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Chinese Disco

The night was going well. I was at a hot disco in
Beijing dancing with an ABC (American Born Chinese)
named Kathy. What started out as some eye contact led
to flirting, which led to dancing. Which is why I was
grinding my crotch against hers and kneading her ass
with both hands. She was a looker: great Asian face,
golden skin, and breasts that felt really good pressed
against me.

I had barely gotten her name, where she was studying,
what she was doing in BJ (Beijing). But that hardly
mattered. All that mattered was her arms around my neck,
my hands kneading her ass throu... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot

It had been a while since I had seen my old girlfriend Emily which made me feel a little cheeky for asking her this favour. You see we used to be the hot couple in our little click. She is a hot brunette with a great body and sexy as well. She knows she's hot but doesn’t flaunt it. Emily was my first proper girlfriend, she took my lesbian cherry for want of a better phrase. But as time went on and we grew up we grew apart and both conformed and got involved with boys.

My boyfriend Kyle was now in the army and away from home and xmas was on its way and I wanted to send him something special... Continue»
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Bunkbed in the Alps part 2

... The next morning on the 4th day i woke up thinking about what i heard instantly. Which made me had again. I decided to just go in to the shower first again, so i climbed down from the bunkbed stairs again. Again with a big erection. This time Linda was still sl**ping, her upper body was out of her sl**ping bag and she was wearing a white t-shirt. The fact that she was a sl**p gave me a chance to look at her. And then i saw the contours and color a her nipples through her t shirt. Her brests were a nice b/c cup and her nipples were in beautiful proportion. I took a good glance, taking a men... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Taboo

I was sandwiched between my lover, Hondo, and my son, James, as they both double penetrated me, while Marvin and his crew filmed me being stuffed. They each wore a mask as they pumped me with their huge cocks. Together, they both sported the biggest two pricks that I’d ever had in my entire life and that was saying a lot, for a woman who had been a prostitute for the last 30 years and had fucked and sucked off over 7,000 different men in her life. One big white cock and one big black cock pounding my cunt and asshole while they both fucked me for the camera. It was Marvin’s idea to sh... Continue»
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The Punishment

Hello my name is Ben Rohan. I don’t know English very fluently as we don’t use English in our daily life. But I will try to write the story as correct as possible. This is a real story but it is strange. I am working in a company which offers me 3 lakhs per month. A woman comes to our house every day and cleans the house and she prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner. Her name is Dwella. She has 2 daughters. Elder daughter’s name is Natalie while younger daughter’s name is Bella.

I want to share you my story which was happened... Continue»
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The Milf the teen and the best friends

Craig lay in the bed unable to sl**p and his 10 inch cock was so hard it almost hurt. He was 32 6'2 170 and pure lean muscle thanks to a very strict work out regime and very good genes. He was a beautiful man who got what he wanted from whom ever he wanted when he wanted it. It was 4am and his restlessness was not from insomnia. He couldn't sl**p because the only thing he could think of was the young teen cunt that was asl**p in the room right above his. He was visiting his friend Josh whom he had known since he was in middle school. Josh was dating a 40 year old milf and it was her 16 year ol... Continue»
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slut wife confesion letter to husband

Billy,you wanted to know what I got up to so here is what happened to me to turn me into a slut wife. two weeks after we started living together my boss asked me to come n a work trip with him to Melbourne . there was a symposium on work related stuff. . you remember driving me to the Airport?. well we arrived in Melbourne and got a hire car to the hotel, my room was next to his with a connecting door inside. we went into our respective rooms, I undressed and climbed into the shower. the water was ni... Continue»
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My father, my delight


I'll tell this story was delicious but I hope not to repeat adventure!

I am 28 years brunette with mannequin 36 , 'm pretty skinny , small tits tenhos , fleshy mouth and have a arrebitadinha ass.

I always liked sex and masturbated a lot when teenager ... my goodness ! How masturbated !

I grew up with a lot of curiosity for sex and began to see many porn videos and read all about this issue so delicious .

I am married for 2 and half years and my hubby is 5 years younger . He is inexperienced and is learning everything with m... Continue»
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First Swing, a true story

First Swing (c) Fred Lake 2013
This is an expanded version of the story of our first swinging experience, what Fred told you earlier. This happened over 30 years ago, in the mid-70s.
We had been married a couple of years. Wife-swapping (as it was then called) was new and naughty. You saw it mentioned on TV and in magazines but nobody knew anybody who had actually done it. And nobody wanted to ask around and find out. But with birth control, why the hell not swap around and have some fun?
I asked Fred about it, and said I'd be interested in trying it. He was all for it, but like me, had... Continue»
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exploring my female persona all help welcom

well i started dressing i female close when i was around 12. then when i was 17 i had a sexual relationship wit an older guy for almost a year.i had known him for a couple of months, he made passes tward me from day one. so one day i showed up at his apt, with submission on my mind. we played a couple games of chess, during which i would accidently knock pieces off the table then make a big deal about picking it up bending over with my ass pointing his way.i would flash a glance at him then smile when i would catch him looking at my. he finally commented saying how nice my ass looked and how h... Continue»
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date night

She arrived at the door with a smile. She came in an set her things down. We immediately locked lips in a feverishly kiss as I grasp her curvy ass with my hands. I then got out some shots for us as sex with her d***k was always hot. We set our glasses down and kissed again this time grabbing her beautiful large breasts with my hands. She let out a soft moan while I massaged both oh her tits. I then spun her around and began kissing her neck as I remove her shirt. It revealed she was wearing a green lace bra . It felt smooth and wonderful to run my hands over her lacy tits. I ran my hands down ... Continue»
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Preachers Daughter Chapter 16

While my wife Charlotte was away at the ladies church retreat with the preachers wife (my number #2 sex slave slut) getting seduced and fucked by Pam, the preachers wife, Jaimie (preachers 23 year old daughter -- 24 next month!) whomk lived with my wife and I was left alone with me for a few days.

