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Ultimate fetish dressing

Story Fetish

0. She was sitting on the edge of her bathtub completely naked looking out into her bedroom with a kind of thill of anticipation. She had had a full bath and had just finished shaving her body except for her beautiful dark hair. She also had been given several huge cleansing enemas, until what she expelled was as clear as water. She wasn't a perfect girl, she new, slightly smaller than usual with her 163 cm, and she wasn't as thin as some of her friends, but she had full breasts and an inviting hip curve. This was to be the first day at her new school, which had a strict dress-code. It wasn't… Read more

Posted by xqilinxx 3 years ago 1 2,200 100%

Me,lois & randy

Story First TimeGay MaleGroup Sex

ok as i was saying when lois told me she wanted to see me suck randy's dick and it was right in my hand i thought maybe just taste the crown.but as i was putting my lips on it lois chomped down on my cock and when i hollered she shoved my head all the way down on his rod.after the shock wore off it wasn't that bad.i could taste the precum flowing freely i tried to mimic what lois does for me but soon found out she made it look easy.i held his hips as i tried to use my mouth to face fuck him.we were working up a nice rythem when i noticed lois was fiddling with something.i reached down and star… Read more

Posted by warpigg 3 years ago 5 1,324 100%

Pantie's for PE ( stories about billy )

Story AnalFetishTaboo

Mum was always very strict, but it seamed she was always a bit harder on me than she was to my two s****rs, Sue who was older than me an Jen who was younger. it was more like i was the home help and my s****rs knew this. They would frequently make up stuff an tell mum who would always give me some chore to do around the house like cleaning up, or come up with something to embarrass me. Like the time they told mum i was teasing them about their school uniform as they had to where a hat , mum made me put the girls uniform on and clean the house as my s****rs laughed at me, but that's a tail f… Read more

Posted by flumpermunch 3 years ago 9 4,075 100%

Finding My Hot Wife Who Loves Foot Fetishes By Hap

Story Fetish

I wanted to write about my beautiful, sexy wife. We have been together for 10 years now. Prior to meeting her, I was much like most of you who have foot fetishes. I was self aware of my foot fetish since I was 5 year old. It did not foster in to something more sexual for me until I was a teenager. I never told anyone about my foot fetish or expressed it in any way until I was about 19. When I did finally express it to girlfriends, they would entertain it to a degree, but it never had the same erotic sexual flare for them as it did me until I met my wife. I did not tell my wife about my foo… Read more

Posted by cali19 3 years ago 4 728 85%

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXIII

Story First TimeLesbian Sex

Chapter XXIII – Someone to Love (based on Girl’s Love Stories No. 159, DC, May 1971) Beth and I are friends since junior high. Friends like almost s****rs. We do almost everything together, like the same kind of music, watch the same tv shows, like the same movies, have the same tastes about stuff. But unfortunately, we shared also a similar but shameful thing: our bad luck with the opposite gender. I don’t know what and why happened, but we never had luck with men. We always tried to find the perfect man to date, but or we… Read more

Posted by Victor2K 3 years ago 1,001 100%

enjoying the bride of another.

Story MatureSex HumorTaboo

Passed a young girl who looked lost. I circled the block and picked her up. She tells me she ran away from home. Dad and mom would not let her be free. She just wanted out. I ask where she was going now? She had no idea. I took her to my house. I parked and got out, She looked at me. Come with me, its ok. She walks in my home and looks worried. I look at her, I will fuck you but not by f***e. You will give it up freely or not at all. She smiled and started eating my cookies. I had her a soda and opened the frig. Eat what you like. She acted like a starved dog as my bar. Where you from, n… Read more

Posted by hardnutjr 3 years ago 2 3,100 56%

Caught In The Act Part 4 (The Preparation)

Story BDSMGay MaleGroup Sex

I took another large gulp of burning, twenty five year old scotch and enjoyed the burning sensation it gave. It also helped to ease the growing feeling of unease, as I laid out the clothes on the sofa. I positioned the mirror on the coffee table and sat down in front of it, staring at myself. I had shaved before leaving for Peter's house, but in truth even though I was now 23, I could go days before any stubble took a hold. Although the summer had been long and hot, I was still quite pale skinned, as I preferred the shade to the heat of the sun. I emptied the small bag of its contents and open… Read more

