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The Ride


It was late at night as he drove down the street and saw her walking alone. She was about twenty years old and her mini skirt barely covered her big round ass. Her tits were tight against her too small t-shirt. His cock got hard just watching so he pulled his care over to her and said "Do you need a ride pretty girl?" She smiled and said "That would be nice." She opened the door and got in and he could see she was very pretty. She did not sit close to the door but in the middle of the seat near him. He put and arm around her and kissed her neck and told her "You should not be alone. You are to… Read more

Posted by mymotherssextoy 3 years ago 1,177 100%

s****r in-law and Niece visit part VII


If I had written, in Part One, that it was a long weekend, by now you would believe me? I can only relate this tale as it occurred, whether or not it titillates you, or helps you find your happy ending, I cannot control. Having said that, believe what I am telling you, I REALLY wanted to FUCK something at this point. My cock was seeking more, always more. It was furiously engorged, blissfully gripped in Shelley's fist of fury, and purple-headedly pointing and her sweet young girl, DanyAnne. I stood proud between the two of them, DanyAnne seated with my left leg between hers, her mother the… Read more

Posted by jimp72 3 years ago 3 4,870 100%

My Story with Cathy

First TimeTaboo

He catches his older s****r masturbating Chapter 1: My s****r It was a Saturday night. My parents were going outside to attend a party. Knowing how careless their 18 years old boy is, they told me not to return home late. But for no reason, I returned home early that night. Walking into the dark passage leading to the living room, I was struck dumb by the view I was not supposed to see. There on the blue sofa in front of me, my older s****r Catherine was completely naked, thighs widely opened and hands deeply seated into her crotch. Cathy opened her eyes terrified when I walked in and… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 3 10,194 89%

Super Glue

AnalGay MaleShemales

A visit to see some friends in Atlanta for three days only a couple hour drive in drag. Long brown wig flowing below my shoulders, loose fitting warm sweater matching bra and panties, long dress, hose and flats. The small overnight bag filled with warm nightie and makeup with a few things in case I met someone new. I had been with a new guy earlier this week that I had met in a bar. He invited me to his condo and after a great early evening of sex we both passed out. He tried to wear me out. Some guys I just don't understand how they last so long. Lots of lubricants is about the only th… Read more

Posted by mrnancibarnes 3 years ago 3 2,822 80%

Gambler's Luck

First TimeTaboo

b*****r and s****r find each other in the "action suite". The first time I ever fucked my big s****r was completely unplanned, I swear. Do you know those hotel suites for big gamblers that you read about with the stripper poles? It starts there. I'm a bit of a degenerate gambler. I live a pretty quiet life in a city in Nebraska as a law clerk. You can live inexpensively. Then twice a year, I go to Vegas and blow it all. I mean, all of it. If I have a nickel in my pocket on the way out of town, I drop it into the airport slot machines. And if I win off that, I might have to put off my fligh… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 4,981 100%

Making Their Baby 2

First TimeTaboo

When they broke, they looked at each other. Smiling, they both said, "WOW"! Then they began to laugh. Shannon moved then looked at her father-in-law. "Jake! When I get up, your pants are gonna be ruined. I haven't cum that hard since the first time Taylor fucked me. I don't know if I squirted or peed or both." Jake helped ease Shannon from his softening dick. And as soon as his dick popped out of her pussy, a flood of juice flowed from her pussy and covered his dick and the front of his pants. Shannon looked down at the mess that her pussy had made on his pants. Laughing, she walked to… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 1 4,776 100%

Loving The Neighbors

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

Mom & daughter get to know the guy next door I live in one of the many subdivisions that dot the landscape of the southern states. My subdivision has about 80 homes within its borders. It is composed mostly of White middle class families. But it also contains about 10 Black families and 3 Spanish families. I happen to be one of the Black families. This story is about another of the Black families that live here. It is a story about what happens when a woman is left for long periods without the sexual satisfaction of her partner. I'll call the woman Karen. She is perhaps in her 40's. Looks i… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 1 6,001 100%

Tiffany's Revenge

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

This never would have happened if he could have just minded his own business. But he hadn't and now there was hell to pay. Tiff's b*****r, Rich, had caught her making out with a boy when she thought no one was home, and said he would tell their parents on her unless she didn't clean his room every week, and do all of his chores around the house! Like hell she would, that's the last thing she'd do for him! She planned to get him back somehow, she just didn't know how. One day while searching the kitchen for an afternoon snack, she came across a bottle of root bear flavored liqueur. She thoug… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 1 4,857 100%

Uncle and Niece

First TimeTaboo

As a widower I spent most of my time on my own, at forty-three I was too young for the Derby and Joan club and too old for the modern dance halls, which left the pub and the cinema, neither of which filled me with 'joy' as they were usually filled with young louts kicking up a racket or causing trouble. The one bright point was the infrequent visits from my s****r, Amy, and her k**s, John and Eve, the k**s in particular made me feel alive as they rushed around the place in their younger days and as they grew up they kept me in touch with the 'younger' generation. For some reason when John… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 4 9,493 100%

women are not innocent


Ive been observing women for years and have come the a fair conclusion. Women are no where near as innocent as many try to make us to believe. They also have many double standards. I hear so many arguments women have with their boyfriends about giving attractive female co workers a ride home. On many occasions i have given female co workers rides home and have watched them lie to their man about how they were getting home. Women spass out when they look thru their mans phone to find pics of women. Yet they send each other men pics as well as look on line as well. Women just know not to store s… Read more

