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A Footslave forever Part 2

A Foot slave forever
Part 2

“Yeah, start running,” said Becky but as I started to stand, she again put her hands firmly on my shoulders, pushed me back down, and said, “steers don’t walk on two legs stupid; they walk on all fours; now get crawling; we’ll give you a ten second head start…, two…”
These girls were strange; they weren’t even dressed like cowgirls. I immediately began crawling away from them as rapidly as I could, but as I looked around the yard I could see that there was no where to go. I just headed for the fence at the back of the yard. When I heard Becky ... Continue»
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Black girls fun

Hi hope you like my story . My name is Sally im a 16 year old black girl i live in a town in the south of England where a black person is so out of place .I left school at 16 i tried to find a job but no one wanted a black person working for them all i could find was a cleaning job . We worked at night cleaning the offices in town one night i was cleaning this office of an accountency firm i saw a draw partley open in a desk being nosy i opened it up and found a lot of papers about off shore accounts being quite bright i went though them it looked like some one had been ripping the firms off ... Continue»
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Frank's Friend

Frank is a buddy of mine. We grew up and went to college together. While we were in college Frank and I went on a road trip from Lubbock to Dallas. We got to Dallas went to a few strip clubs and then finally found ourselves on Harry Hines Blvd. It was about 1 in the morning we were both horny and a little d***k. Frank pulls up to this leggy blonde in a short skirt and fishnet hose and asks how much. She told us she would do us for free for a ride home. We said fuck yes. Frank had me drive to her house while he had her in his lap, kissing and groping her. We got to her house and went i... Continue»
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“Some first date, huh”

So I had just gotten this new job at a fast food/dine in kind of place for the summer trying to make some extra money before the fall semester started. And there was this boy named Danny that would come into the restaurant every so often. He was really cute and had nice lean looking body. He was pretty shy but I could tell he was in to me because quite frankly the food wasn’t that good and he would always stop by during my shift checking me out. So a few weeks past and he had yet to make a move. I was a little hesitant as well because I didn’t know how accepting he would be of my “situation”. ... Continue»
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One of the things I enjoy most is exposing myself and masturbating in public places. Generally, I’m very careful and only choose locations that are relatively safe from me actually being seen. It’s really all about the “potential of being caught.” I always choose places that are frequented by adults, or older teens, and I’m very careful to not expose myself to ch*****n.

Sometimes I pre-plan my actions and sometimes I’m just spontaneous and figure it out as it happens. Those times usually produce the best end result, an awesome orgasm! That’s how it happened the night I walked into my l... Continue»
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Amanda, the Domina that was really a sub - Part 1

When you are a Dom you tend to attract subs and slave girls in much the same way bees are attracted to honey. Sometimes a good look is all that it takes for both sides to know. Still, while Dominating women would normally be assumed to be incompatible with you, since you technically have the same tastes, some Dominas are actually slaves in disguise.
I first met Amanda in a BDSM live show, in Athens. I took a few shots of her with her slave on stage. I found her very hot, beautiful and quite dominant on stage. Later on I realised we were already friends on facebook. So, I contacted her ... Continue»
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Julie - The second time we had sex

It was many years since our first experience - Julie and I, just to try and avoid editing I'll just ref to her by name, but for those that maybe haven't read the previous story, and apologies for typos, Julie is a very close relation to my wife, about 4 years older than my now wife.

One w/e Julie and Alan, her hubby, were staying over at our new place in the country. We had a fine meal, plenty of wine before, during and after; and had each retired to bed. The guest room is at the opposite end of the corridor to ours, but you need to pass ours to get to the bathroom or stairs.

I heard a... Continue»
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Me and 5 girls what a weekend! Part 2

We all took a breather after the intense first session. We sat around in the living room recovering and laughing at what had just happened. At one point Penny sighed and said that she wished she could ride my cock one time for old times sakes. She looked at Sam.

Sam said that it would be fine, after all she wanted to ride it too. At this point Penny was dumbfounded. She said "But you told me your were never with a man and you never wanted to be."
Sam replied, "I just watched this cock get three women off, and a couple of them multiple times. We use dildos on each other, so maybe the real... Continue»
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getting off at work part 3

What can I say, I'm a sucker for alliteration....
As soon as she heard the door click shut behind her, Rachel turned to David and pressed him against the wall with the length of her body, feeling his cock harden in response as she kissed him deeply, exploring his mouth with her tongue.  The possibility of getting caught was making her wetter than before.  She reached between them to unzip his pants, reaching to grasp the base of his cock in her hands and giving it a squeeze, eliciting a moan from David.  She let go long enough for David to pull the straps of her dress off her shoulders a... Continue»
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finally!!! we took the bbc

finally we gave in!!! was my wife's 40th birthday and after all the years we had been together(what to buy her)..
we talked 1 night in bed about parties presents and so on,,but she wanted none of them i'll leave it you surprise me..i was in the pub with my mate Alan and we were talking about this problem and out the the blue Alan said with a smile on his face,,get her a new cock!!! what..that's right treat her to a younger man..
i was in shock,,Alan said that's what i gave my wife but she 50 and was gagging for it..
how and why!!! well it started as a joke but it just went on from ther... Continue»
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Made her a slut

