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Corrections Officer

It has been the few months on the job as a corrections officer at the county jail. My assignment is the overnight shift in the women’s block. Although it is technically against the rules for inmates to be sexually active with each other to keep lover quarrels at bay, it is rarely enf***ed.

Two that were always sexually active in the middle of the night were inmates Cece and Kay. As I would make my rounds, I would stand slightly out of view and watch them through the low light. I could hear their whispers and muffled moans. Only seeing glimpses in the low light my imagination would fill in t... Continue»
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New job, new secretary.......

Things were finally starting to go my way, I'd just accepted a new job for a rival firm better company car, better wages and as an added bonus I'd be getting my first secretary. As it was my first day in my new job I picked out my sharpest suit, I wanted to make a good first impression grabbed a cup of coffee and headed out of my house. I'd been to the office for my interview but the huge marble clad reception of the building was an extremely impressive sight as I approached the reception desk the pretty receptionist looked up "morning you must be Mr Smith , Mr Jones is expecting you. Take th... Continue»
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Fucking the women across the road

This women thats lives across is fat & gobby anyway one day about 6 months back she shouted me asking if I could unblock her sink I said ok when I walk over she only had a dressing gown on I ask where the sink was she show me in the kitchen I had a look from the top & shove a spoon handle down the hole for know joy so I ask her to empty the cupboard under the sink so I could take the u bend off I got under & unscrew the bend I took it outside to clean out came back & started to refit it I could feel something rubbing my side I looked up & she was stood there one leg on each side of me I look u... Continue»
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Episode 29: Ellie's Diary

Hi, my name is Robert; my bratty little s****r is called Ellie and she's still a virgin. I was checking through her underwear drawer the other day and found this diary hidden behind all her knickers. I pulled on the pink ones covered in cuddly bears over my cock and stole her diary back to my bedroom.

Author's note: It's often quite difficult to separate fact from fantasy in ch1ldrens diaries: little Ellie rarely stops thinking about sex – who will take her virginity? When will her breasts grow? Whether she will ever like boys? So when she writes about stumbling across an old-fashioned toy... Continue»
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Mating ritual with Daddy and me

CREAMPIED Often and Always do what your Daddy says No Matter What:

Here's my philosophy behind real men and their actions, how to enjoy the process by embracing the moment (dick in front of you), and a story of one of my favorite partners I have EVER had. This guy is just a stud. Old like a Silver Daddy should be (55), but has the MUSCLES (still stocky and slight chubby from drinking beers every day) OF a young teenager with test levels through the roof. He is 5 ft 9 inches 220 lbs thick meaty physique bald and bear beard that screams MAN. He really tested my ability to keep servicing him w... Continue»
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Female Perversions for Different Cock.

This is something of a taboo subject, but it is real and continues to happen everyday in our lives. In this story I shall try to explain why women do this, I have done it and will tell you how I felt before, during and after, and if I will continue to do it, but please, if you wish to comment please do so after the story not in a private mailing, as I dont really like that.

Please read on and see if you like my theme and the fact that we do it.

1. If you look carefully at pet lovers, what is it you notice first?
2. Who was it that said, 'Women are a different species from men'?

A cou... Continue»
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Female Perversions for something different.

This is something of a taboo subject, but it is real and continues to happen everyday in our lives. In this story I shall try to explain why women do this, I have done it and will tell you how I felt before, during and after, and if I will continue to do it, but please, if you wish to comment please do so after the story not in a private mailing, as I dont really like that.

Please read on and see if you like my theme and the fact that we do it.

1. If you look carefully at pet lovers, what is it you notice first?
2. Who was it that said, 'Women are a different species from men'?

A cou... Continue»
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Bathroom LoVE...

When I was around 7 years, my cousin was 14 years old. I ran into their house and searched for my cousin everywhere. When my aunt told she was in her room, me, without thinking ran into her room and that was the first time I saw her naked boobs. She was getting dressed for the function. I immediately turned around and came out of the room. I cursed myself for not knocking before entering the room. I guess even she was not used to lock her door to get dressed, after all she just reached her puberty, how would she know. But slowly my thoughts went on to her boobs. At that time I didn‟t get it. S... Continue»
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Sidewalk Catfight

It started with my temper versus some local trash a couple of nights ago and within moments I’d lost all decency and composure. I’d come out of my local bar alone although there were other people milling about on the street outside. As I walked down the pavement, a woman approached me and asked if I had any spare change. She looked rough in jeans and a hoodie top compared to my dress and coat which, despite my voluptuous and curvaceous figure, did suit me well. I merely apologised and said I had nothing and continued walking.
“Lying slag”, she shouted back. I turned around to look at her... Continue»
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Sex at the reunion

I was at a large end of summer f****y reunion party. I had just gotten out of a relationship with a younger girl a few months before, and had spent my summer fucking everything I could. So its Saturday afternoon (this party starts on Friday night and goes thru Sunday) and I am by the pool with my s****r, b*****r and s****r in law. We are just talking when I look across the pool at a girl I hadn't seen before. She was wearing a conservative 2 piece swimsuit, that hid a knockout body. I went over and introduced myself, her name was Angela and she was from out of town. I met her parents too, ... Continue»
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When I was in college, a girl I knew started coming on to me. That wouldn't have been a problem, except she was, 1, very aggressive, and 2, married. I'll call her Meg and her husband Josh. I'd met them through a good friend of mine, a woman I'll call Ashley.

