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Sheri the Tourist Gets Used.

Sometimes you never know when things work out. There I was in a bar in Sydney on a Monday after a committee meeting debriefing about the day’sis events. We had had a few drinks, when I heard a woman with an American accent at the bar order a drink. She was sitting by herself. I guessed she was in her sixties, but certainly well dressed and well-presented overall. I could see that she had a delightfully ample chest. Her gaze seemed to be inviting, so I did the appropriate thing and said hello (g’day to be specific), asked her name and which state of the U.sis she was from.

She seemed a littl... Continue»
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Two man's bang my ass

The same person sex with me in my 1st story i call to his mobile.he said hello who is this,i said its me you get me your home for the sex,he told ya i remember how was that day babay,i said i enjoyd that day too much,and he told he have a friend he also like to sex with boys and,he told can we meet again with his friend,i said ok and where we getting meet?,and he told yes and come to my home,i said ok sure i will be tommarow at 10.00am and i said bye to him.At home im thinking about my tommarow.Its became tomarrow and i get ready for my 2nd time fuck with two men's,but im little shy and afrai... Continue»
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Valtz the (Trap) Maid? CH.1

*fair warning, this story contains some man-on-trap graphic content, so if this isn’t your thing, I’d turn away now  or you can read until you get to the dirty chapters XD

I don’t plan to write this out professionally, so grammar nazis, be quiet*

A little something I forgot to mention in my profile: I cosplay and go to anime conventions! Or at least, I used to. Due to some money shortages and other circumstances, I have stopped doing both since last year. I cosplayed as a handful of characters, all female. They call this “crossplaying,” haha, a combination of cross dress... Continue»
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sex trivia with friends

we were all stoned and d***k when my wife suggested we play a game she had for couples we agreed as my wife and me fantasised about liz my mates ex and of ang and jim and alice and jim with jen on her own and allan the same we all got paper as my wife picked a card saying that everyone has to write the name of a person they would fuck in the room excluding there partner laughing i said what if theres more than one one only she told me saying i would fuck lots then to show the person to the left i wrote liz and she was on my left she then said to say how you would fuck them liz looked at me smi... Continue»
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First time with cock

So the juicy part of this story begins in the fall of 2007, but I'll start at the very beginning.

In 2001, as a 7th grader I received a random friend request on MSN messenger, ah good ole msn. It was from a boy named Ryan, who was a grade younger than me. I had never spoken with him prior to this, but he said that I knew him from our band class. Being the friendly k** I was, I struck up a conversation. It came to my knowledge that he was family friends with my girlfriend at the time, so we got to talking about her. We would talk on and off for quite a while. He was quite the it 'guru' f... Continue»
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It was late and her shift had finished hours ago, but management had fucked up once again and Amy was left behind to sort it. By midnight she'd had enough and decided to come in early tomorrow, so she grabbed her bag, shut down the computer and left.

Outside light rain pattered on the concrete and thick clouds obscured the moon, casting long and dark shadows everywhere. Amy walked quickly through the empty streets, toying in her mind with the idea of bypassing the shortcut and using the main roads. As she approached the alleyway, she thought about the safety but extra 20 minutes the long w... Continue»
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Tina and I

Tina and I dried off and returned to the party. Mack had come in and told us not to dress, so we were both naked in a room full of older men. It was clear that these guys weren't finished with us yet. Mack came toward me squeezing lubricant onto his fingers and quickly reached down and started rubbing it onto my ass and then between my cheeks and finally a slippery finger went into my anus. He was all business. Not being sweet or gentle, just shoving tons of lube up into my bottom. I felt a second finger enter me and then a third. He told me to bend over and he started really pushing deep into... Continue»
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The Mysterious Lady

She was in her bedroom looking in the mirror getting herself ready for a night she has been looking forward to for a while. She was wearing a new sexy victoria secrets lace embroidered bra with a matching thong to accentuate her bum. Over this she was wearing a silk black dress dressing gown with her blond hair casual done up with a hair clip. While she was looking in the mirror putting the final touches to her makeup. She thought to herself that she wont be plain jane tonight and tonight she is the sexiest women alive.

The reason for this was that she had met this handsome guy on a i... Continue»
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Step dads follows daughter & boyfriend to an a

The sounds of a buzzing alarm fill the air in the Jones bedroom, a large masculine had slowly reaches out from under a blanket and slaps blindly at it. As the alarm continues to buzz another figure hidden under the blankets begins to stir as well.

Slowly Eva Jones rises up from the bed tossing her blanket off her as she stares at the alarm with such disdain. "Oh for fucks sake Frank, turn the damned thing off already!" She yells at her husband in annoyance of him still slapping at the nightstand.

