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Omegle Roleplay: Random day at the office

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You both like roleplay.

You: Its 3pm, you get to your desk and on your computer you get an anonymous message: “You look great in that skirt today!”
Stranger: I'm kinda startled, but, after a second, answer anyway. "Thanks, I guess... Who is this?"
You: I chuckle and respond: "Well that would spoil the fun, if i told you, wouldn't it?"
Stranger: "How do you even know I'm wearing a skirt? I don't have a webcam..." I start feeling a little uncomfortable.
You: "You passed right by me today" (you work in a big office with lots of desks)
S... Continue»
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A Quickie in the Woods II

Here I was again at the cruise parking lot, and again I was sitting in the van looking across the lot at the swimming beach, loaded with folks enjoying the beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. I was enjoying seeing the hot girls...and guys in their small tight suits!

I noticed a grey truck park a ways up in the lot, and out got a mature guy, short, HWP, he looked toward me and then walked into the woods.

I looked around, got out and locked the door, and took my path into the fun area.

It took a few minutes to find him. If you have read my first story on having a quickie in the woods, y... Continue»
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Office Fuck

I had always thought that C would be a good fuck as she seemed so quiet. I had noticed that at the office C was dressed very differently on that particular Friday. I had always wondered how she sucked and fucked and whether she liked it rough. She had on a purple blouse, black short skirt with a side slit that showed stocking tops when she inadvertently moved and high heeled black shoes. I did suspect from what I could see that from the outline of her sexy ass under the dress, she was wearing suspenders, although I wasn't sure.

It was only confirmed much later when I happened to get a glim... Continue»
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Auntie's Panties


Auntie's Panties

I've always had this serious thing for women's' underwear. Even as far
back as grammar school I loved to sit on the ground in the school yard
to watch the girls jump rope and show off their frilly little panties,
just for me.

I was always so jealous of my s****rs! They got such pretty, pink
ruffled undies to wear while I was stuck with boring white BVD's. It
was so unfair, I thought!

I loved the exciting feel of their lace and silky nylon dainties, so
cool and silky and smooth to the touch. By... Continue»
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Part 2: Kyle & Amanda (Good Samaritan and Sexy

This is part 2 of my Story of Kyle, the Good Samaritan, and Amanda, the sexy starnger.

"Oh my gosh that was fantastic”, Amanda said as she kissed Kyle’s forehead. “You are more than a Good Samaritan; you were awesome.”

Kyle stood up, gathered his clothes and said, “Thank you.” I need to get the gas, I’ll be back.”

“I thought that you had…”

“No, the gas can is empty. Do you want to ride with me to town?”

She smiled and replied, “Of course.”

Kyle and Amanda jumped into his pick-up and headed back toward town. Amanda wore a broad smile and she basked in the afterglow of the a... Continue»
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Chapter One - Hungry

In his post-Mayberry days, Andy Griffith was a spokesperson for Ritz
crackers. He popularized a terrific advertising phrase that reached into a
lot of people's heads. Andy would ask rhetorically, "What are you hungry
for when you don't know what you're hungry for?" And then answer,
"Somethin' on a crisp Ritz cracker. It's goooood!"

Are you hungry for something and you don't know what? I was, until I joined
the poker group.

My name is Ed Jensen. When this tale began, I was 31 and had been married
for eight years to Carol. My wife was a nice woman. I'd lik... Continue»
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Fun with Aunty & her Daughter

I didn’t have sex for many days until my Uncle went to US.She used to be very free and I used to chat with her ,she invited me stay at her house because she is alone with her dauther I used to fantasy her and her daugther, she asked me to sl**p in her room as in other room her daugther used to study and sl**p .She used to see soap operas until 10.00pm and used to come into her room and sl**p.She is drop-dead gorgeous. 36-26-36, I swear it. 5’5″; smooth, fair skin; beautiful, long black hair; good looking eyes . Once I saw her when she just came from bathroom with a towel covered her body which... Continue»
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my begins part 1

I was 18yrs old, had my driving licence just over 6 months, when I found out that a local park was a cottaging (gay sex meeting place) area at night. The first time I ever drove down that dark lane at night on my own, I wad so excited I had to actually stop and vomit, I didn't even get out of the car that night. Just watched a few men wander off in to the woods, then wander back a bit later on. I drove home and wanker furiously, then slurped and eat my own cum, imaging it was someone else's.

A few days later after dropping a friend off on the way home from the pub, I decided to see if ther... Continue»
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Jenny Becomes a Porn Star Chapter Eight

Jenny becomes a Porn Star Chapter Eight

After getting home I was almost too tired to go down to the pool and do my laps. However, I dragged myself down to the pool and as soon as I hit the water the coolness of the water against my skin seemed to revive me and I completed my ten laps. My swim suit today would have had me arrest if I wore it anywhere other than the pool where I live. I think the manager likes watching me every day as I do my laps. My bottoms consist of a small gold horse shoe shape piece of metal. The opening of the ho... Continue»
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Visiting a Video Arcade for the First Time

I grew up not far from a tourist area. I was younger than most of my friends, so when I finally turned 18 we went dancing to the clubs on the main street. My best girl friend Terry was beautiful and she immediately had this hot Navy guy buying us drinks, and trying to chat with her. He had a buddy and so while they flirted and played, he and I drank and talked. We went back to their hotel and of course Terry and Bill went upstairs.

