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McKay fun

After going to a few of the sex stores in Chicago, I told McKay that I was getting a splitting headache and wanted to go back to the hotel. McKay made sure I was in the room without any of the horndogs following me. I love to have sex, but some of the guys that we met at some of the stores, were way to pervy for me.

I did have a movie producer ask if he could tape me having sex with some of the male models. I told him to give me his card and I would get back with him another day. I'm sure Scotty would be upset, that he wasn't producing my films, but I'm sure I could see if he was co-p... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXV

Chapter XXV – Fun Before Wedding (based on Girl’s Romances No. 37, DC, Feb-Mar 1956)

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXV

The wedding day can be thrilling, specially to a bride. The dream of walking the aisle, meeting the man you are meant to marry, share your vows, marry in the presence of God, confirm the love you share with other people. It has to be the perfect day, where everything has to be perfect in the details.

However, sometimes one can feel nervous about what might happen. When I married Edward, I was incredibly nervous, afraid of anything mi... Continue»
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Roleplay on skype

This is a roleplay I had with a girl over Skype, I thought it was hot enough to share it. It stops a bit abruptly because she fell asl**p before we could finish. Warning: i****t themed.

Eliza Rei: I mean, I couldn't trust my devious little s****r just like that, right ;)?
Paprika: .. true. :x
Eliza Rei: Now, what should we do with lying little s****rs?
Paprika: .. nothing. :(
Eliza Rei: But then how are you going to learn how to be a good s****r to your bigger s****r?
Paprika: .. I.. I don't know.
Eliza Rei: Exactly, you don't know anyt... Continue»
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Strangers at home

I'm writing this in the 24 hours that this happened, to get the details as close to perfect.

My name's Max and I live with a room-mate in an apartment building in Seoul, Korea. I work nights as a freelance writer as well as a designer..

This story starts last night around 2am last night.
My roommate HS came home with a girl who he picked up from a bar he frequents. Brief introductions were made as I was catching up on the late night news and was getting ready to get into "work mode" in the living room.

Fast forward about 30 minutes and as I was writing, I couldn't help but get dis... Continue»
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Punished hard

My name is rahul. I am studying in a medical collage.
I am a final year senior student. Our batch makes ragging on junior students.
our ragging includes removing clothes, touching the private parts, playing with them, more and more.

i like to say you an incident that we did to a 1st year girl who joined our school.her father is a police officer.It was freshers day that new commers are being coming into the campus. we sat at the gate and started ragging.we call a girl who was in a pujabi dress.her hair was neatly combed back and clipped.we called her.we took her books from her hand, remo... Continue»
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Best Friends BUTT fucked by DAD

I was taking the summer off after graduating high school and was pretty much doing nothing but hanging around the house and using the pool all the time. I was in great shape since I had played football and I was starting college in a couple of months. My parents were divorced and it was just me and my dad at the house now since mom had moved out.
I had friends over occasionally and we would usually just hang out around the pool and drink beer!
One afternoon, it was hot as hell outside and I had a friend over. His name was Allen and I had known him my entire time at high school. We were dr
... Continue»
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A Niece's Lap Dance

A Niece's Lap Dance
Posted by Paul606

A Niece's Lap Dance
A Niece's Lap Dance

I'm a man of 51 years old and I have this beautiful 16-year-old niece, Elyse, who since the age of 6 has been sitting on Uncle Paul's lap while we watched TV. I never thought of anything sexual and enjoyed the attention as I do not have any c***dren. She would just sit on my lap and kind of snuggle up to me.

This would be an everyday occurrence when she and my s****r came over to visit. As she got older, she would com... Continue»
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Staying at a friend;s house

One night my girlfriend and I stayed at my gayfriend's house. We had a great dinner and a couple of drinks, that made us tipsy.
My girlfriend let me know that the drinks had made her horny, so we said goodnight to my friend and went upstairs. Not even I had closed the door of the room or my girlfriend rips my jeans open and starts to suck my hard cock. While doing so, I start to undress her and touch her breasts and nipples. The nipple pinching makes my girlfriend even hornier, she pushes me on the bed and starts to suck even harder and deeper. I turn her around so I can lick her soaking wet ... Continue»
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Finally Fucked My Auntie Pauline

True story from coljac another xhamster member

Ever since I was a little boy, I had a special relationship with my auntie Pauline, as she did not have c***dren of her own, I became her favourite nephew. I remember she would sit me on her knee for cuddles and take me places, like to see Father Christmas, as much as a treat for her as for me. I would go and stop at her house and we would play games and stuff like that and I can remember her tucking me in to bed on a night.
My f****y were a big close-knit bunch, always getting together for birthdays and such like at my gran and granddads big... Continue»
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The dirtiest sex story ever

'So what, I am a girl and I talk dirty, I let men look at me, and yes I am always in a state of readiness, I have always been, that's what happens when you grow up watching your mum and dad fuck each other, as part of your home education regarding sex'.

Even my opening lines to you men reading this, are a challenge. I am a real person and I am challenging you to meet me and find out for yourself just how perverted a girl I am.

