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Angel's Week Of Religious Breeding, Mid-week.

Tuesday morning alarm went off, and I was dragging big time. And so was Russell! He woke me up twice during the night, ready, willing and very able to refill my cunt with his cum. After a shower together, in which I had to stop him from doing me again, as we were running late, we had breakfast with mom, then on to school. We met Beverly at the bus stop, and the first ting she said was "Well, how many times did you get it yesterday?"

I sighed, replying "I'm not sure.", as we climbed the bus. I started to think, as Russ bent me over the back of the seat, and then shoving his log into my willi... Continue»
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7 minute teenager

At first I thought I was normal. I mean... seven minutes
of sex is nothing to sneeze at. It wasn't like I shot
off the instant I got hard. I got the idea to time
myself from listening to my friends talk about how long
they banged this chic or that broad. Seven minutes and I
was proud of every second. At first.

For those of you in the medical profession, I know
you're wondering if that was only on the first blast of
cum. No such luck; no matter how many times I jacked
off, got blown, or fucked someone in whichever hole they
liked, I lasted exactly seven minutes. No more; no... Continue»
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Angel's Week Of Religious Breeding, Gangbang

I awoke Thursday morning in agony. Yes, I did over did it yesterday, as Russell, sweet, adorable Russell, helped me into the bathroom, where he tenderly washed my over sexed body. I winced in pain when he washed my groin, and when I saw myself in the mirror, I about died. My skin was covered with welts where those horny African men kneaded my flesh a bit roughly. Especially my tender boobies. And they felt even more tender today.

My lover carried me in his arms to the kitchen, where he sat me in a chair, as Momma smiled, saying that I was a bit worn out from the day, and especially, the eve... Continue»
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My First Real Halloween College Party Pt. 1

As we all know College has some amazing hot girls in it, and being a college k** I cant help but love the fact at all the hotties I get to see everyday. As a college k** I also have found parties to be just a bit fantastic, now here is a story of how my first real halloween party/parties went for me - And although it didnt nd in the best of ways I was still content with it all - enjoy.

Halloween, the one time when girls fully embrace their sluttyness. The time when we get to see slutty nurses, maids, firewomen, etc. And there are also some calssic funny costumes and some other Continue»
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Angel's Week Of Religious Breeding, Sunday Ce

I woke up and saw the morning light coming through the window. With a groan, I rolled onto my side, burying my head under the covers. But it was all for naught, as I heard momma cry out from the hall way, saying "Come on Angel. You'll be late for church."

I sighed. With a deep sense of regret, I pushed the covers down below my waist, exposing my torso to the much cooler air temperature. My nipples suddenly exploded, just like they always do when I get chilled....or very aroused. Maybe this fine sunny morning it was both. I really don't know why, as part of me was really dreading this upcom... Continue»
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Angel's Week Of Religious Breeding, Monday. I

I woke with a start, not use to the wonderful feeling of sharing a bed with another person. As with all homes, ours has nine bedrooms, enough for the parents, six c***dren, and whoever may be visiting. But this is no visitor, as I smiled, and rolled up along side his large frame. My hand reached down, and I found his semi-hard cock, sticky from our numerous sexual encounters during the night. How many times did he rise to the occasion? God, I hadn't a clue, just glad that he's mine.

That's the good news, as I more or less broke all sorts of tradition by announcing that I wanted Russell to b... Continue»
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Curious in pantyhose part 2

A week after Tim had turned up at my door and we had enjoyed ourselves in pantyhose we have arranged to meet at a local pub. My wife is away and I put on a pair of my favourite tan sheer to the waist pantyhose and put on my trousers and Tshirt. I don't bother with socks and slip my shoes on figuring that nobody will notice that I am wearing pantyhose in the dim light. I go to the pub and buy a drink and sit and wait for Tim to arrive. I don't have long to wait before Tim is there. We have a couple more drinks and a chat before walking back to my house.
We head straight for the bedroom and... Continue»
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Master K Punishes A Bad Girl pt 5

That first night had been a little tense but had worked out well for him. After seeing to all her personal needs he had stripped and climbed into bed with her. She had started to sputter but almost immediately gained control of herself and then had lain as stiff and straight as a board. She was still blindfolded and would remain so for now. He needed her to begin to count on him for everything. The trust would come soon after. She had to have faith that no matter what he would be there for her.

Kink smiled as soon as she dozed off to sl**p. She had taken one last sigh of a breath before s... Continue»
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Shaving Karen's Privates

I switched on the computer and logged in to my e-mail account and then on to xHamster. I had 4 messages and 2 friend requests. 2 of the messages were ongoing chats, and I found myself chuckling delightedly at one of them. There were some very imaginative people on hamster. The other two were people that I occasionally chat to. I turned to the friend requests. The first one was from someone in the States. I checked their profile and Then accepted. I will normally accept, you have no idea of what will occur. It is so easy to get preconceived ideas of what people are like. The second request was ... Continue»
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A Very Unusual Restaurant pt2

My name is Jon and when I was a college freshman I found was told of a job opportunity as a waiter by my friend Pete. At the restaurant I was interviewed by the head chef, who happened to be a hot cougar, and I fucked her brains out. Naturally I was given the job as a waiter at Bon Appetite, the fancy French restaurant where I was to work.
That Tuesday I arrived for my first day of work. I entered through the back employee entrance and was greeted by my friend Pete. Pete told me that Madame Humbert had put him in charge of my orientation and training. He guided me back to an employee chang... Continue»
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Passion for soiled undies...part 6

