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Hi, I'm Mariel, read this and get to know me.

Monday morning 3rd February, it's 06:30, very dark outside and cold, but as usual I sit in a slightly modified room, and as I look to my left, the imagery that brightens my eyes, is my nude reflection, my breasts heavy and my nipples harden as my thoughts think about men, and my hand feverously click on the mouse as if in a mind of its own, knowing where the men are, and as I read their comments, I can't help but feel my warmth and wetness, as I relax and chat, knowing that with one click I will open their eyes and let them inside my room to see me, 'Do you want to fuck me', I ask, there is a ... Continue»
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A night in the park with a dad from school.

Sam's phone beeped with an incoming message. She look at the illuminated screen displaying the name of a dad of her son's school friend.

Strange, she thought why would he be texting her as they had barely spoken over the past 6 months. In fact last time they saw each other which was only a couple of days ago all he did was give her a smile and said nothing.

Sam, opened the message and she couldn't believe what she read - 5 words. "I want to fuck you"

Sam was surprised because he seemed like a quiet shy guy and with them both being married he was taking a huge risk sending the messa... Continue»
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The bitch got the spanking she deserved!

My wife and I went to Vegas a few weeks ago, on a Friday. She was on a business trip. There was a convention there. I went to get a tan and look at the women. I'm not much of a gambler.

We drove up to the valet and then checked in. They gave us a room on the 27th floor at the MGM Hotel. We got to our room when I realized I had forgotten my shades in the car. My wife said she was going to shower and take a nap. Since she was supposed to go to a late cocktail get together that night.

I was walking out the front doors with my valet ticket. There was a really sexy brunette with her hair up. ... Continue»
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Many moons ago

Nature's Delightful twins (and body)

Twin Breasts

This story goes back many sunrises and moon sets.

(60 years ago things were different then> but good!)

I was a young 'strapper' back then playing football, horse riding and playing cricket and loved to swim.
At the age of 15 mum took sick so dad arranged for me to go and stay with some good friends of his at a favourite beach side town.
The people weren't rich and lived in an old railway cottage ( right beside the tracks) yet still close for a quick walk down to a lovely white sandy beach.
Here the waves were high but gentle but ... Continue»
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first time 3some

Despite losing her virginity at an early age cass never seemed to experience the magical sex that her friends would talk about , the earth shattering orgasms the sexual memories and she had put it down to just that her body wasnt designed for that type of sex , she evjoyed the sex she had , it was 'nice' and 'enjoyable' but she had already at 22 resigned herself to the fact she would not have the other magical sex .
cass's sex life and indeed outlook on life changed when at 22 she had an encounter with a mature gentleman who had a flat on the same floor as hers and despite that first night be... Continue»
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My friends come over for dinner and my girlfriend

Quick background info for those who haven't read any of my other stories.
I'm bi and submissive by nature. My submissive side was always a secret until I started to experiment with my girlfriend of 3 years, Sue, which led her to becoming the dominant person in our day to day lives and later led her to cuckolding me and I also had a few experiences with guys as well.
Now that the background info is out of the way we can start with the story.

This story happened a few days ago. I woke up and looked out the window and I was pleased to see that after a week ... Continue»
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The Club

Beth was just twenty one and needed sex bad. She dressed for a pick up and went down to the SheWolf" club. She wore no bra under her see thru top and a short skirt with no panties. She set at the bar and watched all the sexy women there. It took no time for an elderly good looking rich lady to sit beside her. She was dressed sexy and revealing showing a huge set of tits. She said "Are you looking for a bitch tonight?" Beth answered "Yes, my pussy is on fire." The lady smiled and ran her hands over Beth's legs and up to her pussy where her legs were spread. The lady rubbed a finger across Beth'... Continue»
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My first BBC cheating fun

My name is Vanity and i do love my boyfriend but this is the story of my first BBC.

So it was a weekend and me and my friends decided we needed a girly night out and got ready to hit the town. I have red hair and stand at 5ft4, a average build with a 36d bust size which i must say are my best feature other than my bum.

An hour past and me and my friends were on the dance floor singing and dancing are hearts out when i decided it was time for another drink and headed to the bar. I could see guys from all over the club checking out my tits as i wore a dark navy blue tight dress with a low ... Continue»
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The Ugly Truth

A friend and I walked through the park as a shortcut on our way to the bar across town. Along the way he gestured toward the upper end of the baseball field I looked at.

“See that guy at the plate?” he asked.

“Yes.” I said and glanced over him, to find him kind of ugly.

“He’s got a big cock and loves to have a man suck it. You should try it sometime.”

I felt surprised to hear those words. I looked the guy over a second time, but didn’t think him much to look at. But someone once told me the same myth that applies to black men, applies to ugly men. I can’t lie; it made me right curi... Continue»
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Wal Mart arrived in our town several years ago with American flags waving, apple pie, and much fanfare. With all his money, good ol' Sam Walton-- who was still alive then-- wasn't even generous enough to provide the requisite commercial coffins for all the old f****y owned businesses he killed in downtown Angel Hills, and every other small town in the midwest. He hasn't killed everything else in our already shriveling town yet; there are several defiant soldiers still writhing in their death throes. There's still Hansen's Lumber and Hardware, because Wal Mart doesn't sell lumber, still Kimis... Continue»
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Power Line

Part One

Going Camping but things take an expected turn from being out of work to
getting a good job and fitting in with the crew very well

John my mate came over to see me and since it was nice and warm with
temperature outside around 85oF. I grabbed two beers and we went outside
and sat under the trees where there was a nice breeze.

