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Pantyhose outdoors

I have been wearing pantyhose for many years, my favourites are tan or nude sheer to the waist. I love to wear them and to see others wearing them, male or female. Anyway as I said I have been wearing for many years including for sex with my wife but I love to wear them under my trousers when I am out and about on my own shopping. It's a big turn on wondering if somebody will spot that I am wearing them. I usually take my camera with me when I go out because if I get an opportunity to safely take a pic of my pantyhose covered cock I do. It's been getting more and more difficult to do this with... Continue»
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early mornings

was already late for work by an hour but hadn't had any in so long that I had to have it and she was awake. so i started by sucking on her nipples a bit. playing with her clit. rubbing it ever so gently while tonguing her nipples till they were hard. i can't suck on them too hard because it will turn her off. so i just remained patient. sucking, licking and flicking at her nips with my tongue and toying with her clit with my fingers until her clit started to stand up too. then when she started to moan ever so gently i climbed in between her legs
I slid my bbc over her clit a few times so she ... Continue»
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We met on a sex site after all (transcript)

you currently appear offline

I sent a pic as a file here on the IM

I've just logged in to messenger...

Oh..that's where I was talking to you from

a smile for you...
for some strange reason I can use messenger through my email interface...

Very nice!...thank you
I'll send you some pics

I hope i didn't shock you!!
I have your picture before me... the floral B/W number

Of course the hair!!


I sent a few pics by email

that is so lovely of you...

These pics aren't on any website...please keep them for you

you ha... Continue»
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Clandestine sex (transcript)

princess has signed back in.

i look at your pics a lot...

mmmmm... what do you imagine?

i think how it would feel in my mouth

would be so hot watching you lick and suck my cock
your nipples getting harder and harder


running your lips up and down my shaft
so hot

i think about what i did around your unit a lot

me too... I think about walking in on you and seeing you naked and fingering your wet cunt thinking about my cock

in the toilet downstairs? when i went in there?

my cock was so incredibly hard

its so ... Continue»
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by Hammertime

Ben and Paul slid the canoes from the back of Paul's pickup and down to the edge of the river. Liz was unloading the supplies from the back of the truck. They were about to embark on a two night trip down the river, a trip that Paul and Liz had taken many times before. It was a first time for Ben and he wasn't at all sure about doing it. Being on water wasn't one of his favorite things. The idea of white water ahead made him wish he had just told them no again.

Ben and Paul were college team mates and best friends for several years. Paul played quarterback and Be... Continue»
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3 Mistress and Me

For the love of me I thought I would only like shorter girls or girls that are my height. This time my friend Marco told me about three girls that he works with at a strip club that are down to for some fun. I call Mistress Alexa and tell her I want you and your s****rs for a couple hours. She then says "fuck you, your mine for the day" I then said "yes mam" she said "tomorrow 10 am, leave your door unlocked" I did so. Next day I see a black Mercedes roll up and park in my driveway. The three Alexa(23yrs 6'2), Pamela(33yrs 6'3) and Melissa(37yrs 6'4) come into my house dressed in all black lat... Continue»
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Public Restroom Fun

I was in Sydney on business and decided I needed to suck some cock so headed off to a retail store that used to have a reputation as a great spot to meet like minded guys a few years ago. I took the lift up to the fourth floor and found the toilets to be in the same position they used to be in but I was a little dubious as the rest of the store had been renovated and modernised. I needn't have worried as all the upgrading had been front of house though re painted there was little difference in the rest of the toilets an open cubicle told me that the dividing walls were still the old marble no ... Continue»
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Memories from my wank bank Part 1 : My First Footj

During the periods (sometimes lengthy) when I am not engaged in sex I fill that downtime by having a wank. Sometimes its while looking at pics or videos but other times I recall past sexual experiences.

The other day I accessed my wank bank and recalled the first time I received a footjob. I must have been around 18 or 19 and was at a party. It had gotten pretty messy and by very late in the evening a number of us were laying around the lounge in varying degrees of intoxication. I was sat with a girl who I had previously flirted with and that evening I had spent quite a lot of time with... Continue»
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Jenny comes home, horny from school, 1st time

Jenny comes home with a big blush on her face. I am not amazed at all, as her Head
Master had just informed me, he had decided to send her home with a letter for me.
She holds that letter in her hands as she enters our premises in her school outfit.

As your mentor, I was informed about your serious misbehaviour in sexual sense, Jenny!
Should I open this letter and read its contents out to you or do you tell me yourself?
I am so sorry, Sir. I was so foolish to take down my knickers as boys wanted me to do.
A teacher caught me and brought me to the Head Master, who sent me home with th... Continue»
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My first gloryhole and BBC experience

A few months ago I decided to go to a sex shop in South Jersey that was 30 minutes from my beach house. I was driving by when I saw it and, intrigued, decided to stop and have a look around. As I looked at all of the movies and toys they had, I noticed a small corridor to the back of the shop. My curiosity killing me, I decided to walk back there, noticing a bunch of booths lined up next to each other, with a few playing naughty sounds that I guessed were porn videos that other men were watching.
I decided to go into one of the booths and watch, just to see what the store had to offer. I po... Continue»
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My First Gloryhole and BBC Experience, Part 1

