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The first cock I sucked

Ever since a guy sucked my dick a long-time ago, I’ve always fantasized about what it would be like to take a dick in my own mouth. And like any fantasy, it turned into an urge I couldn’t resist any longer.

For as long as I’ve lived in this area, I’ve had a favorite fishing spot. It’s got a small picnic area and public bathroom. The first time I took my boys there, one of them had to piss real bad and wouldn’t do it out where we were fishing so I had to take both of them up there. As soon as we got inside, I could see that the place was pretty smelly. I saw what looked like fresh cum on sev... Continue»
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My homeroom teacher

I grew up in the country and went to a small school outside Springfield. There were few black k**s at the school and I was the only one in my 8th grade class. I was having trouble in math and my teacher asked if I minded staying after class and she would try to give me some extra help with it. I told her I lived in the country and had to ride the bus home. She said she would call my mother and if it was alright with her she would drive me home. My teacher was probably in her 50s not too attractive and a little overweight, so I didn't think anything about it. She gave me a list of math problems... Continue»
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UK Uni Freshers Week - Popping my Cherry

They always say that new experiences happen on Freshers week. When I left my rural town to go to Manchester Uni I knew I was in for a life changing experience, just not the path it took me.

My names Ashleigh and I went off to Manchester to study Maths. It was daunting going in on the first day not really knowing anyone. Plucking up the courage I chatted to a few people on the bus in, in the halls and in my first lecture. I really began to settle. I settled so much that in my first week I ventured out for Freshers week. Now I am quite a shy guy, but once I come out of my shell I make friends... Continue»
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Long Haul Stranger

It was hot and steamy as I arrived at the airport in Johannesburg for the long journey to Sydney, Australia. This was the beginning of a month-long holiday over Christmas from working in central Africa, and I was overjoyed to be heading back to some normalcy and "civilisation."

I checked in and was allocated my seat on the 747 right at the rear. There was aisle and window seating in a 4-5-4 configuration but the row in the rear section only had two seats where the
design of the fuselage tapered and I was allotted the window seat which had the added benefit of a small triangle of space on ... Continue»
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Gina's Vegas trip (Part 1)

It started, the way my last Gina Fantasy started-with an email from Gina inviting her BULLS to a "special event". We were instructed to meet at a small airport in the Port Angeles area about 10 a.m. at hanger number 6. with two days of cloths and-get this-our balls full of sperm. Oh well, no jerking off to Gina videos before the trip.

I arrived a few minutes early, but already Gina's herd of bulls was gathering. As we introduced of our selfs, I was struck by Gina's collection of sperm bulls. Some were very fit and young (a relative term) meaning twenties and thirties to a 50 year old lik... Continue»
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How I was cuckolded without knowing(The transforma

This is a true story about how I was cuckolded without wanting to be cuckolded. I started out a dominant man wanting to be with women and over the last 12 years have become a bisexual male that wants to be dominated by a white woman or a black male. It all started in 2001. I was 26 at the time and very confident in myself and was dominant in nature. I had a much younger girlfriend who was 18 going on 19. Her name was Jessica and was not the kind of girl you take home to mamma. She had quit school and had moved to my city just a couple months ago. She had just ran away from a broken home. I m... Continue»
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Youngsville Part 4: Expanding interests

During the days after my arrival, I got better acquainted with my new household, learning about the Day-Sea’s routines and getting used to the farm. The girls took very good care of me and helped me with anything I needed or wondered about. The girls found a way for me to repay them too, which I thought was more of a treat than a debt.

After they returned from their long working hours I would find them at their usual resting areas. The first one who had free time was Jill. All of the girls left the house early in the morning to take care of the farm or Jessie who would study in town. Jill, ... Continue»
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Early Anal Fun

This is a wee account of me as a teenager in the 90's and some of my first experiences of anal fun.

I can't remember the show but it was late on a Friday, one day in the mid 90's. I was watching T.V, well, flicking between some "erotic movie" on Channel 4 and some stand up comedy thing on ITV.

As any healthy teen boy would, being the only one awake in the house, I had the volume low, so as not to disturb my f****y. I also had my cock out. Unsurprisingly I was rock hard.

But what got me turned on and most excited of all was something Frank Skinner said in a joke. He was talking abou... Continue»
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Tami, My office manager, Part IV

It’s probably apparent I’m hot for Tami, even if she’s not a beauty queen model look. She’s down to earth, has the right curvy and in and out bits and she likes her dose of cock, which I’m happily providing. More than anything, I like her as a person, and yes, I’m smart enough to know I’m just being used here. I can live with that. Heck, I’m using her too. As the passion of the sex burns out, I know it will end and that’s the way it should be.

So, in the meantime, I get an enthusiastic fun fuck buddy and experiment with things I’ve not tried before. I’ve been with more girls than I deser... Continue»
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Girlfriend made herself at home in new house.

This is the story of when I first realized just how uninhibited my girlfriend was. Her name is Linda... sexy, athletic, 32 with strong legs and smaller B-cup tits. I felt lucky enough when we first moved in together just to see her walking around the house in next to nothing and often just panties. It's like she hates clothes, she takes them off as soon as she can.

