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Old friend contined...


So.....the time frame between Jude's next visit was HUGE! I mean, it was well over a month, closer to 6 weeks....I was concerned that maybe the last time she called, maybe it wasn't fully to her liking... Oh, how things can change.......Or did it? Yep, not 2 days after my anxiety was eating into me, Jude rolled up. Our run of hot weather had continued, much to my dismay, but my prayers were answered this day.....yet again. It was early evening around 6pm. The night air that was slowly moving in was doing little to relieve the heat that had built up all day. Jan, my mom, had gone for a… Read more

Posted by dirtylittleboy 4 years ago 1 1,256 100%

My Mother


I was in junior high when I lost my virginity to my mother.I began to learn about sex from my parents porno magazine that I found accidentally in my parents closet one day when they all gone to a Christmas party. Since then I keep on going to their rooms when they are not present. My mother is a house makers . She is 44 years old, 5-2. My father is the Sea Captain for Cargo Ship. He is 58 years old,6-2. Most of his times /works, out of the sea. My mother have a habit sl**ping (naped) in the afternoon without undies (underwear). Often coming from school I saw her sl**ping in her bedroom w… Read more

Posted by Js4plsr 4 years ago 8 4,579 70%

Mom’s pantyhose.


It all started when I was younger, my mother always wore stockings or pantyhose, and I don’t remember a time when she didn’t. I used to sit on the floor watching T.V. & she sat on the sofa next to me, I would rest my head against her legs and occasionally rub my hands along her smooth and shiny calves, marvelling at the silky feeling. I believe this is where my lifelong fetish for hosiery and lingerie stems from. After a while she didn’t allow me to continue this activity even though she continued to wear pantyhose and I became a very frustrated and horny young man seeing her shapely nylon… Read more

Posted by pup1234 4 years ago 6 7,243 80%

My Best Friend.


I had been cross dressing since I was about 10 years old, I’m now in my thirties and this story is about my first encounter with another man. It all started one day when my wife would be out for the day and I had settled down to surf the net looking for transgender sites, I was only dressed in a black lace garter belt, black hose and high heeled black pumps. I had just found a promising site and my cock was getting hard, as I started jerking off the phone rang, I almost decided to ignore it but luckily I answered it. It was my best friend Ross, he was working on his car and needed a hand as h… Read more

Posted by pup1234 4 years ago 7 1,698 100%

My best friend part 2

FetishGay Male

As I had mentioned in the first story about my adventures with my friend Ross and his wife Barbara, that the rest of that first story would be continued and so here it is. After I had cleaned all of the fuck juices from Ross’s shrinking cock we all laid back on the bed to rest and I started to think about what we had just done, this was all new to me as I had never had sex with more than one person at a time and had been faithful to my wife. Here we were dressed in pantyhose and stockings, Ross & Barbara were kissing passionately and all I could think of was I really a “cross-dressing, b… Read more

Posted by pup1234 4 years ago 2 1,675 100%

Cellblock Bondage

BDSMLesbian Sex

Laura was a strong, determined woman. Under normal circumstances no one could get her to do anything against her will. The other inmates, however, outnumbered her and had overpowered her with infuriating ease. The other women had stripped Laura down to her prison issue bra and panties. Now using strips of her torn clothes, they tied her standing up to the bunk bed. Her arms were outstretched as if she were being crucified, and her legs were spread wide, leaving her alarmingly vulnerable. Pieces of shredded cloth dug into her wrists and ankles, pressing her bare flesh against the cold metal b… Read more

Posted by catherine-belmont 4 years ago 3 2,147 100%

s****rs friends come to stay part 2


This continues from where i left off so am now in my room on my own and i hear the door go and my s****r Debbie runs down the stairs to get it, after a short while i can hear talking as the girls head in to Debbie's room to do their thing, im standing in front of my mirror butt naked thinking what pj bottoms i can wear and i remember i have one with holes in pretty much everywhere to the point ya can just about see my balls, the tip of my cock can poke out either left or right side and there is a massive rip right down my arse crack, fuck it i think to myself these will do, i put em on and… Read more

