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Rally Virgin! Utter humiliation!

. Rally Virgin utter humiliation!

This happened in the mid-90's, when I was going out with a very beautiful little Goth chick. I was only just getting into the biker scene, and I was a bit young and naive, I suppose.

My girlfriend of the time, Nici, was already a longtime rocker, into the rally scene too, and had friends in many clubs. I loved her madly; she was a part time model, and was really sexy and petite, with long dark hair and the prettiest face imaginable, plus perfect little round boobs and a girlish, slim figure. She had a harder edge to her, though; she was quite outg... Continue»
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Rally Virgin Part 2.

I felt weird after that rally. She was happier than ever, though, and I admit what she'd done, and what had happened, was a big sexual kick. I loved her more than ever, she was wild, she was fun!

Nothing more happened for a good while, at least I don't know if she got up to anything while out at work or whatever, in the meantime. We went to a couple more parties and another rally, and she didn't seem to do anything again. I found it strange she wouldn't discuss what had happened, even though I had decided to accept it and she knew I had gotten excited.

Anyway, later in the year we we... Continue»
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Cross Dressers First Time

I was in my mid 40's and divorced and living a great life. I ran my own successful from home and lived in a large house in it's own grounds at least 5 miles from my nearest neighbour.

Whilst I was single I had an active sex life having been lucky enough to know 3 ladies who were unattached and had no need for a long term relationships but were happy to meet up for sex or go away for a break all no strings attached. They all knew of each other and I was aware they saw other men or ladies if they wished.

Debi was 50 a successful lawyer and very dirty. Helen was 60 a retired business woman... Continue»
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A Quickie in the Woods II....We Finally Meet (All

If you read my Quickie In The Woods II, you remember that I was left high and dry after giving my guy friend a first class blow job.

After I called him, and he asked me to meet him at his house in a town about 25 minutes away.

We set up a met on Thursday Night, at 7pm. He gave me directions to his place, and on the appointed time and date I knocked on his door.

He was dressed in lounging shorts and a baggy t shirt. He looked great.

As I came into his apartment, he turned me around to face him, he hugged me, gave me a quick kiss, and said....Now it is time for pay back.

I was en... Continue»
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Rose Petals

I walk into the house and see a trail of rose petals…I follow them into the kitchen where I find a note and a glass of wine. “Take off all your clothes, grab the glass of wine, and follow the rose petals to the master bathroom.” With a smile on my face I do as the note says. Slowly I remove my coat, then I start unzipping that little black dress I wore just for you. I know it’s your favorite. You love the way it hugs my body, showing all my curves. I let my dress fall to the floor and I step out of it. Standing in the kitchen with just my black lace bra and matching panties and my 5in heels on... Continue»
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Aishas Exercise pt2

"Now, bend down as before."

As Aisha bent forward, her father held her by the waist and fitted his bulge tightly between her ass cheeks.

"Good, darling... good. Now hold the position for a while."

For a moment Aisha lost her balance. She didn't realize that her father had deliberately made her to lose her balance by loosening his hold on her at the waist.

"Daddy!" shrieked Aisha, thinking that she was going to fall face down.

Her father laughed, "Ha ha ha... Don't worry, darling. I did it purposely... scared you, did I? Ha ha ha..."

"funny, daddy!" Aisha chided her father pla... Continue»
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Youngsville Part 8: Kira

After Jessie’s and Jill’s request to be more open with the f****y I began to notice a few chances around the farm. I noticed how lightly the girls had begun to dress. They would walk around the house in light clothing which revealed a lot of their beautiful skin. Obviously trying to catch my attention, I think it excited them to prance around the house trying to impress a boy, and it certainly excited me! Those occasions usually turned out to them unzipping my pants and playing with me. They would do all of the work. I usually never interacted unless they really got my attention.

I began to... Continue»
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I was sitting on the bed in my room. I was reading Penthouse Forum and
read a letter about a peeping tom who became a sex slave after being
caught when I began to hear voices coming from next door. My house is
only 5 steps away from our next door neighbour's so in my room I could
hear anything from loud music to sex. To investigate the noises I ran up
to the window and moved the curtain slightly to see what was going on
through the next door neighbour's window. To my shock I saw a man and a
woman having sex. The man happened to be my neighbour, Dan. He is tall
man about 6'... Continue»
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Online Chat Fun

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: hello
Stranger: 22 f usa
You: 22 m usa
Stranger: wanna lick my pussy bby
You: lol, do you deserve it?
Stranger: ive been a real good girl ;)
You: Then I don't see why not
Stranger: i can be b ad if u prefer though
You: That all depends, do you like to be punished or pampered?
Stranger: i wanna be punished right now
You: Then I will tie you to the bed so that you can not move
Stranger: thats my secret fantasy
You: On your back , your arms toward the top of the bed and your legs spread and vulnerable
You: I star... Continue»
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Wife Encounter 02. Asshole

I watched my wife from the bed as she came out of the bathroom drying her hair. There were drops of water still on her body, a few on her chest and one running down her left breast making its way to her nipple. Her nipples were erect, as they always are after she takes a warm shower, and the their pinkish brown stood out against her pale skin.
She stood at the doorway, and flipped her head from one side to the next. Her breasts moved up and down, and I shifted my legs as bl**d flowed into my cock.
She smiled and looked at me for me for a second, before crossing the room and opening her close... Continue»
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What happened afterwards.

