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Suzie's adventure continues...


After the Sunday morning blow job on Tom in the office, Suzie's mid-thirties insatiable sexual desire came into full swing. She was a woman unchained and ready to experience as much extramarital sex as she could possibly have without me finding out. There was a small 10 x 12 storage room just outside the office where the company archived their paper records. Suzie was responsible for keeping it organized. This was where Suzie and Tom would fucked for the first time. The next time she saw Tom was a few days later. He came in and Suzie was at the reception desk answering phones and fil… Read more

Posted by farfromreality50 3 years ago 1 2,119 100%

A Moment in the life of a Traveling Man

Gay Male

Traveling day to day has perks and down falls. I have always enjoyed the adventure but find the down time in the evening and at night boring and lonely. I recently decided to take a bold step to address these moments of down time. It came to me about three weeks ago. I was 'web surfing' when I came across Craigslist. I had no idea that an individual could set up an ad that would allow you to express what your seeking and allow others to respond to your ad. So I decided to place an ad three weeks ago just to see what would expectations. Placing the ad was easy; 48 y/o male… Read more

Posted by christoboy30 3 years ago 5 3,650 100%

Country Boys Adventures Continue.

FetishGay MaleTaboo

My love for cock started when I was young. I lived with my mom and my dog Blackfoot, and spent most of my time doing chores around the house to help out mom since she was always at work. For awhile mom was pretty upset at the dog since he destroyed pretty much everything, but that stopped when she noticed that he had started to calm down and seemed to be less of a terror. Mom never really asked why Blackfoot had become more behaved, but if she did I would’ve had to lie to her. Thinking back though, it kinda was mom’s idea for me to ask our old neighbor Mr. Clark for help with… Read more

Posted by ocmike 3 years ago 7 3,558 90%

seducing game with a lonely rich housewife


Hi I am karthick from Chennai. I am a great fan of this site, I get tempted on reading stories from this site and always wanted to have such experiences, now I am going to post my own real sex experience. I live in Chennai doing 2nd year engineering and always had an intense sexual desire for aunties. I am 20 years old,5.9ft tall, with 9inch hard and strong dick, well built body ,decent looking, well read and a friendly jovial person. Well, this story is about me and hot and sexy rich aunty. Her name is Anita,32 years old, she works as a teacher in a school, she has a daughter… Read more

Posted by karthick30 3 years ago 11,319 80%

My Slut Entertains My Friends During the Game

AnalBDSMGroup Sex

you invited your two of your friends to come over to watch the game. you have me a heads up and told what to wear: a short dress and no underwear. you let them in and told them to make themselves at home. you called and told me to entertain you and our guests. as soon as they come in i immediately drop to my knees and i start by unzipping mike's pants and taking out his cock. he's not really hard yet but i can tell his cock is huge. i put it in my mouth and begin to suck as i kneel on the floor infront of him. it didnt take long for him to get hard. i take his cock down my throat as i bob… Read more

Posted by bluefiddler 3 years ago 1 3,177 91%

Mom Gives Herself To Her Son


It’s been a week since I let my son fuck me in the shower and I have be counting every minute till my husband goes away on his business trip. I want him to have all the time he wants to explore his mom’s body and not some rushed fuck before school we had. He wanted me dress similar to how I go to work but I have bought a special outfit for him to enjoy and spent ages in the shower last night shaving everything silky smooth. His dad is away now and as soon as I got back from work I just had to kiss him, he smells freshly showered and I tell him to go and start on some tea while I shower. Hurri… Read more

Posted by nckboy 3 years ago 8 21,120 94%

Pantyhose at John and Laura's.