When I say Meg was aggressive, I mean aggressive. I worked in a dry cleaners, Meg'd come in, ask to see me, and proposition me at the front desk. Customers would be waiting, and Meg would be leaning over the counter, saying "Come on, Mark, I want your dick! Fuck me right here!" All I ever did was tell her to go away, but even so my bos... Continue»
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We had fun after the sex club

We left club and reached their home. Guy is Gopal lady Sunita, boy Jimmy.
Gopal introduce us to their son. The boy looked very young age. He was handsome boy. .
Jimmy had tee shirt and short. Gopal served us drink. After little chit chat Gopal said let us show
our house. We all followed Gopal/. Pari was in front of me and Bhua behind me as we waled the hallway. I pinched Pari and bhu saw me she pinched me from the back. The room was dimly lit. The floor was. Floor had thick mat on floor. Gopal open the other door we saw that was the shower room.
Room was Shower head was on top big too. ... Continue»
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A servant and Mistress Part 2

Part 2

I slept the sl**p of the dead that night, and awoke late the next
morning. I lay on my stomach as I realized the sun was already shining,
but I didn't care. What was the worst she could do to me, whip me? I no
longer feared her whippings. The pain I could handle, it was her I could
not. I felt I hated her with every fibre of my being, more than I hated
sin. She was evil, pure evil, and I wished it had been I who had flogged
her, even if it meant that I had to receive twice as much, it would
still be worth it just to see her crying and writhing under the smack of
the leather ... Continue»
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18; Out Driving with Daddy and 4 Men.

The word 'Dogging', kind off bypasses many people.

Last month in the press, three young woman all schoolteachers were prosecuted under the public indecency act, for visiting and participating in 'Dogging', they went individually and were caught in a sting operation, in total, seven women and s*******n men, good odds for a horny girl to get into, but when you think about it, why not?

I was still a girl when I found out about it, and it was close to home when I did, as both my mother and father were, as they say, 'Doggers'.

It's not like its a club or something like that, you dont sign... Continue»
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Dominant gay man introduces virgin sissy to paradi

Dominant gay man introduces virgin sissy to paradise..
In a slow process.. of awareness.. of her own gay tastes!
becoming a submissive slut.. has often some delicious steps..
and this story.. is so detailed.. to describe every single moment of slave role acceptance.
I confess you.. for me, it was so hard.. to resist to cum.. during its reading.
so enjoy the sissy story number 21! ;)
Anna Malice
Until your ass turns into a pussy
I had known Mitch for a while, he was this gay man some ten years older than me who hung out with the same people I did. I knew he was into this whole bondage... Continue»
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Her First Fully Fashioned Stockings

Tonight was a special night for Valerie. She would be celebrating her new job offer in New York with friends and f****y at a going away party in her home-towns fanciest restaurant. She had spent the afternoon shopping for the perfect little black evening dress and satin shoes with a satin purse to match. As a finishing touch she splurged and bought herself a pair of her
first fully fashioned stockings. She wore stockings with all of her skirts and dresses but had never worn a pair as nice as fully fashioned stockings were.

Valerie laid the new purchases out on the bed and showered and ... Continue»
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More Than Just A New Years Kiss From My Son

My Son Took Care Of His Mom’s Needs At New Year Party

I was so looking forward to our customary New Year’s Eve party at a hotel with my husband, until he told me our 18 year old son, Nick was coming this year too. It is the only night I don’t feel like I have to be a mother and can have wild abundant sex with my husband, that’s if he’s up for it.

The night was going alright, considering, most likely, with the speed I was drinking my champagne and I could not wait until I got my husband back to our room. Dressed to hopefully thrill and titillate my husband in to having sex in my ... Continue»
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A Hard Road to Happiness Ch 1

My name is James. Back when I was a c***d I was very lonely and unhappy. My parents were divorced, I lived with my mother but my father wasn't really involved. I spent most of my c***dhood being put down and degraded by my mother. I went into a shell to protect my fragile feelings. I wasn’t a problem c***d; I guess I was just unlucky when it came to who were my parents. Don't get me wrong I love them and I'm grateful, but I just wasn't dealt the best hand.

Thinking back I never got many, if any, hugs from my parents. Oh sure they fed me, told me when to go to bed, and that they loved me bu... Continue»
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The Beneficial E*ucation

"'Night Mom," I said, hoping she wouldn't notice the
way I was covering the huge bulge in my crotch. She
said goodnight and headed off down the hallway to her

About a half-an-hour later, I decided to hit the sack
myself. I showered quickly, and headed down the hall.
Mom's light was still on, so I crept up to her door. I
don't know what I expected to see, but the thought of
my mom lying there in that filmy blue nightie of hers
had my pulse racing. As I got closer, I could see that
the light was coming from her bedside lamp. Mom was
asl**p, the unfinished book sh... Continue»
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hot slutty blowjob game with neighbor

Hey- just gonna post whats going on with me and my neighbor. I post, in looking for advice on how to take it to next step maybe, ideas and what to say.

About a week ago, i was talking with her and told her i was depressed and we were just chatting, and us each being single i took her up on her offer at end of the night when she said"well, how about i do something that will make you feel ALOT better" im like"gladly go on!" she then proceeded to give me 1 of the best blowjobs of my life, was amazing, she like kept it in her mouth for 15 minutes straight, when she got tired she just held it on... Continue»
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