Frank Jones finally accepts defeat as he tosses back the blankets and raises himself up lean... Continue»
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An Evening Well Spent

We had got the k**sis to sleep, and it was still early, so rather than rush to bed I decided to lie on the couch in the living room and relax, maybe let my mind wander a bit. It had been cold the last few days, and I was enjoying the warmth of the fireplace, enjoying the opportunity to be unclothed, I of course, was lounging around completely naked, only partially covered by a throw. I get tired of the uniform I spend most days in and it just good to remove the clothes and the stress that comes with them. My wife was still wandering around the house getting ready for the next day. I was just d... Continue»
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Baby Machine

Tess was twenty three and already had five babies. Her husband was forty five and loved when he knocked her up each time. He had met and married her when she was young and innocent and his desire for sex was so intense. The first week of the marriage he fucked her day and night. He had his cock or fingers in her cunt all the time. When he wasn't fucking her he was eating her young pussy. His cock was long and thick and stayed hard with no problem. He loved to see his c***d growing inside her and watch her already big tits grow huge as they filled with milk. He liked when he laid on his back an... Continue»
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A sisister lets her brother climb into her bed.

I know this story is long, but I did it that way for myself and my own enjoyment. I also tried to make the "build up" as long as I possible could. It might seem more than a little bit excessive, but I loved writing it like this.

Sexual content, no one under 18 allowed!

* * *

We were driving slowly because of the snowy roads. Mom and Dad were in the front seat, and I was sitting in the back seat with my brother Tim. I hadn't seen him since he left for college in September and it was so wonderful being close again.

I would giggle and he would call me sis*sis.

He always calls me s... Continue»
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Jackie Listens to Her brother

After getting wet in the rain, her brother shares a story

The chance to finally seeing my big brother Tommy again was making me nervous. Or maybe, I don't know, really excited.

What I missed most about Tommy was just talking with him, well, listening really. Anytime we talked -- his voice just seemed to calm me down and make me feel SO good.

During our last phone call I said, "I really miss you."

"Oh Jackie, Please, don't sound so sad, I miss you too."

Talking on the phone is wonderful, but it'sis not like seeing him, and being together.

I said, "Let'sis figure out some way... Continue»
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Kristy and Katherine

Kristy begs her sisister for help while the parents are away.
My older sisister Kristi is home from college.

Last fall when she left for school, I immediately took over her old room, and Dad tuned my bedroom into his office. I was so happy to move into her bigger room (and bigger bed), but now that Kristi is home, her and I are sharing that bedroom. It'sis been great, sort of like we are little k**sis again, and it'sis been fun.

I guess we are a lot alike. I mean, we even look like each other. We are both sort of tiny and blond. My sisister is a year older and sometimes it sure seems... Continue»
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Neighboring friends become lovers.

I grew up in the country. Way in the country. The county in which I was raised was exclusively farms, big farms that stretched for miles in every direction. Our closest neighbors were just over 3 miles away.

In many ways, this is ideal for c***dren. I was forced to play with my siblings (2 older brothers, 2 younger sisisters), and we were forced to be creative in finding ways to fill our time. We played in the fields, in the barns, we even managed to fool around with the tractors from time to time.

I love my family. I have great siblings. Of course we fought, argued, did all the things n... Continue»
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Bob and Becky

Becky gets more "hands on".

I sat and stared at the television, pretending I hadn't just masturbated while looking at my sisister doing the same. The thought was surreal, it seemed impossible. It also was incredibly erotic – I was getting a hard on very quickly again, even though I had just gotten myself off. Fortunately I was in loose track pants, sitting on a couch. I could adjust myself to make it unnoticeable. If Becky was having any of the same thoughts it certainly didn't show. I kept stealing glances at her.

"What?" she asked me after the fourth or fifth time I peeked at her.

... Continue»
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Watching a Movie with Emmy

It'sis hard to explain, but not seeing my little sisister Emmy has made me really sad.

I've missed her so much since we've both moved out of the house. My role as big brother was really important, maybe because I know how much Emmy appreciated my help with everything.

My sisister Emmy - well - her name is Emily really, but I've always called her Emmy. It'sis my little pet name for her, and I'm the only one that calls her that. Anyway, she was excited on the phone when I told her we should meet at the old family cabin over the winter break from college. It was an easy drive for both of u... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXVI

Chapter XXVI – Finally, Alone (based on Secrets of Love and Marriage No. 8, Charlton, June 1958)

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXVI

What’s the best moment in the wedding day for you? I know there can be multiple answers and every moment is important, but one moment is the key for a perfect relationship: when you and your wife are finally alone, nobody to complain, to talk or anything to disrupt your night. Just you, her and all the climate for you to consumate the relationship.

Truth be told, me and Kimberley had a string of troubles while trying to... Continue»
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HOT threesome with buddys wife and little sisister,

buddy is married to a women he does not want. he rarely gives her any and she masturbates in the bathroom. She on purpose leaves the door open and makes me hear her. She is 30 and he is 32. He is screwing the baby sitter and she is 17. I have banged her several times, few up her ass.

I ask him why he neglects his wife and he tells me her pussy is big. The baby sitter is younger and tighter. Weekends when I visit their son is at grand parents house. So we party and dance around. Others come over including his sisister. Got some of her and stopped when she told me she loved me. Do not want... Continue»
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Sexually owned by a huge cock!


Ok, this one is a very important milestone at my sex life.
That'sis from mid 2010. I was living in Sao Paulo at time, sharing an apartment with a friend of mine, his name is Rick. We weren't old friends, we actually met when we started to share the apartment. It was a single man apartment, living room, small kitchen, one bathroom and one bedroom.

So privacy was pretty much inexistent there, then we had this had this heads up policy for getting laid. When ever one of us would take a girl there, we sent a mess... Continue»
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