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Shower Delite

I turn the hand shower on myself. I'm lost in my thoughts about you. The warm water pours over my body washing the soap off me. You can't take any more. You stand there enthralled by my wet body. Your cock begins to stir. You quietly slide your jeans down your long legs, and pull your T-shirt up over your head, tousling your dark hair. As I rinse my hair I close my eyes, and you step into the shower behind me.

You run your large strong hands up my body, cupping my breasts from behind. I push back into you. I know you like the way my bum feels against your hardened cock. I hear a moan escape... Continue»
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My True First Time

The first time I had sex really sucked. I was at a party and this guy that I really liked was there. I was trying to impress him so I drank and flirted more than I should have. Anyway we ended up in one of the bedrooms. We made out and he began to finger me. Then off came my pants and then his came off. His cock was hard, I was not sure I wanted to go thru with it but I did want to impress him. He pushed into my dry pussy, made a couple thrust and it was over. In a matter of seconds he pushed into me and came. I spent the next couple waiting for him to call me and he never did. So my first a... Continue»
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My teacher kept me after for a reason... PART 4

Sorry for the long delay between the posts, hope this makes up for it.

Me and Emma have been a couple for 11 months now, it started with us having sex in the classroom, since then we've pretty much been dating, but we've kept it a secret, since she is 34, and I'm 17. She is still my Spanish teacher. I don't think anyone knows of our relation, but we've been close to getting caught a few times, sinc... Continue»
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A Boring Summer Holiday - Day 3 - Friday Night

Sam managed to get dressed and down the stairs before his mother came through the hall door, as he was running down the stairs, he heard Jo starting the shower. He met his mom at the front door, she was carrying a couple of bags and 2 large pizza boxes. “where is Jo, I got pizza for dinner because your dad is working till late, something about the project they are doing having to be finished before the morning” She called upstairs, just as Sam heard the bathroom door opening, “Jo, I got pizza for dinner, come down before it gets cold”.
Sam and his mom laid the food out in front of the televis... Continue»
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The Desired Dream Of A Best Friend

The Desired Dream

Everyone has had one person in their life who that absolutely positively wanted to fuck. Yet for whatever reason they never could get that chance. Well I'm hear to share my story, as much as I wish it could happen or at least see her gorgeous naked body I can only tell my desire which turned into a full fledge dream.

So after talking to her one night I immediately started thinking a ton of things I'd do to her and it continued until I drifted away into a deep slumber. That's when the dream of a lifetime had begun. It started with us sitting on the couch playi... Continue»
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THE EYELAND PROJECT: First Crew. Chapter 2

By Otto Maddox

Chapter 2

“The shadow of our desires is often perverse and vile…what we
think about and what we DO…are two very distinct and separate
things. When they cross over one another…when we allow what
we think to become what we do…it is then that we become
something less than human…something more akin to evil.”
– O.Maddox 2012

Joel sat on the edge of Donna’s bed and stared down at the grotesque mass of engorged flesh that was his penis. It was almost on the verge of burning from his Aunt’s excessively rough stroking a few moments b... Continue»
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Rules for my Whore Wife

I realise that some of these rules may or may not be acceptable to the ordinary person, but they're very acceptable to me, in fact they are the ONLY things which are acceptable.

The number one rule for my wife, and the most important rule is that she is not, under ANY circumstances, allowed to say the word No. Not EVER. If a guy is brave enough to take his cock out in a crowded pub then she MUST suck it if that's what the guy wishes. Though more often that not this will happen in the toilets. I've lost count of the number of times my wife has been taken into pub toilets to suck cock or be ... Continue»
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Sometimes lust won't be denied

Sometimes lust won't be denied

This is a true story....

Many years ago I got involved with a group of people who put on a performance of the Rocky Horror Picture show. We would dress-up as the various players and do our thing while the movie was playing. Unlike a lot of groups we put a huge amount of effort into the costumes and the acting. We were very good.

I played Dr. Frank-N-Furter the star. I can sing and my voice is actually fairly close to Tim Curry's. Being a straight guy it was more than a little weird... Continue»
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My second experience with a BBC and finally found

I wouldn't call my first experience with a BBC a failure nor a success. It just wasn't anything like I have heard or expected. However, having been with one man other that my husband it opened up my mind to the idea of being with another to see if I just had bad luck on my first meeting. Even if it wasn't my idea of being with somebody else, how could I complaint, since my husband didn’t mind if I did and also liked to see me in action.

It was 5 months after I had my first BBC that I let Roy set a new meeting with somebody else (Kent). Once again we set a meeting at a restaurant this... Continue»
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Night out with my girlfriends

I am no more than a woman with a sex drive. When we decided to move apart so we said nothing about having sex with others. So yesterday when I was out with my girlfriends, I was a little d***k and horny so I started to flirted with a black guy in the bar then I followed him to his hotel room and continued to drink and talk so after a while we ended up on the couch. I was so horny I have not had sex since last autumn, so I did not protest when he began to go under my dress and into my panties. I started to moan heavily when his fingers massaged my clit and my pussy flowed he continued by puttin... Continue»
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An Afternoon With A Close Friend

So I'm stretched across the couch scrolling through the Netflix trying to find something to watch and the door bell rings I'm thinking its probably my damn neighbor wanting to buy a cigarette but to my surprise looking through the peep hole its her...She comes in all jolly and happy asking where the k**s and the rest of the f****y are I told her they all went out I stayed because I had to work today at 5:30...She went to the kitchen and I returned to the couch to continue looking for something to watch and she asked for a freeze pop from the freezer help yourself I said...I got the urge for so... Continue»
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Fantasy Cums True part 2

This story is written by Tittie-baby for any reprint without permission is strictly prohibited.


