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My Son My Lover Part 1

This is not a real story.

Hello my name is Jane and I’m 38 years old and I’m happily married to my second Husband and I have 3 c***dren. my oldest is 22 and I twins age 5 and there my son c***dren and before I tell how my son became my lover let tell you about how he was born. P.sis we live in the UK

I was 16 at the time and I was on my final year at school my first husband was my boyfriend at the time and 6 months before the exams my boyfriend got me pregnant and 3 months after the exams I gave birth to my son and my dad made me marry my boyfriend and when my son was 3 years old I divor... Continue»
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I Just Sucked My 1st Black Cock

I'm just getting Home from meeting a Guy from Craigslist that Answered an Ad i had posted looking to suck some Cock ... This was actually the 2nd Cock I Sucked tonight about 3:30am I met a Guy out back behind the House in the Alley climbed in the Passenger side of His Vehicle and went to Work on His already Hard Cock ... He was kinda Medium Build with a 5 inch Cock and Huge set of Balls and they felt Awesome in My Mouth as I Worked them over till He Moaned and said He was Gonna Cum soon so I Went back to Work on His Cock ,He only lasted a few Minutes but blasted a HUGE load of Cum down My thro... Continue»
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Cinnamin Gets Sugared

Cinnamon Gets Sugared!

I'd been acheing for weeks to meet a new friend, a sexy little wench who goes by the name Cinnamon. What a doll, a figure to die for, eyes that sparkle with the magic crystals of life. And such a sexy mind, full of the most lustful juice of her ever quick wit and tongue. Cinnamon wanted something special, a diversion from the ordinary and of course, I had the most lovely idea for her!

I've always thought there was a bit of lesbian in Cinnamon, but like a lot of people she was unable to go through with the actual act of making same sex love. To give my precious ... Continue»
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It was inside me and I was powerless to stop it.

This story is tinged with shame, it is not something I am proud to admit to, but it happened when it was not supposed to, and as I recall the events, I realized just how easy it is to happen, and when it is happening, everything culminates to an incredible experience, and yes I have an extremely open mind and a willingness to be intimate with more than men.

I am older now and at an age where I can make such choices, but my first time was when I was confused about sexual matters, a hormonal imbalance that made me need to want it, not necessarily with what happened, but putting myself in such... Continue»
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Dinner and a Killing

"AHHHH!" I groaned

The water is nice and cool in my fur as I slid into it the Nanobots that were apart of me since the beginning had altered my body structure in different ways stronger muscles thicker bones they seemed to rewire my brain my hearing sight and the fact that I could see in all directions was due to their influence getting my body deeper into the water dunking my head till my ears finally went under the surface then I allowed my body to free float there in the nothingness of the pool with my eyes closed the fiber optic hairs that the nanos had infused me with gave me a sort of... Continue»
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Cobblers Beach in Sydney is a nude beach, it is one of the prettiest harbor beaches. It nestles into a little bay surrounded by steep hillside National Park. It faces west, so it’sis a perfect place to relax in the fading late afternoon sunshine. My wife and daughter were busy and could not come with me this time, so I went alone, just a towel and a small backpack with book, water and suncream.

It was about 4.30pm, the beach was pleasantly unpopulated, just a few people – mostly naked single men – lounging around. During the day there’sis no open sex on the beach, that takes place in the s... Continue»
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Fun at XXX movie theater

We had talked about maybe fooling around while in the theater. Not sure what to expect, we would see if it would work once we got there. But I told him, I'm not sucking any strange cocks in there. Those guys could be full of diseases. He said ok. We went to the theater. I was surprised, it was pretty big. Just like a regular theater you would go to now a days. There weren't many people in there. And from what I could see I was the only female. We picked an empty row and sat in the middle. Maybe six rows from the front. I don't remember the name of the movie. About ten minutes into it, the firs... Continue»
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Train Flash at a Very Young Teen

I never took a train ride in my life but here I was heading to South Carolina to meet my cousin for an early summer vacation and the cheapest and easiest way for me to get there was train. I boarded the train at 5:45 AM. My eyes were barely open when I got on and trudged my way through to a car that was almost empty and sat myself against the window. I had worked the night shift that evening and with the exception of stopping at home to shower, change clothes and grab my bags I had been on my feet all day. I figured I could get some sleep in an empty car where no one would want to chat with me... Continue»
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Home from college

So I went to my sisister in laws house for Thanksgiving. All the family was there as usual, including my annoying in-laws. I decided to get away from the family to sip a beer in peace and quiet, so I went out side. It was fairly cold, only about 30 degrees. Not bad but you need a coat.

A little about me. I am 42 and married. My wife is great but really not big on sex. I don't really mess around, but if the opportunity comes up....I will take it. I am considered good looking and I am in good shape.

While sitting outside, my sisister in law'sis daughter, Alex, came home. (Just s... Continue»
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Date Night (femdom classic)

DATE NIGHT (femdom classic)
A wife turns her husband into a sissy slut who is forced to service other men and women.

Tonight was"Date Night" and as usually was the case, I'd spent
the day in a high state of anticipation. My wife, Chris, and I had
created the "Date Nights" several years ago to merge our divergent
sexual desires into a mutually satisfying relationship.

