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Hawaiian Wedding part 2

So my soon to be s****r in law Lexy and I had come up with a plan to help my b*****r Mark become a better lover. He was according to Lex a good man but an average lover only twice has he given her an orgasm. So she asked me as a wedding present the night before to help her teach my b*****r how to not make love to her but fuck her stupid. I had my doubts it work but I was willing to try to help, personally I felt he would punch my lights out and call off the wedding but she really wanted him to get good at carnal pleasures so here it goes.
We told the rest of the party after the rehearsal d... Continue»
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New Neighbors

unknown author

My wife Vicky is a little shy and naive, but if a fantasy takes seed in her mind she will probably lose herself in it. That is exactly what happened when our new neighbors wife got in her head. Our sex life was anything but boring. But this time it wasn't just a fantasy that stayed in our bedroom for in the weekend, this one changed everything. We had our share of fantasy but she had never show interest in other men, even though there were plenty of men interested in her. She didn't show herself off or make herself look available, ever.

I wasn't her first, but i... Continue»
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His, Part 1

I stood at the airport terminal with my overly large bag in hand. I looked up to see the carabinieri on the catwalk patrolling the Leonardo da Vinci international departures terminal in Rome Italy. My eyes were wet with tears, as I walked away from the Man who had taught me everything about love and loss. I was sure I wouldn't see Him again. I had already decided, this was the last time. If he didn't want to come with me this time, he would never want to come with me. I needed him to be mine, as much as I needed to be his. That painful word between us, mine, his promises, his excuses, but I w... Continue»
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My Chosen First Time -PART 4

To my surprise, Lynn was waiting for me. She took the hem of my veil and kept it from touching the ground. In the background “The Wedding March” was playing. The sun’s evening rays outlined a path that was covered with flower petals led to an altar like table. The altar table was covered with daisies, roses. A white candle in its center flickered in the dusk. It was a wonderful sight that was wrapped in a small hilarity. We all were nude but wore miniscule articles of clothing that identified traditional duties of wedding party members. Naked Aunt Susan, like a priestess had her head covered s... Continue»
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The Weekend

The Weekend

We had meet the couple at a party. We had gotten on so well with them that we had invited them to our house the next weekend. She was tall, blonde, and very sexy. Red swollen lips that pouted as she spoke. Her long blonde hair, cascaded down to her shoulders. Her full ripe breasts, pushed out as the tried to escape the confines of her dress. Her tiny waist, hour glass shape figure, curved in and out at her hips. And her long sleek legs gleamed as they provocatively flashed from under her dress. She was a vision of beauty. So like... Continue»
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My Mate and His Mom – Episode 2

After the surprise session that Paul and I had with his mother (which you can see here: we were a bit unsure how things would develop going forward.

After Jean had pleasured Paul and me, not to mention herself, she picked her clothes up and left Paul’s bedroom, closing the door behind her. We sat there stunned and satisfied. One way or another Jean had seen to both of our cocks. But we were uneasy.

“Shit,” said Paul, “I can’t believe I’ve just sucked my mom’s tits and watch her fuck you.” I laughed “You better believe it, and you cert... Continue»
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The Neighbour Chapter 2

The Neighbour

Chapter 2

i awoke to the distant sound...a low growling... off in the distance.... my eyes opened.. i tried to focus.... the bright sunlight shinning trough the window..i lay there trying to get my bearings.... i was home in my own bed.. thank god to many hotels.. i thought... i stretch out feeling my legs and arms flex as i tightened there muscles...the sound was still there ... i listened and i suddenly recognized it as a vacuum...growling off in the distance.... i move to the edge of the bed and sat up looking out m... Continue»
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The Neighbour Chapter 3

The Nieghbour

chapter three

i opened my i focused them you still lay beside me your breathing slow..and your face was peaceful and content... we lay side by side on the large couch...your long black sheer gown flowed long your body, till it reached you thighs and then opened up and drifted to the floor....i looked at you sl**ping so comfortably....i moved my hands down from your neck along your your slowly rising chest pushing back the silky material that covered your enchanting orbs... i exposed one and i slowly run my fingers over it.. gently touchin... Continue»
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The Neighbour Chapter 4

The Neighbour 's Threesome

chapter four

going into the office..the next day i couldn't get the visual memory of you out of my mind...your soft cures your red pouting lips...your firm ripe breast..there hard nipples sticking out begging to be sucked... and your lovely clean shaven love slit...its pert lips... the wetness and the taste of honey that had flowed freely form them...a clear picture of you standing before me naked and soft.. before i left stayed with me...i could hardly wait till my return that evening to on... Continue»
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Curiosity Filled the Cat

8:45. Shit! I'm late! Lauri thought, annoyed. She needed to get to her Saturday morning college class. First, though, she had to print her essay, but her printer was refusing to work. With a sigh of frustration, she ejected and yanked her USB from the computer.

This was her first semester of classes. The 18-year-old coed had graduated high school 4 months ago and been accepted to a college close enough that she could live at home, instead of the dorms. She loved both not having to deal with roommates and saving money.

She quickly changed from her green yoga pant set into tight jeans an... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Father

My best friend, Emma had done it again. She promised that this time it would be a girl's night only, but she lied. After convincing me to go out with her, we planned to go back to her house and have a girly sl**p over. But as usual she met a guy and left me in the lurch.

