually pretty busy and Kristy and I do most of the work. We have to hire temps occasionally to help ou... Continue»
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My teacher kept me for a reason... PART 6


- She loved that, Emma said when we got home after the cab ride and a very hot night.
- Yeah, I think so. I said and took her hand and walked into her apartment with her.
- Do you really think she'll come by tomorrow? She asked me, since we had invited the old sexy waitress.
- I ... Continue»
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Sissy discovers (part 1)

This is an original fictional story, where a young woman finds that she has an admirer at home, and unexpectedly decides that she likes the attention.

I'll post more parts of the story over time if there is interest so please comment.

Outwardly Sissy looks like your average pre-college teen with a wholesome f****y. Cute and sexy she has a special effect on all that meet her that creates lusty thoughts in her fiends, and as she will find out, particularly her younger b*****r. When Sissy finds out her b*****r’s fantasy for her, she decides to take action, but it leads to places she neve... Continue»
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A story of Humans and Orcs

Adrian had been walking in the barrens for days now.

Exhausted, thirsty and hungry, the blazing sun above didn't exactly help.
Everything went to shit, he shouldn't have went on a mission to find high-prince Valinar in the first place.

His friends, dead. His mount, stolen. Those centaurs put up a good fight.
Wielding their majestic axes, swords and bows, the Lion Vanguard had no chance.

In the distance, he spotted something green, something lush, an oasis.
"Finally!" he thought.

Nothing could bring his squad back, but the rest of his problems, solved in a matter of minutes,
W... Continue»
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A boring Summer Holiday - Saturday

Sam woke up and looked at his bedside clock it was early. He walked silently to the bathroom to empty his bladder. Downstairs he could hear his parents talking.
Leaving the bathroom he turned left and headed towards his twin s****rs room. Her door was slightly ajar the early morning sun was streaming through the pink curtains giving the room an odd hue.
Jo lay on the bed with her back to the door. Her breathing was heavy as she slept soundly. Jo was curled in a foetal position her left leg d****d over her right and tucked into her body. She was wearing a cream coloured satin nightdress, wi... Continue»
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Diary of a neighbourhood peep 3

16 Queensferry drive
24/08/13 09:11

She always goes to the gym on Saturday morning at 09:00 until 10:35. She's late this week, disrupting my plan. Her husband has already left for his habitual round of golf that will keep him out of the house until 13:00. I still have plenty of time to enact my plan. I know her secret and she'll have to buy my silence.


She finally leaves for the gym in her favorite skin tight lycra trousers and hot pink boob tube. Her fine form clear for all to see. I imagine she won't be short of attention at the gym when her toned ass and flat stomach are gl... Continue»
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How I was Seduced by Older Women

Have you ever wanted to just do something really naughty? Well, I have. My name is Ambry, and I was divorced about 4 months ago. My ex was a scum bag that had no idea of how to treat or please a woman, if you know what I mean. Oh sure, we all want the bad boy when we are dating, but ultimately, they make terrible husbands and lovers. We lasted a whopping 9 months before I caught the bastard cheating on me with a filthy little skank from the grocery store. Well, I say good riddance; she can have the tiny dicked fucker.

The bad part of not having a guy is that my pussy hasn’t had any action ... Continue»
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Seduced Young Wife

Seduced Young Wife

Chapter 1

A hum filled Lynn Shaffer's ears as she began to arouse herself from
her half-sl**p. She was dimly aware of a delicious warmth which
permeated her entire body, forming tiny beads of perspiration on her
forehead and letting a faint dampness invade the sheltered places
beneath her arms and down between her small, smoothly rounded thighs.
She rolled over onto her back, vaguely conscious now of the texture of
the terrycloth towel which lay beneath her, and of the sweltering sun
standing high over her in the cloudless Caribbean sky.

The... Continue»
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wifes desire

The wife wote this email to me, after I asked her what she would like to do this weekend, We hope you all enjoy reading as much as I did!!!
You call me at home and tell me you will be home in half an hour and to start getting ready cause you want to go out for dinner and dancing. You get home and come upstairs and find me getting out of the shower, i'm all wet and rubbing baby oil onto my body and you ask if you can help. I tell you no cause then you wont want to go out, and you promise you wont change your mind about going out. so I let you rub some oil onto my ... Continue»
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My Female Boss was a Sex Addict

Because I was a sexual girl with a history spanning my early teens, I had both the experience and confidence to control a woman more then twice my age
She was my boss, and her addiction to sex, was the tool I used, feeding my voyeuristic and sometimes sadistic needs, whilst abusing my position to gain control over my destiny.

My name is Mariel and I have been trained in the arts of pleasuring men since I first watched my first porn movie, long before entering those double digits that see those changes to my body that thrill men.

