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mfm with the wife

Many years ago well before having k**s the wife and I hung out with a single guy from my work. He lived in an apartment close to us. Once a month we would be invited over to his place for dinner and a movie or we would invite him to our place for the same. Often times we would play board games, card games or watch movies well into the next day.

For the next month we decided to introduce some porn movies. At first the wife was not into going over to his place. I went over and we ate some pizza. My wife called me and asked if it was okay for her to come over. We both agreed that would be fin... Continue»
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Female Led Relation - just a butler


My wife, Sarah is a CFO in a mid-size company. She often works long hours and I'm left alone in the evenings, and I watch television, work on our old house, and hang out being somewhat lonely.

In November Sarah's dad died after having been a little sick. We
were shocked and her mom decided to move in with us. I began
hanging out with the mom. She was still quite attractive and
more than average sexy. She was not as slim as Sarah, but she
wasn't fat either. I would call her luscious. She has dirty-
blond hair cut shoulder length and I liked the way it moved
around, it att... Continue»
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Seventy-six days and still counting. I am losing him.

After finally finding a man who loves me more than all

the stars in the clear night sky, it seems as though we

are worlds apart. I sl**p with his sweat filled t-shirt

simply to remember his scent. I look at his pictures

and videos a million times a day. I want him, I need

him, I miss him.... Oh damn I am getting desperate.

Only $49 for a train ticket. I am so going to see him!

Acting normal, I call him and text him all day. He has

no idea that in a matter of hours I will be standing on

his doo... Continue»
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Daniel's penis was rock hard and not giving any as it plowed deeper and deeper into my bowels, I tired to beat his chest to get him off but it only seemed to excite him more as he picked up his pace and had me moaning even more from the agonizing pain.. I managed to sputter '...PLEA...PLEASE, Dan...Daniel...NO DON"T DO THIS PLEASE GO SLOW PLEASE GO SLOW...' Nelson said '...I see what y'all mean this bitch do likes to be fucked rough. Just wait till Daniel come in that ass, when he get up I'm gonna bust his ass wide open...' Sweat was already falling off of my body and as Daniel continued to s... Continue»
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Birthday blowjob

she nibbled on my ear then slowly moved on to kissing me down my neck and chest. she loved my chest hair and ran her fingers through it as she passed by down to my abs. she kept kissing my body until she got to my lower stomach and needed to stop to pull down my sl**ping pants. she grabbed the waist of my pants and boxers and pulled them down as I lifted my hips to help the process. now completely naked I just laid my head back against the pillow and enjoyed the feel of my skin against the soft flannel sheets and my girlfriends lips making their way to my now fully erection penis. she took it ... Continue»
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The Hotel

Paul checked into the Hilton every Wednesday and the bell man knew just what he wanted. He wanted a twenty one year old with big tits, shaved pussy and blonde hair braided in two tails. She was to wear a short skirt, cotton panties, a button up blouse with no bra. Paul was sixty two and loved the young whores. They reminded him of his granddaughter who had lived with him for two years while she went to college. As he checked in today the bell man told him quietly "I have the perfect girl for you and she will be here in less than an hour. You will really like her she is so sexy and so wild." Pa... Continue»
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The slut across the room

Everyday at my crappy office job is is a two tabled office shared by me and a nice 26 year old lady called Bonnie, she wears the same crap all the time trying to show her cleavage but she's just so hot. One time I tried to jerk over her in the office I nearly got caught but i'd figure she'd enjoy it I know deep down she's a slut, anyway one day on a Tuesday doing the regular work she slams the door and says softly alright it's been two years now we gonna do this or not I didn't have time to answer she just pulled down my zipper got out my flaccid cock snd she said the boss ain't in we got twen... Continue»
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Loosing it at New Years.

2013 will always be the year that I became a man. It was that year that I met Keelan. I had not really made any plans for new years eve but was called up at the last minute by Uni mates to go out and celebrate in style. Kerry told me that most from the course would be out and it would be a real laugh. I decided I would go along for a short while before making my excuses and leaving early.

I was a shy guy and never really suited to the company of large crowds. Kerry had told me that it was fancy dress for New years and I was adamant that I wasnt going to dress up. I always feel like I am a i... Continue»
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Loren Housesitting Adventures

LorenCumSlut House-Sitting Part 1

I always loved babysitting for the Brown's, but the idea of three days of house-sitting for them had me so excited I could not wait for school to end. One more class and Sophomore year was over and I was on my own for three and a half days. "Loren, quit fidgeting" Mr. Smits, my Volleyball coach and US History teacher called out to me, bringing me back from my daydream. He was staring at me like he always did, his eyes were trying to burn a hole through the crotch of my white pants. In fact, I was so wet that I was a little worried that the white cotton pant... Continue»
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A Pleasant Day

My folks had invited the relatives for a big Christmas Reunion at our farm North of Big Creek,Idaho.About 20 people altogether. My Cousin, Callie, flew in to the airport at Boise, and I was designated to drive down and pick her up. It's about 120 mile drive, and in the Winter, the roads are not always that great.Her parents were unable to come due to their work schedule When I arrived at the airport, it had started to snow pretty good, and I was concerned about the long drive North. Callie was the same age as me, 21, but I had not seen her since she was 11 or 12 years old. Was I surprised when... Continue»
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Summertime Memory

Lil’ sis (Anna) and I where laying around nude by the pool in the relax center of my home, and, as the year was coming to an end, sharing some memories. Anna left her man this past March and started hanging around hubby and me a lot more, which has been nice for the both of us. Anyway, we both agreed that one of the best memories of the years was from the summer.