FetishGay Male

It is only a couple of days after our sex session in the country park when I get a text from John telling me that Laura is feeling particularly randy and asking for me to come round. I don't need asking twice and after a quick shower and shave I slip on my favourite pantyhose, tan sheer to the waist with the gusset cut out, and pulling on a tshirt and trousers I grab my bag which is packed with a selection of other sexy underwear and as usual my camera and tissues. I get in my car and drive round to the address that John has sent me which turns out to be only 15 mins drive. I park and walk up… Read more

Posted by tonyhose 3 years ago 1 1,391 100%

Red's Visit to Africa, Pt. 1

AnalGroup SexInterracial Sex

Red was a student in America that had decided to take a vacation to Africa over the summer. She'd decided to go alone, and figured it would be good to make some new friends overseas. She was a fairly short girl; her legs weren't exactly thin, but she wasn't close to being fat, either. Her ass rounded nicely, and her stomach was toned; her breasts were large C cups, and her smooth face was framed by her red hair. She woke up upon landing, the plane touching down in an airport in South Africa. She yawned and got up, collected her things, and went on into the airport to collect her luggage. Sec… Read more

Posted by athartus 3 years ago 3,106 88%


FetishInterracial SexShemales

Marcus is coming round tonight and I have the house all to myself. He wants me dressed and ready for him. Good! I am aching for his meaty black manhood and looking forward to tasting his cum. He has given me instructions as to what I must wear and I know exactly what will turn him on most. I have the requisite clothes and hope he will like what I have done. The only change I have made is that I have no panties – I hope he likes the black seamed stockings I am wearing. I take my time getting ready. The first thing is an enema to make sure that I am nice and clean for my man. I go into th… Read more

Posted by blkice2u 3 years ago 3 2,517 100%

I Beat Up My Own Tits and Fuck My Slut Ass to Get


It’s been almost six weeks since we last saw each other. It was also the last time I’ve been fucked and it seemed like forever. My hormones are raging and I’m super horny for you. You always say you’re horny for me and I never really knew what it meant until now- all I want is for you to grab me, throw me down, rip off my clothes, and have your way with me. I dream of your hands around neck, choking me til I gasp for air then pushing my head down and forcing your fat cock in my mouth and down my slimy throat, before you push me down on my back, lift my legs up in the air, shove your cock in my… Read more

Posted by bluefiddler 3 years ago 2 1,631 80%

My Wonderful Weekend... Sort of...

AnalFirst Time

I know a few of you have been awaiting word on how my weekend hookup went. I was fantastic, I know most married women feel the need to have someone else inside them every now and then that isn't their spouse and just even for a few hours to escape married life. This is what I needed and did, it wasn't about needed a bigger dick (it was longer, but not as thick) or not loving my hubby, it was just about being wanted by someone and acting out pure lust. So here is a rundown of what I did Saturday. Woke up soaking wet and horny with anticipation of the day that lay ahead. Started stroking my h… Read more

Posted by juicypoossy 3 years ago 8 1,820 100%

How I met Gilbert...

AnalGay MaleHardcore

I had never had sex before I was assaulted by Daniel, Bruce and Charlie. These three teenage ruffians lured me to their home and made me satisfy them sexually for hours before releasing me. But that was not the end of their torments, for months and years after they would use me for their sexual gratification. The worst part was when they told their friends of their conquest and their friends came calling. It was during the same year that they caught me on the third floor of the school maybe three months after. That Saturday afternoon is still vivid in my mind, I was on my way back home a… Read more

Posted by d4david 3 years ago 2 2,244 100%

Domination bug pt 1


"It's the end of all manhood." "Ahh.. but is it? Does not a lion need it's prey to eat?" "Doctor, it doesn't make sense." "In 1952 a fellow by the name of Jacquin De Silva, a honey farmer, wanted to make the perfect most bestest honey producing bee in all the world. So what did he do? He took a trip to Africa and brought hundreds of African queen bees to his house in South America. Then he went to Europe and took a whole bunch of European honey bees to his house in South America. And made them mate. He called it 'The Superbee'. But we all know the way it turned out." "The Killerbee." "Yes. As… Read more

