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HOT threesome with buddys wife and little s****r,

buddy is married to a women he does not want. he rarely gives her any and she masturbates in the bathroom. She on purpose leaves the door open and makes me hear her. She is 30 and he is 32. He is screwing the baby sitter and she is 17. I have banged her several times, few up her ass.

I ask him why he neglects his wife and he tells me her pussy is big. The baby sitter is younger and tighter. Weekends when I visit their son is at grand parents house. So we party and dance around. Others come over including his s****r. Got some of her and stopped when she told me she loved me. Do not want t... Continue»
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Sexually owned by a huge cock!


Ok, this one is a very important milestone at my sex life.
That's from mid 2010. I was living in Sao Paulo at time, sharing an apartment with a friend of mine, his name is Rick. We weren't old friends, we actually met when we started to share the apartment. It was a single man apartment, living room, small kitchen, one bathroom and one bedroom.

So privacy was pretty much inexistent there, then we had this had this heads up policy for getting laid. When ever one of us would take a girl there, we sent a messag... Continue»
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Stephanie seduces her handsome father


"Daddy," I whispered as I glided across the moonlit room, stopping only when my trembling knees gently brushed against the silk sheets on his king size bed.

"Daddy, are you awake?" I asked again as I leant over my fathers body, purring into his ear, my tongue twitching just an inch away, already eager to lick inside him.

No don't, I thought to myself, pulling back even as I felt my nipples stiffen and arch toward him. Lifting the soft sheet away from his golden skin I couldn't help but gasp as his blond pubic hairs came into view, and then had to figh... Continue»
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"Ohhh...Mommy," I Groaned

He deflowers s****r, impregnates mom
"Do you think they've been doing it?"

"Doing what?" her mother asked.

"Cathy and Bobby. Do you think they're ...well, you know...having sex?" she asked blushing.


"What? Look at them mom...she's all over him."

"They're far too young."

"Gina thinks they're doing it. Her s****r was in their class this year."

"He's still a virgin," the mother insisted as she watched her son Bobby and his girlfriend Cathy kissing through the kitchen window. "When did you see Gina anyway?"

"She got home from school on Sunday. She says her s****r ... Continue»
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Rebecca Meets her Black Half b*****r

Friday, March 10 2006 – South Beach, Miami, Florida

"Oh look Mandy," I cried as we turned left off 5th Street onto Ocean Drive and saw the white capped blue waves breaking on the famous beach to our right, while on our left the architectural splendor of the Art Deco district flashed by.

I could feel the excitement of Ellie and Crystal behind me as Mandy slowed her red A-6, as engrossed by the passing scenery as the rest of us.

"There it is!" Ellie screamed in my ear, her arm pointing over my shoulder to a hotel just ahead. "Look out Miami Beach, four hot sluts from Auburn University ... Continue»
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What I saw and what I did

What I saw and what I did

Hesitantly, Spring begins in New England. Southwesterly winds make their way up the east coast, teasingly bring the first tender days of warm.

Connie and I , now early into our golden years, have taken to daily walks along the small stretch of beach not far from our cottage.
Winter coats have gladly given way to sweatshirts that now hang open loosely as we beach comb our way down the shoreline.
The seasons first sun worshipers have begun to arrive, blankets laid on the newly warmed sand, and their well oiled b... Continue»
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Scally-boy Memories.

Usual disclaimers apply,I suppose.

I've been seeking out some hot,sleazy scally-boy vidz on here & it ressurected memories of one really HOT young scally lad that who I'd regularly service when I was in my late 30s.So,with my knob on the stonk & me piss-hole drooling I thought 'why not share it with the randy Hamster users'.At least one horny fucker will read it & think 'yeah...that's got me boned-up & squirting'.Well I hope so.

So there I was,feeling well bored & I'd done all me housework...well if ya consider flickin' a dirty duster round the room & shoving newspapers & me porn stash u... Continue»
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My Uncle Who I Can't Refuse

My uncle owned acres of farmland in Wales near the coast. When we were young we'd occasionally stay at his for a few nights holiday with my Dad and my Mum. On my dad's b*****r's land was lots of trees and forestry parts great for climbing and making hide-outs, which was great for me as a little girl. I always enjoyed staying with Uncle Geoff.

Now as a freshly grown adult, and at 20 just out of my teen years I had decided to head back to Uncle Geoff's farm for some peace and quiet over the month long Easter Holidays from my University to revise before my final exams.

It had been a fairly ... Continue»
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Norton Towers-sexy girdled seniors-A twin fuck wit

Norton Towers – the apartment block for sexy girdled seniors
Chapter 4 A twin fuck with Joan and Jim

Joan and Jim lived in number 34 and were by all accounts very quiet and not what the others would call ‘adventurous’. One Friday about 3.00pm, I had a call from them asking if I would help turn in their new digital TV that had been delivered the day before.

Jim answered the door and directed me to the living room added, “We’ve been trying to tune it in and link up the DVD but the thing doesn’t want to work” Just then Joan entered. She was buxom, size 18 and looked around 60 but plai... Continue»
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My cum swallowing fun with bicouple

I am a bisexual male with 8 inch uncut thick cock. I love rough deepthroat, hard ass fucking, cum swap, facials, and cum gargling and swallowing. Enough about my likes..(for this story my fuckfriends will be referred to as Mike, and Becky.)
I had a wild ride previously with Mike, and I deepthroated and got facefucked by him while we drove down a long empty road. If you want to read that story check my story blog of filthy stories. Anyways back to this story... Mike invites me into his house and leads me down to the finished basement where Becky was waiting on their bed in a slutty teddy with... Continue»
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Rally Virgin part 4. The Gangbang.

