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A Husband, His Wife & Her Girlfriend

Sat in front of her computer, Cathy looked up at the clock on the wall. Good, there was still a few minutes to make sure everything was right. A quick check over was required she told herself, it was the curse of being very organised to the point of almost obsession. It was this need for things to be right that meant Cathy always had a mirror handy so she could check her appearance and that was especially relevant tonight. She wanted to look her best.

Another glance at the clock showed it was 7:57pm. Still time for a once over. She pulled the mirror over and looked at herself. The first thi... Continue»
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Visiting The Ex.

So me & the wife have been separated for about 4 months now and the has not a day gone by where I haven't missed her beautiful body. She's 5'10", slim, very long legs and a very cute arse. A nice handful.
We haven't been intimate at all since we split, but last night I thought I would test the waters by texting her & telling her how much I missed that sexy bum. She laughed & asked what I would like to do to her. I said I would like to lick her from her clit to her sexy bottom. After 15 minutes, I'd had enough & told her I was on my way round to do naughty things. It's a 20 minute drive back o... Continue»
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Voyeur babysitter part 3

Although this is part 3, this can be read on its own.

Abby had been babysitting for my wife and me for about three years, but now said no, she was unavailable more often than not.My wife Jen didn't even want to ask her anymore,but as I had been secretly recording her on a nanny cam for years,I insisted on always asking her. I had seen her fucking three different boys her own age , and once, saw her order a curry to be delivered, and opened the door only wearing a long t-shirt.The delivery guy might have thought she had knickers on that night,but I knew different.
I had seen her masturbate ... Continue»
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return to the older couple

Return to the older couple

a weekend later I decided to call the number I got last week from the
couple in the double wide. The call was picked up on the 3rd ring, a
woman said hello, I responded who I was and what I was looking for.
She hesitated a moment then said come on over in an hour they would
love to visit. I was at least an hour away. As I hung up she sort of giggled
and said see you later honey. I pulled up in the driveway nothing had
changed in the last week, I walked up to the porch and knocked on the door.
A moment later the door opened by the husban... Continue»
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The Bitches got me

Hi im Gemma and im 17 years of age,im 5ft 2 with a small frame, shoulder length hair and my best asset is my large breasts which are 36 DD, i get lewd comments all the time from boys and some girls especially at college but i brush them off as best i can and try to carry on, this was proving to be somewhat harder this term as want to become a P.E teacher when i graduate but the constant jibes about my large breasts mainly within my class were starting to get me down, and i was starting to become a hermit once i got home and would keep myself to myself most evenings.

My tutor was a lady call... Continue»
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Santas Perverted Little Helper (My Real Life Fanta

The winter morning arrived clear and bright with just a hint of frost in the air. Of course to me it felt like paradise and not just because winter was in the air and I would shortly be resuming my duties as one of Santa Claus’ most trusted helpers. Today I would be having a reunion with little Justine Walker.

She was the formerly naughty minx who I had helped in turning from the path of naughtiness to the superior path of niceness. It had been a year to the day when we had met and experienced, at least for me, the single greatest afternoon of my life. As I got ready I checked my appearance... Continue»
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The Best Way to Die?

The Best Way to Die?, by MaxDeath

I succumbed to a bizarre neurological illness while in Atlanta on church business. After a fine presentation to a large congregation, I was eating lunch when I felt food fall out of my mouth; it felt like some dentist shot me with Novocaine! And right in the middle of my afternoon presentation, I lost control of all of the muscles in my face, followed shortly thereafter in my hotel lobby, with an inability to use my right arm while signing out. Concerned, of course, I took a cab directly to the ER, where I needed help getting into the hospital beca... Continue»
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The Homely Wife Part 2

Aditi was hot, sweated and shivered at the same time looking on the road expecting Vishal’s return and thinking of the stranger who just talked to her. “Are all men alike?” she asked to herself since her husband also talks and tells her to imagine someone else and now a stranger telling her to think of him when she makes love to her husband. Anyhow the chat with this stranger aroused her and she really felt something very strange she had felt before. No man ever talked like that to her apart from her husband. She was wet and could feel it down there and needed to clean herself….

Vishal drov... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Fucking Fans

I held onto the metal rail, that made up the head of the bed, and gripped it tightly as one of my fans pumped his cock into me from behind. I had lived up to my plan to fuck my internet cam fans and there were currently three on the bed with me having fun. I had blown each of them on cam before I led them onto the bed to let them each have a turn fucking me. The other fans were busy sending messages and questions wondering how it felt and when they could be next. There were currently 1,500 fans online watching me have sex with three strangers and all of them wanted a chance too. The t... Continue»
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My Nephew walked in and caught me

I was writing this story st my computer, and as usual, I was devoid of certain articles of intimate clothing.

You of course, have read my self confession as to my state of mind, when I converse with you about the female point of view with regards to sex, I was horny and I was wet, sitting with my bare bum on a towel, to soak up my free flowing juices of desire.

