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Breaking the rules and very happy about it

Upon graduating university in 2007 I found the job market was very bad. Being one of few girls with a degree in Geology, wherever I go it's a male dominated sausage factory. And being decently put together, slender, young and not having a penis proved to be an asset in my job search. I ended up taking a job which had me relocate to foreign lands. Middle Eastern countries are interesting but no fun, I look good in a head scarf! Living was very often in the company compound and I absolutely never screwed around with company people. It was hard mainly because I just love sex. As my older b... Continue»
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The one that got away...

This happened about 3 to 4 yrs ago, before this girl before she became popular. I was browsing the net on a social site and when I came across this really gorgeous chick. I mean this girl had everything from a gorgeous face, to nice slim body with tits n ass. I thought to myself, y not message her see if I get anything back. Later that evening, surprisingly she did! We exchange numbers, and she called me an hour later as I was coming home from work. I thought to myself again, is this forreal? She had such a sweet voice that I sooo deeply fell in love with. We ended up talking all night which w... Continue»
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Fucking the elderly

I am 18, I work part time as a lifeguard at my local pool, but I also work part time as a carer, looking after elderly people, going to their homes, cooking them dinner, cleaning the house and sometimes cleaning them. I have this one guy who is the funniest guy ever, his name is Jack, he is 72, quite slim, can't do much but has the best personality ever making him the best person to look after ever. Even though I have to do a lot for him, I like going over there, love spending time with him.

Recently he has become rather flirty, while having him sat on his chair while I shower him he would ... Continue»
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Jesus fucking Christ! I sucked my roommate's

Two days ago, I text my roommate and ask him if he wants to see a movie because I bought some popcorn and a Pepsi bottle. So he says "Yea! Of course. What movie?" and I text him back "Your call. Let's see something that we haven't seen in a while and we loved it". So we are watching The Matrix. Everything exciting, talks about how the movies was made, how hot Trinity was by that time, how I couldn't imagine Will Smith as Neo, etc. The movie ends, he goes to his laptop to check Facebook for the last time that day and I went to take a shower 'cause I got very cold. So, I finish the shower, I tak... Continue»
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My faithful mother

It all started that day. Not an unusual day for an 18 year old high school senior, I got out of school and was walking home through the park as I always do. It was early May so the weather was beautiful and I was enjoying the walk. Then I noticed them. A bunch of k**s trailing an old woman. Her appearance was slightly odd, she was wearing a dingy, long flowery dress and a bright pink head scarf. It didn't take much time for me to notice the k**s were actually harassing the old woman. Apparently the k**s found her looks odd too, and k**s being k**s, decided to mock the woman. She turned around ... Continue»
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Hi friends. I am Rajesh. I’m 25 years old and I’m here to share with you my real life sex experience with my sweet looking and spicy vegetable seller turned servant maid. Her name is Kavita and is 25 years old. She is a bit dark colour but looks very sweet. She works in a vegetable shop in my neighbourhood owned by her father. Her father takes care of the billing and Kavita helps the customers in taking vegetables of required quantity. The very first time I went to her shop, my dick got a bit stiff seeing her. She has a bit fat in her belly, broad arms and huge boobs. I could not take my eyes ... Continue»
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Why a skirt is a girl’s best friend

It was always fun for her to go shopping after a long day at work. She found it the****utic, in a strange sort of way. Just to be able to do what she wanted, when she wanted, and buy what she wanted. All this without a client or boss breathing down her neck, too, which was a relief. But, alas, the sad truth was, NO ONE had been breathing down her neck, or on any other part of her body in a long time. And that was something no amount of shopping was going to fix.

As she strolled from store to store, her arm-full of bags getting larger each time, she couldn’t help but notice the ‘ache’. That ... Continue»
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Teaser: The Sordid Story Of Shiloh Cash (First Two


Its not that I had fallen out of love with Dusty, for that to be the case I probably would have to had loved him in the first place. If I’m gonna be completely honest, I only ever really loved Dusty’s black and gold Firebird. That’s why I married him right out of high school I guess, that and the fact that he made my daddy happy. See, Daddy always wanted me to marry a man like him, I guess that’s what all fathers really want deep down inside. Daddy thought that a man like Dusty could keep me secure, and that being secure was the same thing as being happy, but it wasn’t. I didn’t want f... Continue»
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Nursing my big s****r

My big s****r has always been super competitive. Sports, studies, eating worms from the garden; it didn't matter as long as she was the best! So when I got the phone call that early Saturday afternoon I was not really surprised. She had been at a picnic with several friends from work and they got into a tug-of-war fight. Her side was loosing and she really stepped up her efforts, nearly grabbing victory from the jaws of defeat. But when the other side pulled HARD and her teammates lost their grip, just my s*s tried to hold a grip onto the rope as it sped through her hands. She had a firm grip,... Continue»
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How many times when you were younger did you say to your mates "my mom and dad have sex... no way there to OLD." I did many a time that was until I was 19.

There was as normal sweet FA on the TV, nothing new there, so there was me, early evening, still light and just lying there on my bed board out of my head just staring at the ceiling. Most other nights I'd be out with the lads trying to chat-up one piece of skirt or another. Not tonight the rain had been hammering it down all day and one by one my friends had phoned to say there was no way they were going out in this weather. So there wa... Continue»
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ohhhhhhhhh mom

Coming, mother!

