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Nursing Neighbor Part III

AnalFetishFirst Time

So now I had sucked Judy's lactating tits, fucked her mouth and pussy, then sucked Debbie's tits, taught her how to give a blowjob and licked her pussy to orgasm. Wow! I thought I was the nerd of the neighborhood. A couple of days had passed, and as I was getting home from school, Judy called over the fence to me, asking if I had forgotten about her. I stammered a little and told her that of course I had not, but I figured she was busy and I didn't want to be a pest. Ten minutes later, I was sucking Judy's milky tits and fucking her pussy. She told me that she was about to reach the… Read more

Posted by bobbullet 3 years ago 2 1,994 100%

Dangerous games


Indeed. .. it all started as a silly game. My steps****r was a couple of years older than I was. I was around 16. Still the gap in experience was wider. With me also lived my two younger siblings; 6 and 5 and her bl**d b*****r at 11 or so... There was this day, in which we were playing in the bedroom and as annoying as I can be I was wrestling the three younger ones on top of the bed... in good nature! I managed to immobilize all three quite effectively and they would shout for help... our parents weren't at home. So us, the two oldest ones would babysit... I am extremely fond, from v… Read more

Posted by elausente 3 years ago 3 4,931 94%

She was my slave...

First TimeTaboo

First story, be nice. "I'm not sure about this..." Her soft voice trembled with fear as I lead her into the bedroom. The noise from the party downstairs faded into the background as the door closed, I leant against the door and closed it tight. "Sit on the bed, don't worry, we said we were just coming up here to talk, remember? Still got your drink?", she raised her drink and smiled a very small and nervous smile. I had spotted her downstairs, I tried my usual spiel but it didn't work, she was far too good for that, so I went honest. It seemed to work, she was willing to chat after I sa… Read more

Posted by rickstar01 3 years ago 1,793 100%

Cuckhold's wife has fun

FetishLesbian SexTaboo

There were many nights that my wife would have "friends" over and I could hear her in the other room having fun. She could become very loud and beg for more. She usually had me tied to a bed or chair so the most I could do was enjoy listening to her. She even had me set up cameras so she could get things on tape. Sometimes she would use it to excite me and sometimes she would tape what she did to me just to embarrass me. Of course a lot of this was easier before we had k**s. The funny thing was early on in our marriage we lived in apartments and no one ever questioned guys or couples sh… Read more

Posted by toothmedic 3 years ago 1 2,962 100%

My 1st Black Cock

First TimeGay MaleTaboo

I Just Sucked My 1st Black Cock I'm just getting Home from meeting a Guy from Craigslist that Answered an Ad i had posted looking to suck some Cock ... This was actually the 2nd Cock I Sucked tonight about 3:30am I met a Guy out back behind the House in the Alley climbed in the Passenger side of His Vehicle and went to Work on His already Hard Cock ... He was kinda Medium Build with a 5 inch Cock and Huge set of Balls and they felt Awesome in My Mouth as I Worked them over till He Moaned and said He was Gonna Cum soon so I Went back to Work on His Cock ,He only lasted a few Minutes but blaste… Read more

Posted by sucku4her 3 years ago 3 2,535 100%

wifes aunt visits the bed room


We have a house guest for a few months. Wife's aunt is having her home repaired from storm damage. She is seven years older than my wife and a widow. Her husband died at a work place accident early in the marriage. She got depressed gained weight and lived in the home alone. Few years back she joined an exercise group and lost a lot of weight. She is right at the perfect weight for her height now. She has told us many times how she misses the closeness and being held. So she and my wife had some drinks and one thing to another, finally sex came out. She told she had sex with her ex several… Read more

Posted by hardnutjr 3 years ago 3 5,706 94%

"Sara Solaris" on the swing

BDSMGroup SexHardcore

by penisbracelet One morning, I've received a somewhat urgent message from one of my officers claiming that he have a woman in custody. A white woman. He also mentioned that she's spoken Germanic. This does heightened my curiosity. Suddenly, I already have a hard-on message from a dude that I don't give a flying fuck. Immediately, I called upon my limo shuttle and gone on our way. My limo shuttle busted and weaved out of the heavy hovering traffic high above. Thinking of what I'd just done a moment before, I killed a man for interfered with my trading business, blown hi… Read more

