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Champagne and Strawberries

It had been a long, hard day at work. With hubby gone to Paris on business, I had put in some extra time at work. Now I regretted it, coming home tired and hungry to an empty house was not the most appealing of propositions. Oh well, I thought not much to do about, I will just make dinner, finger myself thinking about hubby and get some needed rest. It made me a bit jealous to think of hubby in Paris, who was probably right at this moment wining and dining some gorgeous female that he would spend the night with. He had asked me to come with, but I had decided to stay home and work a litt... Continue»
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Dancing fuck

I had recently moved jobs and was just getting to know my new workmates. One of them suggested that we might like to go to a club he knew. He said it was a quite club with a small dance floor. Mu wife Ann and I decided to meet him there and he said he would introduce us to a few friends. My wife decided to wear something conservative as she didn’t know anyone who would be there and she is a little shy. She dressed in a long flowing skirt zipped up the back, a blouse and normal bra and panties and low heels for dancing.

When we arrived John was already at the bar with a couple of mates so w... Continue»
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3Some Surprise

I was out one night cruising the Montrose District, 26 and a breeze could make me hard. It was late, most the pubs and clubs were closing. Walking down the main drag I spotted two obviously intoxicated but very sexy Latinas in skirts. I whistled and they responded immediately, flagging me down and jumping in my car practically before it came to a stop. "Hey baby, can you give us a ride home, please?" said the first and the other was rubbing on her, giggling.

About twenty minutes later we were pulling up to their garage apartment and stumbling up the stairs. Door closed and it must have been... Continue»
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never thought of that.......

One more August , hot and heavy as every August.I had my days off so I decided to have a small trip to my place of origin to get some rest , pretty natural I think.I could not do much anyway , no girl , not much money , not a lot of time off......
Grabbed a small bag , put some clothes in and rushed for the bus station in order to leave the same day.Reaching to the station I found out that the bus just left and had to wait for three hours in order to catch the next..... shit!!!
Having nothing else to do , I bought a paper and a coffe and waited.Time passed and bought a second coffe.... si... Continue»
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confessions in a cedar closet

not long after the events i described in my "early spanking" story took place, Randy and i began to spend a lot of private time together because we were afraid of being seen together by Randy's father. Randy, of course, apologized for the events of that day, and told me that he hated his father for what he had done. i told him that it was not that bad, and that he shouldn't hate his father who was only trying to do what he thought was best for Randy. Randy asked me to describe in great detail what had happened after his father had ordered him to go inside, and i told him i didn't want to ta... Continue»
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Fallen Snow Angels

It snowed last night. Just a couple inches but it was really beautiful. I’ve always loved snow. I’ve always had a fantasy of sex in the snow. I was outside this morning taking in the sight. It wasn’t too cold, about 33* The snow was still falling pretty hard, very thick flakes. Then my imagination kicked in. You were standing there with me. You were wearing sweat pants and a cute winter jacket. I couldn’t believe I was seeing you there. You smiled, walked toward me and then, with out warning, threw a snow ball that struck me right in the face. You laughed and ran to the yard. I cha... Continue»
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You Want It NOW!?

I love sports, especially watching my team play College Basketball. I NEVER miss a game. They are highly ranked and playing really well right now. I was watching a game when you came in. Wearing nothing but sexy panties and that sexy, evil smile, lol. I looked at you and smiled. I knew what you were up to. I went back to watching my game. OK, don’t be too hard on me while you’re reading this. They’re ranked #4 and were playing a team they should beat easily but weren‘t doing well in the game. Five minutes into the game it was very close. I was wearing sl**p shorts and a t-shirt. Yo... Continue»
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The Perfect Gift Under The Tree!

When I was a k** I used to love to lay on my back under the Christmas tree and look up in to it. Such a different view and very pretty. I was lying down looking up into my tree the other night and my imagination went crazy again. I closed my eyes and imagined you there with me. We were laying side by side. I looked over at you. Damn you look so beautiful. You had such a sweet smile as you enjoyed this simple moment. I raised up from under the tree and looked down at you again. OK, it sounds cheesy but all I could think is this is the most amazing gift I’ve ever had under my tree, lol.... Continue»
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Does Tequila Make Your Clothes Fall Off?

I love tequila. I have spent years looking for the perfect thing to go with it. I finally figured out the best mixer with tequila is just salt and lime, lol. I have an idea. Lets play a game; Strip Tequila Shots. OK, you wanna play? Cool!!! To me surprise you decided to go first. Salt to the back of the hand, and then downed your first 1.5 oz shot. Had had the cutest slight grimace on your face as you stuck a slice of lime between your lips and sucked on it. Very HOT!! You smiled your evil smile and reached down to take off one sock. I told you that was cheating but you smiled and ... Continue»
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First Time pt 2 Written by trans_love (Fantasy)

The rest of the winter was uneventful. That warm springlike day didn't last and all too quickly the reality of winter was back with a vengence. I tried to have another encounter with my new friend, hoping things would go futher but I never ran into him again.

Once winter was over and spring had settled, I had that stirring in my panties yet again and longed for someone to find me and make me his. As the days warmed I found myself getting more and more daring in my quest to be made someone's woman. One day I finished my paper route early and just wandered thru town on my bike. I went over ... Continue»
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Sexual Fantasies with Daddy and friends

I am a lot older now, but those fantasies I had way back then were, the foundation of my sexual addiction, that I now battle with.

