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my transformation... 101

I was at a very tender age of 10 years when my story begins. I was born male. With all physical parts in tact. But there was something deeper which was unfathomable. I was a very lovable sweet k** just entering fourth grade. I studied in an all boys school. On the out set I knew I was a bit different from the others. I had to much love and care than what a similar aged young boy would do. People thought I was to mature for my s****r age. Least did they know how I felt within. Let alone others I too didn't know how I felt until I grew up.

An incident changed my life at this tender age. I sh... Continue»
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Sports bar quicky

I was taking a road trip and stop for the night in a little town in California, I saw there was a sports bar down the road from the hotel. I decided to walk down and grab a burger and beer. I sat towards the end bar where there was an older man drinking a beer by himself. We started talking about baseball and before long we were talking about all sorts of stuff. I told him that I was surprised that a gay athlete came out. I normally don't let many people know Im bi, but I guess the beer and the fact that I was out of town I let my guard down and said there is no way I could do that if I was p... Continue»
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My Curiosity for Sex Started at a Young Age

Before my mother re-married I had never really had a close female companion. I had two b*****rs, one a year older and the other a year younger. But with the second marriage of my mother I inherited a step-b*****r and step-s****r. He was four years older than me and she was the same age but a couple of months younger than me. At that age we were both freckled faced, same color hair and eyes and about the same size physically so people naturally mistook us for being twins. The funny part was when I mother would reveal that we were actually three months apart without telling someone that we were ... Continue»
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My Favorite Hairdresser

A girl I know (actually a masseuse who knew that my libido was unlimited) recommended that I see a friend of hers, Julie, who was a hairdresser. I set up an appointment later that week.

When I arrived at the nice spa, I was delighted to see that Julie was a cute blonde, around 32 years old, and in great shape. She was wearing a light white blouse and a short plaid skirt, with white thigh high stockings that did not reach the hem of her dress, so a part of her bare thigh was visible.

She started with a nice shampoo, which put my head at her waist level. I could look up and enjoy her ni... Continue»
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Today is the day to mark my dad 1st year of departing this world. I was oversea when my dad die and I did not attend his cremation. My dad has been sick for over 7 years. Now my mom officially a Widow.

Mom is 60 years old and still look good for her age.

I am returning home on my dad 1st aniversary, and took my mom to Monterey Bay where my dad ashes was s**tered.We check in into one of the 1st class Hotel with only 1 bedroom.

We went to Piers and throw a flower for my dad and then ,go to the Aquarium and many other places in Monterey.

At around 12:18 we having lunch and back to... Continue»
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Old Man Just Wanted To Watch Us

Me and my partner have decided to write all our experiences down, a bit like photos to look back on. So all True stories
I wrote this one

Neil we Meet on the Internet, He’s an Old guy 73 he just wanted to watch someone having sex, and we thought it would be a great turn on for us to be watched, Neil said he couldn’t get a proper hard on anymore,
So we went to meet Neil he is a very nice and polite guy.
We ended up back at his house, after a few more drinks and some naughty flirting Pam ended up topless with me and Neil playing with her tits, and licking and kissing her very erect nipple... Continue»
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Rode her hot soaking wet body till she cried with

First time I had her, she was 18 years old. Long blond hair, blue eyes and body to drive me nuts. My friends shocked I would date a girl this young, most were jealous that I could enjoy such a treasure.

The first time I could feel something I hit and shaft bend. I kept pushing with each stroke. To give her some pleasure the head and few inches were used. She had sex 3 times prior to me. A boy had taken her virginity, in a weekend he had sex with her two more times. She was not broken in when I got her.

She had DDD chest and huge nipples, areolas were the largest I had seen. She should ... Continue»
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Old friend

This is a tale (?) about a good friend of my Mother.
My Mum is 89 and legally blind. She can just manage to make out who someone is if they are as close as a metre away. Beyond that and it’s a blank blur. She also suffers from hearing loss, so that can catch her out at times.
My name is Jim, and I’m a live-in carer for Jan, my Mum.
The youngest of 9, it was always my “duty” to look after our Mum. Now, at a single 39 years old, I have no love life to speak of, aside from my computer (porn) and my trusty right fist… get what I mean…..

Now, my Mum, with all her friendliness she oozes, ... Continue»
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Our First Foursome

Me and my partner have decided to write all our experiences down, a bit like photos to look back on. So all True stories
I wrote this one

Jim and I had talked about having a threesome on several occasions if I could get my partner to agree, but she always said no, until we had a sexual experience on holiday. But that’s another story. That changed her attitude a little,
Then one day we were sat in the garden with my friend Jim and the talk got a little flirty and we talked about a threesome again, with me and Jim trying to get Pam to show Jim her big tits, after about half hour Pam said o... Continue»
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Friends I am back with my new story. I've always fantasized about a Muslim woman Damned. It is a fictional story.Our two neighbours flat was empty anyway, One day in there a lady came with her 5 years daughter One day I saw her in burkh(hijab) only i see her eyes that was so beautiful. I make friendship with her.