Posted by waughs 4 years ago 3 4,258 94%

mom meets daughters college friend

First TimeLesbian SexMature

My entire outlook on sex has turned around in the past year, and I must admit that it has been a turn for the better. I am a thirty-five-year-old business woman who has been divorced for five years and I am trying to get my daughter through college. I have tried to keep myself in relatively good shape so that I'll remain attractive to the opposite sex. About six months ago I was out on a date with an old friend of mine. My daughter, Suzanne, was at home with two of her friends from the local college, and she didn't expect me home until much later. I had no sooner arri… Read more

Posted by griffen1 4 years ago 2 6,149 100%

Wife's pedicure place


I didn't think much about it when the wife said she needed a pedicure, she's been getting them for years and the house doesn't smell like nail polish remover all day. We were out and about on Saturday morning and I drove her over to the place she likes by our house. It's in a Walmart shopping center on South Rainbow here in Vegas. The place was kind of busy, but the wife got a chair right away and I sat down at the front and started reading the newspaper. After about ten minutes I walked to the back of the spa to use the bathroom, there were three of the Asian girls that work in the spa at… Read more

Posted by sukmeinvegas69 4 years ago 7 2,831 94%


AnalGroup SexTaboo

Pam was raised by her parents that no longer had sex. Her mom now hated sex. When she was whoring she would do almost any sexual act. She gave up being a whore when she married but she remembered all the days she was sold by her pimp. Then the dad started fucking Pam as the mom would not fuck any more. Her dad used to come into her room and fuck her almost every night and her mom pretended not to know. First he would just lick her small tits then her pussy. He started fingering her cunt and sucking her clit. He got three fingers in her cunt when he decided it was time to give her some cock. Th… Read more

Posted by patteecake333 4 years ago 4 6,663 95%

A violent story of my passion and crime

First TimeTabooVoyeur

An icy rain slapped my face and a gelid wind bit into me, cutting easily through my clothing. And to think 15 minutes ago i was enjoying their sight from the warmth of my room. All It took was one phone call to blew the cover apart. One bl**dy sobbing phone call. Here is the transcript "Nav...sob..sob..sob.. Come over here ..sob..sob..sob" "what?now?" "sob..sob.. Yes..sob..sob" "but its impossible!Just look outside.." "Nav.. Come over or i will do something..sob..sob..." the line cut. So here i was gunning my bike through rain, wind and poodles of water at 1 am on a frigid decembe… Read more

Posted by cashstudio 4 years ago 1 2,175 100%

Jenny comes home, for correction and confession, 2

BDSMFirst TimeMasturbation

Correction and confession So it seems your smooth pretty pussy takes over your thinking from time to time? Exposing your private parts in public on purpose to those wanton willies at school! Well, if your pussy is to blame for that shame, she should take all my punishment! Jenny pleads: Oh no, Sir. Please not. The shine in her eyes tell me her true wishes. Jennifer lays down on my low table, legs wide and up, tied to the table at her knees. We have to deal with your pussy! So I will get my cat to talk to her. Which cat, Sir? Just feel her caress your love lips, Love. My cat-o-n… Read more

Posted by petdyke 4 years ago 7 7,661 90%


Group SexHardcore

Jane lived with two men. She cooked and cleaned and did their laundry. They took very good care of her. She also fucked both men. Many times they would even have a threesome which she loved. She loved when all three would get into bed and just fuck in every way possible. Jo had an extremely long and thick cock and Lee had a nice ten inch cock that could stay hard for as long as he desired. Sex with him was usually all night long. Jane had one nipple pierced and oen pussy lip pierced. She had large hoops through each piercing and the guys loved to attach fancy trinkets to them. Jan loved to… Read more