Many famous men and some equally famous women, have been treated for their addiction to having constant sex, with multiple partners, can you imagine opening a public toilet cubical and seeing a beautiful woman standing there, begging for a quickie, could you say no to her?

From my experience of doing this sort of thing, well, put it this way, I never heard any man say no to me.

I am twenty six now and have gotten myself into some very risque situations, su... Continue»
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blackmailed mom

Life as we know it can be altered...from one moment to the next, you can never predict the future. Looking back to that dreadful day...

I'm a happily married woman, 43 years of husband Richard is a good man. He's in the insurance industry and without question, he's always devoted his time and energy towards his career. With that being said, I know that he loves me...and he loves our k**s. As for myself, I've been working as a loan officer in the same bank for the past 15 years. My oldest daughter Melissa, was in her 2nd year at college and my son David, had just turned eighteen and... Continue»
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A Christmas Wish

“Janine, they’ve canceled all the flights out. I’m just going to head back home and I’ll come up to visit after the New Year. Give my love to everyone. You can call me later if you like,” Tim Brewer spoke into his cell phone leaving his s****r a voicemail. It was Christmas Eve and there was no chance he would be joining her f****y for the holiday. He was just happy that he had shipped their presents two weeks ago so at least they would have them. He made his way back to the parking garage and started up his dark gray 2005 Chevy Tahoe.

He drove carefully towards his condominium that was abou... Continue»
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Christmas Cookies (part 1)

Wrote this up at work today and decided to post it before I spent the next year proofreading it and then deciding it wasn't good enough to post. So please excuse any grammatical errors. Also I am almost done reading part 2 and things will get more taboo in that part.

"Carla, these cookies are just to die for. How in the world do you do it?" My mom said to my wife from across the room.

"Every year these cookies just seem to get better and better! You must give me the recipe." Mom insisted.

"Sorry Sarah, but a true artist can not reveal her secrets." My wife Carla replied ... Continue»
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Pizza Delivery Guy Pounds Femboi Customer

Martavious James checked his phone after hearing it notify him that he had a new text message. He replied and tossed it back aside. The eighteen year old full-time community college student and part-time pizza delivery driver turned his tricked out shiny metallic blue 2000 Honda Civic SI into the parking of the complex where he had his final customer of the evening. He hopped out of his vehicle and grabbed the carrying case containing the pie. He knocked on the door and waited. He grew impatient as he was ready to go home and chill. He knocked again and decided to call the number on the ticket... Continue»
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Milk Maid

New story, of some length. All the usual stuff applies (it's mine, don't steal it, blah blah). Femdom, BDSM, a****l play, group stuff with some polykink.

Mistress implied in our conversation over dinner that evening that she did, in fact, have something special for me. A reward for my dutiful service, She said. Of course, I would have to patient. The special occasion was, She intimated, nine days hence. Now I knew that we had plans to attend a play party at the club that night, but on this subject She refused further speculation.
She also, as I gathered the dishes and clea... Continue»
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Fucking a Sexy Mature Co-Worker

This story is completely true. Names have been changed.

From the first I started my new job as a manager at the bank I'd wanted to fuck my teller. Her name was Stacey and she was an older white woman, just the type I'd love to fuck. She was in her late thirties about 5'5 thick with long brown hair, a big ass, and big ass tits that she always managed to show off. I'd get a hard cock just watching her walk by in her dresses that highlighted her fat ass. I often had to go stroke it in the bathroom after watching her.

Of course even though I am married I would flirt with her and she'd flirt ... Continue»
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freinds little s****r 2

Read part 1

A few days after our first experience together I got a text from Kelly.

Kelly’s text: Home alone tonight want to come over?

My text: Sure what time?

Kelly’s text: idk probably around 7ish, ill text you when they leave.

I just replied with ok and went back to whatever I was doing. Later that night it was about 7:15 when I got Kelly's text.

Kelly’s text: Got the house to ourselves doors unlocked I’m going to take a quick shower

I quickly got dressed and headed out the door to her house, I got there and tried to sneak in through a side door so none of the ne... Continue»
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My Wife making My fantasy CUM true

My wife Barbara and I have been swinging for about 2
years. In the beginning we would be laying in bed naked
and I would play with her cunt and suck her nipples and
whisper in her ear. I'd ask her to think about guys
with big dicks and how they would feel stretching her

The thought of seeing a big cock slide into her belly
and fill it with cum always turned me on. I told her I
wanted her to fuck another guy while I watched. I told
her how I wanted to see the big head of a cock slide
past her pussy lips and fill her belly to capacity,
then squirt his cum deep in her... Continue»
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Lost my V-Card on a marching band bus (Ending)

The bus ride to the band competition that Saturday turned out to be more eventful than the usual bus ride most band members would experience, given I got a blowjob and Roselia, my girl friend at the time, got fingered for a good half hour while trying to not draw attention from the other students on the bus but, the best part would come Sunday night on the way back home. The competition lasted two days, the first being semi-finals and the second day being finals. Our band took first place Saturday in the semi-finals which qualified us for the finals the next day.

On the way back to the hote... Continue»
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