I woke up with Terri still sl**ping in my arms. God this woman was beautiful. She was so surprised that I didn't freak out when I found out she was a shemale. I have been with over a thousand women but Terri was my first shemale. Last night had been special for sure and I wanted to start the day off right too. I knew she would be getting up soon for work so I eased myself down the bed and took her limp cock in my mouth. I licked all around the head and the... Continue»
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Busted, screwed but hey I got a raise!

Recently I dropped my company car off at our service dept for an oil change. I was intending to leave it over the weekend and pick it up on Monday morning when I would head back out on my sales route. Its a independently owned trucking company and its not unheard of to have to come in for an hour or two on a Saturday to iron something out. So I wasnt surprised when the owner called me and said he needed me to come by for a little while before lunch on Sat to take care of something and pick up my car as it was ready.

When my husband dropped me off I noticed that my car was pulled up infront... Continue»
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Hook up at the gym

I ended up at the gym late the other night to try to get in a quick workout before I went home. The owner was busy doing his end of the day paperwork, I've never been there that late. There was only one more guy working out, he was pretty good looking and I couldn't help but check him out, especially when on his back doing bench presses, his back arching, legs spread apart and his large package in his pants seemed to be calling out to me. I couldn't be 100% sure but I thought he was wearing panties, unless it was his outfit and lighting making them look pink under his shorts. He finished h... Continue»
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Wrong Place...Wrong Time...

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, I was returning from the mall and decided to take a short cut through the Government Projects near the School. I thought that since it was raining I would be able to get through before anyone knew I was in their territory.

I was almost through the Projects when it started to rain harder and the lightening begin to flash. Absentmindedly I ran up on a nearby porch and stood there out of the rain, the door to the apartment opened and two huge black dudes stepped out besides me, one on each side.

Shaking with fear I steadied myself and eased forward, try... Continue»
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Tales of Dark Souls - chapter 1: Laurentius of The

He knew where he wanted to go. Already an outcast, Laurentius pressed deeper into the unknown regions of the great swamp, hoping to find some sign, some indication of where the great witches would be. Lordran was the answer, but the path to those forgotten lands was elusive and strange. As long as he kept to the swamps, he was at least in familiar territory, and could rely on himself to survive.

Lost in thought, he came to the edge of a large pond, nearly a lake. Despite being so close to the water, he noted that there were few insects around, and little in the way of bird song. This insti... Continue»
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Harry and His Friend...continued

Gary grunted and his penile head swelled and twitched and without a warning, Gary shot load after huge load of young semen into my mouth chanting '... swallow my baby gravy bitch, swallow my jizz...' Gulping his load between the powerful thrust of Harry was all I could manage to do. Gary pulled from my mouth and holding my head, ordered me to '...lick my dick clean, lick it clean...' As I licked at Gary's penis Harry plowed into my butt as if he was drilling for oil, he kept saying holier bitch,. call my name, call my name...'

Finally around the huge pole in my mouth I mumbled '...Harry..... Continue»
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Daddy pops her ass cherry

Part of me was glad that this was the last hole Daddy was going to claim. It's the only one I've never experienced. And while the little ass play I've had has felt amazing, I know this is going to be very different from what I've had. I am ready for Daddy to do this, but to be honest it's quite scary as well. I know I need to relax and not worry about it. This will be a true test of my trust in Daddy. I have to truly surrender for this to work. Daddy taking my mouth and cunt were easy compared to this. I knew what to expect for the most part. I have no idea what's going to happen when... Continue»
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Another Fantasy

Michael and I decided to meet. It seemed our minds and secret inner desires were in the same place. I drove from the airport to the hotel and checked in. I was ahead of schedule, so I unpacked and took a shower. About an hour later, I walked over to the restaurant near the hotel we agreed to meet. I thought about all of the e-mails we wrote. Now if everything worked out as we hoped, we would finish the day having giving each other our first homosexual experience.

I wondered if Michael would make the half hour drive from Portland. He said that a few years ago his curiosity was getting the be... Continue»
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Pornstar Nina

This story is based on BigDDtits and contains BDSM, humiliation and watersports

Following her recent adventures of being used and degraded like the cheap nasty piggy whore she is, we decided to video any further such encounters and put them together to make a feature length internet movie of this nasty cunt being used and abused.

The first scene we decided to shoot involved one of her neighbours John who was one of Nina's regular friends to use her natural talents at being a completely fat nasty whore. John would only ever want oral servicing from Nina because he reckoned her pussy and ... Continue»
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