I love sex and full on intercourse, I am a liberated soul, blessed with a body men just dream about entering and freely seeding, backdoor and front, your choice.
... Continue»
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The Most Savory Sin: My s****r In-Law part 2 (comp

After me and my perfect little s****r inlaw passionately fucked on the floor of her cabin by the couch, I thought It was over. We cleaned up her puddles and sat down to complete a friendly night of drinking and conversing. Only it wasn't over. How could it be over? We both exploded into perfect orgasms together and got away with it. The girlfriend was still asl**p. Her mom was still asl**p, and it was only about 12:30am. I know she was thinking the same thing too. We sat together on that love seat tangled in physical activity. It felt easy to be close after cumming inside her balls deep. The l... Continue»
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My Spanish Teacher Became my Lover... My first att

I was a young boy when I first met her...In middle school (6th grade) we had 4 quarters each year that separated our class schedules. My first class every day, was Spanish, where I got to see my teacher Ms. Kight (not real name). She was only 26 and had a daughter who would ever so often join her in class. Ms. Kight was the definition of a hour glass with a lot of ass Latina lady who every boy would absolutely jerk off to. She constantly had old students, Male and female join her in her class sessions and she always had the boys gawking at her, hell even the bi-curious girls would always t... Continue»
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love and dare

It was a cold rainy day and Cindy did not feel like going out. She called her friend Susan over and decided to play a game called love and dare. Cindy and Susan are both in there late 30's and both still looking for a husband. So Susan went over to Cindy's apartment for an evening of what she thought would be popcorn and television watching.
Cindy and Susan are both African America. Susan knocked on Cindy's door and Cindy answered the door. Susan enters the apartment. I'm tired of watching television and going to clubs that's all we ev... Continue»
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Take My Breath Away

I was old enough to be her ghetto mama. There were at least 13, maybe 15 years separating our births, but the attraction between us was strong. Her skin was the color of the deepest ebony; she was BLACK and her skin was hot and soft to the touch. To say she was sexy was an understatement. She wasn’t sexy because she happened to be beautiful. Her beauty was part of the package but it certainly wasn’t the only ingredient in her intoxicating blend of charms. She oooooooozed sticky, sweet sensuality and feminine mystique. That, combined with an odd elixir of pheromones, created a persona ... Continue»
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Owning my friends MOM

"See you, Mom. I'm heading out to the mall with Carol and Joan," Stacey hollered as she headed for the back door. "Oh hey, Greg. I didn't hear you come in. Got anything planned for today?" Stacey asked as she entered the kitchen.

"Nah. Just dropped in for some breakfast. Probably head over to the basketball courts this afternoon to shoot some hoops," replied Greg with a grin.

"Alright. I'll see you later. Have fun." Stacey waved goodbye as she ran out the door.

It was the first week of summer vacation. Stacey and Greg had just finished grade 11 and were looking forward to a relaxing s... Continue»
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The Mall

The Mall

you know the day that opportunity knocks you have to take advantage of well this was the i entered the mall i noticed you there... walking slightly before me...your firm ass cheeks moved very seductively under your brightly colored summer dress.. as you walked your skirt flirted with your long legs... shifting up on one side exposing a tantalizing amount of creamy flesh....and then to the other side as your hips swayed...
my thought were of an angle walking before me.... your long blonde hair falling down over your shoulders... ... Continue»
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Meeting Mary (part 2)

Mary and I had arranged to meet the following night, unfortunatley her boss had other ideas and insisted that me him go out to dinner to discuss my work... Great I thought, and no way out of this one. Fortunatley Mary knew what he was like and understood my predicament. The downside was, tomorrow was Fridat and I was supposed to be going home...
Friday arrived and the weather forecast was for heavy snow, not my idea of a wonderful drive home. anyway as it happenend it turned out for the better. The main roads had all ground to a halt, and as I was packing up for the day Mary suggested that i ... Continue»
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Rescuing Two Damsels in Distress

This is fiction...

We approached the island late in the afternoon, our rented speed boat full of beer, a barbecue and a few burgers, four lads on holiday looking for a quiet beach to have a bit of a party.
“That looks like a beach Daz,” said Stu, pointing away to our right. “Take her in a bit.”
The boat edged towards the island and we agreed that it seemed a likely place to cook some meat and sup some ale, so Daz brought us to a stop in waist-deep water while Kevin dropped the little anchor to stop the boat grounding itself. As we splashed over the side, a feminine voice sounded from the ... Continue»
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The Temp

The Temp:

the week started off kind of special... my regular secretary
was off on a two week vacation and it was the first day of the new temp...
usually they are older woman...plain... and not very exciting...but this
one was more than special as i was about to find out... you walked into
the room ...tall blonde and very attractive... your smile brightened up the
my day immediately... your dress was conservative by it still had a hint of
your sexuality...its very hard to hide that and i could see from the way
you walked and your ... Continue»
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The Nurse

The Nurse

Opening my eyes....unfocused the room looked blurry, i blinked several times... slowly the surroundings came into clarity. I saw you for the first time. Your sweet lovely smile, looking down at me. I rubbed my eyes..looking at You. Thinking i was looking at an angle. Your long dark hair , flowing over your shoulders. Your lovely smile, and your eyes.... hmm very intent... looking at me...a hint of your spoke to me..."how are you feeling" you said. Still not sure exactly where i wa... Continue»
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