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sex with collegue

After completing my graduation in Hyderabad, I decided to take a year off before pursuing my masters. In the meanwhile I decided to work in the BPO industry as a call center executive. It had a dual benefit for me - I could get some work exposure as well as earn some quick bucks to pay for my future education. After trying at a few places, I finally landed up a job at an MNC call center albeit on one condition - I had to move to Bangalore. I didn't want to miss this opportunity so I graciously accepted the offer. After the interview was over, I was waiting outside in the lobby area for the of... Continue»
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How I Come To Cum

I was too young to understand what sexual pleasure was when I first saw naked women, yet what I witnessed would end up paving the way for my sexual fantasies and masturbation habits well into my adult life, to this present day.

It's a memory that is almost still as clear as ever, even though it's about 25 years since it last happened. I was about 5 years old and learning to swim. Being too young to dry myself off and get dressed on my own, my mother would take me into the female change rooms with her so she could help me get changed, and I remember being very interested in watching the othe... Continue»
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Unfaithful Wife with the Boss

As hard as I’d tried, I was fighting a losing battle, trying to stay faithful to my husband.
I’m what you would call a Jessica Rabbit. That is that I have very large firm breasts (36 DD) a very small waist (23) and a very curvy butt (36).
All of this is very firm and is exercised regularly to keep it trim.
Before I met my husband I used to podium dance in Nightclubs and on the odd occasion would earn extra money doing the odd striptease normally for private functions, Rugby clubs or Bachelor parties.
Once I met my husband I left that hedonistic lifestyle behind and settled into what I t... Continue»
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Alice The Dirty Whore part 3

Alice The Dirty Whore

By Mad Jack69

Chapter Three “Alice The Slag Goes Back To Work”

It was almost two months on from the night Jack brought Alice home and they got the all clear from the Doc. They were both very excited about Alice going back to work.
The past seven weeks had been fun at times, getting to know each other as people and they had a lot of sex to try and sedate Alice’s almost uncontrollable needs.
The more they got to know each other the more they realised just how sexually compatible they were.

Jack still loved to fuck Alice hard up her arse but he had a submissi... Continue»
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Theatrical…… 14

I woke and it was daylight, but I had been wakened by a tickling sensation on my legs, the gravity of what had almost happened the night before struck me but there it was again, the tickling, I kept very still and my eyes closed,
I moved slightly as I would if I was being irritated by something, then I felt my nightdress moving slowly upwards, at first I thought it was my husband getting amorous and I slightly opened my eyes, Andrew was leaning over me looking at my legs, I closed my eyes again, he seemed to be on some kind of exploratory mission, I thought that if I woke... Continue»
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Sexy Secretary Slave Search -1

PRELUDE - slender sexy blonde beauty lovely Lea, an awesome and amazing application

My naughty need for a sweet sexy and equally obedient secreary topping my page got eager applicants
My secretary needs to be well read and eager to learn languages, in order to sort out all my poetry
My vacancies are a few. But first I need a wise woman slave to train younger secretaries on the job

Slender sexy sweet lovely looking Lea has been a very foxy friends for years. No surprise she'd like
She sent a short note after we had been chatting a bit about that job offer at me, wages 'in natura... Continue»
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My Favorite Joyride

Though I am now engaged to my girlfriend of two years, I’ve always had bisexual feelings; ever since high school where I remember getting erections during wrestling matches, and fantasizing about males when I masturbated.
Growing up in rural Virginia, I did not want to fall victim to the homophobic attitudes of the majority of my peers, so I kept my bisexuality secret – even my girlfriends never found my stashes of gay porn and homemade anal toys hidden in my bedroom.
I had a crush on a particular friend of mine named Josh, who was my teammate on the wrestling team. For his senior year... Continue»
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My First Mature Pussy

So this story it's true and i will never forget, because this was my first time that fucked a mature lady. this happen a few months ago .
So this is how it started, its was a saturday ,i wasn't doing that much. I get a call from my best friend Tony,
Tony:'Hey dude what are you doing?' .
Me:'nothing just here home not doing much'
Tony: Are you down to come to my f****y party cuz this shit is boring and i want you to hit up everybody so we can turn this place up sight down and get it cracking !
Me:' Yeah sure !
So I started to call all of my friends and ask if they want to go Tony f***... Continue»
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Hairy masturbation

I was too young to understand what sexual pleasure was when I first saw girls and adult women naked, yet what I witnessed would end up paving the way for my sexual fantasies and masturbation habits well into my adult life, to this present day.

It's a memory that is almost still as clear as ever, even though it's about 25 years since it last happened. I was aged between 3 and 5 years old and learning to swim. Being too young to dry myself off and get dressed on my own, my mother would take me into the female change rooms with her so she could help me get changed, and I remember being very in... Continue»
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camping trip

So, a friend of mine told me about all the girls running around the campsite when he goes camping, so I thought I would check it out myself, so with a borrowed tent and some gear I ventured out. After I set up camp, I decided to check out the area and do a little hiking, while on the trail met up with another hiker and talked as we hiked through the woods, various subjects were discussed from cars to where the girls are, on our way back to the tent area, Don invited me over to his fire pit for burgers,I accepted his invite to head over because I didn't feel like sitting in my tent alone.
So... Continue»
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for my man and for everyone else to ponder....