Posted by dekkard69 3 years ago 3 1,209 86%

Frist Time With John

Story First TimeGay MaleMature

I want you to know that all of my stories are 100% true. So enjoy with me as I relive them. I manage a store in the town I live in. About 5 months ago I was helping an older man who was being guided by another man helping him understand the procedure I help folks with. I really didn't pay to much attention to the helper and was just about done with the transaction when I looked up and my heart skipped a beat and my mouth went dry. It was old "friend" I hadn't been in touch for a long time. We had originally met at the towns ABS, before it was tore down and a bus terminal wa… Read more

Posted by bigsgt 3 years ago 11 3,806 100%

Wood Shop Teacher - (True Story)

Story AnalGay MaleMature

He was 47 with a greying, short, trimmed goatee. Every inch of this man screamed 'masculinity' and I was quick to notice he was a corn-fed country boy by his 6 foot, 230 pound frame. His attire only confirmed my speculations. I was immediately drawn to his stocky build and big legs that bulged through his jeans. His handsome face was more than enough for me to meet him but his ability to take control with confidence left me no choice. I was 21 at the time, a junior in college with very little experience with guys. I was finally comfortable enough and most importantly brave enough to give it… Read more

Posted by Crestline 3 years ago 6 2,695 100%

My first TS/TG Part (one)

Story Shemales

The First time we were Alone. As I lay you down and kiss you passionately until the faint moans try to escape your throat. My hands explore your body until I find your pert tiny breasts that attracted me to your slim petite frame. How your silky clothes cling to your sensual hips. My erection is trying to escape my trousers as we embrace even closer, I can feel you arousing through your clothes, I start to undress you ever so slowly. The first sight of your milky flesh, like silk, it takes my breath away. The sweet scent of your skin smells of pure cotton. The small fleshy area that… Read more

Posted by Arianna401971 3 years ago 1 1,291 100%

The turning of our sexual life

Story FetishInterracial SexMasturbation

We are a young indian couple.. my wife's pic is on our profile pic... TRUE STORIES This is our current sexual activity.. We have been together for over 10 years now.. high school sweet hearts, she is sweet and sexy and i am a little athetic and a little nerdy lol anyways.. Cant stand the idea of being without her... our sex life has been great so far, we have been fucking since the 3rd week of our relationship lol and now we married but still fucking when we can!! but it did become a little monotonous between us.. so we introduced a few things in our life thru the years.. New pos… Read more

Posted by wannabecuck13 3 years ago 2 1,629 100%

What the step daughter saw..too

Story First TimeTabooVoyeur

Well,a few hours after my first encounter,I woke,needing to go to the toilet again.I just had to lie there waiting until Louise or her sis looked in on me.The effects of the d**gs had worn off and I just needed to pee before my bladder burst.After 5 mins the pressure was too much and I looked in desperation for something,anything to pee in.Then I spotted an empty vase in a box of junk that was going to be thrown out,but it was at least 6 ft away.Only one thing for it,lean out of the bed and let myself down gently on to the floor,I should be able to reach it if I stretched.Part one of the plan… Read more

Posted by fruitandveg 3 years ago 2 7,463 100%

Four in four hours - am I a whore? (Part 2)

Story Group SexMatureShemales

So, I'd had my passing quick bj and the guy I blew has already sent me a message thanking me for what I did for him and asking me when I'm available again, perfect !! From the quickie it took me a while to get to the hotel, called when I was in the car park, heels on and walked across the car park with more delicious feelings between my legs, I adore walking in heels and stockings, they're always so sexy. There was a couple going into another room and the guy did a double take and smiled, murmered a 'bonsoir' before he went into the room, I think I scrub up pretty well. It was a budget… Read more

Posted by antoniaf 3 years ago 5 3,759 100%

The unexpected play date

Story AnalFirst TimeTaboo

hello all this is my gf's first sex story so we posted on my account we r looking forward to what you think. The door open slightly he open one eye and look into the room wear his step mom laid down. To his surprised his dad was not in the room. His step mom was not alone in the room, he looked closer and noticed there was another female a thin and tall girl not much old then himself about 22. She had long red hair that had green highlights with black tips. Opening the door a little bit more he notice that she was tied up to a chair. She was wearing a short blue jean skirt with a red lace… Read more

