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Moving Day

After staying at John McKay's house for the past week, I was asked to move in with him. I smiled and said yes, that it's about time for me to move out. John said he loved how me and daddy had sex, but he doesn't want anyone but him inside me. Then John tells me that he knows my history of sex at the shop, and that will be under his discretion only.

John rode with me to my house. We see daddy's car and some other car in the drive. I raised my eyebrows and smirked with hope of me catching daddy with another woman. He has caught me a few times, so why not catch him. As John and I walk t... Continue»
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Hell in a cabin

This story is written for the enjoyment of adults only.

Hell in a Cabin

My wife Mary and I had met in college and got married soon after
graduating. We were both in the business world and doing quite well.
We both worked long hard hours but made a nice living. After more than
two years without a vacation we had purchased a townhouse and furnished
it nicely. When we finally managed to arrange for a week off I had
gone on the internet and reserved a nice cabin on a secluded lake. It
was the only cabin on th... Continue»
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I Humiliate, Beat and Fuck a Middle-aged Slut

'I absolutely despise you… you know that don't you?'

She lowers her head in shame and replies just audibly: 'Yes.'

'You've let yourself go over the years… you used to be pretty… very pretty… and slim… now look at you…'

Standing before me next to the bed, in the hotel room, is Claudia and she is naked. She wants me to fuck her more than I want to fuck her and because there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world she is going to have to pay with a beating; maybe bl**d too.

'I'm sorry… I attempted to lose some weight for you… I really did…'

'You didn't try very har... Continue»
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Open letter from your once conservative squeeze...

Open letter from your once conservative squeeze...


Several years have past since the first time you brought up your little fantasy during one of our intense sessions where you would fuck me with all our toys before fucking me. You know the one you brought up during every session we've had since??? ; )

Since the very first time you brought it up I've been putting all the pros and cons into perspective to figure out if I (we) should move forward with it. Having said that, although the cons outweigh the pros, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. The the point where I've... Continue»
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Black Friday with kellykins2u


It’s Black Friday and I head out to the stores to try and find some deals. I get to the mall and see this huge crowd. I spot you in the crowd and work my way close to you I see you have on a sexy Christmas out fit.

I move so I'm behind you. I slowly move my hand to the edge of your skirt. I can feel you tremble as my hand touches you. I can't tell if it's from the cold air or the warmth of my hand. I see you lift your head and try to look to see wh... Continue»
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The Klinik Chapter Four

Arran hung from the web of creaking chain at a shallowly inclined angle above and to their front, suspended and immobile above the floor, an object of silent scrutiny for the three masturbatrixes below. A cone of torchlight within the gloomy vastness illuminated him in sharply defined and capering contrast, his white muscled flesh flickered and seemed to tremble within its stark light, alternating with inky black shadow as the inquisitive beam travelled across its contoured surface.

The silence of their mutual contemplation was broken.
A slow reverberating staccato sound, that of Chloe-Cel... Continue»
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Introduction: We develop a close relationship with

“God, Ellen, I'd love to take a swim in your pool. Do you think that you could lend me a swimming costume?”

“I'm sorry, Joy, but I don't own a swimming costume.”

“What? You have a magnificent swimming pool and you don't even swim in it?”

“Of course I swim in it. We all swim naked in our pool, and visitors are expected to respect that rule too.”

It was a hot Friday night. Joy and her husband Will, my husband, John, and I were sitting around a table in our pool area, digesting our barbecue. Joy and Will's two k**s, Mary (4 years) and Len (3) and our two, Dan (6) and Lulu (4) w... Continue»
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Introduction: We develop a close relationship with

Introduction: We develop a close relationship with an other couple

“God, Ellen, I'd love to take a swim in your pool. Do you think that you could lend me a swimming costume?”

“I'm sorry, Joy, but I don't own a swimming costume.”

“What? You have a magnificent swimming pool and you don't even swim in it?”

“Of course I swim in it. We all swim naked in our pool, and visitors are expected to respect that rule too.”

It was a hot Friday night. Joy and her husband Will, my husband, John, and I were sitting around a table in our pool area, digesting our barbecue. Joy and Will's two k*... Continue»
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From eyes contact to anal in less than 10 words.

There's something about slipping inside a new girl for the first time that always blesses me with the hardest of hard-ons. I'm feeling quite proud of what's brewing in my pants tonight. The woman is more gorgeous without her top than I had thought to imagine. I am sitting back in the couch, she is straddling me and I know she feels my bulge on her wet cunt through our clothes. My left hand is on the small on her back supporting her slightly. My right hand is gently squeezing her firm C-cup pyramids. Back and forth, back and forth. Let me be clear, I have no intention of making love to this hor... Continue»
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Camping with my girlfriend

Quick background info for those who haven't read any of my other stories.
I'm a bi-bottom guy, and I'm submissive by nature. My submissive side was always a secret until I started to experiment with my girlfriend of 3 years which led to her becoming the dominant person in our day to day lives and led her to cuckolding me and also watching me being fucked.

Now that the background info is out of the way we can start with the story.
This story is about a cuckold experience I had with my girlfriend which led to a gay experience for me.
The story is pretty long and has a lot of dialect, so tr... Continue»
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My Cuckold Experience - The Day After My Wife

(Part 2)

I open my eyes, and try to stretch my arms. The back of my hands hit the cold black metal of the headrest to the bed, with a loud clinking of the steel handcuffs. My arms were aching a little from being held up to the headrest all night long, I'm still handcuffed to the bed and notice my wife absent from my side.
She didn't return home.

