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The Call Girl, The Lawyer, The Wife, & The Voy

Group SexVoyeur

It was roughly a 6hr flight from Boston to San Diego, and I had thought that I would sl**p most of the way. At least that had been my plan on the red eye, but as it were my mind wouldn't let me. I was looking for a new start. My mind was always wandering in Boston. I was distracted constantly with the thoughts of her. No sooner had I sat in my first class seat, taking my blanket, and trying to fall asl**p the distractions came again. It had been six months since the last time I had seen her, but my mind didn't take me to that night. It went to our first encounters. The images were so vivid… Read more

Posted by kap007 3 years ago 2,249 100%

Dinner Guests

Group SexVoyeur

"Hiiii, guys!" Julie greeted Linda and Jack at the door with a friendly welcome. "Come on in." She kissed the petite, auburn haired woman and gave her a warm hug. Turning to the woman's companion, she took him in her arms and tilted her head upward as he brought his lips onto hers. Their lips remained together longer than a casual hello might require. "Mmmm, Jack, I was waiting for that." she said as her husband, Wayne, walked into the entry from the kitchen. "Same here, Julie." Jack replied, hugging her tightly. "Mmmm, smells good. Must be something good cooking. Hey, how's it going, Wayn… Read more

Posted by kap007 3 years ago 2 2,460 100%

Tina's First Exhibitionist Experience


Hi! My name is Paul and this is a story about me and my girlfriend's first exhibitionist experience. I'm just an average built 22 year old guy who lives in Europe. Like most students who are attending college in their own town, I live with my parents. My girlfriend Tina is 19 years old. She has long brown hair, and a smile that could melt your heart. She isn't really a sex bomb, doesn't have big boobs, or a killer ass, but her petite body and charm wouldn't be uninteresting to anyone. I met Tina for the first time about two years ago when I was at a friend's party at his beach house. Alt… Read more

Posted by kap007 3 years ago 3 3,574 100%

The Stripper Wife


My wife Karen and I have attended some pretty wild parties over the years that often involved getting it on with multiple partners. She even filled in as a stripper at a private sex show when one of the performers failed to show up. We often talked about what it would be like for her to take on a bunch of guys at once, although the idea of setting up a gangbang was something she had trouble with. Strangers were out of the question but she also disliked the idea of trying to approach this subject with people we knew. Karen didn't want to be seen as a woman would make that kind of request… Read more

Posted by kap007 3 years ago 3,311 100%

Miss Perkins: Tuesday

Lesbian SexVoyeur

Wake to my alarm and stumble into my bathroom. Remember to not take a shower this time, though I will tomorrow. Splash water on my face then get the radio on and brush my hair. Losing the curls but still looking good. Back to my room to pick out my outfit and I am not sure. Miss Perkins paid attention to me finally. The problem is I can only dress so slutty before the partners complain. There is a certain level of professionalism needed, especially in a law firm. Look at everything then toss caution to the wind, so to speak. I grab up a short skirt and one of the more revealing work shirts… Read more

Posted by kap007 3 years ago 2,319 100%

Girlfriend Enjoys Nude Camping


You and your girl are camping for the first time together. She strips naked before crawling into the sl**p bag at night and you have some hot sex. In the morning when you wake up, she is up already and you find her making a pot of tea on the fire, stark naked. "Hey, this is a public campground you know," you say to her. "You should put some clothes on." "Whatever... There is no one around. I like being naked. I feel free," she giggles. You just laugh nervously and go collect some firewood. You go 30 or 40 feet into the woods when you hear the sound of male voices approaching the ca… Read more

Posted by kap007 3 years ago 2 2,744 100%

Ellen at Leisure - Femdom World

BDSMGroup SexMasturbation

Her black tailored business skirt stretched across her hips in a perfect fit, the white blouse tucked into the neat waistline withouth a bulge or ruche in sight. The elegance of her attire was emphasised and confirmed by the males in the room with her, and when she relaxed back in her leather chair and crossed her legs with a gentle sigh from her sheer stockings, those same males stiffened to full erection almost as one. Ellen looked at them appraisingly. They were fine specimens certainly and chosen from her harem. Was that quite the right word she wondered? Certainly they were hers, altho… Read more

