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Stella Maris: SM in Spain #8

Stella Maris learns lesbian love
Stella Maris is very excited from seeing Anna and Belle in 69 on our casting couch
as she sits at my lap with my thumb up her slit and fingers playing her love lips.
"Caress your clit a bit, love. I want you to come when they do. Be a good girl",
I whisper in her ear. We enjoy the sexy show as their moaning gets lots louder now.

Stella Maris does not notice my sign of excitement reaching up her hot thighs even.
She is completely engaged in rising to new heighths simultaneously with AnnaBelle.
Belle below is the first to explode. Stella Maris com... Continue»
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the control

That fucking remote; I can’t ever watch my television without getting a moist pussy. I am a very horny 19 year old girl and I just can’t keep dry when I look at the shape of my remote.

“Where the hell is it?” is usually said looking at the remote for more than one reason. Don’t get me wrong, the shows I watch are definitely important to me, but my horny needs are much more important than True bl**d. The curves and hardness of my remote just make me feel a lot better than any vampire show can!

In fact, I’m looking for the electronic now. So far, my blankets are tossed on the ground, art s... Continue»
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godess sarita 10 (stress releave)

after goddess had her promotion she stays a lot busy with work now a days and I had to do the regular hose work and carried out whatever goddess asked to do like a good sissy maid..
it was wensday evening goddess came home all tired and stressed I kneeled infront of her and removed her shoes den liked her sweaty feets dry it was a regular day job .. she got up and went to room after a while when I finished serving dinner I was called to her room goddess was doing some papper work and was worried..
she asked me to strip she didn't even look at me I stood all naked my pubic hair wasn't shaved ... Continue»
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Quick titty fuck for Aaron before work.

Aaron says:
Hmm.. Can't say I'm doing much other than killing time before I have to go to work right now..

Julie says:
How long before you have to go to work?

Aaron says:
about 20 minutes.

Julie says:
Well... if that's enough time for you and you need some... relief before you go... I can offer you a pair of breasts to empty yourself on.

Aaron says:
Mmmmm... <fapfapfap> Mmmm..

Julie says:
*Laying naked on her back she looks down towards you and motions for you to come over* Come straddle me?

Aaron says:
<swings one leg over you and plops his cock down between your brea... Continue»
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Its 2009,me and my wife Tara and her m0m are lives in Canada, The Internet " Encounters" ad said: Share Your Milk.Thirsty man is looking for a lactating mom who needs a little help paying bills.Me and my
32-year- old TARA certainly did need help with paying bills. And lord
knows there was enough milk in her to take care of a man and take care of the baby too . But no, this would be prostitution. Once a man enjoyed her breasts he would want more enjoyment from her.
Not that TARA couldn't use some of that too. All the men she knew had stayed far away from her ever since her pregnancy start... Continue»
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the holiday

I am 38 and my partner, Claire, is 34. She is both a bit taller and slimmer than me, taking a 30C bra size to my 34D. She has light brown hair which is streaked with blonde highlights, bright eyes and laughing lips, long legs and an ass to die for – I swear she’s stolen it from some 18 year old! She is fit and feisty – we go to the gym fairly regularly, and she works out on the cycling and rowing machines, whilst I just swim. We have been together for nearly five years, and for the last three summers have taken our main holiday at a villa in the south of France, in an quiet country region a bi... Continue»
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My buddies Mom (Written by a friend, i just tweake

This is about Bobby’s Mom.

To start with, my name is Joey and my best buddy for most of my life has been Bobby and this is about my 18th birthday. Well at least the celebration of it the weekend following my 18th birthday. As I was still in High School had to wait until the following weekend to whoop it up and that is just what Bobby and I had planned.

So early Friday evening I drove over to Bobby’s house to pick him up with plans for both of us to head up to my parents cabin for the weekend that was close to a small country bumpkin college town inundated with plenty of hot co-eds. Grant... Continue»
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A Dogging Tale

It was a Wednesday evening and everything had been planned. I had made contact with an English MILF in a private advert, and her name was Vanessa.

According to her advert she was 46years old and a bit of an exhibitionist.

Given our similar interests we had agreed to meet in a local park/common and I had arrived and parked up in the gravelled parking area which was extremely secluded from the main woodland area. I locked up and switched my car lights off and was now waiting under a large oak tree.

Darkness has fallen and it was now 9PM which was the time we had agreed to meet. In the ... Continue»
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Brees first massage

The building was beautiful with a small gold plaque
that read, 'Sonja's day spa'. Her mother made an
appointment with her friend the owner Sonja herself.
Bree was petite and beautiful like her mom. Many said
she looked a lot like the actress Jennifer Connolly
when she was younger.

Her body was similar and like her mom she had the same
straight long dark hair that shown glossy all the way
down to her tight shapely ass.

She needed to get a break. She had no boyfriend at the
moment and what girlfriends she had were a jealous lot
that constantly criticized her.

Bree e... Continue»
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More Revenge On Step son's Girlfriend

After I left Libby in the shower trying to wash all my cum out of her pussy I spent the rest of the day angry at myself for cheating on my wife, I don't think that I am a bad person but I certainly have done a lot naughty things.

I came home feeling very guilty but other than that everything else was just as normal, my wife was happy to see me and the two unwanted house pests were still ignoring me.