My flimsy dressing gown was on the verge of being removed, as the urge to fornicate with my pinkie was building, but the door opened and I was caught mid-stream, my nephew entered, a beautiful young boy, a bit of a favorite if I a... Continue»
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" This is a Long Story. it consist of a full f****y experiences and it is TABOO .
80% of this story is just made-up, but i must promise u that if u read it properly u will get the same flavor like u are watching a movie or U are a REAL part of this Im posting this in parts so enjoy it and let me know how u fell about it and keep this in mind this is my first Post and im new as a Writer


She was married to Ravindra when she was only 18 years old. Ravindra was living ... Continue»
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Trading Daughters (Fictional)

From: Qlick

Introduction: My friend Robert and I are raising daughters alone. At 16 they present us with a birthday request

My daughter Casey and I have been on our own for 5 years. Her mom left when she was 9, telling us she didn't want to be tied down any longer. It took Casey several months to accept her mom wasn't coming home, but when she did she began to grow close to me. As she grew and hit puberty I noticed her starting to fill out. It fell to me to give her the facts of life talk. Although I didn't want to and I was nervous about it, I knew I couldn't put it off very long. I f... Continue»
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My First BBC, Part II

This is an extension of my first story, My First BBC. I covered my first encounter with my longtime ex-lover, and beautiful black man, Rod, in which I sucked him off outside of his place.

After that first encounter, I knew Rod would be back for more. As hyper-hetero and married as he was, or portrayed himself in his emails, he was sexually repressed. I know. I'm married and repressed, a proud cuckold to my playful wife (who enjoys fucking other men). I never complained, but inside I wanted men, as well as women, and black men more than anyone or anything else in the world. Rod released more... Continue»
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The suprise

This story is true, but names have been changed to avoid complications.

It was a warm mid-june afternoon, when frank called, and asked me to come over to his place. He wanted me to help him move some things out of his garage I hoped in my car, and drove the 20 minutes to his place. When I arrived, he came out of the garage, and motioned me over.

He walked back into the garage, and waited by the work bench that ran along one wall. When I walked in, he asked me if I wanted a beer, or something else to drink. I said a coke would be great. After he grabbed one out of a refri... Continue»
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my aunt

Some time back I was sent down to Southern Alberta because of work so while I was down there I decided to drop in on my aunt and cousin to see how they where doing. When I got there it was later in the evening (around 7ish) and my aunt answered the door, she was shocked to see me and asked me in. I asked how everyone was doing, my aunt told me about the divorce of my uncle (my moms b*****r) and that she was doing good but lonely not have a man around for friendship, she also told me the my cousin was working the night shift and wouldn't be home until 7am. I visited my aunt for an hour or so th... Continue»
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My Understanding Mother

Well, I wish I could say it was the first time my mother caught me masturbating. But, it wasn't.

And, it's not like I was always walking around the house, pulling my crank out and flashing it around, either. I wasn't trying to get caught, but, she had this uncanny ability to want to barge into my bedroom, or need to talk to me when I was in the shower, and as a result, she periodically caught me with my hand around my crank, pumping it toward orgasm. On top of that, I don't know how many times I'd be lying in bed, enjoying a nice early morning wank, and she'd open the door on me.

Each ... Continue»
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Blackmailing my Old Mother In Law

This fantasy is based on fact. Betty did get into money troubles just as described and I did bail her out. The pity is that I didn’t take advantage in the way described here!

Blackmailing Betty

I had been working from home when the call came. I had a mountain of paperwork to catch up on and little time to complete it so I wasn’t in the best of moods as I rang the doorbell of my mother-in-law’s small bungalow twenty minutes later. My mother-in-law, Betty, had phoned and begged me to come over and that in itself was strange – relations between us had never been particularly close; she was... Continue»
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Scott and his Stepmom

Scott's had recently turned 18, for his birthday his father and his stepmom decided to get his own laptop so he didn't have to share the f****y computer no longer. Scott resented his stepmom, he hated the way she made him address as her as Mom or Mommy. Scott's real Mom ran out on him when he was little boy, so now he lives with his father (40), stepmom (52) and two half s****rs both younger.

Scott was a total nerd, top of all his classed, member of the chess team, and the AV club. He had never even kissed a girl let alone fucked one. The only time he ever saw a girl with no clothes on was ... Continue»
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Birthday Sex Wishes (12-14)

So my bday is on 12-14 and i plan on having a great day. even though i dont know whats going to happen or how its going to happen but i know how i want it to end ! so here is goes please tell me what you think! and be honest im writing ans making it up as i go! -Muah-

So as my night starts to slow down, I call him. i let him know i been missing him and how bad i want him at this point. he doesnt know that i had already planned on ending my night with him. so before i stepped out to party i went to the lions den and got some vibrators and dildos for our night. i was ready and i been w... Continue»
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First time sucking cock

I was in my late 20's and in the middle of a divorce. Sex was hard to come by so I was doing a lot of masturbating. Since it was before internet porn I would buy magazines at the local adult bookstore.

The pictures in the magazines were good but there just weren't very many of them. So much of my time was spent reading the "letters" that were printed. A lot of those stories got me off back then and eventually I found magazines that were nothing but letters. One store even sold them in packs of three where you couldn't tell what the middle magazine was.

Sometimes one of those middle magaz... Continue»
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