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I gave a blowjob to the taxi driver -TRUE STORY-

It's a 100% true story like the rest of my stories (Although it took 2-3 hours to seduce the young repairman *see: Airconditioner repairman laid some pipe*)

I never really liked clubbing unlike my best friend B. but she was really into that and therefore, i did accompany her several times despite enjoying the scene myself.

I went to clubbing on a Saturday night as usual with my best mate B., it was almost 23.30 when we arrived due to heavy rain that hit the region. Although it was rainy, the club was very crowded and packed with every kind of people - drags, lesbians,gay couples and e
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The accident

Growing up I was your typical nerd. I always had straight A's in school and wore those dorky glasses. I was always home in time and my best friends consist of my online gamer friends.

Physically though I was in fairly good shape surprisingly. I must have had good genes I guess. For the most part I have a fairly broad shoulders, decent face and my dick not trying to brag is bigger than most of my peers. I know because I have seen some during gym time.

Anyways, dances were always the worst for me. My dad I guess was a stud in high school so in a way I was kind of a disappointment. I am t... Continue»
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Asian Boys Kinky Bareback

The Saturday before I'd had an amazing threesome in Hong Kong with a regular fuck-buddy of mine and a "Boy" (only 19) that he'd met. The next day we met up again (just for Yum Cha) and we talked about what we should do for our next session. They were both very much wanting to be able to try piss enemas and so they proposed that we should go bareback next time.

I contacted my partners back in Australia and asked how they felt about me not using condoms with Jonathan and Julian if the three of us got tested first. They know I'm very careful, so it wasn't a problem for them. We phoned the clin... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Part 22

Desert Heat – Part 22
Sunday, August 5, 1985
Sunday morning, I roused just before 8am when I felt on of the girls getting out of bed. I rolled over, opened my eyes and saw one of them going into the bathroom. My first thing in the morning blurry focusing eyes couldn’t tell which one it was. I checked to see when one was still in bed with me and at first I still wasn’t sure. Ever since Pepper dyed her hair and matched Ginger’s hairstyle, there were times I found it found it difficult to tell the difference between them. Their personalities were different but their bodies were almost iden... Continue»
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Village Nudists

Hi… I’m Siddhartha. I am now going to describe my experiences I had in my
aunts village. It’s a really small village with only two buses
travelling through it daily. My aunt’s f****y stays there. She is my
dad’s s****r. She was given married to a poor farmer in that village. We
are now well developed and grown rich, whereas they were as is. My uncle
works as a plumber in city nearby and the rest of the f****y stay in that

The f****y consists of Aunt, Uncle, four daughters. Three of them were
elder than me and only one was younger than me. I often visit their
village along... Continue»
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One Saturday morning, I got a surprise call from Mrs. De la Vega as I was doing maintenance on my pool cleaning equipment.

Hello Tony, How are you doing?", she asked.

With a smile on my face, I replied -“Hello Mrs. De la Vega. I have been good. I’m trying to balance my time between pool cleaning and school. How are you?

Mrs. De la Vega paused momentarily then remarked, “I’m looking at my pond and I noticed something dirty. I know you must be busy but could you help me Tony?

I checked my cleaning pool list and I noticed that I had just cleaned their pond abou... Continue»
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First Time

I have been married faithfully for many years. But I met a man online who sparked my interest. He seemed genuinely "normal" and was in a place in his life similar to mine. We were both missing something that we needed and wasn't getting at home. I love my husband dearly as does he love his wife. There was a mutual respect for that. We both have k**s too and agreed that our home life always comes first. That being said, as our emails continued, so did our curiosity. We decided to meet in a semi private place for our first meeting. I was extremely nervous and excited at the same time. It was lik... Continue»
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My Urges Toward My Mother

After I reaches puberty I would zone out during the day fantasizing about looking my virginity– I would get so hard and horny thinking about shoving my cock into the only woman in my life, my MOTHER. Every time I would begin to make some move at all she would unknowingly and instantly HALTER my efforts. Meaning she dismissed all my advances to her.

I was going insane thinking about what to do. But then one day when I could take it no longer I went to her – she was lying in bed reading a book and I entered naked with a hard on – she saw me and was speechless – I knew she was shocked at my b... Continue»
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My Nephew

I was VERY wet.

I knew he was looking right at my ass _ and my pussy, barely covered by my panties.

It excited me even more to know the "he" who was looking at my ass was my 18-year-old nephew.

And more still that his eyes had to be roaming over my panty-clad pussy.

His hands already had been roaming over my thighs. Up under my skirt.

I knew he, too, was turned on.

The evidence was quite obvious.

Indeed, right before my eyes when I turned my head.

Hard evidence.

Evidence fairly bursting from his jeans.

I felt his hands high up on my thighs, at the beginning of m... Continue»
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Bag Lady & the Retired Marine

Dave and Susan begin a beautiful friendship over breakfast.

"Nice to meet you Susan Jill Parker. I'm Dave. Dave Ryan," he said offering her his big hand.

Seeing her up close, as if seeing her for the first time, he saw her bl**died nose, her split lip, and the discolored, puffy mouse under her eye. His hero, she took as much of a beating as she gave. Those bastards, if they were here now, he'd beat the shit out of them all over again.