In truth, I'm frightened by this, what if something had happened to her. What if the young stud turned out to be a real bad egg and hurt her. All sorts of scary thoughts start rushing through my mind, I try to release my arms from the cuffs b... Continue»
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Making Love to My Best Friend

Sarah was a breath of fresh air when we met. I was a 30 year old single father and college freshman taking American History. I had come back to school to make something out of my life after years stuck in a dead end job and even more dead marriage. My life was stagnant and needed a change.

Sarah grew up in Soviet Russia and immigrated to the United States after marrying an Army private after meeting him in Germany during Oktoberfest. Once they returned to the States, her husband began to abuse and neglect her. She had separated from him in December after a brutal Christmas fight.

I saw ... Continue»
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Party by Tay'aria Ebony

When I was younger, I snuck out to my first house party. I told my parents I was sl**ping over at my friend Quay's house, but they didn't know that her mom was fine with us going to the party. Her older s****r was out of town, so we raided her room to get ready. We stole some makeup. I wore purple eyeshadow with hot pink lip gloss. And we raided her closet. Quay wore a pair of black booty shorts and tied a bandana into a bikini top. I had snuck a pair of black heels from my mom's closet and borrowed a purple mini skirt and a black fishnet top.

We walked a few blocks to the party and went ... Continue»
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Latrell by Tay'aria Ebony

I have a friend named Latrell. He's almost forty now - married with four k**s. When I was little he used to babysit me whenever my usual sitter was busy. He lived in the basement of my aunt and uncle's house until I was in high school. When I was over there when I was younger, I mostly watched TV. Sometimes we would play board games, but for the most part I entertained myself.

One night my parents were gone until almost three in the morning. My uncle worked the graveyard shift and was at work. My aunt was asl**p upstairs. Latrell asked me if I wanted to come down to the basement. I shrugg... Continue»
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In the Locker Rooms

"Nice job tonight," Jacob said to Carl.

Carl smiled at Jacob. "Nice job yourself. You scored the winning touchdown,"

"Yeah but you made the awesome pass. Hey, need a ride home?"

"Yeah but first I need a shower. Wait up?"

"No problem,"

Jacob smiled his warm smile with his perfect white teeth. Jacob was a very hot eighteen year old boy. He had long black hair and kind brown eyes. He had a deep tan and he was extremely tall. He had a six pack and was one of the strongest k**s in school. All the girls swooned over him.

Carl was also a looker. He wasn't as tall as Jacob but he was... Continue»
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One Lonely Night

I recently heard my mother taking a shower just before I went to bed. I was sitting in the lounge when she came to say good night, wearing only her nightdress.

As she kissed me I started to fondle one of her breasts. For a few moments she seemed to yield to my touch, but then she abruptly brushed my hand away.

"But we can't...we mustn' isn't that I don't want to let me help you..."

I was seated in an armchair and she had been bending over me, and then she knelt and undid the zip of my jeans.

Taking out my penis she said, "This is all I can do for you," and she s... Continue»
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Educating my innocent cousin

This is a true story that happened when I was in high school.

My cousin Sylvia and I were exactly the same age. Our families were close, but we lived in different cities, so we only saw each other for holidays or for a week on a summer vacation every once in a while. When we were younger, she was just like any one of my many cousins, someone to run around and play with. As we became teenagers, like any teenage boy, I couldn't help but notice that Sylvia was becoming a woman, getting tall, with long, dark hair and breasts that had started to grow. Still, she was my cousin who I had known and... Continue»
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A little role play sex chat session with a new f

To be continued .....?

freakyericaI would greet you dressed all sexy in stockings garter and a g string smelling of my fav Victoria's Secret Heavenly perfume I would take you by the hand to the bed and have you stand at the edge while I sat with you between my legs and began to rub your cock threw your pants and gently blowing my hot breath on it threw you pants and slowly taking it out and licking the head down to the base and then licking and sucking on your full and swollen balls back again I take you all into my mouth as you put your hand on the back of my head gently grabbing my hair... Continue»
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Sucking a complete stranger whilst being fucked wi

My phone buzzed shortly after I was showered from basketball and back at my desk. That was my invitation to play. The text simply said ‘come now to suck two cocks’. I had fantasised about having two men for a long time. The Magician seemed to know my mind and how much I longed to be dirty.

Although we had only known each other a few weeks, already I trusted him implicitly. Deep down I knew if he was there it was safe but the nerves were consuming me. A twinge of excitement grasped at my stomach and I could feel my pussy leap. I made my excuses to my employees and made my way to his house. ... Continue»
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The Benefits of Joining a Fraternity

I have a strong sex drive and back when I was a college freshman my sex drive was unstoppable. I tried to get laid as much as I could but still that wasn’t enough so I often had to resort to jacking off in my dorm room.
I was taking a lit class one day and feeling very horny. There was this girl sitting about two rows in front of me that I took notice of. She was cute but not so hot I would have to put effort into getting laid I figured. After all, all I really wanted was a wet pussy to blow my load in. Her name was Leslie; she was a brunette with tan skin, and kind of nerdy looking with gl... Continue»
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