Gangbang at the Clubhouse! Next part.

As I came out of the mens room I saw Nici titty wanking one of the guys. Others were playing pool or sitting around the club house, but a few were watching her do her stuff. She was sucking his dick as he sat on the stool at the end of the bar, and regularly popping it out of her mouth and enveloping it tight between her boobs, rubbing them up and down over his shaft. I could see her nipples with the temporary designs around them were all up hard and throbbing. She was excited.

As he approached his orgasm, she began to jiggle his balls and suck ... Continue»
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Mean bitch, or I - a witch

It's probably a good place to confession ? After a confessional , of course :)
I am writing to heat. I have tears in my eyes ...
No, I did not cry ....
We, submissive , we are hard
And the dominant ? It is , after all dolls heartless . So it has always seen and life turns out to prove that I was right in ...

I went today filmed . My " Dog " u*********sly led me to a situation that began to fall into the abyss ....
I'm not normal, I'm like a k** who when gets to the game , he could play it 24 hours a day, instead of a reasonable dose Yourself . He however did not ...

A text message w... Continue»
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I got to know about my mom/dad

Pari and ajay new info

We had maid and her son moved in our part of house for the nights. In day time they are in their part of the house. She still do our cooking.
Maid is from Tamil Nadu. She is very fare colour she looks very beautiful naked or in cloths. She got married early age. He husband was alcoholic. He us to beat her up. She got son from him. But she was not happy with him. As a woman she could not do any thing. She spend few years with him and he was getting worst. She called her aunty who was working in our home. She told her the story how she is suffering. The lady told her s... Continue»
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Pantyhose outdoors

I have been wearing pantyhose for many years, my favourites are tan or nude sheer to the waist. I love to wear them and to see others wearing them, male or female. Anyway as I said I have been wearing for many years including for sex with my wife but I love to wear them under my trousers when I am out and about on my own shopping. It's a big turn on wondering if somebody will spot that I am wearing them. I usually take my camera with me when I go out because if I get an opportunity to safely take a pic of my pantyhose covered cock I do. It's been getting more and more difficult to do this with... Continue»
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early mornings

was already late for work by an hour but hadn't had any in so long that I had to have it and she was awake. so i started by sucking on her nipples a bit. playing with her clit. rubbing it ever so gently while tonguing her nipples till they were hard. i can't suck on them too hard because it will turn her off. so i just remained patient. sucking, licking and flicking at her nips with my tongue and toying with her clit with my fingers until her clit started to stand up too. then when she started to moan ever so gently i climbed in between her legs
I slid my bbc over her clit a few times so she ... Continue»
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We met on a sex site after all (transcript)

you currently appear offline

I sent a pic as a file here on the IM

I've just logged in to messenger...

Oh..that's where I was talking to you from

a smile for you...
for some strange reason I can use messenger through my email interface...

Very nice!...thank you
I'll send you some pics

I hope i didn't shock you!!
I have your picture before me... the floral B/W number

Of course the hair!!


I sent a few pics by email

that is so lovely of you...

These pics aren't on any website...please keep them for you

you ha... Continue»
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Clandestine sex (transcript)

princess has signed back in.

i look at your pics a lot...

mmmmm... what do you imagine?

i think how it would feel in my mouth

would be so hot watching you lick and suck my cock
your nipples getting harder and harder


running your lips up and down my shaft
so hot

i think about what i did around your unit a lot

me too... I think about walking in on you and seeing you naked and fingering your wet cunt thinking about my cock

in the toilet downstairs? when i went in there?

my cock was so incredibly hard

its so ... Continue»
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by Hammertime

Ben and Paul slid the canoes from the back of Paul's pickup and down to the edge of the river. Liz was unloading the supplies from the back of the truck. They were about to embark on a two night trip down the river, a trip that Paul and Liz had taken many times before. It was a first time for Ben and he wasn't at all sure about doing it. Being on water wasn't one of his favorite things. The idea of white water ahead made him wish he had just told them no again.

Ben and Paul were college team mates and best friends for several years. Paul played quarterback and Be... Continue»
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3 Mistress and Me

For the love of me I thought I would only like shorter girls or girls that are my height. This time my friend Marco told me about three girls that he works with at a strip club that are down to for some fun. I call Mistress Alexa and tell her I want you and your s****rs for a couple hours. She then says "fuck you, your mine for the day" I then said "yes mam" she said "tomorrow 10 am, leave your door unlocked" I did so. Next day I see a black Mercedes roll up and park in my driveway. The three Alexa(23yrs 6'2), Pamela(33yrs 6'3) and Melissa(37yrs 6'4) come into my house dressed in all black lat... Continue»
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Public Restroom Fun

I was in Sydney on business and decided I needed to suck some cock so headed off to a retail store that used to have a reputation as a great spot to meet like minded guys a few years ago. I took the lift up to the fourth floor and found the toilets to be in the same position they used to be in but I was a little dubious as the rest of the store had been renovated and modernised. I needn't have worried as all the upgrading had been front of house though re painted there was little difference in the rest of the toilets an open cubicle told me that the dividing walls were still the old marble no ... Continue»
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