I oughta point out that in this sequence I accidentally named part 5 as part 4 so it looks like part 4 appears twice...oops,sorry.Anywho,onwards & upwards. ;-)

AS me & Stevie rounded the corner to our avenue we spotted his mam standing outside my house with me mum who had her arms round his mam.
" 'ey up...looks like us mams have turned lezza"
Jesus,he could be a total spazz at times,most times if I'm honest.Getting nearer we could see that his mam was crying,which made Stevie look suitably concerned.He called out to his mam & then sped off towards her.I was mildly curious about what w... Continue»
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Niece's First Love

Niece's First Love

Posted by Paul606
Niece's First Love

Nieces First Love
One summer, my niece Elyse was over to visit me . Elyse was staying with me for about 2 weeks during her summer vacation. During her stay, I had the voyeur fantasy of a lifetime come true when I was able to watch my niece strip and masturbate while by chance I was outside her bedroom window (Please read A Nieces Bedtime Show).
Then a few days later my niece Elyse was sitting on my lap watching TV, one thing lead to another and we ora... Continue»
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My Best Friend Joe

My best friend growing up was Joe, he lived two doors down from me, he was one month and 2 days older than me. When we were 5 years old Joe pulled my shorts and underwear down when we were playing in our cubby den, he touched my tiny cock which swelled, he held it for a minute then he pushed his own shorts and underwear down, his cock was stiff but not as long as mine, he asked me to touch it which I did. After a minute we both pulled our clothes back up and continued playing cowboys.

We never spoke of it again for the next 10 years, I knew I was different from Joe, I never fancied any of t... Continue»
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My Female Wank Buddy

After I left university I went to work for a large multi-national firm as a management trainee. This meant I had to be mobile and spend time at different locations getting to know about the various activities they were engaged in.

I was to be sent to their Birmingham office for three months and was supplied with a list of agencies who could help me find somewhere to stay. After looking at a few dreadful places I found lodgings with Hazel, a lady just a little older than me. She had been in a relationship with a man but they had split up and with a couple of years still to run on the leas... Continue»
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Meeting Through Xhamster - A Gushingly True Story

I have been on and off Xhamster for the past few years, under two different profiles. I had never met anyone in that time as I was convinced I was unattractive to any woman who might be on here. I swapped messages with ladies, shared videos, pictures and stories that might turn each other on, but that was as far as it went. But you never know what might happen...
I began chatting to a lovely lady that I'll call Suzanne (not her real name). She was based in the Cotswolds, was married but was open to meeting men and women for sex. Our conversations became more intense, our swapped videos of... Continue»
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College Love, The Club X Prelude

“Avril was a filthy fucker,” he laughed, sucking determinedly on the joint we had been sharing.
“Hell yeah,” he replied, the heavy smoke billowing through his nostrils as he handed me the reefer. “She couldn’t get enough.”
“Really?” I asked, taking the sweet smoke deep into my lungs and holding it.
“Oh, yeah,” he crowed. “Used to love giving head, too. Just loved to suck cock.”
“No way,” I spluttered, coughing smoke into the room.
“I’m telling you,” he said, reaching out and taking the joint once more, “she was nasty; a real nymphomaniac. Loved it.” He took a long slo... Continue»
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Notes on a Sandal

Notes On A Sandal

Jay, of this site, was the lucky man who got to tell me what to do on
Saturday. He suggested I go out, shopping/whatever with no knickers
on. It's not unheard of, but I usually do wear a nice snug 9 string,
not least because, well I don't want to do a Pairs Hilton getting out
of my sports car, and partly because, well this is quite embarrassing,
I get rather wet down there, quite often and I would hate to dribble!

I figured the best way to get into danger, as it were, would be to go
and try shoes on. I had to find, of course, a straight male shop
assista... Continue»
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Foursome us nad maid n her son

Four some with maid n her son

I did not tell my wife Pari about maid and her son. I had plan how to tell her. I know she would love it.
Pari enjoy sex with new people. We learn new ways to fuck n get fucked.

Couple of days after Maid n her son fucked me in ass and I fucked Nalny and Raja. We made plan to surprise Pari. Pari came home about 2pm in after noon. After chat chat about her parent we went in kitchen. I asked Pari if she can make tea. As she picked up pot to fill with water I grabed her from back
and started to massage her boobs from back. Pari started to push her back on my g... Continue»
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A memory from university

I recently ran into some old friends and we got to talking about college, we were doing the standard thing where is this one and that one when someone mentioned Debbie. I had not thought about her in a long time but the memories are shot but sweet.

As I have stated in the past college in the 80's was heaven. Debbie was in my finite mathematics class. Yeah she had big hair and was tall about 5'8" so she always wore flats. She wore the stretch leggings a lot with hose under and that was what always caught my eye. She would sit in the row to my left so I always got a good look at her hose cove... Continue»
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happened to my friend

Chapter 1

Hey Amber, I thought you would like this site I really enjoy it. Just set up an account and pm me when you get set up. My screen name is yngandfresh. Cant wait to here from you. I sat in front of my computer ready to click send on an email I really shouldn’t send. It was too late I sent it, she never know it is from me since it is from a new email address that I just set up in a fake name. I had all things covered, just hope she takes the bait.

About a month ago I went into my daughter’s room and found her computer still on so I shook the mouse and brought it back up, i... Continue»
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