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my first time with a guy

about a year ago i went on a trip . i left my home town andwas goin to byron bay for my ex gf bday .On the way i decided to stop at a friends place on the gold coast .when i got to his place we decided we would get some d**gs ! we got our hands on some speed so we had a bit each and started chatting and catching up .somehow we decided that we would go have a look at the adult shome round the corner from his place . when we got there we broused bought a couple of items one of which was a black gstring which had a zipper in the front .I intended to wear it 4 my x at her bday as we still fucked ... Continue»
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my wife and our friend cuckold true story

where to start my wife loves her tattoos so one day during sex we like to play fantasize about her fucking another man while I watch so this one particular sex session I asked her if shed like to fuck the guy who does her tattoos she said yes straight away but she said hes an ex weight lifter so he may have a small cock I said only one way to find out try it she said ok. so two weeks later off we went to get her this tattoo I said what you getting she said wait and see so off we went. when we got there it was quite we went in sad down and he said what would you like she smiled and pulled out a... Continue»
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Sharing my sister part 3

This part 3 where my education really began.

As stated in part 2 the previous few days were taken up by the Easter Holidays so no opportunity offered it’s self. But on the Wednesday morning I was woken up by the front door slamming as my mother left for work, leaving the house free with just myself and my 2 s****rs as my dad would have left about an hour earlier. As usual I had woken up with my cock rock hard and aching to cum, I reached down under the duvet and into my pyjama bottoms and gave my cock a few tugs before having a wank in earnest, so threw the duvet on the floor and pulled my... Continue»
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The Girl I Never Met (Though I Wish I Had) Part 1

DISCLAIMER - Aside from my attending Job Corps in the Mid 1980s, the following story is FICTION based on an Erotic Dream I had last night. In other words - IT DID NOT HAPPEN & IS #NOT BASED ON REAL LIFE EVENTS during my stay in the Job Corps program

I also posted it in my Pornhub Feed. As such, IT IS NOT STOLEN !!! ANY reports to the contrary are FALSE & UNTRUE !!!

That out of the way, it all goes like this.....


I had this VERY erotic dream last night

I dreamed of my days when I was in Job Corps (For those who don't know, that's a place where you can get educati... Continue»
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Paybacks Are Hell - The Gangbang

Paybacks a Are Hell
So I get a call from Denise, a friend that I haven't spoken too in about four years. She tells me that she was in town and would like to get together. I tell her that I am meeting my husband for lunch and she was more than welcome to join us.
As I see Denise walk in she looks just as she did when I had last seen her. Denise is 38 years old, she is a petite woman 4'8" about 118lbs, nice sized breast, light milky skin with deep natural red hair, married with one daughter in collage. She was a wealthy stay at home mom, dressed quite modestly and was always very involv... Continue»
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The Sexy Wife

Sue was getting dressed as her husband came in their room. He held her close then at arms length and told her "You have such huge tits. I just love them. When I took your naked pictures I have them on my phone and laptop where I can see them any time I want to. They always make my cock rock hard." He then ran his hands over her large jugs then began to suck on them. Many nights when he got home from work he would remove her top and play with her tits and then keep her naked from the waist up just to be able to touch and suck her monster tits. She had huge globes and nice big cherry sized nippl... Continue»
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Fucking my Buddy and his TEENAGE Daughter

I am over 50 and even though I'm in decent shape, I'm STILL over 50 and thought that I would never get another chance to fuck a young sweet teen again.

One day, a buddy of mine and I had just come back from a hunting trip and I dropped him off at his house. While there, I saw his young daughter for the first time since she was little and she had grown into a hot little thing with tiny tits, long legs and that sweet little face you see in high school all the time.

I spoke with her a bit while her dad poured a few drinks and just before I left, she gave me a big hug and a little kiss on
... Continue»
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White BBW Meat

Finally, moving day was here, and it was time to get things going. My son had moved out , and I no longer needed a two bedroom house. I found a cute little one bedroom,groumd floor flat in the same neighbourhood, but a hell of a lot cheaper. I had everything all boxed up and ready to go, and decided to put up a pot of coffee, in case the movers needed some extra energy. As I hit the button on the coffee machine, the doorbell rang. I opened up the door, and there were two huge black men standing in my doorway wearing t-shirts that said "Manchester Movers", I stepped back and let them ... Continue»
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A Game Where Everyone Wins

"And how do we play this game of yours?" I asked.

"It's pretty simple." Sasha replied, "It's kind of like
the basketball game 'HORSE' except it's different moves
on your partner. So, when one couple does a move, the
other couple has to mimic it to the best of their
ability, and then it's their turn to make a new move."

"Sounds like a plan babe. So it's us verse them?" Said

"HA! HA! Sorry, but there is a slight twist in this
game. It's going to be chicks verse dicks."

