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Rod responded to my our email the following day to say that he was pleased we wanted to continue seeing him. He had enjoyed making Sue a BBC slut on Saturday, "yes, thats what I with it", and looked forward to the fun he would have with us.
He wrote that cucking us would be a gradual process because in his experience rushing couples never worked and that he would be understanding and reasonable about the whole relationship. He said he would explain things as and when but everything he said, wanted from us, asked for would be done for a purpose and if we both yielded to him both p... Continue»
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Making of a Cuckold: Unintended Consequences

The story of a couple experimenting with a threesome
and how that experiment played out over the course of
thirty years. (MMF, d/s, reluc, bi, anal, swinger,
voy, cuck, d**gs, alcohol)


It was 1979 and we doing more d**gs than would be
considered appropriate in these more conservative
times. Cindi, my wife of two years, and I had a friend
that became a major cocaine importer and he was always
handing out little bindles of fun to everyone in our
group. We were already pot smokers, so the addition of
an upper also required the introduction of something
that would le... Continue»
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Vampire's Slave pt 2

The venture

The previous night, after shooting a copious load of cum down the gorgeous vampire's throat, Danny had agreed to drive Sylvia across the country to meet with her b*****r and s****r. Well not her actual b*****r and s****r, but the three vampires had all been turned into bl**dsuckers by the same elder vampire and apparently in their world that meant they were f****y.

That morning at 5am, well before the sun was up, Danny and Sylvia hit the road.

Sylvia's car turned out to be a very nice black limousine, not the most subtle vehicle, but it had specially darkened windows and... Continue»
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Random Casino Fuck

I was so bored Saturday night that I decided to try my luck at the local casino to see what kind of mischief I could get myself into. I had a feeling this would not be hard since I was dressed in something short and provocative with five inch stiletto heels. I thought to myself that these heels needed to be wrapped around someone’s neck tonight.

As I enter the casino, I noticed a gentlemen who, come to find out, had been gambling at the casino all afternoon and things had not been going his way. During the course of the afternoon we happened to sit next to each other playing the slots. W... Continue»
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Walking the dog

Walking the dog

My dog Skippy is going on two years old this year and I've been taking him down to the local park just about every morning for all of that time.
I usually get to park around 6 AM to get Skippy in a quick walk before I get ready for work. I rarely see anyone else at all at the park except for the occasional jogger.
On the weekends and holidays, of course I sl**p in a bit and I have to share the beautiful park with many other folks.
This particular week, I was on vacation and it had been raining early in the morning so I waited for the weather to clear b... Continue»
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The Gift

I jumped at the sound of the door opening and lifting my head from Brad's shoulder, saw Ashley coming through the door.

"Hey guys!" she exclaimed, as she removed her long coat and hung it up next to ours in the closet in the front hall.

"Damn, she drives me crazy in that outfit." Brad said softly from where he was sitting next to me on the couch.

I'm sure many wives would be upset at their husbands for checking out a pretty girl half their age. I, on the other hand, had already been thinking the same thing. Ashley was coming home from a shift at the restaurant Brad had gotten her a jo... Continue»
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The Gift cont

"It's been a long time since we had that kind of fun." I paused then decided to try to bring up something I'd been trying to discuss lately, "You know Brad, we should..."

"Let's have more fun." He interrupted.

Pulling away from me he made to sit on the couch, when he spoke loudly "Hey, Trish you hear something?"

Trying not to laugh I began to turn around, "Yeah, I thought I heard something on the stairs."

"Shit, is it Ashley?" he gasped.

Brad did such a good job of sounding serious, I had to pause to make sure I could keep my voice steady and managed to blurt out, "Jesus, I hope... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Real Porn Stars

Two weeks had passed and my 19th birthday had arrived. I had been working as an e****t for the last year and had fucked nearly 500 different guys during that time, something which I had craved in my sex addicted state, but for the last two weeks I had focused on my school work and coming home each night to spend with Mikey. He had raised me as his daughter and I recently learned that he was not my biological father. He had shared the information with me, but no one else knew. My mind had been somewhat relieved to learn this, since I had been having sex with him for the last two months. During... Continue»
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Poker Night

Randy packed up his briefcase and headed home. His manager and a bunch of bigwigs from head office had been riding his ass all day and he was anxious to get out of there.

He knew Cindy was at home waiting for him and tonight was his poker night. Or maybe it should be called his "poke her" night. Cindy loved to dress in sexy clothes and strut her stuff for his friends and he knew they ALL wanted to "poke her".

As he headed for his car he heard Paul call out to him, " See you at seven Randy. Cindy going to serve the snacks?"

Randy laughed, "Of course Paul, see you then."

When Randy w... Continue»
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Sugar and Spice this girl is really nice

I could feel his eyes on me, 'Fuck I must be getting desperate', went through my mind. Here am I shopping in the local supermarket, looking for something they dont sell, I'm horny as hell and thinking about having a quickie, with anyone who is up for it.

Now before you get carried away wondering who I am, I am not a middle-aged woman in a loveless relationship, a nymphomaniac, or something like that, no I am a girl, under the age of consent, but in the body of a woman, desperate to fuck a man, I am in my cock hungry stage in life, and my pussy is gnawing at my panties to be poked.