Posted by alfredbjunk 3 years ago 2,244 100%

3some is gr8

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

She had thought about this for as long as she could remember. There wasn’t a day that passed that her mind wasn’t thinking of the possibilities and the sweet passion that bloom between them. She tried so hard to keep her imagination at bay. They say if you can’t go a day without thinking of a dream that you shouldn’t give up on it. She wanted this more then anything and her dream was about to come true. There had been nights when she couldn’t sl**p; her thoughts so vivid and amazing hot it kept her up until she quenched her need with her hand. It wasn’t enough and she knew it. The only thing t… Read more

Posted by malesub01 3 years ago 2,014 100%

"Fifty Shades of Grey" Encounter

First TimeVoyeur

I had taken the day off to run errands and catch up on things around the house. The only scheduled appointment was to have my teeth cleaned. My hygienist is tremendously sexy and really makes the experience wonderful. Even though insurance doesn't cover this, it is one healthcare item I never complain about - thanks to her. I arrived at her office, for a late afternoon appointment. Normally, I wear a suit, but today I was in shorts, sports shirt and flip flops. Very casual for me, but it is my day off. I am 45, 5'9, 155 white male. Very well educated, articulate, successful and keep myself in… Read more

Posted by kap007 3 years ago 1,819 67%

Tall Tales from a Naturist Club


People think that because everyone is nude then sex is rampant. That is not the case, yes sex is there but not rampant, it is easier, but it's not for everyone, as naturists, the true ones, don't see the naked body as a sexual stimulant, but that's not to say, we dont get horny at the sight of a nice cock or pair of tits. I have been a naturist since the ripe old age of three, introduced into the commune by my parents, a pair of party a****ls and swingers, and yes I can remember things that I was not supposed to know about, happening as I sat watching my horny mother please men around her.… Read more

Posted by MarieL 3 years ago 5 4,437 100%

18 Today

Lesbian Sex

Julie had just turned 18 and was looking forward to graduation. She had just 10 more days of school and she would be going off to collage in the fall. She had a full summer planned for herself, which included a large amount of time with her older s****r Kathy. Kathy was already in collage and they were going to be roommates again. Just like when they had been growing up. Their parents had never figured out why they did not mind sharing the room that had been their bedroom since they had both been old enough to sl**p in their own room. Moreover, it was probably a good thing that they had not fi… Read more

Posted by kap007 3 years ago 1 1,688 100%

four for one Special

Group SexLesbian SexVoyeur

There was an excited murmur going around the break room of S.S.T. Super Food Mart that afternoon. All the talk was about the new store manager, who was being brought in by corporate to fix certain problems that had led to the previous manager's dismissal and subsequent arrest. The store had closed early to allow a full-staff meeting, and the tiny break room was overflowing with curious, anxious employees. "When's this goddam meeting gonna start?" Wanda Schmidt whined, to no one in particular. She scratched an ample hip as she shifted uncomfortably on the metal folding chair. "We ain't go… Read more

Posted by kap007 3 years ago 1,308 100%

A Beach Fantasy


The only sound that can be heard is the gently lapping of the waves rolling into the beach. She lay naked in the sand slick with sweat in the hot afternoon sun. Alone on the beach, she stretches sensually and gets to her feet. She walks slowly to the water, the hot sand running through her toes. Then in an instant she is gone, diving beneath the surface. She swims out a way with slow easy stokes and then lay over floating on her back under the sun. She hears the movement of the ocean so in tune with her body. She begins to slowly touch herself, amidst the calm of the ocean. She hears the wa… Read more

Posted by kap007 3 years ago 566 100%

TV Slut and Her Cottage Master Part 2

Group SexShemales

This is where is was left at the end of part 1: He ushered me in and then was my stuff laid out on the new window sill, the door is a sliding one and he then instructed me to suck his cock, which I did, then the door was slid open again and there was my lorry drivers mate with a big determined look on his face, suck it bitch was the tactful way he instructed me. I sucked him to full size, whish is considerable girth, and he then asked my master if he could fuck me, my master said yes and tells me: "You are going to let this guy fuck you now, you will take his cum" so over I bent... So… Read more