"Woah, this is bullshit! I spent my whole night dancing
and talking with Lisa here, only to g... Continue»
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My Aunt, My Mistress

My Aunt, My Mistress

I had just turned thi....teen that summer, when Aunt Susan came to look after
me, while my parents went on a 3-week trip to Rodrigues Island, in the Indian
Ocean. I liked Aunt Susan. She was unmarried and led a life filled with friends,
mostly unmarried women like herself, and seemed to spend her spare time going to
the newest shows,visiting all the clubs, or going off skiing or on extended holidays.
She was somewhat older than her s****r, my mother, but although she was approaching
forty, she kept in very good shape by doing aerobics, and she was tall, with
... Continue»
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porno filming

I sat in my small flat wondering how i would pay for my holiday, my car ,my furniture, I had expensive taste. It was almost twenty thousand pounds I needed and I had nothing. You had found an ad in a girlie magazine offering one thousand pound for an hour's work. Just sex with two other men. Despite what porn stars said on camera, it made me nervous and warm. My stomach turned when I rang them. A lady answered saying they would fly me to Los Angeles and back after the shoot. She asked for a picture so emailed it. The woman said she would call back in an hour to let me know. she did call ba... Continue»
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sweet pain

I arrived at your place at 8pm , just as you had asked. I knew not to be late; you was very strict about such things. I knew that if I were late, you would be angry with me. I straightened my dress, a simple pink dress that fit tightly over my tits and hips and stopped somewhere around my mid-thigh. I also wore the pink high-heel shoes that you told me to wear. Underneath the dress was my white satin bra and white satin knickers you had sent me especially for tonight. You always sent me new lingerie before every new encounter.
I knocked at the door and heard you walk towards the door to op... Continue»
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My car had to break down in the middle of nowhere. As I looked around all I could see was hills in the distance.
I hadnt passed another car for atleast 2 hours. And it was another 2 hours to the nearest town.
All I had was a frilly mini skirt and a tube top and my string bikini kexs. I could see my nipples poke through the top. I hadn’t worn a bra. I don’t generally wear tube tops as I had 34DD breasts.
I could see something coming from down the road. As it came closer I could see it was a huge 4WD.
I started waving like mad. It started slowing down as it got closer. I had a moment of ... Continue»
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office wank

I closed my eyes while rotating my head it had been a long day, and now it was almost ten thirty at night and had a pile of work to do before tomorrow! Deciding to take a break, I stretched, and , cupped my full chest All of the tension in my body seemed to have moved down to my pussy, which by now was literally dripping and throbbing iwaiting for a much needed orgasm!!! "better not I've got loads of work todo," but I knew the only way that Id ever get done was if I could get some relief for my throbbin clit!!! I knew I was on the 28th floor so the blinds being open didnt matter. ... Continue»
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a qwikie

, we were in the living room of a friend of my fella, who was working away, which has no curtains (needs a woman's touch) and it was nighttime. Which meant that anyone outside could just see right in. He started kissing me and feeling my tits over my shirt . I was getting really turned on but was worried about people seeing in. He convinced me it was late enough that everyone was asl**p and no one would be walking by there.
I didn't need much convincing - by now he had slipped his hand under my shirt and was tracing his fingers around my hard nipples ever so slightly. It was making me incred... Continue»
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taxi ride

Me and my fella went to a couples club one night. We rented a room in a hotel so we wouldn't have to drive after we got d***k, as we knew we would. We have never been to these clubs before and were nervous We aren't swingers but have often fantasized about being watched flashing and my guy wanted to see other guys fondle me from time to time I dressed in a very short, black dress. It was a halter style dress that tied behind my neck and was very low cut, showing off my lovely new 34D tits. The hem of the dress was probably a good 6" above my knees...meaning that it came down barely enough t... Continue»
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park walk

You was watching a movie on TV when I came in and said I was going to take the dog for a walk. As I walked by I bent over and put the lead on the dog and I flashed to you that I didn't have any knickers on under my skirt.
You sat back down to watch your movie but something nagged at you The more you thought about it the more uneasy you became. Finally you had to check it out You went to the park about two blocks away. I had about a fifteen minute head start on you . Once in the park you took the path I do when I take the dog out. I went round a path that allowed me to see qiite far ahe... Continue»
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Day out and nightime

On arriving home after collecting my son I had a bath to ease away the pain of the afternoon. As I lay there in the sweet scented bubbles I played it over in my mind. Getting myself quite horny again, I rubbed my clit and soaped up my pussy,although sore it felt good. I heard the front door closing and you shouted to me wanting to know where I was,I called you into the bathroom and as I lay there gently rubbing my pussy I went over the events of my day with you. You sat there eagerly listening to my every word. Your eyes lit up as you wanted every detail of the afternoon explaining to you. I c... Continue»
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It was the 2nd day of our holiday and we had been lying around the pool most of the day, it was a lovely quiet place and sometimes it seemed like you saw no one for hours on end. I closed my eyes against the sun and could hear you talking about the heat making you horny. I lay there listening as you went into detail what you were going to do. As you were speaking your voice trailed away and my hand went to my pussy I tickled through the material of my bikini, over my lips and my cllit until it became too much I had to apply pressure. I wanted so much to rip my bottoms off and throw my legs in... Continue»
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Woodland Sex

We amble through the woods on our afternoon hike and we find ourselves tiring, so I take us to a quiet place that I know of.

It's a secluded opening in a nearby wooded area with an old log for us to sit and we sit upon the old log and we stop to sit and to eat. You take off your jacket, revealing your body under your tight fitting exercise shirt and I can't help myself to look at your protruding breasts. You then take a sip from your water bottle, spilling some on your shirt, I then find myself in a lust filled urge.

You see me looking at you lustfully and you give me a coy smile telli... Continue»
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