Me: Hello lady im Rajesh ur neighbour.
Shazia: O i'm Shazia, she reply
Me: Where are u going rite now.
Shazia: She reply im going to admit my daughter in St. Andrews School from the last 2 days. Rite now i'm getting very late.
Me: Oh so u come with me, i help u to get ur daugh... Continue»
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i am not sure i know where to start my name is stacey i am nearly 14 years old and i have a dilemma which is making me feel both extremely confused and awkward, you see i am having feelings, thoughts even fantasies if you like, about my parents at first i kept trying to stop them, f***e them from my mind as i felt they were not normal and i would start to masturbate thinking about my best friend who i have also experimented with a little but it would inevitably lead always to me thinking about my dad’s cock or mum’s tits, pussy and ass and i would have the biggest orgasms way bigger than when ... Continue»
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"A Night At My friends...

It was a Friday afternoon and my classmate Larry G. had ask if I could spend the night at his house. My folks reluctantly gave their permission and talked with Larry G.'s mother, having her assurance that I would be treated well I was giving the go ahead.

The even passed well we all sat down to dinner, Larry G., his mother Mrs. G. and his father Mr. G. and myself... After dinner Mr. G. left and Mrs. g went to her room, Larry G. and I cleaned up the kitchen and took turns showering for the night.

In Larry G.'s room was two beds, one by the window and the other against the wall, Larry G... Continue»
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Wifes job interview

I'm not sure how or why but somehow I met and married the woman of my dreams. Not only is my wife Joyce hot but she also loves to try new things. Even though I married one of the sexiest women that I have ever known, lately I've been having these fantasies about my wife with other men.

Now Joyce works in professional offices and has to wear skirts with hosiery. Every time that I watch her dress I think about how kinky it would be if she got some at work. On this day, Joyce was getting ready for a job interview and I made sure that she held nothing back. I wanted her to look hot, not for me ... Continue»
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Jenny Becomes a Porn Star Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven is in the works.

Our afternoon scene that day was a simple one for me. I played a house wife that was doing her shopping chores at different stores around town. My first stop of the day was at the butchers to get meat for the evening meal and of course in order to get the very best cuts and price I gave the butcher a blowjob and swallowed down a big load of cum from him. On the way to the next store I get pulled over by Carl playing the town’s police officer. He tells me he is in need of his daily blowjob so I suck Carl’s cock inside his squad car until he takes over and ... Continue»
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A day of dreams - Part 3

The cocktail party...or is that a "tail of cocks at a party!"

“You'll be find darling. Just breathe, relax and enjoy it. Cocktail parties belong to women. Me control the mood, the events. The men are just pawns in the game. Sure they think it's all about them, but it's not. It's about us. You'll see. As a woman you control and manipulate the men. They follow your every mood and direction.”

Michelle was giving me reassuring directions. Me? I was nervous as hell. I didn't enjoy cocktail parties to start with. And now I was in unfamiliar territory. A woman for the first time in my l... Continue»
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Spanish housemate finally fucked. True story.

I lived in a student house, with a another guy and a girl. The girl was a friend of mine and although I used to fantasize about sl**ping with her, she was with someone the full time we lived together.

A few months into the student year, the guy moved out, and our landlord found someone to fill the room. One afternoon he came by the house, followed by this sexy, dark-haired Spanish girl. She was a few years older than me, and after viewing the house moved in shortly after. This girl had a gorgeous face, long dark wavy hair, tiny waist and a stunning round arse. She was a student nurse, and ... Continue»
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The black couple

While on vacation I met this black couple at the hotel gym. We became friends and they invited me to join them for dinner that night. After dinner I told them I was going to spend some time in the pool and the spa. They were not aware there was a spa so I showed them. They asked if they could join me later and of course I said yes. They were in their mid to late twenties and were very good looking people. She was medium height, very pretty, a very athletic body, her tits were about a 36 I'd guess and a beautiful tight round ass.

He was maybe six feet tall, very handsome and by the look of h... Continue»
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Group Sex Insemination

When Cindy and I were first married in our early 20’s we did all the usual stuff as far as clubbing, hanging at parties and being part of our group of friends. We were always very erotic and open with our sexuality as well and had a small group of friends we occasionally would swing with from time to time, but never ventured into swing clubs or random hook ups with strangers. Cindy always had a fantasy about being fucked by a stranger and either finding out who they were later or never knowing who had sex with her. She would always get super horny when we roll played with it or when we would d... Continue»
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Young Mother from garage sale fucked rough

I waited until Friday and then called Katrina's cell number.

I told her who it was and asked if she was still game for a good time. She was nervous, somewhat hesitant, but she said, "OK, I will do the same as last time for $500" I told her "No, you will do the same as last time and I will fuck you for $500 dollars"

She asked where and I told her to slip away from her friends (see earlier story) and to meet me at a nice hotel where I would have a room reserved. She was to go to the desk, ask for me by name, and call the room. I would then let her come up.

I asked how long she had... Continue»
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Experiementing with my close friend....

This is my first story and it is made up. Hope you like it.

Before I moved, I got to know my neighbor well. Him and I went to the same high school and we were not far apart in age. Both of us were seniors in high school and both eighteen years of age.

Near the end of the semester, when my friend turned eighteen, his parents purchased a paintball gun as a birthday present. He was happy to finally be eighteen and he admired his present so much so that he wanted to show it to me right away. The following weekend he asked if we can spend time together. After school, we walked to his house. I... Continue»
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