Shellie lay on the small deck of the houseboat, the hot sun burning
into her already golden flesh.

She rested on the foam mattress, on her stomach, her bikini top
untied and her tits smashed beneath her. The bottoms of her bikini
were so skimpy that the luscious sweetness of her swelling ass was
half exposed. The sun heated her body, and she writhed sensually,
opening her legs to allow the rays to touch her inner thighs.

Shellie was slender, like a fashion model. But still, even though
she was slim, she had curves and hollows that excited the beholder.
She had... Continue»
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Blackmailed by sisster part 3.

Story so far, i was caught masterbating wearing my m*ms knickers, my sissster took some polaroids and is now blackmailing me. She has 3 pictures of me and i will get one back for ever 2 weeks i do as she days.
Thursday morning i am last down to breakfast, Clare is dressed for school but m*m and d*d still have their dressing owns on. I sit by Clare , the material of the gown combines with the last two days to cause my cock to swell.
I sit down blushing, trying to hid an obvious swelling. Has anyone seen?
M*m looks up from her coffee, " you stopped wearing pyjamas?"
"Yeah " i mumble, gazing ... Continue»
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pregnant a life changing night pt 2

I went into the bathroom and got one of Mum’s face-flannel and some warm water then washed her all over. I opened her sex and tried to scoop out as much of my sperm as I could. Somehow I got her to her feet and walked her to her room. She kind of woke up and muttered something indistinguishable when I lay her on the bed and pulled the covers over her naked body. On my way back to my room I noticed her panties in the corridor and a bit further her bra. I followed the trail downstairs and collected her clothes, which she must have dropped on the carpet as she weaved her way up the stairs, and fo... Continue»
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pregnant a life changing night pt 3

My Mom was in the living room looking angry when I got home. She told me to sit down and then held her hand out, showing me something. At first I was puzzled then I realised what I was looking at.

It was a pregnancy test!

She snarled that she was pregnant and what did I know about it. Of course I denied knowing anything about it. She referred back to that fateful night and said that something must have happened as she’d found herself naked in bed with her clothes neatly folded on a chair when she’d woken up and she had a vague recollection of being helped. I tried to convince her that I ... Continue»
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pregnant a life changing night pt 1

It was July 17th, no, now that I think about it really was July 18th because it happened after midnight.

So on July 18th my life changed forever and, as far as I am concerned, for the better!

My name is Ainsley and I am now 19 years old. I had just turned eighteen when it happened. I’m an inch under six feet and play a lot of sports. I am a good student but not a jock and I enjoy working out so I have a good physique. I am considered good-looking by girls. I seemed to have inherited, from my maternal grandfather, a more than fair share of Irish blarney and am able to talk most people int... Continue»
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People think I'm complicated

I'm not complicated as much as I am free of discrimination and others opinion over the true identity of who I am. See regardless whether one agrees or not I am not male, nor am I female either. I exist in a truth that is outside sociological normality. Our society got stained with the residue from over thousands of years of misleading. ONE small faction of mankind tried and semi temporarily successfully created a definition that has tried to eliminate the true existence of ALL people. (temp because: it is statistically logical that over that time technology an... Continue»
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Close Knit by Jett Black

Close Knit
by Jett_Black©
"Oh God, he is so funny!"

I watched my mother sit primly—a thick, creamy thigh crossed over the other—in a huge leather recliner that my pop had left behind. She was watching her favorite television show, some corny sitcom on the Lifetime channel, giggling her little heart out at the effeminate male character on the plasma screen. When she laughed, her large, natural breasts jounced slightly behind her blue tank top, her cleavage ample and . . . inviting.

I sucked in a muted breath, my already stiff cock twitching eagerly behind my jeans. Thankfully, the way... Continue»
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My First Date with Max

My name is Shauna, I am a blonde and I don’t believe in that “dumb Blonde” bull that men talk about. I have been in business for thirteen years and I’ve had a lot of experience with men. They all seem to look at me, see my size 34G breasts & my tight ass and quickly assume that I’m going to be a quick lay and that’ll be in control. Well I can be a pretty damn quick fuck if you turn me on. But you bring in control depends on how much control I want to give up. Many a man has found himself on the business end of my favorite toy – A 12” long 3 ½” thick dildo. Quite a few men didn’t think I’d shov... Continue»
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Bowling Buddies - New Boyfriend

From reading my previous posts you know that I recently broke up with my long-term boyfriend Don who had initiated me into a homosexual lifestyle, this included my becoming his sissy. Nevertheless, he dumped me to go back to his wife and suggested I might like to date our mutual friend Jack. There was an opening on Jack’s team so I became a substitute bowler on Jack’s team. After a few weeks of bowling together we went out for drinks. I bowled with Jack for about three weeks when he popped the question. Jack asked "I've seen you at the Satellite Bar (a private gay club in town) and saw yo... Continue»
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It was early evening, driving down a back road, off in the distance I see something. I pull off to the side of the road, hop out of the truck and take a look walking up the slight hill. Well what do we have here I say? There was a beautiful woman tied to a tree with a sign 10 feet in front of her use at will. I grin looking around to see if anyone was around.

I walk up to her, caressing my hands over her body grabbing her nice round ass and full perky tits. After hearing her mumble and slobber all over the place I firmly grab her chin and say calm down this won’t hurt one bit. I slowly
... Continue»
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