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Jail Time Ch. 02 - ( A meeting on the street. )

Before, I had spent 2 weeks in the county jail and, I thought that was all done and gone, and would be forgotten. But about 4 months later, I was almost thinking how can I sign up for another 2 weeks. I felt humiliated about the experience, but so turned on too. More than once I had jerked off to the memory of that humiliation.

A 25-year-old man thinking about being used by other inmates for their pleasure... Damn what was wrong with me?

Well one Friday night, I had taken a date downtown to the movies and was walking back to my car, when going around a corner, I ran smack into Mike, my b... Continue»
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Tack Room

At the end of high school, before I was to go off to college, I was screwing around with a couple of s****rs. Each didn't know about the other's involvement with me.

They s****rs weren't too pretty, they lived on a horse farm and were into Rodeo. The s****rs didn't get out much, and didn't have very much social interaction since so much of their time was spent with the horses and rodeo.

I used that situation to really have my way with them, making them fuck, and especially having them suck my cock, and let me fuck them in the ass.

I really enjoyed them that way it was so deliciously p... Continue»
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Godess sarita 2

before going to sl**p mistress tied me to my bed I was spread eagle and on my stomach there was a pillow under my stomach with my ass spread wide . aftr a few hour when I was about to sl**p mistress came back with a black medium 8 inch strapon on her she sat between my legs slowly removed the butt plug it was such a relief then she started to figure my hole with two fingures it didn't hurt at first as my ole was a bit loose for the plug.. then she putted her strapon in slowly all da way in I screamed at pain it was like a nightmare I couldn't move and she started to mount on me she putted a so... Continue»
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The howls of lust

The howls of lust

It is 6 pm...

Full moon tonight.

I can feel it already. Tugging at me. Calling to me. All these years and with everything I have learned it still feels the same. I'm edgy. Snapping at people who don't really deserve it.

It has been nearly 10 years since my life changed. A hunting trip up north into Canada. My buddies were the kinds of guys who really loved to get away from everything so we were really north. Hunting with bows. Makes the odds a little more even. Ok so most of us carr... Continue»
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New neighbour

I live in a house out in the country , with only one empty neighbor. The neighbor who lived there passed away a while ago . The neighboring house has been under renovation for quite a while but have not seen who is the owner of .
In the spring , move it into a woman who appears to be somewhere in the 40th age with a daughter who might be in 15-17 years of age.
After some time, so I get to know them a little better , the woman named Linn, is 48years and works on auditor. She has long black hair , a beautiful fit body and large breasts. The daughter called Anna is 16 and goes to a boarding sch... Continue»
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New n 2

After sitting in the chair for a while , I decide to pick up some wine for both of us. While I go out to the kitchen I notice how beautiful the clothes I'm wearing feels . The nylon on my legs , how the dress fits tightly around my body , the feeling of how the string is cut into lightly . Selects an easy to drink wine and a snack . Pour varsitt glass at us and sit down to wait for Linn. I feel both a little nervous and tense. After what feels like an eternity so call Linn inside the bathroom that I will take one of the kitchen chairs . Coming back to it and set it in the middle of the room, t... Continue»
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Friends...And The Benefits With Them- Part 2

I don't know how long we were asl**p, but I woke in spoon position, arms wrapped around Jen, my face up against her neck. Andy was on the other side of her, asl**p against her chest. Jen's skin smelled delicious, a combination of the perfume she'd been wearing and the natural scents that take over from arousal. I wanted to just start kissing her neck and back but worried that the "moment" had passed now and when they woke up their would be nothing but regret and awkwardness.

Oddly enough for me, I felt none of it and in that moment it hit me just how much I still wanted to do with them; no... Continue»
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Soaking Up My First DP FUCK- Folsom Weekend!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

It was a long and winding road on the way to getting my ass stuffed with two throbbing cocks for the first time, but bear with me. Here’s how it finally happened:

After my girl, Alicia, got off her work early on Thursday, I went over to her apartment and we watched our 49ers kick some St. Louis Ram butt on TV.

I should explain that I am in a semi-open long-term relationship (just over 8 years) with a stud of a man, named John. We enjoy the occasional sexual company of one or more of four other men- three he knew before we committed, and one who was a fuc... Continue»
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I can still see you ( part 4/7)

Her plane landed right on time. She had taken a connecting flight from Charles Du Galle to land here in Nice, in the gorgeous sunshine of a summer Thursday in Province. Most of the passengers had disembarked by the time she appeared at the top of the jetway.
Her smile never stopped and her eyes never left mine as she walked the dozen paces to where I stood behind the line, dropped her bags and threw her arms around my neck. We hugged long and hard, and then, in true Français style I took hold of her face and kissed both cheeks. She beamed. I then leaned in and kissed her mouth, just a bit lo... Continue»
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9 Stone Cum Queen in the Suburbs

Here I am.

I am the 9 Stone Cum Queen.

My cunt is tighter than your wife's.

I am five foot six. That's the perfect weight for my height, a doctor told me.

I'm a good height for the average man. When I'm wearing heels and I bend over a table I find my cunt is at just the right height for the average man to slide his cock into.

Are you an average man? Would you like to bend me over your table?