John said he had just been laid off similar to me however we both do have
reasonable funds so he is suggesting we head out into the desert take our
swags so we can sl**p under the stars but at the same time we can always
sl**p in the back of the tr... Continue»
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Three's not always a crowd

Miguel and René- Three's not always a crowd.

I didn't want to go to the pub with Miguel. It was about 2 weeks after Easter break and I wanted to write some letters to my parents to soften the hard feelings about going to Miguel's f****y's home for the holiday rather than to New York and tell them about my holiday.

"But it's Portugal in the finals" he crooned, coming close to stand between my legs where I sat at the dining table with my sketchbook and journal out. I was flipping through postcards and printed photos of Miguel's f****y and estate that I wanted to include in my letters. "Qu... Continue»
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Rural Love

Chapter 1


I heard the yell of my Aunt Paulette clear out to the barn. She and my
Uncle Nick had taken to raising me after my mom and dad died. It wasn't a
good memory.
At least Mom and Dad died together. All I had was a mess of memories and
a lot of nightmares to show for our house burning down and taking them
away from me.

The metal of the wood stove burned through, and the hot coals landed on
the floor. The problem was, I had thrown buckeyes in it, and I felt
guilty as hell. Maybe they would have lived had them buckeyes not gotten
thrown in there.

Eve... Continue»
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A Loving Wife Dies: Painful Truths

Terminal woman makes a last confession

It is indeed a very old story but it is one that must be told again and remembered. A life time of love and happiness, and a loving f****y is very important to all of us. I only wish this was fiction.

She was dying. The last days were here. After 3 years of cancer, she was at the end of her fight. The Doctor that had broke the cancer news to us way back then broke it to the survivors

Our four c***dren:

Our oldest son, Paul, 40, his Wife Joan 36, with three c***dren

Our oldest daughter Patricia 37, her husband George 39, with 4... Continue»
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Out shopping

I'm just out, casually shopping for some deals on jeans at one of my favorite stores. I especially like this store because the dressing rooms are right in the men's department, and they don't bother with attendants either- makes it so much easier. I'm flipping through some stuff on a sale rack, when I notice you a couple displays over, looking over a table of golf shorts. I leave the rack I'm at and walk over to one that's still a couple racks away from you, but on the same aisle so I can get a better look.
You're dressed for comfortable shopping- nice snug sweatpants, short-sleeved zip-up j... Continue»
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our friend part 2

so after last weeks fun , hubby had organized graham to visit again last night ,so i made a bit more of an effort and wore my silk dress , but this time we were all sober and a lot more nervous , graham is our age and divorced and is quite shy so i think we all fit quite well , it started off i cooked a meal for us all and we had a glass of wine and it was all fine a little tense , nobody was sure what was going to happen , so i cleared the table and left the boys to it , so i was out of the room for about 10 minutes and when i entered again hubby and graham were huddled around the computer lo... Continue»
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Confession - Friends Wife

Confession. So I was inviting home with my friend from the Air f***e. We were both on leave and I had no plans for the weekend. We traveled back to his town and we went straight to the local for a couple of beers.
After an hour or 2 we finally made it back to his house where his wife had prepared a meal for us. It was the first time I had met her; she was a little older than us and very homily. We ate the meal and started on a bottle of wine. The drinking went well into the night all 3 of us were very d***k by midnight, time to go to bed.
I was awoke next morning by a familiar sound coming ... Continue»
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The popular beach resort yields some wid analy add

My tour of active duty was winding down and I was set to be honorably discharged in July 1963. My addiction to anal sex had only strengthened during my four years in the Marine Corps. I was absolutely enamored with beautiful female asses. I loved the contour and curvy shape that went with a bubble butt on women and even some gay men. It was obvious that the female ass was something to behold. Why else would magazines such as Playboy select models with perfect asses for their centerfold girls? It was May 1963 and some of the guys were making weekend trips to Myrtle Beach.

I hooked up with tw... Continue»
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Fam Camping Trip

After a 5 hour drive we reach our destination. We rented out a cabin with the f****y for a week. No internet no civilization just the middle of nowhere. I was ready for this challenge as being born and raised in the city. We're pulling up running over the mud and twigs and stop in front of this 3 story cabin. It was nice indeed. We greet the f****y members and unpack. The rooms were located on the 3rd floor so I had to carry a bunch of luggage there since my room was damn near the furthest one. As I'm carrying my luggage my aunt rubbed my arm and squeezed my biceps telling me how I look so man... Continue»
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A Valentines surprise (fiction)

Valentines day was around the corner and all of my friends would be spending it with their girlfriends. I was going to spend it at home alone again. They decided to set me up on a blind date. I knew that resistance to this idea was futile so I agreed to go on this date. They and their girlfriends knew someone in my exact position and felt she needed a date also. I told them to have her meet me at Bertinelli's at seven. I also told them that I'd be wearing a black tuxedo. I got to the restaurant at 6:50pm and told the matre'd that I was expecting a young lady to join me. At seven I saw a beauti... Continue»
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