Posted by KCUM 3 years ago 1 760 71%

first date P3

First TimeMatureVoyeur

Stepping outside into the darkened parking lot we headed towards the car. We were laughing and thinking about how shocked the waitress was. I’m sure we will get better service from now on I said. As we reached the car I took you by the waist and spun you to face me. I looked into your eyes and drew you close. Your hair was blowing in the light breeze as I leaned in and kissed your neck. Starting at the base near your shoulder I kissed and licked slowly up. Planting kisses all the way up to behind your ear your head fell back as you leaned away slightly. I reached my hand up to hold your head c… Read more

Posted by nicenhard50 3 years ago 676 100%

first date P4

First TimeMatureVoyeur

What kind of cuffs I said. You looked at me with a joyed and devious surprise. Don’t worry we can trade off using them you said. No it’s not that it matters I just want to know how long are you gonna keep me tied up. Till I’m done you said. I chuckled a little and said and how will you know? I’ll know because my itch will be gone. I leaned over and slipped my fingers back into your pussy and started to wiggle them, as I looked at you and said you mean the itch you have here? I then leaned further and licked up your neck to your earlobe. Your arms straightened against the steering wheel and you… Read more

Posted by nicenhard50 3 years ago 412 100%

Space Alien Girlfriend Goes Home

First TimeInterracial SexSex Humor

I met Angelica at my favorite Sports Bar. She was beautiful and I was dumb struck by this petite Scandinavian blond with an absolutely perfect body. Well, after a few days I got to know Angelica, our first evening ended with me getting a blow job at her place. But this is only the beginning of a new lifestyle that would change my life. You see Angelica is a space alien from the planet Gliesie, the closest habitable planet to earth. She told me that both Earth and Gliesie were biology experiments by a race of super beings. Gliesie, the more peaceful planet thrived and mastered the science o… Read more

Posted by captjim51 3 years ago 2 1,100 90%

first date P1

First TimeMature

We had arranged to meet for dinner. We had talked a bit online but had never met face to face. I had ridden my motorcycle to your house and walked to the door. I was early. Nervously I knocked. You came to the door wearing a casual sundress. It was sheer and low-cut with a mid-thigh skirt. I was in a gray pullover and jeans. You invited me in so you could finish getting ready. I couldn’t help notice as you stood in the doorway as you closed the door how the sunlight went through your dress and made you appear nude. I told you, you looked delicious and not to change a thing. You eyed me up n do… Read more

Posted by nicenhard50 3 years ago 671 100%

first date P2

First TimeMatureVoyeur

I grabbed the door and held it for you and heard you say thank you. Thank me later. The hostess asked how many and I said just the 2 of us. She then said booth or table sir. I gazed into the eating area and said booth. As she led us in I asked if we could sit in the back where it was quiet so we could talk. She seated us in the very back booth slightly hidden from view. Perfect I said. I sat facing the entry and you were seated opposite. The waiter appeared with water and asked what for us to drink, hot tea I said for both of us. He left and returned to take our orders at which time I told him… Read more

Posted by nicenhard50 3 years ago 721 100%

Part 2 from my Fuck Buddy


The second part has arrived. You really do need to read part 1 first! As I knelt over him he cupped my breasts in his hands and rolled my nipples between his fingers and thumbs tugging them up to their full length. Then he pulled me towards him & took first one tit then the other in his mouth. Licking and sucking hard on my nipples before slowly biting each one in turn. As he covered my tits with his mouth he reached down to cover my hand with his and direct my hand up and down his shaft. As my hand moved quickly up and down he held my breasts up against his face and quickly moved between t… Read more