The other guy – Steve and I decided to cruise around. He was telling me how horny everyone gets on ship and that they are always finding someone in a clos... Continue»
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First time with Jessica

I told you about the first time I received a blow job a while ago. It was by Jessica, my high school crush. This is taking off from the date we went on a few day after that night.

I picked her up at her house. I had to wait for her to finish getting ready. I sat in her living room talking to her mom for quite sometime. Jessica finally came out. She had on jeans, and a red tank top. It was one of those with the spaghetti straps. I knew she didn't have a bra on.

We walked out to my car. I opened the door for her. I got in, and off we went. I had waited for years to have this... Continue»
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The Lap Dance

One Saturday night my husband and I were out at one of his favorite dark bars in Hollywood just having cocktails and enjoying each other's company. This place happens to play a lot of dark EDM which we enjoy listening to, dancing to and fucking to. We usually try to get out a couple times a month where we can dress for sex and feel the gaze of other people as we mentally and physically foreplay in public. This night started no different than dozens before it, but it certainly ended a little differently.

My husband was wearing a tight black V neck t-shirt that shows off his terrific body and... Continue»
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The Business Trip

It wasn't too long after we started experimenting with adding other people into our sex life that I was asked to go to New York City with a client to look for condos in Manhattan. Usually I wouldn't do such a thing: one, I do not hold a NY real estate license and two, I don't know the market, but this particular client is both a celebrity who has brought me a lot of business over the years - buying 4 houses through me in LA - and also recommended me to many of his friends and that has led to a lot of money for me over the years. So I agreed to accompany him for three days to the East Coast and... Continue»
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I met an underwear model and he fucked me!

Hey guys,

I moved to this city because I was tired of LA. The weather was great, but in a city where everyone is an aspiring model/porn star/actor, I was totally intimidated. Who knew this city had guys even hotter. Since I knew so few people, I went to the gym early, went to work, then came back to the gym to lift and do cardio. After around 6 months of doing this I started to look and feel pretty good. I was starting to get cruised in the open shower, and one of the guys wrapped his hand around my cock and tried to pull me into the steam room with him and his work out partner. I... Continue»
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He Only Wanted One Thing

Tonight was the night, the date had been arranged on the spur of the moment, again he was plagued by doubt was it a mistake? Should be have finally let her how he felt, the cold sweat of fear breaks out as he remembers each man who’d gone before him. After years of serving as her confidante, he’d thought that hearing every detail of the men who’d betrayed the love of his life had been torture both because of the hurt they caused her and the fact that each one had been with the only woman he’d ever cared for, each time she’d found a new one he had sincerely wished her every happiness, yet each ... Continue»
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Aaron giving Julie a much needed treatment

Julie says:
*Taunting you she pulls away from you then turns around, pressing herself back against the wall then lifting her right leg up, giving you clear view of her moist little pussy* See anything that needs to be taken care of?

Aaron says:
<stares up from the floor, stroking himself and grinning at you, chest heaving..> Ohhh, yeesss...
<stands and steps up to you, rubbing the head of his cock along your fleshy lips and groaning at you..>

Julie says:
*She rests her arms over your shoulders and wraps her right leg around your hip, purring at you as she feels your cock's head teas... Continue»
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Josh bends Julie over her desk

Noin says:
*Turns her back to you and leans forward a little over the edge of her desk* Hmm... *Turns her head to look back over her shoulder at you*

Josh says:
*walks up behind you pushing his hardening cock against your ass and leaning over you and grasping your soft tits*

Noin says:
Uhh... *Pushes her ass back a little, pressing her smooth ass against your stiff cock and she lets out a soft moan as she feels your hands grasping her soft mounds*

Josh says:
*grinds his hard cock agaisn your smooth ass and moist pussy* hmmm which hole

Noin says:
*She opens her legs and ... Continue»
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My First Double Penetration

With a whole lot of help from MisterDp! Thank you Sir!!

I was always the shy girl at the back of the class. Leaning in closer to hear the other girls talking about wanking their boyfriends off and having to Google the meaning when I got home. Once I found out the meaning there was nothing else to do but try it out. From that moment on I was so curious about all aspects of sex.

My first few boyfriends taught me a lot about hand jobs and blowjobs, swallowing cum and having my pussy eaten, but it wasn't until I was 20 that I lost my virginity. After that, there was no sto... Continue»
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Friends with Benefits...PART 1

Part 1 of a series…worth your time!

“Diana was a little tipsy tonight,” my girlfriend, Sonia, said on the way home in the car.

“I think both you and Di had quite a bit to drink,” I said smiling.

Sonia and I had just spent a night out on the town with our best friends, Mark and Diana. We had been friends practically since they were married a few years ago, and spent nearly every free night with them – either hanging out at their house or ours, going out to a restaurant or bar, spending the days on Mark’s ski boat on the river, or taking long road trips together. The four... Continue»
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My first ORGY with my COUSINS

I was always a little horny even when I was little and would play with myself while in the tub or in my bed at night. I even tried fucking myself in the ass a couple of times with things I found around the house.
My cousins use to come over to spend weekends at our house on the lake and we would do some experimenting sometimes with each other but nothing really too wild. I might grab my cousins cock or he would grab mine and sometimes his s****r Leslie would come in the room and would let us rub her little pussy or something. Like I say, we were really young and not to aware of what was go
... Continue»
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