We wife Mary and I had been married for a while now and naturally our sex life has been getting a little dull, we have explored our fantasies in the past and it’s been amazing. She is now 29 years old and looking pretty hot still.
Normally my buddies and I play poker on Thursday night, get some beers and talk. One night we were all playing cards and drank a lot more than normally, that’s when we all started to talk about our girls. I was telling them how horny Mary used to be a few years back and, I guess the combination of being d***k and horny, I started showing nude pictures of Mary. I fel... Continue»
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maria +camilla

IT WAS just another mundane morning when I spotted the exotic sports car swerving erratically in the lane and veering dangerously on the wrong side of the road. Jumping into action, I switched on my lights and took pursuit only to eventually watch the silver Lamborghini finally come to rest by the side of the deserted road. Inside sat two very attractive young women, both dressed provocatively and clearly intoxicated.

"Is there a problem officer?" the driver stated through the window as she noticed me glaring directly at her long slender legs.

Distracted for a moment, I briefly fumbled w... Continue»
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I was home alone, my mom was on a three week business trip, my dad was working late. I sighed, my pussy throbbed for a nice big cock. I decided to call my boyfriend Jason, when i put on the sweet girl voice he came running. While I waited for him I slipped my hand down my mini-skirt and put my finger in my soaked pussy. Oh god I was wet and ready for him, i rubbed my clit reaching a climax and bringing it back down. I did this often it make my orgasm's longer, harder and very pleasurable. A knock startled me, Jason had left himself in and was in my door way. "Drop your fucking pants" I teased.... Continue»
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Gloryhole with Jo part 2

……………………… I got up and went and knelt in front of the wall took a cock in each hand, my heart was pounding so fast now I thought it would explode out of my chest, I leant forward and licked the head of this strangers cock as Jo had done it twitched as I did this, then I licked the head of the cock in my other hand and slowly sank my lips over it and started to suck and then back to the other one to do the same, I moved along to the next two which were both new ones and both softish, I took them in my hands, and began to slowly wank them much to their enjoyment as I could hear them talking to... Continue»
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roll playing and benefits

Worked on lady's house and heard how I reminded her of her late husband.
he did in work accident leaving her alone in her early 30's. She was not 40 and very lonely. I did her honey do list as side money for collage.
After a while I was invited to dinner after work. To make me comfortable a shower and robe. She washed my clothes, with in a week she had bought me clothes in my exact size. Right down to undershorts and socks.
Each day a reason to stop by and pick up something. She rented movie for after dinner. She ask me if I would give her one last night with her husband? Would I let her... Continue»
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My Sexy Niece

Quick Fuck just last night went over to my b*****r in laws for a little get together, alot of people were there drinking and having a good time, now my b*o in laws daughter is a beautiful 18 year old peice of ass, who i was lucky enought to nail befor and tonight was no diff, just we had to be quick about it with people in the house.

erin came over to me kiss me on the cheek with her big smile as always, we caught up and she said i will talk to you later, so i eat,talked it up,drank had a great time, i get a text from erin saying come to my room, so i excaused myself and went to her r... Continue»
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More Fun with Stuart and Julie

Brian leaned over to me, kissed me and held me close to his chest. He whispered in my ear that tonight is going to be a good sex night. I giggled back and said we will have to see if Stuart likes to be sucked off by another man. When I said that, Brian let out a loud chuckle and grabbed my ass. I stroked Brian"s chest and arms, as he slipped his hands down the back of my pants.

Julie began moaning as Stuart sucked on her tits. I seen Stuart help Julie off the counter, then seen her bend over to suck his dick. Brian already had my pants pulled down and was fingering my clit. I work... Continue»
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The Student House – part 1

I didn’t actually write this one, a really lovely friend called Wendy wrote it and asked me to have it published, so here we go – be kind to her in your comments won’t you:

A few years ago I had quite an amazing experience, anyone who knows me is just not going to believe what I was like. You know the way I’ve always been, so shy, so frightened, so not wanting to join in anything, well we had things called “student houses” associated with the Uni that have access to a library, computers and things where we can book in and spend loads of time finishing things off or catching up, whatever... Continue»
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mature lady of lust

It was a hot afternoon just like any other. I lay on the long couch in my apartment sitting room with my shirt open, trying to catch as much blowing air from my ceiling fan as I possibly could. My eyes were closed but I was far from being asl**p.

My eyes came open when I heard a knock on my door. I wasn't expecting any visit from anybody on that day – it was merely one of those days when I preferred being alone with myself and my thoughts. I got up and went and opened the door.

"Hi there, Jimmy," Anita said. She lived down the road from me. She was a definitely pretty sight around the ... Continue»
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First Impressions

First Impressions.

I had been separated from my wife of 3 months and was semi living with my friends in the House they were renting, when I met her. She came over to the house with her friend Nissa that was seeing my Pal Mike. She was cute average build and brown shoulder length hair and Brown eyes and a little southern twang to her voice.
Mike introduced us, “Will this is Shay, Shay this is will”
I Looked at her and thought Yeah I could Hit that, but I wasn’t really wanting to make a move because I wasn’t really sure how she would receive it. I mean where I come from there aren’t m... Continue»
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