My last blog was all about my first bisexual experience.I ended it at the point where I'd just given my first ever blow job but suggesed things went further that night.

Briefly,I'd been curious for maybe a year.Was thinking about cock nearly as much as pussy although I wasn't into guys or had any interest in becoming bisexual.I just couldnt stop thinking about sucking a cock and concluded the only way I could get past it would be to do it that once.Scratch the itch and move on.Except I was never going to really get it on with another man.

Then my oldest friend returned to the area after ... Continue»
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A naughty fairytale

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess.
Long golden hair, features the finest in the kingdom.
Skin like porcelain and a body so perfect in proportion grown men would weep at her beauty.
Her name was Eleanor.
Eleanor had a twin s****r named Esmerelda
Esmerelda was also quite beautiful but didn't quite compare to Eleanor's beauty.
Esmerelda had a slightly larger frame but smaller breasts, she didn't have that perfect waist and hips of Eleanor,
Her nose was slightly larger, her hair rather than golden was a dirty blonde.
Although the s****rs were the same height Esmerelda ... Continue»
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Forc*d into a Foursome, Part-1

Hi my dear hot tops, Chandru here with another true experience but names changed apart from mine. Hope you remember the previous two in stories of mine in the theater and a surprise threesome at my home. Since Yahoo decided to close all its chat rooms I had to find a different way to look for guys to fuck me and there I found out about this website called Planet Romeo.
One fine day I created an ID for myself and set out in search of a guy to fuck me and soon I got introduced to a 24 year old sexy looking hunk called Raj from Ambattur. He said he can take me to his friend's place which was nea... Continue»
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My First Gloryhole Experience

So as I’m sitting in my 5th period math class I can’t help but overhear Cindy Jacobs and Gwen Patterson conversing back and forth. At first it just seems like their typical mindless gossiping but as I catch bits and pieces of their conversation I hear the term “glory hole” and suddenly find myself focusing more and more on it. I try not to look interested as I hear tem talking. They occasionally glance at me to make sure that I’m not paying them any attention. I take some comfort in the fact that these two, perceived as the biggest sluts in school, would never suspect that I have probably had ... Continue»
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I think my son is gay

"Christopher, are you gay?" came the voice from the

The eightteen-year-old sat silently on his bed, too
shocked to answer the question his father was asking.
He could feel his face starting to blush.

"Answer me, son, are you gay? Or maybe you're just
curious? I'm not mad, I just want to know."

Stuart Sloan was not angry at his son. To the contrary,
he was rather aroused by the idea that his son
might be a faggot who would let a man shove his
penis up his tight little ass. Like many paranoid
parents in contemporary America, he regularly checked
his k**'s inte... Continue»
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Halloween hand job

It was the Saturday before Halloween and three
girlfriends and I were going out bar hopping and
dancing to celebrate the holiday. As the only male in
the group I decided to dress as a woman. Why not try
to fit in. I had gone to the local Salvation Army and
picked up a short skirt, ladies blouse and sexy
camisole to wear underneath. I had borrowed a wig from
a friend along with a silk scarf.

Early Saturday afternoon we all met at Rose's house
and she helped me get ready. Lots of shaving, I had a
goatee, makeup, and laughter. As I was pulling the
dark panty hose on, under ... Continue»
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BBC Gloryhole Adventure

by BBCAddict

My husband and I had been talking about glory holes and my husband Neil had wanted us to go visit a Glory Hole Club together for a while. I had never been that keen really but lately he had been pressing the issue more and more, telling me it was a fantasy of his to watch me play with lots of cocks. He wanted us to go along and watch and just see how we felt about it. Neil had discovered a Glory Hole Club in our local city. I was really hesitant about it not really liking the idea of playing with other cocks. I had never had a big black cock before and Neil's fantasy... Continue»
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He Encouraged Me

by Debra39

I was twenty-one with a five-year-old daughter when I met Mat. We dated for six months before we married. We have been together for over a year now and Mat is a wonderful husband and father to my daughter.

I am 5 feet tall, I have shoulder length, dark brown hair and blue eyes. I was quite slim then but had large 34dd breasts.

Mat is 5'10, dirty blond, athletic build and has a lovely thick 7" cock.

I had been out on a girly night out. Mat always encouraged me to go on them and dress up sexily.

It was 2 am when I got home . I walked quietly up the stairs and... Continue»
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Amie's Outdoor Fun

by Nehighlander

This is the latest of Amie's adventures with black men. This happened last fall and due to being very busy, I am just now getting around to posting this:

It had been awhile since she had fucked Jackson after she had danced in a strip club. She had repeatedly expressed to me that she wanted to have some fun with another black man or men and she had more than once told me she would really love to get together with Jackson again. I totally nixed that idea as I could not stand that smug son of a bitch and I did not want him anywhere near Amie. I know why she desire... Continue»
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very sensual impregnation story I found on the net


He heard his wife's heavy footsteps approach. It was the kind of loud stomp like she was trying to announce her presence as she walked into the living room. He expected to look up while sitting on the sofa, and see a look of anger or deep concern on her. He had learned over the years that's what usually happened when she stormed into a room as quickly and loudly as she just did.

He was pleasantly surprised however to look up and see a beaming smile on her. His wife stood there with her hands behind her ... Continue»
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