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The Night is Young

He promised her all the sex she could handle. He was right. He leaned her head over the bed and pushed his cock in her mouth gagging her. He told her "You have to relax and learn to take that big cock. Tip your head back and let it slide down your throat and suck hard. I love it sucked hard. I am going to make you the best cock sucker in town. Now open wide and let me give you every inch as you suck me dry. You are going to love my big thick cock as it goes down your throat. Suck me till I cum then I am going to eat that pussy till I have you screaming." He then grabbed her head and began shov... Continue»
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The Story Of A Small Boob Girl Becoming A Booby

When I got married I had small boobs. My figure was 29 28 30.But my hubby and my servant helped to develop my boobs. Within 6 months my figure was 32 29 32. I used to wear boy like dress with boy like hairstyle and stayed as a boy for few months. But it was the holi when my servant Raju came to know that I am a girl. After few months my boobs were standing like two small mountains. I tried to wear tight inners for few months to hide my identity from others, as per my hubby’s wish. My maid Gita was not aware that I was a girl. My hubby used to fuck me at night and my servant used to press my bo... Continue»
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Uncle’s Second Wife

I must thank god to have met this Punjabi uncle.

I was travelling from Bangalore to Chennai. I had booked a sl**per ticket which I had to share with one more people. I was waiting to get into bus, a tall Singh uncle of about 50 with huge muscles 6ft 4in tall standing in front of me. I’m 6ft tall and used to people being shorter than me. I was awestruck seeing his physique. The ticket collector indicated my seat was with the Punjabi uncle. We had a small talk and settled down in our berths.

It was an air-conditioned bus, I was feeling cold. After some time all the lights were put off and ... Continue»
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I am now 62 years old and at this time, I had only had a couple of guys fuck me in the ass. My pussy and mouth has seen (and felt) hundreds of guys burst their loads in me and I have probably swallowed enough cum over the years to fill a bathtub!
One afternoon, a girlfriend of mine stopped by and was telling me about how much she liked taking cocks up her ass bareback and that she loved feeling their jism shoot deep in her. The talk was making me really horny and I explained to her that my asshole, even at my age, was virtually virgin since only a couple of guys had screwed me back there a
... Continue»
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The Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress

Sarah Johnson sat stoically as she waited what usually was the happiest day of a girl’s life, her marriage. This was not so for young Sarah. At 18 she was to be married to a man older enough to be her father and maybe even her grandfather. A man she had only said a few words answering his questions in an interview. She had little choice but to answer as she had been instructed by her Uncle.

Here she sat in a wedding gown she could not even believe would have been made in the shameful way it display her. The gown was black and went from her neck to a very tight skir... Continue»
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another true event from my life

Many years after my first story (and many illicit encounters behind my girlfriends backs) I was single for awhile. So I joined a sex site, trying to spice up the monotonous tedium of work, getting d***k with my friends, work, getting d***k with my friends etc. It had been a few years since I'd played with a cock, so I was looking for someone who was patient, older maybe....I found it in Warren. He was 20+ years my senior. But still looked ok. I emailed him on the site and he replied almost instantly....

'still got it' I thought

We arranged to meet at his house. This made me a little ne... Continue»
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The Day I Visited a Prostitute - Memoir

It was in October 1997 that I first visited a prostitute. And it was in October 1997 that I should have realised too that my six and a bit year relationship with Sharon (who I went out with after me and Leanne broke up) was never going to work; should have realised…

It had been my day off and there had been no chores to do: just me; my thoughts; my fantasies; my lust.

That August I had turned forty and with it a feeling, a dread, that time was… running out. I had been dumped twice by Sharon during the summer but on each occasion she had asked me back and because I loved he... Continue»
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My neighbor uncle

Hi friends my name is seetha aged 19 doing engineering at Chennai I am a fair girl. I have a mom ,dad and a s****r .my dad is doing scrab business in australia he use to visit india 3 times per year and he will stay with us for 1 month. He is a good father teaching and saying good thoughts always. My s****r is also doing engineering at kerala. So she comes during semester holiday. Me and mom will be at house for most of the days. One day we shifted our house to near apartment i missed my friends so much.then i started gathering friends in our new apartments. My father met with an road acciden... Continue»
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s****rs friends come to stay part 3

continues from where i left off

So the girls decided to have a break and im still in the chair with a rageing hard on and precum oozing out, my s****r Debbie walks over and cuts the latex bondage tape off my arms and legs so that i can join them in the kitchen eating pizza and having a drink, as i stand up Debbie pulls down whats left of my pj bottoms "well there's really no point wearing them now is there" she says with a grin we both walk in to the kitchen to join Beth, Kate and Carrie.

After a few more drinks and slices of pizza i say "hey girls now that im pretty much naked i think i... Continue»
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My neighbor Uncle

Hi friends my name is seetha aged 19 doing engineering at Chennai I am a fair girl. I have a mom ,dad and a s****r .my dad is doing scrab business in australia he use to visit india 3 times per year and he will stay with us for 1 month. He is a good father teaching and saying good thoughts always. My s****r is also doing engineering at kerala. So she comes during semester holiday. Me and mom will be at house for most of the days. One day we shifted our house to near apartment i missed my friends so much.then i started gathering friends in our new apartments. My father met with an road acciden... Continue»
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The Body Shaper

My wife was always ragging on me about my posture. She said I slouched
and needed to stand up straighter and pull my shoulders back. I tried
to do that, but as soon as I stopped thinking about it I guess my
posture reverted back to what, for me, was 'normal' and then she would
get on me again about it.