She is VERY pregnant and showing with my baby (unknown to my wife that our nanny is carrying my baby).

Jaimie has been getting jealous (as my first seduced and blackmailed number #1 sex slave slut) of all the fucking attention I have been giving to my wife, and her mommym, Pam, the 46 year old ... Continue»
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A True Cuckold Story Part 2

After moving to the new town, Suzie eventually got a part time job at a real estate office working the phones and helping the agents with processing deals.

There was this one agent Suzie would always complain about and make fun of. His name was Tom and Suzie always made fun of him for wearing a bow tie. I thought she was being a bit c***dish and soon the mention of Tom name ceased overnight. Every once in a while I would ask how tom was, or if he was still wearing his stupid bow ties and Suzie would respond with, "I hardly even see him around the office". And that was it.

But what was re... Continue»
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Picking up THE BBW

It was a night of drinking and partying a few weeks ago.......I ended up in my usual watering fountain to have one last drink before going home, I was buzzing really nice and felt good!! at the same time felt a little horny as well. In the bar my eyes caught a glimpse of a latin looking women to the best of my guessing she was about 45 years old dark to medium color skin and the CLEAVAGE she had on her was mind blowing, for the longest time I had not seen such remarkable huge breasts filling out of a shirt like she filled out hers. I was stunned but at the same time aroused, being that I knew ... Continue»
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A True Cuckold Story Part 1

My first experience of sharing my wife was without me knowing it.

After 16 years of OK sex with neither of us sharing our deepest fantasies, something was bound to happen.

What I know now is both of us are perverts. For the 1st 16 years of our marriage, we would both be searching porn behind each others backs. I would be hiding porn magazines, fantasizing about all kinds of stuff while jerking off any chance I could. In the shower, car, work bathroom. If I thought I could get away with it, I would. And a lot of my fantasize included my beautiful wife.

I would imaging her being unfaith... Continue»
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White master


My husband and I live in Atlanta Georgia, just one of the thousands of young black professional couples who've migrated to "Hotlanta" in recent years. I'm program director for a local talk radio station. My husband, Tyrell, is an accountant. We own a beautiful three bedroom colonial style home, just outside of Atlanta, where we live with our two c***dren Carl and Camille.

I'm a gorgeous woman and I know it. My face or more specifically my luscious full pouty lips paid my way through college. I was a lip model for a cosmetics company until I graduated. At 34 years old, I sti... Continue»
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louise and her neighbour(s) 2

Please read louise and her neighbour(s) for the first story.. this follows on from there.

A couple of days passed and Louise had spoken to Vicky a few times and Vicky had asked what happened that d***ken night. Louise had told her all the gory details apart from the bit about harry fucking her ass...
Days went on and Louise heard nothing and nothing was out of the ordinary apart from some misguided post addressed to "Gary Harris" the d***k next door which louises parents just took round.
Any way. It was Wednesday morning Louise had been woken by her alarm at 9 and was taking a shower befo... Continue»
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Billy paints the women at her condo.

I need a car and my summer job; painting trim on beach condo. My boss drops me off with paint and equipment. He does the same over the area. End of the day I get picked up in my turn. End of the week I get paid.

I put the ladder to the third story window and climb up. I am shocked to see a women on the bed sl**ping. Worried I may bother her I move to another room. Not any better, I find a young boy and his mom I think. To the back where no bedrooms are. I climb up and see a women looking right back at me. I smile and she opens the window.

What are you doing?
I paint t... Continue»
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Brad cant go back

It was a foggy evening in the Town. Brad was walking beside the road that lead to a truck stop. He couldn’t help but wonder how the hell everything happend so quickly. Brad was 19 year old boy who seemed to be an ordinary c***d of an ordinary f****y. He was a dark haired skinny boy and had a bit of a feminine features. He was currently in no school as he was not admitted to any since he didn’t do well on the tests. He was living with his mother, enjoying the carefree lifestyle of a student who didnt go to any school. He had friends but no girlfriend; he never had a girlfriend. Yes he seemed o... Continue»
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Blackmail Has Consequences

My name is Ron. I graduated high school early and had also taken several college courses while still in high school. My s****r April is pissed that her little b*****r is going to enter college as a sophomore, same as she will be. My goal is to finish my bachelor's degree one year before her and start on my masters in business, then work my way up to be the head of the biggest companies I can find.
My part time summer job allowed me to take more courses, no free time but I felt I didn't have time for that. One morning I went in to work only to find that a collision had knocked out the power an... Continue»
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