A few months ago I decided to go to a sex shop in South Jersey that was 30 minutes from my beach house. I was driving by when I saw it and, intrigued, decided to stop and have a look around. As I looked at all of the movies and toys they had, I noticed a small corridor to the back of the shop. My curiosity killing me, I decided to walk back there, noticing a bunch of booths lined up next to each other, with a few playing naughty sounds that I guessed were porn videos that other men were watching.
I decided to go into one of the booths and watch, just to see what the store had to offer. I po... Continue»
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The Photos

"Arch your back and spread those legs wider. We need to show off what the men want to see. You have it so flaunt it. Show off that sweet pussy. We need some naughty pictures for the cover of the video. That is right. Push out those big tits." He took about two dozen very sexy nude pictures before he changed the scene. "Now sit on the stool and spread those legs wide. Arch your back and stick those big jugs out. I want your left hand pulling on a nipple as your left hand is feeling your clit and fuck hole. First play with your clit till I tell you to move to your cunt hole. Then I want you to l... Continue»
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first time meeting the bull

My girlfriend jill has had me locked in chasity for a couple of months now .she has let me out twice since she locked me up.She has been getting an old boyfriend of hers named james to screw her and she has been loveing it and i have to say its been a huge turn on for me also .she goes and sees him and then comes home to me so i can clean her.jill had told me that she had convinced james to come over and show me how a real man *ucks.i was nervous and excited it was all set up for the next nite ..jill got ready early she had an awesome body 36d tits and a30 in waste long jet black hair .she put... Continue»
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whole something new

So I have a girlfriend and we do allot of stuff but like all men I have dreams. Every guy in the world will tell you that there are thing you would love to do that you keep to yourself and don’t tell your chick unless she’s in to that thing.
I got to do my dream thing last week and I just could not believe my luck. Let’s start at the beginning I move a few weeks ago and I don’t really know anyone in my area. So I'm on collage and I'm studying accounting but just out of high school so I'm still new with the hole outside world (adult world). Normally I go to campus at 9am but lately my classes... Continue»
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Night at the Gym

I’ve been a personal trainer for over two years and although I have been attracted to some of the most beautiful bodies you could imagine, I have never acted on any of my fantasies. I work mostly in a large gym and many of my clients are male. Not to brag, but I am in very good shape and I assume that I attract my male clientele partly because of my womanly charms.

Late one evening I was working with a young woman named Cindy. It was only our second session and we were still in the beginning stages of our training routine, plus we were still somewhat strangers on a personal level. Cindy was... Continue»
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When Teasing Takes a Turn

I sit straddling his hips, laughing as I swat him around the head with a cushion. He laughs back at me, tryng to fend off my pathetic blows. Looking down at him sheepishly, moving my hands to his ribs ready to tickle him. His mood changes, his chocolate brown eyes seeming to grow deeper as he gazes up at my downturned face.

“Are you sure you want to do that honey?” he’s challenging me, I know how much he hates to be tickled. “Why wouldn’t I want to?” I shoot back at him, eyebrows raised grinning wildly.

He lifts his hips up to meet mine, the seam of his jeans pressing into my crotch. H... Continue»
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s****r in Law

My wifes' s****r wasn't really any better looking than my wife. Little bigger tits but otherwise the same build. She used to have dark hair but in recent years she started changing to lighter colour and at time of this story she was light brown with blonde streaks. She was about 61 at the time but still looked pretty good. She always had a bit of a superiority look about her as if she was better than other people. And I had overheard her talking to my wife and telling her she didn't go in for any "funny stuff" such as sucking cock or any other position other than on her back. I had not planned... Continue»
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Bundi stuffs and facials Julie

*Opens her robe and flashes you*

*grins* Now I'm hard again.

*sticks his head in your robe and sucks on your nipple* o.o

*Lets out a little whimper and shivers*

*slides a hand between your legs and presses a finger against your slit and a thumb against your clit and grinds against you, tugging on your nipple with my lips*

*Squirms a little and pushes her robe open, letting it spill over the sides of her chair. Softly moaning with your hand between her bare legs she lifts her legs, dangling her naked legs over the arms of her chair*

B... Continue»
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Ann Kerr's Away

“Mum! MUM!”
Ann looked round. Jess was waving at her from the far side of the barrier. There weren’t many people at the airport and Ann smiled as she saw her and headed towards the girl, her suitcase wheels sending out a gentle hum on the smooth airport floor.
“Jess!” she said and they embraced.
“Jeff’s just gone to get the car and he’ll meet us outside,” the girl said as the two women headed towards the doors of the terminal. “How was the flight?”
“Uncomfortable,” Ann said with a smile. “I swear if they could fly you standing up they would. It’s the only way they could squeeze more... Continue»
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Sissy cuck pantie wearing slut, how it started

Although married to a lovely woman I have always felt attracted to shemales and men or just any cock really, I started wearing my wifes panties and wanking in them while she was out and often wearing them when we went out without her knowing. One afternoon I was sat at the computer wanking over some cock on cock pics whilst wearing a small pair of her panties, I normally lock the door and leave the key turned inside so if she did come home early I would have warning. I forgot on this day and knew nothing until I was sat there with my hard pumped cock in my hand jerking over some cock porn and ... Continue»
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