Posted by denooh 3 years ago 1 3,779 90%


Story MasturbationTabooVoyeur

THU’S VOYEUR GUEST – Part 1 It’s fun watching people having sex – it’s a sort of ingrained feeling of naughtiness, a forbidden pleasure – watching something that is usually considered to be private. It’s a vicarious pleasure that we enjoy alone or together while we masturbated each other and admiring a man’s cock or a woman’s breasts or the fullness of her labia lips. Thu and I been having too much “snack sex” – it was still sex in that my penis was penetrating her vagina, but it was aimed at a getting a quick result, once i had cum and my orgasm settled, I would wrap my arms around Th… Read more

Posted by sxstory 3 years ago 1 2,246 100%

Round Breasts Of Rich Housewife

Story AnalFetishGroup Sex

hey i am Rahul from india. I was getting tired of the party. We were in a five star hotel celebrating the success of the movie produced by my husband’s father. It was getting late and I wanted to sl**p. There were so many celebrities. I am wearing a silk strap blouse without any bra inside. It was tight on my boobs. The black blouse and silk shiny saree was making me look as good as those heroines. I am a former model. I thought of becoming an actress but ultimately got married after making some flop films. My husband was enjoying the song and dance. There were some popular sin… Read more

Posted by navi2 3 years ago 3,619 100%

Revealing The Secrets ..

Story AnalGroup SexHardcore

we have seen how Borah watched hiding in the darkness of the staircase. He saw Rahul waiting at the door of Mrs. Nair’s flat, and then the door opened and the two went inside. Though he caught only a glimpse of Mrs. Nair, he was sure that she was naked under that long, silk bath robe of her which she was wearing. Rage and jealousy filled him up again. Borah had been a virgin until he had met Mrs. Nair, and felt indebted towards her ever since. But since the day when she had f***ed him to have a 3some with Rahul, he was filled with anger. He felt jealous whenever he saw Rahul, he felt a s… Read more

Posted by navi2 3 years ago 976 100%

And I Realized Am A Bisexual Too

Story AnalFirst TimeGay Male

My neighbor uncle is the hero in this experience .He’s around 48-50,little chubby , with less body hair and with little man boobs. He now moved to another place. This happened just after few months from my first sex experience. We were very close. He took vrs from his service for some personal reason. He got a son who’s in Bangalore. His wife used to go for job .So after my graduation, there was enough free time. My parents will go for work .So me and uncle will be free till from 9-5. Since we didn’t have any special things to do we used to hang around quiet. We go for movies, shopping, f… Read more

Posted by navi2 3 years ago 2,620 100%

Sam's Seduced into Submission

Story AnalGroup Sex

This is just a fantasy of mine, for now... I love comments and PM's so feel free to chat. Hope you enjoy I had lost countless hours stipping off the layers of clothes covering the 5’4” brunette Shelia. Seductively pulling her shirt over her head to expose a light blue lacy bra covering her supple breasts. Sliding my fingers between her thighs and pants, pulling them over her hips and down her legs leaving only a blue thong. My heart pounding as I explore this fantasy world. This was years ago when we were in college. We were good friends but I always imagined more. Anyways, I hadn’t seen… Read more

Posted by samblam 3 years ago 2 1,167 100%

Jims Mowing

Story Group SexHardcore

My partner Krissy & I live a busy lifestyle so we often get additional help around the house when time is tight. You know, a person who comes to do the washing & ironing, home handy men etc. Once a month we get our lawns mowed by Jim's mowing, the guy is a rather nice, almost due to retire gentleman. It was an unusually warm Autumn day and Krissy answered the knock at the door expecting to find "Jim", she was rather gob-smacked to find a much younger man in a Jim's uniform smiling nicely at the door. Krissy was a little unsure of what was happening until Joel explained that he… Read more

Posted by Inseminator181 3 years ago 1 1,754 89%