Posted by black75 3 years ago 657 100%

My Friends Hot Daughter


My Friends Hot Daughter Natalie, your Dad asked me to talk with you because he is concerned about how quick you are growing up and some of the friends you hang around with. I took the liberty of going through your room and I found these things. What sort of f******n year old wears thong panties and has not one, not two but three sex toys. Don't try those fake tears with me, I have dealt with many girls like you. Your Dad has asked me to teach you about what happens to f******n year old sluts. Come here and take off that little skirt, leave on that tank top slut, I like how that looks. Now s… Read more

Posted by bob_brown439 3 years ago 21 8,287 74%

the perfect s;ut


I have you dressed in a tight, black sports bra, leather miniskirt, and knee high boots, nothing else. Your hair is braided down your back. I walk over to you, put my hand up your skirt, and start rubbing your newly shaved pussy. You bite your bottom lip, both embarrassed and excited by me doing it. Your pussy starts to get wet as I slowly run my finger along your pussy lips. As you start to get wet, you gasp a little and start to follow the rhythm of my stroking. I get hard watching you ride my finger and decide to slide it inside of you. You tense at the sudden intrusion and close your eyes,… Read more

Posted by sexybugger 3 years ago 1,314 100%

Jenny comes home, finally first fucks (#5)

AnalBDSMFirst Time

Time to take juicy Jenny finally for her very first time Since school sent her home for private punishment for her public pussy showing there, my dear dirty doddie had developed a fondness for serious spanking of private parts. Coming constantly without my permission, she postponed effectively her first fuck. Still she longs very much for it, as she is so in love with her mentor and teacher. Jenny badly needs to go to the bathroom, but I do not allow her to relief herself. To make sure she will be obedient, I stuck up a match inside her tighest hot hole. Jenny is still weak fro… Read more

Posted by petdyke 3 years ago 5 8,975 80%

Truth or Dare: With sis and her friends

Group SexTaboo

It was my first winter vacation from school as the first semester in school just ended. I was returning home for Christmas with the f****y. When I returned home, I noticed quickly how my parents home has became the new hang out for all my little s****rs friends. It didn't bother me much as most her friends were extremely hot. The only issue I had was that the television in the media room was always occupied. I would bitch a little but mostly I just watched whatever romantic comedy they were watching. My first few days were boring as most my friends either stayed at school or were doing the fam… Read more

Posted by seedspiller 3 years ago 5 12,612 92%

Me, Mom and the Hair Dresser

Gay MaleShemalesTaboo

Growing up as a only c***d I was smothered by my Mother, I don't know if it was normal ,but at 14 she was still breast feeding me,bathing me, and sharing one bed . I was a very shy boy, we moved every year so I was always getting beat up at the new school. I had no thoughts until my 14th birthday. It's funny how these things change so fast,I had received my first computer, I was looking up and typed in the words "Mother and Son" I was directed to a porn site one of the pictures was of a mature woman pegging a teenage boy wearing lingerie I got my first erection. So when Mom called me for break… Read more

Posted by sissytimmy 3 years ago 6,006 86%

Time marches on Pt 2

Group SexLesbian SexShemales

So, I woke up the next morning, feeling just amazing. I guess the more correct term would be sublime? I had Tiffany under my right arm, Amber and Summer had migrated over to the bed. I just laid there for a minute. I had my black shirt on, the button up one from yesterday, what can I say, it's my favorite. I didn't have my boxers on. Tiffany, Amber, and Summer were all completely naked. After a few more minutes, Tiffany woke up. I just smiled at her, "Good morning sexy." She smiled back, "Good morning to you too." We kissed for a moment then I heard Amber laugh, "Damn, you just woke up and you… Read more

Posted by wheels1825 3 years ago 2 1,350 100%

Daddy's Little Princess

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

We meet at the Safeway by your house. I’m shopping and you come up behind me and ask what my little slut is doing. Just picking up a few things for later. You see that I have some assorted veggies and ask what I plan on doing with those. You then tell me that I am coming back to your house where you will show me how to prepare those veggies. I will save this part for the next story. I’m a little nervous, but my cock is now twitching and growing harder and you can see it through my sweat pants. Quickly I pay and head to your house. You greet me at the front door and guide me in. You te… Read more

Posted by planeview650 3 years ago 5 9,957 88%