Our first apartment was a duplex on a rural road. The neighbors were a f****y; mom, dad and teenage boy. They were quiet and seemed to stay in their place most of the time. We shared the laundry room between the units, each had ... Continue»
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Girlfriend starts to walk around in panties in fro

I love for my girlfriend to been seen wearing little or nothing. She is completely uninhibited and doesn't make an effort to make sure she can't be seen. We live in a townhome surrounded by neighbors on all sides. Great opportunity for me to show her off but tough for me to peep and take pics from outside. Seems that there are always people moving around, the two college guys next to us on one side are always in their back yard, people always walking their dog and getting their mail (mailbox is at the end of the next unit, partially visible from angles of our unit). Unfortunately, our bedroom ... Continue»
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The Transdimensional Stone - Chapter 01

(Every single character of this story belongs to its creators or companies and its associates. I do not use them or this story for any financial gain)
Story made in partnership with a friend

Chapter 1

Frankie Foster stood in the front of her room and looked to her watch. She constantly looked at her wrist not only to see what time was, but it seemed she was waiting for someone. And judging by the face of the girl, that someone was taking too long to appear.

Meanwhile, she heard an annoying voice approaching and steps. Those steps were... Continue»
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A fantasy of mother-in-law

I was beginning to like this Mr. Mom stuff. Since our son was born and it was decided that I was the most logical one to stay home to raise him my sex life has taken a decided turn for the better. I was happy staying home and my wife was happy going back to work and getting fucked regularly by her man at home. Life was beautiful.

About two weeks had gone by since the night I shaved myself and my wife turned into a slut in bed. We had sex almost every night since then and I was getting used to screwing a lot. That’s why I was disappointed when Donna told me that her mother was coming for a ... Continue»
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Mother-in-Law BlowJob

I called in to see my mother in law of twenty years to see if she wanted anything doing because of the snow and to have a coffee. She had already been down the street for her newspaper and started to tell me that someone had built some snowmen sitting on the seat. I thought nothing of it until she said it had a big willy and the other one had tits with big icy nipples. She seemed a little excited telling me, but I was gob smacked when she came out with
“I would be no good sucking on him, it would just melt away in my mouth”
I’d never heard my 66 years old mother in law talk so bluntly about ... Continue»
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Billy – bl**d, Sweat and Oil

Sir, Boss, Master, ALPHA, GOD…. They are just words. Billy is all of these things; 6’4”, muscle, ripped, tattooed, pure power, the man, the top of the food chain.
He Texts:
6pm, worship me. Billy.
I’m ready for him.
Around 6:00 I hear the keycard open the door of the hotel room. I stand to greet him as the door opens and the room fills with his presence. Billy is fresh from the gym; his body is shining with sweat, his veins thick beneath his skin and pulsing with raw power. The vest he has worked out in hangs from broad shoulders, clinging to his chest and wet with sweat. My nose f... Continue»
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Turned by Alan and Amy

This is a harrowing tale for me but one I need to set down for my own sanity. It is a true account of how I switched from being a hetro male to a lustful bisexual.

I started to use Cam Zap and Omegle a few months ago and was astonished at some of the poor experiences on there. I started to weary of the routines of it all and there was never any sign of women on there. I don’t know how it happened but one day I started texting a guy on there and next thing my shorts were down and he was dominating me through his lewd suggestions. I admit i was turned on. I ended up 'displaying' myself a... Continue»
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religious technique againt mom

if you like this story u can contact me on my skype id :

It’s a very true story between Indian mother and her son and please don’t’ think about it as fake. It happened between my friend and his mom. I am telling this story from my friend’s perspective. I know it is very rare for such thing to happen in India but believe me it happened between these families. So please, let your fantasies and role playing is away for some time as what you are going to read is a true account of i****t which blossomed in a traditional and conservative Indian f****y.

My name is anupam... Continue»
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Me And My Ex Boyfriend

Me and my partner have decided to write all our experiences down, a bit like photos to look back on. So all True stories
My partner wrote this one

Me and my partner was on a day trip to at Blackpool and by chance we meet my Ex boyfriend Ian and his girlfriend, on the sea front, after that we had chatted on line a few times since, just about everyday things and my partner was always there, Then one day I said we were going to stay with a couple of friends for the weekend. Ian joking said a bit of wife swapping then, My partner said to tell Ian we have had a foursome with them.
Ian couldn... Continue»
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Steel black Dick

Over the past few weeks I had become
Great friends with Mrs. Sherri Woods. Mrs. Woods was
The human resource manager at my current place of
Employment. I was busting my butt in order to become a
Full time team member. I figured if I was friendly and did some
Innocent flirting with Mrs. Woods I would be able to land the position
Full time. Now Mrs. Woods was an African American middle aged divorced
MILF She was far from a beauty queen, but she had the body of a Goddess.
Mrs. Woods stood around 5’9 180 with some huge melon sized tits.
It was something about her dark skin complexio... Continue»
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First Black Cock,...Prequel,...

Again, here’s the rundown on my wife, she’s 44 and a mother, strawberry blonde, blue eyes, 5’ 6”, slender, 34C, nice ass and has a sultry slow Georgia peach drawl.
She’s just as sexy as they come and when it’s time she knows just how to cuckold me with her sultry body, those timely looks out of the corner of her eye, her choice of words when she flirts to let me know we are gonna play and those mind blowing sensual sexy sounds when she is being pleased.
We hadn’t played in a while and we really don’t go looking for something to happen. We just let the opportunities happen when they do aris... Continue»
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