Here I am. I'm in a house in the suburbs. I am wearing fishnet hold ups and black high heels. I have a man's cock in my hand. I have just wanked him off into the face of his big-titted wi... Continue»
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Filthy stocking clad secretary MILF

I was 39 when I first started working for this who company was in the software business. I began as a trainee and over the first two months I got to know almost all of the employees as it a fairly small company.

The company had a very nice vibe about it and every friday afternoon many of the employees would sit around with a couple of beers chatting with each other about the week. Being fairly small meant that whenever a big deal was signed everyone was happy and that Fridayw the boss would sponsor a party to celebrate. These friday office parties were always nice and most of the times I wo... Continue»
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My Break-in fantasy

I kept this one from hubby for a very long time. I wasn't sure what he would think about it. I had thoughts sometimes while we had sex, and sometimes when hubby wasn't home I would masturbate to these thoughts.

I imagined waking up one night to two strange men in our bedroom. They'd yank the blankets down off me revealing my naked body (I always sl**p naked!). I would quickly look over to see where hubby was, but he's not there, he's tied in a chair at the end of the bed with a black cloth wrapped over his mouth!

The two men grab me, their rough hands running all over my naked body, ... Continue»
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Lets Screw

He had tried for weeks to get me to meet. At first I just deleted the messages: after all, anyone with the username "Lets Screw" was nothing but trouble, right?Then I started responding just for something to do and the exchanges were fun and a little hot. I had just joined a dating sight after a year and a half of being separated from my soon to be ex-husband and I thought I knew what I wanted. THIS WAS NOT IT but it made me laugh so I thought what the hell. He was bold and had a confidence that made me curious. What the hell soon became my daily mantra until I agreed to meet him early one mor... Continue»
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Taxi ride from hell

Kim Hye-jin looked forward to her first trip to Jamaica. She had just graduated college from Seoul National University with a degree in business administration. It had been a long four years of hard work and study. This vacation was a gift from her parents to reward her for being a dutiful daughter and achieving her goal of being top of her class and finding a high-paying job in the States. She was on the fast track to success, at least according to her parents who had high expectations and invested a lot in her education-not to mention eventually marrying into a wealthy and successful f****y ... Continue»
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godess sarita part 1

this is the starting of my new life writing the story on command of my mistress sarita..

I was a boy from a poor f****y. so I had to work besides my study for which my grades were constantly bad.. beside our house lived our neighbor sarita she was a independent women worked in a bank and lived alone as she had no 1 jst had 1 daughter who lives abroad.. sarita had a strong personality brown skin toned body 5.3 inch tall black hair and eyes really attractive but she never spoke to anybody so no 1 knew anything about her.. as I was desperately in need of money I ws searchin for another job .
... Continue»
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Poor Pregnant Prostitute

Veronique Pierce was a prostitute.And she was also in polyamorous marriage.That means that she and her partners are openly,consensually non-monogamous. She stopped using birth control pills in 2011 and got pregnant straight away.She was not sure who the baby's father was. But She didn't care.She was only interested in taking care of her baby as a single mom and really didn't want to know who the father was. But it is sure that her baby's father was one of her partners or regular clients.After she stopped her birth control,she also accepted her regular clients without condom.
She was now in 3... Continue»
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The MILF, Her Lover & The Plumber!

I have worked as a plumber for the best part of twenty years, and I can assure you all that i've seen quite a few things in my time but nothing which compares to the story im about to share with you.

I'm self employed, divorced and now 42, so my business has been a good way for me to take my mind off of the fact that I no longer had any pussy "on tap" so to speak. Nowadays I have to make do with wanking myself off to online porn or looking at webcam models for my own sexual gratification.

Anyway I was called out one evening, about 10pm (an emergency call out) to fix a toilet blockage.
... Continue»
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My Ex-wife's niece Part 1

This is a true story that happened several years ago and went thru many years to this date.

My wife at the time had a lil niece (Candace) that was always wanting to come stay with us. It wasn't until she was about 14 years old that I finally figured out why she wanted us to stay with us when I caught her in our bedroom one evening and she was digging in the wife's drawer full of toys and playing with them. She was very scared and embarrassed that I caught her and I told her not to worry, that I would not say anything to anyone. She begged me several times to not tell and said that she would... Continue»
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Daughter Wants To Shave

Joyce had just settled balls deep onto my waiting cock. I love when she is sexually aggressive, which is most of the time, but sometimes it concerns me that I'm so submissive. "Gilly wants to start shaving her pussy."

Joyce is a selfish fucker. Literally. She would use any tactic to ensure she reached her orgasm(s). I really didn't mind at all, after all, it has made for decades of incredible sex. Even the most superior A type personality would be a fool to not submit to a woman like Joyce. She can absolutely fuck your brains out.

No topic was taboo during our fuck sessions. We'd often t... Continue»
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Her Exposure, My Pleasure

"Wow, this is nice!" Joyce said as we walked from the hotel office out to the pool area. It was a nice place and kind of off the beaten path, a hidden treasure. It would be our home for the next five nights.

Joyce and I had been married for 3 years and had already one c***d, now a year old who was staying with my mother for the week. This was a much deserved vacation for us. It had been a busy and eventful 3 years with barely time to even catch our breath.

"Where do you want me to put this?" I asked in reference to the suitcase. Yes, just one for the the both of us for the whole week! Th... Continue»
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