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My Wife And Her Jeeja

I am Adarsh, twenty seven years old working as an engineer in a multinational company. I was married last year to 23 year old Neha who is very beautiful. She has a great figure 32B-26-36. Though the breasts are compact they are very shapely and compact. She has a milky white complexion and long hair. Neha is the third of three s****rs who were all married and settled down in the same town. Our first night was ecstasy and we had sex several times. Neha was OK and appeared to be enjoying sex.

We have now been married for over a year and were having regular sex getting bolder everyday a... Continue»
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When caught

Gary and Debby had been our neighbors for nearly 12 years. During that time good friendships had formed between me and Gary as well as my wife Nancy and Debby. Gary and Debby had bought their corner home in this newer part of town. As soon as the home was built, they secured a loan, went through all the hoops, and had themselves a nice place.

Three months later, the adjoining house was finished and put on the market. It wasn't quite as large but it was the only two story home on the street at that time.

I worked as an insurance adjuster as well as a high school referee during football se... Continue»
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Shy Wife Fucks Stranger for Husband

I suppose this story starts with the love of my life; my sweet wife, Claire. She is truly the most amazing woman I have ever met. Everybody loves Claire. And aside from being a great wife and mother to our three k**s, she also has an amazing libido- always eager to have sex. She is 34 years old, and even after having three k**s, still has rocking body. She is 5'4", has great legs, and beautiful "C" cups. We have been married for five years and have enjoyed amazing sex from day one. You would never guess it by her modest appearance, but she's that rare woman who gets turned on as easily as a gu... Continue»
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Playing with wine bottles

Object Confessions

Let's get this out of the way right up front - any woman can have any guy she wants. So this isn't about whether or not I can get a guy or have sex with a guy. No man I've ever met is going to turn down pussy or ass, and if he does then either a gal is doing it wrong or his interests are invested in other men. And a lot of gals do it wrong, or get all messed up in their head over "Is it love?" and "Is it a LTR?" and other crap - and none of that has a thing to do with providing an available pussy and ass for an available cock.

I had to get that off my chest because peo... Continue»
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Playing with wine bottles (continued)

But it's there, this totally consuming intense feeling that makes my whole body shake and my knees go weak, and I slump down on to the bottle with all my weight - reaching down with my hands to hold the serving set ring in an attempt to manage balancing my whole body on my pussy. My arms are pushing my breasts together in front of me, and I can't see past my cleavage and the lace, so all I can do is feel how my pussy is still stretched and yawning, the burning continuing as I slowly slip further down the smooth glass sides of the bottle. My belly is shaking, and there is nothing I can do to ge... Continue»
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Nursing Neighbor Part II

I was relaxing between Judy's legs with my cock deflating inside of her, feeling my cum running out of her pussy, and continuing to suck her milky nipples as she lay back after having had several strong orgasms when I heard the distinctive sound of a key being pushed into a lock. I looked over the back of the couch to see Debbie coming in with an armload of books and her tits pressing against a white blouse under a blue school sweater. I quickly ducked back down, and she didn't see me. I felt Judy lurch under me, as he had obviously heard the door open and knew it had to be Debbie.

The b... Continue»
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Kink at the Hotel

OK think a good fantasy might go a little something like this..

Warning adult content below.

Through my wonderful typing skills and hummer through emails I get you to meet me at The Waterford Hotel(63rd and Penn) for cocktails. Whenever I see you I compliment you on how pretty you are and how good you smell. As a collector of colognes myself can appreciate the importants of good smell. Your straight hair is looking beautiful. The lounge is pretty slow and we have a secluded c... Continue»
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Jenny comes home, to stay as sex student (#4)

Love lessons at last after a long lasting tasty tease
All warm weekend Jennifer is terribly hot and horny for more of my love lessons.
The tasty teen tries to tease me all the time. I can even smell how sexy she feels.
I pretend I do not notice her state of sexual arousal, playing hard to get at her.
The sexy school girl even has to endure my lectures in the surrounding game of Go.
She likes the idea she can be taken prisoner or even captured, but not being killed.
I explain her about the concept of 'false eyes', but her eyes show she's elsewhere.
I quit teaching the ancient game... Continue»
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The third story inspried by Chloe Khan....

It was a busy Saturday night, the club was banging and the drinks flowing freely. Chloe was looking like Malibu Barbie, the special edition one with the massive tits, there wasn’t a man or woman in there that hadn’t stopped and looked and she fucking loved it. Chloe made her way back to the table where a few of her friends were about to do shots, she went to get her phone from her purse and she noticed there was a blindfold with an envelope attached to it. Curiosity took over and she opened it, there was a note inside “Call me slut, Rebecca xxx”. Chloe smiled and checked out the blindfold, unf... Continue»
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An Unexpected Visitor...

It was during the time of my college years that I was on the down low, my room mate Daryl would wake me in the morning during his physical exercises. That boy would do five hundred sit-ups and two hundred push-ups.

I would lay there pretending to be asl**p as he worked up a sweat, so many times he would leave the room to go and shower and I would dream as how it would be for the two of us to engaged in wild sexual acts.