Posted by uktvmaid 3 years ago 2 1,111 100%

TV Slut and her Cottaging Master Final Part

Group SexShemales

Part 2 ends here: "Go to the lorry" "Yes master" I walk slowly past 1 occupied and 1 unoccupied car and the 1st occupied HGV to the 2nd one, there is no traffic and as it's in the country all you could hear is my heels! I look behind me and my master is still with the group outside the toilets talking to one of them "Yes, that one, get in, slut" Now I must have looked eiether very horny or a bit ridiculous trying to get into the lorry, it's a long way up, even without the heels! The door is opened and up I go, the cab is dimly lit and a tattoo'd arm pulls me in, there are… Read more

Posted by uktvmaid 3 years ago 4 1,805 100%

"What's My Name...?"

Lesbian Sex

I remember standing in the bathroom with my friends. One moment I was drying my hands at the dryer mounted on the wall, next moment there was a woman standing next to me with her arm around me. She was taller than me, so when she turned to me, I had to look up just a bit to see her face. She was absolutely breathtaking. Her dark, raven hair was up in a loose bun, with strands of curled bangs falling gracefully to frame her small face. She stood elegant and beautiful in a long, dark teal dress. The dress itself was a marvel: simple with a v-neck that dipped low enough to show some cleavage,… Read more

Posted by kap007 3 years ago 2 1,900 100%


First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

WENDY NIGHTINGALE.??? “Wendy's a nice girl.........................” That's what everyone always said. She was the sort of person you liked as soon as you saw her, and so bright and intelligent. Plump, 5'6” and so, so pretty. With the most vivid green eyes you ever saw. She wore glasses and had the most stunning breasts ever. When she moved to our area on her 50th birthday she always had a smile on her face, and no-one ever saw her husband, so she could be a widow, or divorced...... After all she did have five strapping sons.............................................. 39 ye… Read more

Posted by ladylikesit 3 years ago 7 3,114 100%

My First TV Cottaging Fun

Group SexMatureShemales

My first time (And this is Genuine, I assure you) I dressed under my normal clothes and took a rucksack with other bit's & pieces in and went to a nearby "Cottage" that had 2 Glory Holes, when I got there, it was empty, so I went in the middle cubicle, finished dressing: Stockings & Suspenders, High Heeled Lace up PVC Boots, PVC Basque etc. I didn't have to wait long, the cubicle's then got occupied either side, through the peep holes in the door, I could see at least 2 other guys at the urinals. Then I saw fingers appearing at the hole to my left, I looked through the hole on my rig… Read more

Posted by uktvmaid 3 years ago 18 2,166 100%

TV Slut and Cottage Master, Part 1

Group SexShemales

I'd arranged to meet a regular mature dom guy called Steve at the site, before I left the North East hotel I was at previously (And had made special arrangements to stay late checkout) I'd cleaned (Internally & externally) and shaved. I got their early and completed my change in the disabled toilets, I put some normal (Drab) clothes over the top of my black satin blouse, black corset with my fake boobs in, a purple and black PVC slut boddice number with suspender straps and a studded collar, my latex maid gloves and corset, I also had on my black seamed fishnet stockings, a very short hugge… Read more

Posted by uktvmaid 3 years ago 3 1,543 100%

13th July 1985 - can you remember what you were do


Can you remember what you were doing that day, I can, it and the day before and the day after were three days that would change my life forever. Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Robin Sherwood (no men in tights jokes please) and in 1985 I was 17 years old. I lived in a bleak northern town in Thatchers 80's Britain, having moved there to be closer to my grandparents after my parents divorce. My father with his Yuppie girlfriend still lived in the Home Counties whilst the rest of the f****y had moved into the small 3 bed semi in this ex mining town. Mum and me had our own small bed… Read more

Posted by geordiekev 3 years ago 1,598 80%