Posted by jacktherimmer 3 years ago 1 1,196 100%

She & Me

Lesbian Sex

We both first saw each other while I ate lunch in a local restaurant, and knew right away that we wanted to touch. I liked what I saw and she seemed to like what she saw, indulging in brief seductive glances and stares my way - obviously meant to keep secret from the knowledge of her accompanying comrade. I myself, always ate lunch alone sitting in the restaurant. She always took her meal order to go and was always accompanied by the same female friend, whom from observations was likely to be her coworker. Her ambiguous behavior kept me at distance. Nevertheless, I patiently waited each pas… Read more

Posted by asaon 3 years ago 1,163 100%


FetishGroup SexShemales

Here is a little fantasy of mine. My wife and I are staying at a holiday village, and there are a lot of competitions and things going on. For a laugh we decided to enter me in the men dressed as female competition, which was to be held that night. I have never told my wife that I like dressing in her clothes, and although I think she suspects, she has never said anything. To my surprise it was her idea to enter me, " get into the spirit of things.." she said. As the competition came closer Jen decided which clothes I should wear. She dressed me in her lace bodystocking, lace top… Read more

Posted by tvtammi 3 years ago 8 2,401 100%

How-to: Strap-on Training Experience


I found this somewhere and did a bit of clean up to it. Experienced strap-on trainers and Dommes, please feel free to provide feedback on this article. -tpb The Strap-On Experience Like most masculine hetrosexual men, your husband or boyfriend is likely to strenuously object to and actively resist taking the strap-on at first. Just the idea of having something f***ed up his ass like that will feel foreign and unnatural to him. Treating his tight little asshole like it's just a hole to be fucked will be abhorrent to him. He will feel violated and abused. He'll try to talk you… Read more

Posted by thepoolboy 3 years ago 8 4,260 100%


First Time

I have the need to write this story When we came to live where we are ( less my deceased wife) there were twin girls next door. One was very friendly one not so but I enjoyed their company The friendly one used to come in after school help herself to coffee and toast sit at the table and discuss many subjects Weekends seemed different and I often mentioned her neckline could be lower to which she would lean forward so I could take some cheeky photos After the wife died she would come in but the greeting and goodbye hugs seemed to be longer and with more meaning and quiet often she woul… Read more

Posted by free2speakmymind 3 years ago 1 3,366 100%

The Klinik Chapter One


Chapter 1. Rachel Darian tapped upon the highly polished walnut surface of a long dining table with fretful nervous energy. Along with all the other students gathered in a loose knot around her they waited anxiously upon the imminent arrival of Frau Doktor Ilse Webber, in company with Steve Dunmore’s hastily obtained replacement. “What happens to us if the new boy doesn’t get up to speed by the end of the week Rachel?” An obviously nervous Ari Sonderberg wondered. The clipped aristocratic sang froid that normally accompanied her spoken word was evidently missing. “Well, according t… Read more

Posted by numberonefan 3 years ago 2,854 100%

The Klinik Chapter Two


Chapter 2. She helped gently assist him turn over, till he lay face up beneath her, his eyes unfocused and heavy lidded stared through her to some other place. “…Closer to you now…Smell your perfume in the warm musty air…So hard…” His cockstem slid smoothly between her black-gloss fingers as pale as ivory and just as unbendingly hard. The slow rhythm of her fingertips ate up minute after precious minute as she listened. “ …Your fingers are pinching, squeezing each one in turn…Those breasts are so, so beautiful. Soft…round…all slippy with …” Arran fell suddenly silent. It allowed… Read more

Posted by numberonefan 3 years ago 1,655 100%

We go black

Group SexInterracial Sex

It has been a few days since me and my girlfriend had our first big black cock. When I came back from work, her pussy was always full with cum, she had been fucking with that BBC everyday since. It was weird but I couldn't be mad at her for having fun, she was honest about it and that what's important. Because she enjoyed black cock so much that I had a surprise for her, a black gangbang. With help of our regular black man, I've got 4 BBC's for her and she was going to get the fucking of her life. That night she was happily surprised, the smile on her face when she saw 4 black guys with… Read more

Posted by toyboy090 3 years ago 3 3,590 96%