Posted by patteecake333 4 years ago 1 2,874 100%


AnalFetishFirst Time

I call you at work as soon as I get my mail, excited by the package that has arrived on my doorstep this morning- our new toy! Shopping for the perfect strap-on was harder than I had anticipated, so many choices, reader reviews and it's not like I could try one on first to see how it felt. Well, we were both going to see how it feels tonight! "Baby, do you feel like having your wildest fantasy come true tonight?" I purr into the receiver when I hear your voice, all serious as you answer the phone. Your tone instantly softens as you understand what I am saying as you ask, "It came?" "Y… Read more

Posted by lxf4l 4 years ago 5 2,933 100%

A long time coming


I've always wanted to do this, but I had no clue that it would happen like this. I should explain: My name's Max, I've got an ok job and I'm saving up to try and get back into college. I'm 21, and I just broke up with my girlfriend of eight years. She was smart, cute, very sexy... But she had this little problem. Her problem was that she liked fucking big cock, and while I've got a pretty good sized dick (7 and a half inches long and about 2 inches thick), she just couldn't live without fucking a friend of hers with a 10 inch cock. We broke up after that... After I let her cuckold me with h… Read more

Posted by Erect-eruption 4 years ago 1 6,155 89%

A College Surprise

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

I was in my 2nd year at college and was sharing a house with 4 other students.It was summer and for 8 weeks I was getting the house to myself. My parents had gone away for summer and I had decided to stay. I had been a cross dresser and panty sniffer for some time. The house had one girl called Ruth and I had sniffed and jerked off with her panties but hadn’t dressed in over a year. Ruth had left a lot of clothes and after a couple if days the urge to try some on was too much. As I went through her room I found a black basque, black lace thong and black silk fully-fashioned stockings. Her b… Read more

Posted by webbyhose 4 years ago 8 6,121 100%

Just for fun


I call you at work as soon as I get my mail, excited by the package that has arrived on my doorstep this morning- our new toy! Shopping for the perfect strap-on was harder than I had anticipated, so many choices, reader reviews and it's not like I could try one on first to see how it felt. Well, we were both going to see how it feels tonight! "Baby, do you feel like having your wildest fantasy come true tonight?" I purr into the receiver when I hear your voice, all serious as you answer the phone. Your tone instantly softens as you understand what I am saying as you ask, "It came?" "Y… Read more

Posted by lxf4l 4 years ago 1 1,307 100%

Fun with a friend


Standing in the doorway of the dimly lit room, Lisa's blue eyes scan every table in the restaurant looking for him. They have been good friends for a long time so why did she have these butterflies flying around in her tummy just because she was meeting Greg for lunch; today of all days? It was probably for the same reason that she took extra care with her make up and clothes; today of all days! There has always been a sexual attraction between the two friends and each time they got together, she always wondered if today would be the day that they would act on it. It was about 93 degrees Fa… Read more

Posted by lxf4l 4 years ago 4 1,736 83%

Roomies: Graduation Present

Group Sex

Pam gives two male friends a surprise gift for the weekend Pam Maguire banged on the flimsy front door of the trailer, pulled it open a crack and called "Are you decent?" "Well," came a male voice, "We're dressed anyway." Chuckling, the brunette coed entered. "Hi, Pam. You're just in time for lunch," said Scott White, a slender blonde guy in his early twenties. "Providing you cook it, of course." added Jerry Carter, the darker, heavy set male sitting on the couch. Pam rolled her eyes and looked with fondness at the two. Both were good friends and fellow theatre students. Sco… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 4 years ago 1 1,781 100%

Mark Has a Threesome

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

Mark has a threesome with his wife and sis-in-law. Mark replays the words in his head. 'Would you like a threesome Mark?' These are the words that Tina has said to him in her new video clip. They haven't seen each other for a few days since they fucked next to his wife and Tina's s****r. So this, this was a surprise. "A threesome?" He asks himself out loud. He emails her back with a simple, 'Who do you have in mind?' Her reply is instant, 'It's completely up to you...' His reply is quick, 'You're on. I'll sort it out.' He smirks while thinking, his hand rubs his cock thro… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 4 years ago 3,557 90%