We live a short drive from the ocean where the beaches having rolling sand dunes. One day in July hubby, Anna and I went to beach to enjoy the sun. For some reason the beach was not crowded that evening and we found a nice san... Continue»
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Fucking Kellie up the ass... :-)

A little while back I split up with a lady I’d been seeing for a couple of years. Let’s call her Carol...

Carol was one hell of a sexy lady. She’d done a bit of swinging, introduced me – in our first few weeks together! – to her little clutch of fuck buddies she had living close to her (with whom we went on to have a few 3somes, 4somes and gangbangs), and included her daughter (Kellie - then just 16!) in conversations about all aspects of sex. One evening I was going over to hers and when I arrived, I strolled into the lounge to find it empty and the TV playing with, I mean TO ... Continue»
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s****r in-law and Niece visit part VI

Yes. I am sitting in a small four person hot tub with my (former) s****r-in-law Shelley and her little girl DanyAnne. I had reached, and maintained, my Zen level of inebriation, perfectly plowed. All of my normal reservations about participating in events such as this, were long since departed. Even under normal circumstances I wouldn't have had THAT many worries about this situation, and currently my only one was that there were three empty glasses in the room.

I had decided to accept a dare from DanyAnne. She was still giggly, bouncy, and generally having a great time. She should have bee... Continue»
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Two curious friends

This is my first attempt at this so please be easy. This is a true story but I will change up our names to keep identity private. If you like please let me know because there are many more to share. This is a true story of two young boys that have been friends forever and got a little curious.
We had no idea what we were doing but horny curious boys do crazy things.

I'll start of with a little background of both guys. My name is Justin and his is Colby. We're the same age (now 21 but about age 13) is when this started. I'm (justin) about 6'2 and about 250 but have a good build for that w... Continue»
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Corrections Officer

It has been the few months on the job as a corrections officer at the county jail. My assignment is the overnight shift in the women’s block. Although it is technically against the rules for inmates to be sexually active with each other to keep lover quarrels at bay, it is rarely enf***ed.

Two that were always sexually active in the middle of the night were inmates Cece and Kay. As I would make my rounds, I would stand slightly out of view and watch them through the low light. I could hear their whispers and muffled moans. Only seeing glimpses in the low light my imagination would fill in t... Continue»
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New job, new secretary.......

Things were finally starting to go my way, I'd just accepted a new job for a rival firm better company car, better wages and as an added bonus I'd be getting my first secretary. As it was my first day in my new job I picked out my sharpest suit, I wanted to make a good first impression grabbed a cup of coffee and headed out of my house. I'd been to the office for my interview but the huge marble clad reception of the building was an extremely impressive sight as I approached the reception desk the pretty receptionist looked up "morning you must be Mr Smith , Mr Jones is expecting you. Take th... Continue»
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Fucking the women across the road

This women thats lives across is fat & gobby anyway one day about 6 months back she shouted me asking if I could unblock her sink I said ok when I walk over she only had a dressing gown on I ask where the sink was she show me in the kitchen I had a look from the top & shove a spoon handle down the hole for know joy so I ask her to empty the cupboard under the sink so I could take the u bend off I got under & unscrew the bend I took it outside to clean out came back & started to refit it I could feel something rubbing my side I looked up & she was stood there one leg on each side of me I look u... Continue»
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Episode 29: Ellie's Diary

Hi, my name is Robert; my bratty little s****r is called Ellie and she's still a virgin. I was checking through her underwear drawer the other day and found this diary hidden behind all her knickers. I pulled on the pink ones covered in cuddly bears over my cock and stole her diary back to my bedroom.

Author's note: It's often quite difficult to separate fact from fantasy in ch1ldrens diaries: little Ellie rarely stops thinking about sex – who will take her virginity? When will her breasts grow? Whether she will ever like boys? So when she writes about stumbling across an old-fashioned toy... Continue»
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Mating ritual with Daddy and me

CREAMPIED Often and Always do what your Daddy says No Matter What:

Here's my philosophy behind real men and their actions, how to enjoy the process by embracing the moment (dick in front of you), and a story of one of my favorite partners I have EVER had. This guy is just a stud. Old like a Silver Daddy should be (55), but has the MUSCLES (still stocky and slight chubby from drinking beers every day) OF a young teenager with test levels through the roof. He is 5 ft 9 inches 220 lbs thick meaty physique bald and bear beard that screams MAN. He really tested my ability to keep servicing him w... Continue»
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Female Perversions for Different Cock.

This is something of a taboo subject, but it is real and continues to happen everyday in our lives. In this story I shall try to explain why women do this, I have done it and will tell you how I felt before, during and after, and if I will continue to do it, but please, if you wish to comment please do so after the story not in a private mailing, as I dont really like that.

Please read on and see if you like my theme and the fact that we do it.

1. If you look carefully at pet lovers, what is it you notice first?
2. Who was it that said, 'Women are a different species from men'?

A cou... Continue»
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