This morning classes were canceled due to heavy storms approaching our campus, the dorm monitor brought us the news and advised us to notify him if we decided to leave... Continue»
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Sin-in-law in Bondage

My husband's younger b*****r lives with us while he attends college. We have fixed up a room for him in our basement. Sometimes I clean his room and one day, I came across a box under his bed that was full of pornographic magazines. Many of them dealt with bondage. The magazines had color photos of nude woman tied up in all kinds of positions. I just couldn't understand the appeal of being tied up like that and on a lark I wrote my b*****r-in-law a note and stuck it in the magazine. I told him in the note that I thought it was kind of silly for him to have these magazines. Later that night whe... Continue»
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Unexpected very satsfying experience

The following story was compiled from a series of chats with a happily married bisexual woman I have never met. She is about 60 years old. In answering my many questions, she wrote:

I started touching myself when I was only about 7 years old, and that's when I first came (though I didn't realise at the time that this was what I was doing. I just knew I felt really magical when I touched myself in certain places, so I made sure I did it every day!). It was a lovely way to fall asl**p at night.

My lifelong friend, Ann, and I met when we were about 13, but we only started our sexual relati... Continue»
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'Caned at the Barbecue' - Memoir

She is naked on the bed next to me. I have been scratching her lightly freckled bare back and smacking her lily white and firm buttocks – she relishes that – and now I have her left arm held firmly behind her head, her long, curly and chestnut hair flowing onto the pillows. My right hand moves to her groin whilst I bring my mouth close to her and begin to whisper in her ear…
‘You are at the barbecue… the barbecue we are holding for our friends… but it is also just before a quarter to four… and the first Sunday of the month… and on the first Sunday of the month… every month… at four o’clock w... Continue»
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Bitch-Wife Strapped Across Tits Before Being Rough

You get off the bus. You walk down the road. You have just finished work. You are looking forward to having something to eat. You know that your husband will have cooked a meal for you. Chances are it will be something… bland.

There are no surprises in life anymore.

You love him. No, you think you still love him but life with him has become predictable… tedious.

Deep down you have become resentful… angry. You punish him by restricting and denying him sex. It hurts you but it hurts him more. You have become spite... Continue»
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My first trip over a woman's knee for the sli

When I was growing up in Cheshire corporal punishment was a regular occurrence. I got it once as a junior, but never at secondary school which as quite extraordinary given all of my mates did. I did get extremely close to it once, being reported to a master who always slippered, and never gave detentions. I remember waiting for the master to return to the library, where his office was situated, and getting a sympathetic look from the female librarian who clearly knew what was to come. What happened? Well he gave me a detention, and my mates couldn’t believe it! I spent the rest of the term wor... Continue»
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The initial characters:
Grandpa: Dan is 68, a widower, very healthy and alone for several years.
Granddaughter: Jane, 18, a pretty, very beautiful teen, unmarried with a
new baby
Granddaughter's best friend: Misty, 16, petite but very pretty, Asian,

High school student

Misty's friend: Lisa, 18, cute, very petite and also Asian, High School


At first, when Dan found out about his Granddaughter's pregnancy, he was
shocked and a bit angry, especially when she moved out of her home to live
with her boyfriend,... Continue»
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A Job For The Cuck

MY Girl friend jill has had me locked in chasity for almost 4months now she has allowed me to get off
three times so far and has also started letting me watch her bull *uck her so far its all been a real turn
On for me.The only thing physical she lets me do for her now is eat her puss*and ass which i have become
very good at.She told me the other night that she had a job for me and that i mite even like it. Jill had a
friend named candy,candy was a little over weight but she was quite pretty and had awesome tits. Jill said
that candys boyfriend did not like to eat her but that he ha... Continue»
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Beaten for Money by a Very Cruel Woman

She is not a nice woman, not nice at all, she hurts people, seriously hurts people, especially males, and I, trembling with fear, am awaiting her arrival… her imminent arrival


I need her… crave her


Without her I would be worthless… totally worthless


With her… I am not quite nothing


That, like it or not, is the way it is – understand?

I am naked, by the door (I mustn't delay her in any way for her time is precious) and quivering with the sweet and sour tang of rising terror waiting for Her to buzz… the buzz... Continue»
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dirty old neighbor 2

after my first encounter with david the dirty old man from next door I couldn't get the image of his big cock out of my head and went to sl**p with one hand down the front of my red panties frigging myself and wondering what his cock would feel like deep inside me. I woke up in the morning to another hot sunny day I'd promised mother that we'd do some shopping down in the town,but on noticing that the neighbour was busy carrying bags of compost into his house this gave me an idea .I apologized to mother saying that I didn't feel up to going shopping and blamed it on yesterdays wine and sun ,b... Continue»
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A Letter to My Wife Becky (The ultimate revenge fu

My Dearest Becky,

If you are reading this, it means you are at your mother's house and you have discovered we no longer own a home. The key in this envelope is to a storage facility on Green Street where you will find all your clothes and personal items.

I paid the rent for one month. I didn't have time to box it up neatly so I hope you don't mind the 12 garbage bags I used. I tried to be gentle with the fragile items. Well, I tried.

Thank you for leaving me the handwritten letter on the mantle when you and Brad left on the 2 week cruise with those tickets I brought home. You were so ... Continue»
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