Daddy loved his porn and would casually leave one in the v... Continue»
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Part Three Fucking a Swingers Wife

Part Three
Fucking a Swingers Wife

The sound of movement awoke me from my slumber.
I saw Jim sitting naked on the chair smiling at me.
The smell of sex filled the room.
I could feel the warmth of Suzy’s gorgeous body next to mine in the spoons position, but what was even better was I could feel a warm moist fleshy sensation enveloping my morning stiffy.
Had I really slept all night with my cock inside Suzy’s ass?
The evidence would suggest I had!
Suzy was rotating her hips slowly, fucking my cock softly and gently.
Her hands reached behind her and grabbed my buttock, forcing me dee... Continue»
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My Moms Hot Friend

It had been an average week for me, school, homework and video games, but it was finally Friday and tonight I had to dog sit for one of my mom's friends. I was getting paid $30 just to hang out and take care of her new dog. I said yes as soon as she asked because it was easy money and I have a huge crush on my mom's friend. Her name is Linda, I don't know much about her excepted that she got divorced a few years ago, and she has a k**. Also she is around 5'8 with juicy D cup breasts and a nice round ass. She has brownish hair with streaks of blond and I've wanted to fuck her since the first ti... Continue»
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Oedipus takes her home

Oedipus takes her home

In the car...

The events on the train keep playing out in two different heads.

18 year old Danny is thinking about all the kinky things he intended to do. He feels confident that his mom will not be able to turn away from what has happened. She threw all her chance to stop things days ago. He knows what he does to her. When he reaches out and squeezes her shoulder he can feel the little shiver that runs through her body. He is sure.

Diana is at war with herself. She is thinking ... Continue»
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Just what I wasn’t looking forward to…I had gotten railroaded into going to watch the latest twilight movie with my wife Christine and her best friend Ally. Due to the fact that they had gone to see the Expendables with me a while back, I had reluctantly agreed that I would watch the latest edition of the Twilight Saga with them. If nothing else, I at least knew that I would finally get a chance to voice my latest Edward jokes and tease them about sparkling vampires. It wasn’t all bad at least. The fact was that my wife and I usually got along pretty good, except for the fact that she had kind... Continue»
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Our first naughty kiss

I have a cum fetish. I have looked for a proper cum slut for a long time. Well, not a long time. I was only made aware of my fetish the last few years, and it has grown. It has always been there. I have always loved 69ing with my lover while another guy fucks her doggie style, then licking her cum filled pussy before I fuck her. I have had many women in my life that I introduced to the joys of threesomes involving me and another man. I had one fun slut who enjoyed running to me as quick as she could after someone filled her with cum so I could eat her and mix my cum with his in her, but ... Continue»
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"Let's go get some cock, Baby" said Michelle, all painted and dressed as an absolutely flaming drag queen; she flipped up her short miniskirt as she wiggled her naked ass. "Check my pussy, Honey". She bent over, legs spread wide thrusting out her ass, parting her cheeks with long red nails as she pulsed her pussy open and closed, her smooth balls glistening with her dripping pussy juice, her sissy cock dangling. Lori was at the mirror putting on even more lipstick and gloss. "Ummmm, I love it Baby, you are such a nasty bitch... Continue»
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Fantasy Cums True part 4

This story is written by tittie-baby for

Fantasy cums true part 4

Terri is my shemale wife. And I guess the proper word now would be intersexed. When she was born she had a penis so everyone thought her parents had a boy and a girl. But as the k**s grew, Terri and Kate were virtually identical and Terri never showed any signs of wanting to be a boy. By the time the girls were 12 years old they both had a natural set of 34D breasts. Their parents took them in to the DR.'s for some testing. After the tests it was discovered that Terri had a gene that mutated and caused her cl... Continue»
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The Neighbor Slut part 2

<< The first part of this story went over very well, so I decided to continue the story. hank you for Tyour votes. They and the comments are what motivate me to write things like.... THIS!!!>>

I do not guess I will ever know exactly how Kelli got my cell phone number. Maybe Tracy gave it to her when we went on vacation and she asked her to watch the house, I really do not know. All that I know is that while I was at work, my phone buzzed and it was one of those, “Unknown Caller” messages. I did not think twice about it until I realized the symbol had not been for an incoming ca... Continue»
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Started with a Follow! ;)

I receive a follower request from him a few months ago. I really didnt pay attention to him until he hit me up on Kik where we exchange numbers.Since then we've been talking sending each other dirty pictures , had phone sex, until not to long ago he came out here. He told me he wanted to see me so we made plans to finally meet. I couldnt sl**p the night before i was anxious and nervous. The day has come and i got sexy just for him. When i was getting closer i was getting more nervous and i didnt know what to do, i sure couldnt back out i was just one stop away. I got off the train and text h... Continue»
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