Posted by addictedtooralsex 3 years ago 4 1,906 88%

Making Their Baby

First TimeTaboo

Dad helps to make daughter-in-law pregnant Jake sat at the dinner table looking at his son and daughter-in-law. They seemed such a happy couple and the love that Jake felt for both of them was obvious. It was Wednesday night and they were at Taylor's house having dinner. This had become a regular event. Taylor got up to help his wife Shannon clear the table. They never allowed Jake to help even though he always offered. When they came back, it was with a steaming pot of coffee and the sweet rolls that Jake loved so much. They watched as he took a bite. Then his eyes rolled up in his hea… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 2 5,947 100%

Cum & Pizza (True Story)

Gay Male

I was ordering pizza for the f****y, and had to pick it up so left right away. On the way to getting it I drive by a local Rest Stop known as a Bi/Gay hangout. I notices that there were 5 or 6 cars and no one sitting in them. So I pulled in and walked up to the Out-Door Outhouse, There was only one guy inside side the stalls so I acted like I was taking a leek. I saw the guy looking at me thru the glory-hole. I started getting hard just looking at that eye looking at my cock. I started the pull on it until I got totally hard which only took about 30 sec. because I was turn on. I took a ste… Read more

Posted by fatmanjake 3 years ago 4 3,086 100%

Queen of Hearts


(Romance) An office romance is dealt an important hand by love. * * * * * * * Thursday's temperatures wavered between cool and warm. I waited impatiently for the finale of a sudden downpour before opening the window near my desk, to coax the outside in, to cleanse the stuffy office air, to linger near for the cool, damp breeze to finger my warm, dry face. April's weather was not on my list of favorites since the renewing season and I parted company last year. But that changed today—the long winter was over and I welcomed back spring and made amends. Still I was restless and rubbed the… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 1,968 100%

Uncle Charlie finally has both his s****r and his

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

"Hello Uncle Charlie. Hi this is Tiffany. Are you by chance going up to your cabin this weekend?" "Great! Do you think I could come up and spend the weekend." "No nothings wrong, I just feel a bit burned out. I figured a weekend without the phone or friends would recharge my batteries." "You still call me baby girl after all these years." "Thanks Uncle Charlie, you're the best." I hung up the phone and smiled as I lay back on my bed. I had planned this moment for months. I thought back to the time that caused me to feel this way. I was 16 and lived with my mom. My dad left… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 3 12,131 97%



My parents were helping me with my first year college tuition and board but made it clear that I was on my own as far as paying for fun. There was no money for a car so I made do as best I could. Without a car, I was very limited as far as part time employment was concerned so I fell back on the familiar job of babysitting. My parents did help me get a credit card with a low limit but I had to make the payments myself. I enjoyed the use of the card a little too much and soon had the limit maxed out. Now, the little money I earned babysitting was all being used for paying payments on the c… Read more

Posted by jpln 3 years ago 1 10,936 100%

country love


I lived out in the country on a gravel road.All that was around me was cotton and rice fields.The houses were spaced out my nearest neighbor about a mile. It was peaceful and plenty of privatcy.I was 18 and kind of wild and horny.I had been with alot of girls and was quiet good at throwing the ole dick.I was glad to hear that someone new was moving in down the road.when i saw them moving in i went and interduced myself.It was a recently divorced woman and her daughter.I was blown away by the daughter.She was about 5-5 115 lbs.of sexy.Her hair was brown shoulder length,perky breast,and her ass… Read more

Posted by creekman1978 3 years ago 1 1,699 100%

When My Wife Met Shane Diesel. True Story

HardcoreInterracial Sex

Now this happen some years ago. When Shane and my wife were much younger. Before Shane became the Pro he is today. So here goes. Early in our swinging days there was a point where my wife became a "Size Queen". The size of a mans cock was more important then looks or skin color. And since she had had only one BBC in her life, ( a high school friend ). She didn't care about skin color. Only that for her 30th birthday I would surprise her with a cock big enough so that she would remember turning 30 for years to come. Well since the internet was coming of age. And seeking fresh meat was s… Read more

Posted by sg2848775 3 years ago 4 5,563 87%

Start of a Beautiful Threesome Part 2

Group SexMature

As I arrived in the parking lot, I saw them walking towards the door. “Hey, Peter, how are you?” I shook Jean-Louis’ hand and kissed Betty on both cheeks. “Did you walk here?” I asked. “Yes, we live just around the corner.” We all did our separate workouts for an hour, the met up in the sauna again, which was empty. We all sat naked on the upper bench with Betty in the middle. She sat very close to me, closer than to her husband, which he didn’t seem to mind. I felt very challenged, as she rested her hand on my thigh for quite some time, sometimes rubbing it very gently. Betty slapped… Read more

Posted by suaveliso 3 years ago 1,224 100%

D's story Part 2


In the car I wanted so badly to ask Him what was inside me but I held back knowing He would tell me if He wanted to. He made small talk the entire way to the restaurant. I replied to His chatter the best I could wiggling in my seat a bit at that feeling of what was in me. As we pulled into the parking lot and parked the car He reached for me and kissed me hard. my body quivering under His touch, i felt His hand slide down between my legs. Instantly i spread my legs for him. He smiled at my obedience and tapped my pussy and said " later baby'll see". Sitting at our table w… Read more

Posted by lovelicks 3 years ago 2 1,086 100%

Bath time (first story)


(This is my first time uploading a story+writing one in the english language.... i find it very soft and somehow romantic? hope you'll enjoy) His arms were wrapped around her half naked body,his chest pressed hard against her back as the room started to be filled with warmth and steam. They both just stood there against each other,feeling each other and chatting,waiting for thier bath to be filled. He started to kiss her neck and shoulders as his hands started to roam all over her body,making her shiver to his hot touch,leaning closer to every kiss and tilting her head to give him more… Read more

Posted by baby_luna 3 years ago 9 1,895 100%