Over the next few days Libby waited for me to leave for work before she would come out for her morning shower and completely ignored each night when I came home, Mr wonderful was no better ... Continue»
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Playing Diaper Games

I don’t know what ever possessed my husband to put a diaper on me but if you haven’t tried this yet, I would highly recommend it. It’s not very often but when he does diaper me he takes his sweet time and does it right. He rubs baby powder on my back side and it smells so good. Then it’s a diaper over that, followed by heavy kissing and petting. Sometimes I will suck on him and push the diaper in his face. He likes the powder smell too and of course I will make it wet for him. He likes that sudden warm feeling as much as I do. That’s also when the fun cleanup time starts with a clean wipe an... Continue»
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Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter

I never really expected a reply. After the wife and I parted company just over a year ago, that side of things had become a thing of the past. You could say it had been a thing of the past for fucking years.
“You haven’t got a bum”, “Oh no, your cock is ugly”, and “don’t ever cum in my mouth” were just some of the quotes I was given. And now I was sitting waiting for a 30 something rendezvous with a young lady that I’d only just started to exchange texts with;

• hi
Hi xx
Monday at 10:13pm — Delete
This was the message that flashed up on my inbox. Her name was Lisa,... Continue»
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Youngsville Part 7: Open Relationship

The faucet poured water into my hands which I splashed onto my face. It was a fresh feeling, having just woken up. I stood only in my boxer briefs and a t-shit and felt like I was at home. I was standing in the new bathroom which I had just finished the day before. The girls loved it and I felt great to be able to make them happy in another way, other than tantalizing them with my cock. I stepped out and walked to the kitchen for breakfast.

Jill was standing by the stove preparing tea and I gave her a kiss to greet her. She had already laid out different breads and toppings on the kitchen t... Continue»
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Oh b*****r!

I Went on vacation to Germany with my Boyfriend my b*****r and his Wife around the beginning of August, the first day in Berlin we must have walked a least 20 miles trying to see a lot of the tourist sites, by the time we got back to the hotel we all were so tired and sore, they had a hot tub and a steam room (they called it a "Wellness Center") down in the lower basement, my b*****r and i decide to go get massages while his wife and my boyfriend went upstairs to go to bed, it was about 10 P.m. when we got to the wellness center the Attendant informed us that the massages were over at 9 but we... Continue»
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Cock Stare 2

In my first semester of college I was ready for a break during Thanksgiving weekend. I drove home for the long weekend. I planned on studying, and maybe somehow running into Pete’s dad, Don. It was my first encounter and I hadn't done anything since. Sort of weird I could be afraid of approaching gay guys but I let Don do anything he wanted to me. My ass was sore after his massive cock worked it out! I jacked off a few times of day since just thinking back on all of it. I can’t believe I just stood at his bedroom door. I wanted to see him again.

I arrived home on Tuesday in time for dinner.... Continue»
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Traci's Story

Traci was never good around alcohol. She didn't drink often but when she did she always made bad judgements. This is her story....

It had been another rough day. We were on the brink of losing a multi-million dollar account that very well could have closed our doors. My stress level for the past two weeks had been unbearable and the long hours hadn't helped.

Eleven o'clock on Friday night, I left the office exhausted and overwhelmed. I had been there since 5 AM, but wanted to unwind before getting home. I was riding a partial high from the days success and decided to stop at a bar for a ... Continue»
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Doctor Patient

Here is the biggest mistake I made in my life. I slept with a patient. That is due to the second biggest mistake in my life. I am a doctor.

Of course, there is a story involved. Here goes.

As a k**, I wanted to be a doctor. But not to people. I wanted to be a vet. That didn't work out. My old man pointed at medical school. I loved my dog, and my dog died, and soon, I found my dream dead. I was a people doctor. I studied my ass off, read as much as I could and finally made it to medical school. On merit, by the way. Its been an interesting journey since then.

Six months ago, I graduate... Continue»
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Birthday Present

it was my girlfriend’s birthday and I wanted to give her a present which she would never forget. I thought I should make this experience about her. I called her up on her birthday, wished her and asked her to meet me and spend some alone time with me. She wanted to spend the day enjoying with all her friends.

It took some time to persuade her to spend some alone time and in the end she agreed for it. I went to pick her up and saw her and she had her hair open, slightly curved and dropping just past her bare shoulders. She was wearing a beautiful white strapless dress which ended at her mid... Continue»
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Imaginary sex

I have had so many instances of sex in life.. i will be posting them one by one.. that is if people like my stories... Basically i am from Bangalore. Doing engineering at a reputed college..

This took place almost 2 years ago.. i was dating this girl Pooja.. everything went well..We used to find places in restaurants, cafes , theaters etc to kiss and make out..occasionally i used to go to her place too when her parents were out of life for us rocked for the first year... but den eventually we got really bored..we had tried out everything..everywhere...

Once when i was at her ho... Continue»
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First Virgin In My Life

Hi Friends, My name is Sunny Naik from vasco (Goa) this is my first story. I am 25 Yrs. I am working in a company. My height is 6 feet and weight is 75 kg. I am very fond of lovely girls, newly married women and the bhabhis in short I like the females.

Ok now I am coming to main story. This story belongs to that girl with whom I come to know that what sex is. Her name is Asha, that time I was 20 years old, reading in 2nd year of my college and was living with my parents with my younger s****r. Asha was reading in class 12th and she was 18 years old.

The story began when her 12th board ex... Continue»
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