Normally I would have gone home, but I had left my car and some of my belongings at her house. Like a true tart, she gave me her house key and told me stay at hers while she went back to some guys flat. She knew I was angry, what was I supposed to say to her father?

Emma's father, Jack was a lovely man. His wife, her mo... Continue»
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Husband Encourages Wife

Husband wants his wife to be like her divorced friend.
Loving Wives
Jen walked into her bedroom, her face still flushed from the conversation at lunch. Her pussy throbbed. She didn't normally masturbate in the middle of the day, but she needed relief, and the k**s would be at the sitter's for a few more hours. She lay on the bed and pulled up her skirt. She touched herself. Her panties were so wet. She slipped her hand inside her panties and rubbed herself, her eyes closed, remembering what Tina had told her at lunch.

"Wow, what's this?" a surprised voice said from the doorway.

"Oh my... Continue»
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Wet Dreams

I always wondered how come my panties would be wet in the morning. My husbands b*****r lived with us. My husband would go on long trips with his company and would be home alone with Drew. Always on the days my husband was away my panties would be soaked on the outer and inner. One night I decided to set up a camera in my bedroom to see if I was moving around or having wet dreams. To my surprise the video taped showed Drew coming in the room with just his underwear on he would lay next to me in the bed under the covers. I couldn't see what he was doing from the video because of the covers ... Continue»
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I lived in a place called Chingola

I lived for a while in a place called Chingola, Zambia; this was not long after independence from England and the old Northern Rhodesia and colonial days, since I was one of the 2000 single expect workf***es, working on the mine with only 50 European nurses. The system for getting a date, one had to put your name on list with a picture of yourself, and how much money, you were prepared to spend, thus the chances of getting a date, let alone shag, were almost the same as winning the lottery.

On my arrival one of the old colonial’s said to me “don’t know what you’re going to do for female
... Continue»
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Give me an A

(First time)
"Mr. Davies?" The 19-year-old blonde called out hesitantly, pushing open the heavy, carved wooden door that had been standing slightly ajar. "Hello?"

The 5'4" freshman tugged self-consciously at her clothing, trying in vain to make her lime-green, pink and black plaid miniskirt a little longer and her black tank long enough to meet the waistband. The stubborn spandex/cotton blend slid right back up, baring her bellybutton and tanned midriff.

Raised by smothering, conservative parents, Tina felt strange being around older adults while dressed so skimpily. Her first taste of... Continue»
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Tales of when I was a pensioners play thing

Putting your mother's stilettos on as a girl is still part of growing up, girls with a an imagination, playing mummies and daddies, playing shops, and now, playing online.

Technology has allowed us to experience adulthood quicker than nature intended, undoing my blouse to let a man look at me, and thrilled by the outcome, as he did his man thing and thanked me politely for being a good girl.

I learned my sex online, feeling so adult, I saw so many men in their differing sizes, and colors, thicknesses and lengths.
I chatted for hours, swapped numbers and started meeting men, mostly older... Continue»
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Through a Crack in the Lounge Door Part 2

The story so far.

Andy’s s****r Pat has just brought her University friend Sarah to a body shaking orgasm. Unknown to both of them Andy was watching through a crack in the lounge door and has just ejaculated hands free into his pants.

Andy with shaking legs went back into the front room and sat down in front of the computer.

A few minutes later Pat came in and asked if he wanted a coffee. Andy suspected she wanted to really know if he was still at the computer. As she went out Andy glanced and saw that she was showing over two inches of her white slip despite the fact she had recently... Continue»
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This one to my "special daddy"

This story goes out to my special daddy...

I was working all day in the barn getting dirty and lonely. I just about had it with cleaning all the horses when I hear a shout from outside.

It was the daddy farmer I was working for: He said "You better go take a shower!"

I thought he seemed angry with me and wasn't sure why he was so direct. I felt a little sad about it but went into his house and took a shower. The warm water was welcoming against my skin. The aura of heat produced made me wish it would long forever after I finally shut the faucet off and dried off.

I wasn't too col... Continue»
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Alone, after the party

I'm Rachel, and I am 18. I had a crazy time last weekend, and i think I'll tell you about it.
As Im grabbing books out of my locker, this really cute guy that I've known since 4th grade came over, Bobby. He looked at me, and then said; "Hey Rachel, I'm having a party after school today, wanna come?" I bit my lip a little. "Sure. Only if Danielle can come too." (my best friend). "Yeah, why not." He said. I was really excited. I have liked Bobby for eight years!
So after school, i got on my black and pink cheetah bikini and a cover up. I guess I would say I have a pretty nice body. Im short. ... Continue»
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Amanda Does Anal

Her cell phone rang. 22 year-old college girl Amanda Day had no idea that by answering it, she would set in motion the chain of events by which she'd give up her anal cherry that very afternoon.

The phone. I don't have time to talk on the phone, I'm late for work, she thought. She didn't bother blow drying her hair, and her only concession to makeup was some lip gloss. She didn't need much more than that to look beautiful, anyway. She was one of those girls who just radiated beauty without trying, and she knew it.

The fourth ring. She glanced at the caller ID and saw that it was her fath... Continue»
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