So bea... Continue»
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My Little Cock Sucker

We had been marred for 38 years our sex life was great. I loved watching Diane suck my cock and she liked me to watch her. She told me how she loved to suck my cock and how she loved me watching her and how hot it made her. I started talking nasty as she sucked my cock saying how I loved watching her and how I’d love to watch her suck cock. She said you do watch. I said I love to watch you suck a big thick cock. She got turned on. I started telling her how I wanted to watch her suck other guy’s cocks. She started saying how she loved sucking cock and the taste of cum. After about 3 months I w... Continue»
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Straying From The Path

Straying From the Path

Sue and I 'met' through an online porn web site. Well, I say 'met', it's been purely an online thing so far.

We chatted on the web for a while but, as with most chat sites it was slow and clunky, so one day one of us popped the question, 'Do you Yahoo?'

We made the move and chatted for a week or so and then one of us got wild and suggested a voice chat.

Just weeks after meeting we were talking online like old friends but the conversations, like the IM chats were limited by one thing.

Sue is married, her husband has no idea she is making new friends on ... Continue»
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Pebbles on the beach

This story came to mind just after logging into xhamster to check my mail. I read Pebbles message that suggested "I could read her mind", and I thought "if only she knew in her mind right now that I am admiring her sexy nude beach images again right now and they have me feeling horny".

So I sent a message back and kept looking at the sensual nude images. My cock is hard and feeling horny straining inside my pants and ache for another sweet release. So I unzip and pull it out. It stands proud and I admire myself for a few moment before gently stroking myself. The first few strokes are inten... Continue»
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My slutty exhibitionist trip...

My slutty exhibitionist trip...

I just returned from yet another trip to the wild, wild West. I was in Arizona
on a business trip and took a couple of days off to visit the Grand
Canyon. After securing the proper Park Service permits, I headed off for a three day backpacking
trip into the mighty canyon. I purposely picked a little-visited part of
the canyon to I could indulge in my exhibitionist ways. I drove over what must have been 30
miles of washboard Forest Service roads to get to my remote trailhead. As
I stepped out ... Continue»
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Pumped-Up Teach

Pumped-Up Teach


A female student gets down and dirty with mature, hot female teacher in an all-girls' school. Contains schoolgirl, stockings, shaving, high-heels, female ejaculation, and pussy-pumping fetishes.

Alysha is the sexiest senior (just turned eighteen) at her private school for girls. She has a slender, athletic body (mainly from the field-hockey she plays), with a mane of platinum-hued hair that always seems to be perfect; it cascades down to the mound of her pornstar-ass. The orbs of her tits, with nipples that are always erect, have the roundness of g... Continue»
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Mom Invites b*****r For Sex Party

Yesterday evening my Mom said to me, "Melissa, my b*****r Paul, his wife Cindy and their son Andy are coming over at nine o'clock for another sex party like we had last month. Make sure there is plenty of ice in the recreation room bar because you will be making drinks for everyone again. Your b*****r Michael should be just about done setting up the video cameras so we can make another DVD."

"Mom, can we switch partners this time? Last month I was with my cousin Andy and you were with your b*****r. Can I be with your b*****r Uncle Paul instead? He told me last time that he bet I am a great ... Continue»
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My b*****rs treats mom like a slut

Yesterday afternoon my Mom and I were in the living room watching television. She was laying on the couch and I was sitting in my Dad's favorite chair. Several cars came up the driveway and parked, so I looked out the window to see who it was. The first car was my b*****r Michael's, but I didn't recognize the other three. Michael got out of car first then three guys got out of the others and they followed him around back to the kitchen door.

They came into the house and Michael got them all a beer. They spent a few minutes in the kitchen drinking then came into the living room.

Mom sat ... Continue»
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Converting an Asshole to a Cum-Slut

Converting Mike Davenport from Asshole to Cum-Slut
Erotic fiction by Outsfguy



My name's Rex, and here's how ten years ago me and my buddy Bruce got even with our class, no-class, asshole bully – Mike Davenport. We're all about 25 now, so you can do the math.

Here's the background on why this k** deserved to get his ass revenge-****d. First of all, Mike was a sexy mother-fucker; tall, lanky and full of nervous energy that came out in spurts of meanness. He had a moptop of dirty-blond hair that covered his ears, and that shook when he jerked... Continue»
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Fifth night back home.

I finally gained enough strength in rehabilitation to come home after open heart surgery because of an open lesion caused by MRSA.
I had found out at an earlier time that my wife had let an old boyfriend blackmail her into having sex with a black man to gain a new job with the firm that the man was an HR representative with. My wife had agreed to this because she felt that I had done her old boyfriend maximum harm when she had her first one night stand with him.
My wife told me she actually liked the evening she was fucking with him. She mentioned his name and the firm he worked... Continue»
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backyard campout

When I was a teenager I had a fun experience that was my intro to sex. 5 neighbor hood friends and I decided to camp out in my neighbors back yard. This was a very large back yard, about 10 acres and heavily wooded, so it was secluded. We set up one large tent and several small ones for sl**ping. We swam in a nearby creek and than built a fire for cooking, and made hot dogs and corn. After the sun went down, we sat around the fire and talked about stuff young boys talk about. After awhile, this got a bit boring and some one suggested going in the large tent and playing cards. As no one really ... Continue»
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