"ooooh fuck me, fuck me, spank me",i would say as you look me up and down and you realise im wearing a skirt with no panties.

"is this your first time here i whisper in your ear, you have no idea what i look like behind my black valvate mask, we dance to the pounding beat of the music playing around us and i can feel your hardening cock as you rub up against my arse. you spin me around letting my skirt fly to flash a bit of pink pussy and bring me back close to your body, you spank my arse and then grab it roughly.

"i love a full figured women" you say to me as your hands run up and down... Continue»
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Suzy's Squirt Hole Exploration

This is from an email I got from Mistress Suzy about her and her new fuck toy. This is the entire email - 100% from her.

You can see why we get along! LOL

Ok so here's my story I've been waiting to tell you about this video camera scope thing-a-ma-bobber. It has a handheld monitor that is attached to a cable with a camera on the end of it. Well we started off by practicing with it by checking out inside our nose and ears. Just putting the camera end under our nostrils. Looked kinda cool. Then I checked out my ear. I wrapped a plastic sandwich bag over the end to see how that would wor... Continue»
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Ethan & Brenda

Pam and Ethan's sexploits continue... Ch 22

Ethan watched the customers walk away from the counter with their trays of food, and his mouth was watering. One more time, he scanned the menu board, trying to decide how to get the most out of the last four dollars and s*******n cents he had this month. This would be his last decent meal for the month before his Mom sent him another check for food and expenses.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed someone lining up behind him and turned to say hi. The person behind him was a young black woman.

"Hi," Ethan smiled.

"Hi," she... Continue»
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Hugs to Old Friends Part 1

*If you read my last story about the phone and muting it then this is the same girl. Oh and by the way she is 24*

While I was in high school I lived on a block or in the neighborhood with a lot of guys that I had went to school with dating as far back as grammar school, so we were mad cool with one another. When we saw one another at school we would give the head nod 'sup.' greeting and part ways. When ever we saw each other on the block outside of school we would discuss homework and stuff going on at school and what not.
When their girlfriends would see me speaking to 'their man' imm... Continue»
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The Story of Becoming a Pet

Thursday, April 4th....turns out I get turned on by more than I thought. Just a regular day at my friends house. We'll just call her Llama. And our friend, who we'll call Ms Lamb, was there. These two girls, they enjoy teasing me. Mainly sexually. I was actually legitamately tired that day. Hell, most of the time I was there, I was just laying on the bed trying to rest my eyes. Eventually I just rolled over on the floor. A little after that, Llama started rubbing my dick through my pants with her foot. Other things that happened was Ms Lamb questionming if Id fuck her. Of course I said "no" an... Continue»
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my stepdaughter and her friend

I was sitting on the couch one night tv , because my wife had to go out of town on business. My stepdaughter call from college and said her and her friend were coming home for the weekend. I said great !!!!!!!!!! its alway good to see her she is beautiful. 5'6' blonde blue eyes and a nice set of tits. mmmmmmmmmmmmm good !!To hours later they arrived, her friend , joey was 5'1' 100 lbs 34c tits but very friendly and cute as a bug!!!!!!!!!!!! They got 2 beers and headed to her room to but there swim suits on for a nice dip in our heated pool. I watched them from the bathroom windows. I started t... Continue»
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Our first slight public experience

As for this story we are new to this so it is tame as its at the beginning and true i'm (james) writing this alone from memory and hoping when mags sees this she might respond with an experience of her own!!

If i was to describe mags sexually she is filthy when things get going once the 1st to 2nd gear is hit she is as filthy as they come.
She has a blowjob that she has perfected over years of deepthroating very slopply in the front of my car as we were younger. she is willing to experiment in most things and in our 12 yr relationship from when we were teens she has done most naughty thi... Continue»
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Ethan's Plane Ride

Pam and Ethan's sexploits continue... Ch 21

Ethan was glad to finally be getting on the plane. They had been waiting for more than forty minutes, and in all that time, he had been growing more and more nervous. The nervousness had made his penis grow hard, and sitting with his Mom made it extremely uncomfortable. The jeans he was wearing didn't help. He knew that their attention would be drawn directly to his erection, so he kept his jacket in his lap and tried not to squirm too much.

Maybe now that he was getting on the plane he would be able to sl**p and his discomfort would g... Continue»
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New neighbour 2

I ran down the stairs, still wet from the shower, hurriedly wrapping a towel around my waist. Fumbling for my keys, I unlocked the door, not paying attention to who it was stood on the other side of the glass. Finally I pulled the door open and there, stood on my front door step, was my new neighbour, the woman from my fantasy just moments before.

'Oh, uh, hi' I mumbled, suddenly very aware that I was practically naked.
'Hi' she replied, cheerily, 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you' she said. I noticed her eyes running quickly over my body. Was it my imagination, or had they lingered... Continue»
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Special institution for naughty girls 18 to 22 Cha

Chapter 6/7 Continued from chapter 4/5

Its time now for your virginity to be taken away .Announced Arthur its necessary for the full administration of cunnilingus also future sexual corrections.

Please no don’t do that whispered Jacinda. You can be strapped to the stirrups take it hard.

Or stay where you are and your virginity will be taken with only a little pain. I will use the implement we use on the orphan school girls of age 18 and up.

Usually we leave them in full uniform .Just pull their knickers to one side insert the device its over in a few minuets... Continue»
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