My sexual tastes ran to the more exotic side of the spectrum bondage,
forced oral sex, prolonged sessions, feminization and role
reversal were exciting fantasies for me. Chris playing the
dominant role was a... Continue»
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Gilbert's Boy Toy...2

Gilbert was entering my bung hole with out any resistance as he ruthlessly worked his penis back and forth. With quick strokes, Gilbert was slamming deep into my bung till I cried out '...oooohshhhhiiitttt....' Gilbert lowered his face to mine and kissed me passionately on the lips probing my lips with his tongue.

I kept my teeth clinched as he did so, Gilbert bit my lower lips and mumbled '...damn baby, I'm cumming in this ass, I cumming in your ass...' I quickly grabbed Gilbert's ears and pulled his head back before he bit my lip into only to have him slam his penis as hard as he could ... Continue»
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Amsterdam by Jennifer to Porn Poet Peter

Lost and found, sweet start of a long love story of sex and spanking
I had just turned 18 and was so looking forward to this vacation to Amsterdam but things were just not working out. First the Airline misplaced my luggage so the only thing I had to wear was a short thin sun dress and then the Hotel I was supposed to stay at had overbooked so I had no place to stay so as I wandered down the street I sat down on a bench and started to cry. I had no idea but right across from me was a business called “Peter Pans Fantasy Book Store” and the owner was watching me out the window. He could ... Continue»
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Becoming Lisa

From when I was as young as 9, smooth and long blonde hair, I was always dressing in my older sisister'sis panties and bra, panty hose. My breasts were kinda girlish and i had long nipples that would get hard when I played with them. I was older now, but still only had a small 4 inch cock when it was hard. At least I could cum when I played with myself like this. We lived on a lake in the country in Texas and one day, I was playing with myself in the bathroom, in her pantyhose and bra one day when I thought no one was home and Linda, my mother'sis college roomate, who was visiting, walked in o... Continue»
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Mother In Law Blows Best

I met my wife in college and have a pretty great life. Her family is wealthy and I mean the type of wealth that allows you to shop in Paris over a weekend or take a private jet for a ski vacation, I can’t complain.
I have worked my way up the ladder in the family company and spend the majority of the work week travelling for business and away from home. My wife spends her days playing tennis, organizing fundraisers and socializing with her set. Whether she has remained faithful to me, I have never really had the time to be concerned. Our sex life was always minimal at best as my wife comp... Continue»
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An Early Thanksgiving Stuffing

I had a little time to kill while driving home yesterday afternoon so I took a detour and stopped by the adult book/video store to check out the booths and maybe get a quick blowjob. I figured I could at least knock one out before starting the long holiday weekend. I wrote about this place a few months back and I've been here a few times since for a little fun, but nothing worth writing about.

I parked, went in the middle door and bought a $6 video card and then back out and into the room with the tall booths. For some reason I always go into a booth in the middle of the room. ... Continue»
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louise and her neighbour(s) 3 young teen lesbian e

If you are new to my stories please read 1 and 2. Louise is 17 and a dirty blonde girl next door type with a nice pert bottom and c cup breasts. At the moment she is a dress size 10 and has a nice pink pussy with lips that slighty splay outwards and a small little "runway" type brazilian pubic patch.....

Louise left Gary's and headed for the swimming pool. Sending a message to vicky that she was going to be about 30 mins late. She walked briskly and met her friend outside still flushed and full of Gary's baby seed.

"Where have you been louey" vicky uses this as her friendly name for her ... Continue»
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Delia, Robbie and Me

My sisister, Delia, and I stood outside his bedroom door, both of us trying desperately to suppress a giggle. Our little brother was beating his meat again, and he isn't quiet about it. We could hear slapping noises, amidst the grunts and groans, as he whacked himself off.

"Oh God, oh God, Sib, suck my cock, baby...Dee, keep rubbing your pussy.... Ohhh."

Delia dragged me away from the door. "Did you hear that, Sybil? He'sis calling our names."

"I think it would be fun to make his fantasies come true."

"Do you mean fuck him?"

"Why not?"

"But that'sis i****t."

"And what we d... Continue»
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Meagan and Matt

I give my brother my virginity
I fell in love with my brother when I was in the eighth grade. I've always loved Matt, but when I was thirteen, I fell IN love with him.

At the time when I reached puberty, and my hormones kicked in, and all the other girls my age were going goo-goo over boys in our class, all my dreams and fantasies revolved around my brother, who is two years older than I am.

I had just started my senior year in high school, when on September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center was hit by two airliners. Matt felt he had to join up, to stand up for his country.

I was ter... Continue»
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I Love When He Calls Me sis*sis

A sisister lets her brother climb into her bed.
* *

I know this story is long, but I did it that way for myself and my own enjoyment. I also tried to make the "build up" as long as I possible could. It might seem more than a little bit excessive, but I loved writing it like this.

We were driving slowly because of the snowy roads. Mom and Dad were in the front seat, and I was sitting in the back seat with my brother Tim. I hadn't seen him since he left for college in September and it was so wonderful being close again.

I would giggle and he would call me sis*sis.

He always calls... Continue»
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Helping My brother

"You're shittin me." I thought there was a punch line in there from my big brother.

"I wish," and he cast his eyes down. "Don't know why I'm telling you this but you can't share this with a soul. Sara, I don't know who to go to. It'sis embarrassing. Sue does NOT want to have sex with me anymore."

I did not know what to say. I mean Nick is just 31, how could this be? A good looking guy. I began thinking about Suzanne and there was always something a little cold fishy about her and I can't say we were close. I love her as family but I'd have never picked her as a friend and never much unde... Continue»
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