We had been married for five years and I think her good cooking got the
best of me as I had gained about 20 pounds since the wedding. My
weight was her other pet peeve. If she wasn't nagging me about my poor
posture, she was on my ass about needing to diet and to start
exercising.... Continue»
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Treated like a Dog... for Black cock part 2

***From chapter one.

**Then he groaned, "OOHHOO yes, YES, damn this is good, OOHHOOH, I'm going to cum, OH YEAH, I'm going to cum and give our dog a juicy treat!"


Then he fucked my mouth as cum shot out of his cock, he fucked in my mouth, shooting cum and spreading it all around in my mouth. I was again drooling, slobbering out cum and spit down my chin, and unto my chest and running down to my protruding cock. Then he rammed deep and was injecting cum right down my throat into me.

Again I was lost in a feeling of servitude, of serving strong black men by giving ... Continue»
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The Final Part....

....thank fuck,I hear all you guys who've endured this rambling retelling of my very first bisexual/gay experience.I have to say I've so love reliving it as I've wrote about it and that's why it's taken me so long.

It maybe because it was only 9 years ago or perhaps because having any sexual interest or feeling for other/another men was so totally opposed to what i've felt for the vast majority of my life and how i saw myself that makes losing my virginity to a man far more significant than when I lost it to a girl at 15.

Also,back then I was a wee boy,it was my first time naked with ano... Continue»
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Silent Encounter

Silent encounter

Part 1

We have not seen each other for some time but, on the day we are due to meet up, we exchange some erotic texts messages and two phone calls. These events heighten the tension for both of us.

I arrive back at the house later than agreed; quite deliberately so, in order to further raise the sexual tension between us upon my arrival. You are already there and look beautiful, as ever, and we embrace briefly. Oh sweet memory of the evening when I gave you keys to the house! Lana, my housekeeper, and I had argued over the sense of giving you keys but my view had pr... Continue»
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My cousin's shoes

I was the youngest teenager you are allowed to be, and I was spending Saturday night with my Uncle Shelton and Aunt Faye on a summer weekend in 1983. My cousin Judy had been driving for a couple of years and she was the middle c***d of three. She drove a beat up 1977 LTD that was puke green. The only thing I really remember about that car was that it ran like a scalded dog and that the muffler had said bye-bye the summer before. My aunt was making dinner and needed some ingredients that, of course, she did not have. Road trip! My cousin Judy weighed about 250-280 lbs, and had a friend th... Continue»
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pre planned fuck

Tara and I have been married now for 2 years. The following story happened on our anniversary. She is a great lady, 25, with long strawberry blond hair, 5’4”, 55kg, 36d titties, a narrow waist, and a killer ass. To top it all off she has almost milk white skin. As for me, I am 34, 5’6”, with a fairly thick 7” cock.

We had gone out for dinner and caught an early show, we were both anxious to get home. Dressing up always makes Sarah horny and it works for me too. I like showing Sarah off, the way other men look at her is quite erotic. She was wearing her favorite little black dress and I coul... Continue»
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My Train Journey

Last Saturday, 16th Nov. I traveled in a crowded Indian train for two hours and these hours gave me sexual pleasure I had never imagined. The crowd was so thick that it pushed me in the middle of the bogie where in the aisle there were two s****rs trying to avoid the crowd falling on them. I found a place very close to them wishing that the train runs faster that I might reach my destination as early as possible. I did not mind the presence of these two girls. The elder one must have been around nineteen and her sis looked three or four years younger.
I tried to keep my balance holding the ra... Continue»
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Lovely Looking Leah Learns Love #3

Warm weekend turns burning hot for Leah's cute ballet bums
When we wake up we are already all alone in our house for the full weekend.
With my mighty stiff member alongside her wet and still swollen love lips.
We both long a lot for her first penetration, but her penance is up first.
"We don't waste any time. We'll execute your punishment right now, Leah Love!"
With a moan Leah lets go of her dirty dreams of my big dick deep inside her.
Wow, how hotly she longs to loose her virginity to her horny strong teacher.

"Want me to teach you some discipline, dear? Want to learn it the... Continue»
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Wife treat

The night had started out like any other when Linda was getting ready to go out. A long time in the shower, just as long with the hair dryer and some time after that she was ready to go out.

I was expecting to see her in a skimpy little dress which is her favourite way to dress on a night out. When Linda appeared she was still just in her lingerie and balancing on a new pair of heels. I told her it was a little less that I was used to seeing her wear on a night out, to which Linda replied that she just wanted to tease me a little before she went out. I was up for that in a shot, while Linda... Continue»
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With a colleague....a fantasy came true!!!

For week now we had planed a party at work. finaly the day came and after work i had a shower and hit the road to the Hotel the party was going to take placa at.

I was one of the first who arrived so i just sat by the bar and order a chivas.
while i was enjoying my drink i saw her comming in...

i knew she had a great body but the dress she was wearing was amazing and you could see every curve of her amazing body.

S:hey what are you doing alone by the bar
M:well i was one of the first ones here so i just order a drink,would you like something from the bar???
S:a glass of white wine.... Continue»
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