With the odds stacked against her, he was just glad that he was there to help her and to save her. No telling what those men would have done to her had ... Continue»
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Babysitting the Aunt Kay Way

This story takes place back in 1980 and involved a young man named Lance Bowman, an 18 year old lad about to graduate from high school, and his Mom's s****r Kay, who came to babysit that spring when Lance's mother was hospitalized once again for the recurring health problems which would eventually take her life.

The babysitting was actually for Lance's k** s****r Emma, because Lance was a very trustworthy lad who could take care of himself. Lance was fine with that, because he was very fond of his Aunt Kay and the idea of having her around for a few days made him very happy indeed.

Lance... Continue»
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A May-December Romance

Doris and Grace had not crossed paths, expect for telephone and email exchanges, for almost half a decade. That said, as s****rs, they remained close; it had been that way since their earliest c***dhood days in England. The two women had both 'married well' and settled into their lives on opposite sides of the Atlantic -- Doris in Los Angeles; Grace in Paris. They had both managed successful careers and the demands of being both wives and mothers. When Doris's marriage had ended in divorce several years ago, it was Grace who first reached out to make sure her older s****r was alright. So when ... Continue»
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Enjoying the Drive

My s****r was always one of my least favorite people.

Dani was a year older than me, but you would never guess it by looking at the two of us. I took after Dad, heavy set with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, strong but not ripped by any means with dark hair and blue eyes and a soft thick growth of beard that I had cultivated proudly from the age of thirteen. I was always big for my age until I hit eighteen, when I suppose that was shortened to just plain big.

Dani took after Mom, and was a good foot shorter than me at an inch shy of five feet, and never once more than ninety pounds.... Continue»
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Finding a Daddy at College

Younger woman chooses older man as her Daddy

It was the first day of class and Chris was feeling very self conscious. The professor went around the room having everyone introduce themselves. At 39, Chris listened to student after student saying their name, and that they had just gotten out of high school. When it was his turn, Chris stood up, turned to the class and said, "Hi, I'm Chris, and I did not just get out of high school."

After that first introduction, it became a competition between the 'k**s', which was most of the students in his classes, and 'the older generation' which was... Continue»
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A trip to a party

John would have preferred another quiet night in with his Aunt Stella, but he was content to go with her to Gamma’s party. Gamma was the daughter of his aunt's friends, and he had met them a few years earlier on a visit with his parents to his Aunt Stella and Uncle Tony (his aunt and uncle had since divorced). He had got on quite well with her, and he felt it would be nice to see her again. Besides, there would still be opportunity for more sex with his forty-seven year-old aunt when they got back to her house.

His aunt had mixed feelings about taking him to the party, too, but for differen... Continue»
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Grandma true story (PART II)


Next couple of days nothing happened, we didn't even talk. Grandpa was home most of the times and Grandma was acting as usual, doing her job with guest rooms, avoiding every opportunity to stay alone with me even for a moment. She wasn't even looking at me at this rare occasions that she was talking to me, asking me if I am hungry or about my friends…It was clear that she would prefer that I go out with my friends and after a day or two I did because even Grandpa was asking why am I home all the time. Couple of days later when i got home at evening I found out that Granpa was out an... Continue»
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My Twin Aunts

We ended our relation as a threesome.
As my aunt and my Aunt Marie finished making love, I tried to make sense of it all. Aunt Marie had wanted me to see them. Did that mean she was telling me it was over for her and me? I didn't want that. That Aunt Marieent intensified my love for her and I knew I wanted to be with her, any way I could.

Aunt Marie reached her hand out to me. I took it and she said, "Can you still love me baby?"

I said, "Of course Aunt Marie."

She said, "I need you both."

Laila said, "We're both here." She also took my hand and urged me down on the bed. Laila b... Continue»
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Eighteen Goes into Thirty Six Twice

"Strike," Dan couldn't believe how good a bowler his aunt was.

Lorna tried to relax and enjoy herself, but the truth was her mind was coping with the problem she was having with her husband. She had kept herself trim and exercised to stay in shape because he demanded she not be fat. She wouldn't have another person in their bed, but other than that had never refused him anything and had given him almost every sexual experience that a man could have. But she couldn't stop the clock and lately she could tell his eyes were wandering to younger women.

"Earth to Aunt Lorna... Earth to Aunt L... Continue»
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The Most Persistent Salesperson

Teenage girl has sex with a customer
Dan answered the door, and there stood the neighborhoods most persistent salesperson. Opening it wide, he invited her inside, "Well hello, come in." The 18 year old did as asked, "And to what do I owe this pleasant visit?"

Carolyn knew that Dan would insist on her giving the entire sales pitch, but she also knew he would buy whatever it was. The two had been doing this since she was old enough to go door to door. "Good morning sir, I represent Taylor High School. I'm trying to raise funds by selling a magazine subscription to one of these magazines," sh... Continue»
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Aunt Caroline

Hi my name is Steve, and this is my story.

All my life growing up I never was close to any of my f****y members, other than my cousin Carl.

We had a... What do you call it? Dysfunctional f****y.

But the worst was my Aunt Caroline.

My parents told me a lot about her while I was growing up.

Oh I saw her a few times of course, mostly at Christmas but, I didn't know much about her, except, supposedly, she was the biggest whore on my Father's side.

The funny thing is, she didn't live very far from the high school that I used to go to.

Every morning and afternoon I'd see her sit... Continue»
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